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Friday, May 17, 2024

Reply to Mattermost Posts About Hunter Aki, Etc.

 By Anna Von Reitz

In Paul Peterson's latest misleading and irresponsible rant, he supposes that the Global Family Bank is a con game and scheme run by a "grifter" and he goes on with some other paranoid imaginings. 

Hunter Aki is a billionaire in his own right.  He doesn't need your money.  There's no reason for him to steal anything from anyone, ever. 

Hunter Aki spent more than a decade on a waiting list for a heart transplant, facing death every day.  Before that, he was a fighter pilot in the USAF, facing death every day.  

A man like Hunter has had more than enough time to stare at death and figure out that life is important, precious, and is, along with Love, the Ultimate Good.  

In military circles, this is known as "turning the corner" or "crossing the street".  It's when you wake up and realize that you've been playing -- if not for the wrong team -- for the wrong causes. 

Instead of spending all our time and money figuring out new and "better" ways of killing and maiming and polluting, we ought to be spending our time and money figuring out how to promote life and health and joy. 

Hunter had turned the corner a long time before I met him, but I knew the signs and reasons for his change of heart.  I knew I could trust him, and so should you. 

The genesis of The Global Family Bank began in 2007 in tandem with the Big Short on the stock market.  

Hunter saw that debacle and the criminality attached to it --knew what had happened, and so, knew that we desperately needed a new financial system and new ways to do banking. 

Like me, laboring away during those same years in my Toad's Hole office in the basement, Hunter started working -- in his "spare time"--  on a completely new computer hardware and software system for worldwide banking. 

He reworked the whole concept of computerized banking and bank transfers, combining new mathematical systems and block chain technology to create something brand new. Clean. Secure. Private. Unique. Not part of the old evils at all. 

So when Hunter brought his new banking technology to the table, we knew what we wanted and needed, and we saw the "fit" of his values and his work with ours.  

We are ready to bypass the Swift Transfer System and its odious history of political abuse and monopoly interest.  Thanks to Hunter, we can blow it away like a bad dream.   

He did all the work on his own dime. He gathered all the men and materials. He didn't charge anyone for anything.  If you notice, you still haven't been asked to pay to set up an account or for "service fees". Even the use of the International Land Recording and Publishing System is free.  

It's all free because Hunter wants you to be free and to have the enjoyment of what is naturally yours. It's free because he doesn't need your money.  

So now, we have Paul Peterson, ex-CIA, or maybe still working for the Agency, having been rooted out as a Coordinator for The Michigan Assembly, running around spreading gossip and disunity and ignorant lies on Mattermost. 

No doubt he is judging everyone else according to himself and his old employer, the USA, Inc., which holds the World Record for graft, impersonation, unlawful conversion, racketeering, press ganging, and a lot of other crimes.   

We note that Paul kept the money in The Michigan Assembly treasury and kept the access codes to their computer system, too, instead of passing them on to the new Coordinator.   

What I know is that I never knew anyone as devoted and determined and brilliant in his own fields of interest as Hunter.  

The Federation was very pleased and happy to charter The Global Family Bank and begin work on the Blue Dot Bank System three years ago, but it is important for everyone to understand that all the prior development of the hardware and software technology from 2007 to 2021 was borne on Hunter's shoulders. 

As the old financial system teeters toward its inevitable and well-deserved demise, and the old nasty political system of illegal military occupation of our country continues to try to wrangle its way into our future, we are working hard to have the new system complete and fully functioning, ready to be your safety net.  

The Global Family Bank is a safety net made possible by Hunter Aki and the Federation of States.  

Be glad for that, and ask yourselves what exactly does the CIA have to offer? QFS and Central Bank Digital Currency brought to us and controlled by the same old crooks? 

As for the name "Global Family Bank" -- it means just what it says.  Mankind is a family.  All men (and women) are created equal.  

This is our Prosperity System, a whole new concept, for the help and benefit of all mankind, all people with flesh that lives and blood that flows, all those who have goodwill and dreams in their hearts, all those who are willing to love and to thrive. 

Those who want to be goons and thugs can go somewhere else.   

We have all "turned the corner" in our lives and our leadership is old enough to know what matters and what doesn't.  We are done with evil.  Done with the British Caste System.  Done with the crooks.  Done with lies. Done with violence and hypocrisy.   

What we are doing here is something new, something that has never been done before. We are here to deliver the benefit of your assets and your credit back to you.  

Pre-paid credit.  Credit that you never have to pay back, because you and your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents already paid for it.  

After reading "International Public Notice: Bretton Woods" you have a good idea where at least some of that "lost" credit went and why it is actually owed back to you.  

Look around.  Who else is taking your part and telling you the truth about world finances?  What other organization is championing your National Credit?  Who in the CIA gives a good goddamn about you? 

Because if they had their heads screwed on, if they were good people, if they cared about this country, or you, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in right now. 

People like Paul failed the test. That's how we got here.  People like Hunter Aki didn't fail. And that's how and why you will get through what's coming.  


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