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Friday, May 17, 2024

International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt -- Bretton Woods

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone who sat at the table knew the big flaw with the Bretton Woods Agreement: it required a constantly expanding economy to work, and no such beastie has ever existed in the history of the world. 

So they were signing onto a patently flawed theoretical framework from the beginning, but with a booming post-war economy and an equally booming population, they figured they could get away with it for a few years and get a nice little "kicker" of fraudulently obtained unjust enrichment out of it. 

They continued to latch onto all the American babies by registering them as U.S. Citizens.  They continued to pass on the management of all the "dead" American baby's estates to the Pope's Municipal Government.  We continued to be secretly impersonated, defrauded, misrepresented, taxed, mortgaged, and fleeced illegally, unlawfully, and immorally by our foreign Federal Government Subcontractors and the banks acting in collusion with them.  

As a result of all this fraud they grew very rich and powerful and continued to use our people as cheap mercenaries (by keeping the fact that they were being used as mercenaries hidden) and continued to wage war-for-profit using their ill-gotten gains. 

As a result of this, they indulged in more than 200 foreign "wars" and incursions and change of government operations --- in our names --- a situation that has led to "the Americans" being blamed for British and Papist misdeeds and hated worldwide. 

They aren't us.  They never were.  Many Americans have worked for them never realizing that these corporations aren't us--- and never knew that they, American employees, were being defrauded and misdirected the whole time.   

Bretton Woods opened up new opportunities to "collateralize" and "securitize" everything in the affected countries, but the Schemers were still asset-poor compared to the amount of credit they floated and they began eying private trust assets, like those of the Avila Family Trust, which they borrowed to rebuild Europe and Japan and provide political payola after WWII. 

By 2005, they were so over-extended by the credit "bubble" their illicit activities generated, they couldn't think about having to return the Avila Trust Assets, so they apparently just said, what the heck.... we are this far in, we might as well go whole hog and admit that we are criminals.  Just keep his assets. Drum up some excuse for never paying them back.  

And if we've gone that far, why not snap up all these private trusts?  Use them as collateral, too.  The Santiago Trust, the Rodriguez Trust, the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust, the Black Eagle Trust, the V.K. Durham Trust.... 

We're "the government".  We'll just do as we please, and follow in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and outright steal from the Americans.  
If anyone asks, we will tell them that the Americans all voluntarily converted to being British Subjects or citizens of the United States.... 

And that's what they did, beginning in 2005.  They used the Avila Family Trust assets and the assets of over 5,000 other private trusts as collateral backing their debts without the permission of the actual trustees or donors. 

This is outright theft, strong arm racketeering, all done under color of law, against their employers in breach of trust and service contract. 

Even with all this shakedown, they have totally lost control of the debt bubble that they've unleashed and the Earth literally does not contain enough assets to feed into the maw of the Phantom Debt they have created. 

Phantom, because the U.S. Debt never actually existed --- not in the way they portray it. 

They give everyone the impression that they went in debt waaay over their heads, but that is not what is happening at all.   

For every I.O.U. they issued, they received back not only the value of the I.O.U. in actual goods and services, every time their I.O.U. was recycled by a new owner, they received more actual goods and services in inequitable exchange. 

A single $5 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE recycled 10,000 times netted $50,000 in actual goods and services, plus the seigniorage the Perpetrators collected -- the full face value of the bill, minus the cost of printing it. 

Tell us how poor they are and who was defrauded? 

Those of us who were coerced into these inequitable exchanges by Legal Tender Laws that are neither lawful nor legal in this country, are those defrauded, and we are both the victims and the Preferential Creditors.  

Not only did they Top the Charts in the Unjust Enrichment category, they used all these assets that they never paid for as more collateral and continued to skate by, promising to pay us "something" sometime. 

It turns out that what they proposed to repay us with, was death and slander.  

That's a well-established pattern among state-level credit swindlers: charge up the purloined credit cards as far as they will go, and leave the victim to pay it. 

If the victim doesn't pay, kill them and pretend that they took "their" debt with them, leaving their own assets behind for the benefit of their creditors -- the same banks and corporate government interests that defrauded the people in the first place. 

The same bunch of fraud artists have done this to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany -- twice, and to dozens of more countries since 1900. 
So the problem, in essence, is that they have glommed onto every possible physical and intellectual asset, encumbered it as collateral, and used it to extend more and more and more credit to themselves--- far more credit than the assets of the whole planet can support.  

What they owe as a primary debt to us, is the safe return of our physical assets and credit, too. 

They, the banks and corporations responsible, can write off a substantial part of their debt to us by simply returning the purloined assets --- our Good Names and trademarks, our land, our gold, our silver, our cash, our homes, our businesses, etc., but that then collapses all the credit based on these assets. 

That credit is owed to us, too.  So let's examine their runaway "debt of credit" that is owed back to us, too. 

They can make up part of that by turning over all the shareholder interest in their corporations and corporation franchises, but that still leaves us drowning in a sea of credit.  

There are three ways to settle a debt of credit: debt swaps, discharges, and redemption. 

(1) A debt swap is self-explanatory -- we trade any debts we legitimately owe them (for current or ongoing services) against the credit they already owe us, which is prepaid.  

This brings down their National Debt with every transaction and makes "new" credit available to them to spend --- like paying down your credit cards. 

(2) Discharge or write-offs, in which we just write this debt off the balance sheet and zero it out -- no need to repay it.  This is what needs to happen with all the mortgages, property taxes, and so-called Federal Income Taxes, college loans, and car loans owed by Americans, right off the top -- because the Americans never owed these debts in the first place.  We were owed credit, instead -- and were defrauded out of it by pretending that we were British Territorial U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, instead. 

(3) Redemption -- a process by which you exonerate debt by actual payment of goods and services; we have already "redeemed" every Federal Reserve Note thousands of times over and never owed any debt in the first place, which results in still more credit for us.    

Of the three ways to remove debt,  only the debt swap option is part of Federal Code.  Title 12 provides for these debt swaps to take place and calls them Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.  If the Federal Corporations had been honest and made these debt swaps freely available to the public, if they had provided the vouchers and other means to access this remedy, their debt would have been reduced and their credit would have been continually renewed as intended. 

Discharge of debt, particularly odious and imaginary debt is an option to get rid of a substantial part of the problem. We just forgive a part of their debt and the entire interest burden by liquidating it against our credit.  

Though our credit wasn't being credited to us and was being regularly siphoned as unclaimed funds and as abandoned property by the banks thanks to the old Unlawful Conversion Switcheroo used to magically change American Creditors into foreign Debtors, our credit has in fact been present and should have been offsetting any debt the entire time. 

Redemption doesn't really help the situation-- use of our physical assets which are already encumbered to create MORE credit unavoidably collapses the debt supported by those assets, and the use of our physical assets to redeem their paper debts only serves to create more credit for us.  

The actual debtors owe us an insurmountable debt and the only means they have to pay us back is by returning control of our own purloined property to us, returning the unjust enrichment they garnered via our issuance of prepaid credit to the victims, and accepting our discharge of all American mortgages, taxes, and other public debts.

 As we pull apart this massive, multi-generational fraud and personage scheme, we hear the ignorant chorus of people defaming those of us known as American State Nationals and trying to argue that we are somehow unpatriotic for putting an end to this macabre unsupportable status quo in which grown men prey upon the estates of non-existent missing British Merchant Mariners and defrauded American babies. 

For far too long, being an American has been a cause for shame, because these men and women purporting to "represent" us not only defrauded us, but shamed us and physically harmed us and terrorized us for decades while taking their paychecks from our pockets and cashiering our assets and spending our credit "for" us.    

They dragged America's reputation through the dirt and set us up to be the Fall Guys for their misdeeds. 

They sat like spiders in Geneva and Rome and London and Washington, DC, spinning their narratives and webs, lying about and misleading everyone, causing confusion, promoting violence, and profiting from it all. 

The Truth wins in the end. 

Don't buy any wooden nickels, don't believe any tale of White Hats delivering you from imaginary evils, and don't be too grateful for Donald Trump whose greatest claim to fame so far has been to get the military to kinda-sorta do the job they should have been doing for us all along. 

From Grant and Sherman, to Eisenhower and Montgomery, Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell,  they have been playing this fraud game against us, their Employers, the Folks Back Home.  Knowingly or unknowingly, they have helped to enforce this miserable fraud scheme against their own people.  

They have been preying upon the Americans they are supposed to protect for 160 years.  If they pull out a rabbit out of their rumps they will still need to wash it--- and not with a bunch of fairytale garbage and self-aggrandizing narrative, baby kissing, and passing out candy that doesn't belong to them. 

Nor do we want to see scads of military trials and violence and public hangings and other vengeance-loaded drama. We are all fed up with it. This country and all the countries impacted by this crime need to heal. We need peace and security and decency. 

If, after living in a swamp for so long, our men in the military don't remember what plain old decency is, it's time for them to come home and relearn it.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 16th 2024


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