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Friday, May 17, 2024

International Public Notice: Grey Hats and Nails

 By Anna Von Reitz

We don't believe in White Hats.  If real White Hats existed and were in control, certain things would be happening that aren't happening, and other things that are happening, wouldn't be happening. 

Gaza would not be happening.  Ukraine would not be happening.  

If there were White Hats and they were in control, massive aid and assistance of all kinds would be in Gaza already.  The rogue "State of Israel, Inc." would be minding its own business and not trying to steal oil.  The whole situation in Ukraine would be different, too.  

All the proxy aid and influx of unwilling conscripts from Africa being sent to Zelensky would be ended.  The clean up of all the destruction and recovery assistance for the people of Ukraine would be underway along with open discussions with Russia. 

The twenty Colonialist "wars" in Africa wouldn't exist. 

Instead of people passing around lists of famous museums and dams and megaliths slated for destruction as "Satanic" sites, there would be no such planned demonstration of the newest mega weapon from space, and nobody would be calling this new weapons system "the Rods of God". 

God has nothing to do with that technology.  

Nobody in their right mind would propose blowing up the Three Gorges Dam or Hoover Dam, either one, without a whole lot of preparatory work to safely drain down the reservoirs and divert the water flow and replace the electricity being generated by these gigantic pieces of infrastructure. 

Besides which, how does a dam rate as a religious symbol?  A Satanic dam?  A Satanic museum?  Really?

Places aren't Satanic.  People are Satanic. Real White Hats would know that, but Hollywood scriptwriters and wannabes not so much.  

What about all the perfectly innocent and precious artworks in the Louvre and Getty and even the White House?  

Looks to us like these yahoos are just planning another Burning of the Library event and conveniently dove-tailing their destruction of history with a worldwide demonstration of the destructive power of their new toy. 

And all the artwork will probably find new homes in other museums and private collections, while payment for it will be in the pockets and paws of the White Hats.  

There wouldn't be a focus on making a show of justice and trotting out the guillotines (35,000 of them nationwide, just in this country) and all sorts of more trauma and killing. More than two million civil service employees and bureaucrats --- that were hired by the military to do the military's dirty work --- are slated to be sacrificed--- largely as scapegoats for the military. 

In a world run by White Hats, that would never happen.  White Hats would understand that there has been more than enough trauma and killing.  Everyone would just concentrate on identifying the culprits who knew what they were doing, and deal with them as criminals. No big fanfare, public hangings, or blood in the streets. 

Every country and culture that has ever practiced Satanism has been destroyed and suppressed.  The Roman effort to suppress it lasted a thousand years, but here we are again, having to deal with the same old evils.  

White Hats wouldn't be shoving fictionalized Hollywood-style horror movies in front of the public trying to make themselves look good.  They would be showing a flat-footed PBS-style documentary explaining how Satanism infiltrated world governments and how Satanic "rituals" are just blackmail parties tatted up with religious overtones.

Plans for old-fashioned open Public Elections for our American Government would be underway, and we would be supported in that effort.  Attention wouldn't be focused on electing another Corporation "President".  It would be focused on electing the actual civilian leader of this country and filling that long-vacant office instead. 

We would not be seeing a rash of slander campaigns and fear-mongering campaigns seeking to misidentify and mischaracterize us as "sovereign citizens" and the quote unquote "justice system" would already be entirely revamped with every judge and attorney and court officer being re-educated about the strictly limited nature of their roles with respect to us and our property.  

The CRIS system, which is "pension" payola representing a percentage of the "booty" judges share in with every conviction, would be shut down.  
Their "discretion" would no longer be distorted by personal profit motivations. 

If there were White Hats and they were in control, Robert David Steele wouldn't be dead.  Federal Whistleblowers wouldn't be left out in the cold, fending for themselves. 

Most of all, the whole bogus nature of the U.S. Debt would be honestly discussed, the amount of money and credit, both, that the people of this country and other countries are owed, would be on the table and under discussion.  

We would not be seeing Trump and his Corporation members jockeying around trying to find an excuse for occupying our Federal Republic "for" us and continuing on the same old status quo of Brits substituting themselves for Americans and continuing to illegally, unlawfully, and immorally occupy our country or any other country.  

We wouldn't have a "National Security Council" formed of strange people coming from all over the world. Americans would be manning their own "National Security Council", thank you.      

Real White Hats wouldn't be trying to seize and maintain control apart from the civilian governments. 

Nationalism, here and abroad, would be protected and understood, so long as it didn't propose to ride roughshod over other nations.  

All the diversity of our cultures, races, and religions would be tolerated and valued.  There would be no impetus toward a consolidated Police State in charge of the entire planet. 

Honest education of the public would be a high priority, not plans for another even more Draconian brainwashing system using mass media.  

Put simply, there would be no plan or force behind replacing Old Lies with New Lies.  There would only be Truth.  

Real White Hats would be building a different and better world, not just a rehash of the same old nasty muck served up like last week's hash.  

With a clean slate, and a new understanding, why would we need "royals" at all?  

Actual White Hats would understand that it isn't the people that make Monarchies bad --- it's the institution of Monarchy itself that's evil and in fact Satanic.  "King" has been a Satanic office borrowed from the Satan-worshiping Canaanites ever since the days of Samuel the Prophet.  Hello?  

Actual White Hats wouldn't be tearing down buildings or dams; they'd be clearing out evil organizations like Pfizer, Inc. and the U.S. Congress, Inc., and Bayer, Inc., and the British Monarchy and British Crown would both have to go. 

Why?  Because together with the Roman Catholic Church which mistakenly harbored the Satanists, the British Monarchy and the British Crown have been the sources at the bottom of every war and dog pile for centuries. 

Actual White Hats would know that to their bones and wouldn't be scratching around trying to find and train body doubles to replace Princess Di. 

All the lies that these guys are spewing, their currency speculation schemes, their small-minded and selfish view of the world would not be present, if they were real White Hats. 

If there were real White Hats, they'd be circumspect. 

They would look at the past two centuries and know that a lot of that violent and corrupt history happened on their watch.  They'd admit, at least to themselves, that a world run by soldiers is a world at constant war and they'd see that that  is all we've had and what we have endured for the past 200 years. 

And not wanting more of the same for the next 200 years, they'd step down and yield to the authority of the civilian governments.  

They all know that they are supposed to be working under actual civilian governments, but they are busily putting up "representatives" of their own corporation franchises to substitute for actual civilian governments. 

So all that they ultimately represent is themselves. 

The Sanhedrin wasn't there and Pontius Pilate didn't drive the nails in. Roman Centurions did that.  

In our view, the horribly corrupt excuse for a civilian government was awful, but a military government is potentially worse, and to be fair, we have been under a military occupation and military rule from 1863 to today, so all of this misery has occurred on their watch.   

Our evaluation of the situation and our identification of the military as the Deepest Deep State remains unchanged by all the palaver.  We see little evidence of the existence of any true White Hats being in control, but instead, a lot of PsyOps and misdirection. 

Any honest and just resolution of the situation should begin with a discussion about world finances and who owes who what and why.  

Not with any big drama about re-electing Trump as President of a Corporation that is rightfully owned lock-stock-and Rods of God by the grossly betrayed and misrepresented people of this country. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 17th 2024


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