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Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Melting Pile of Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

A Corona Virus by definition is a piece of RNA wrapped in a fatty protein coat that melts at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
Melts. Self-destructs. So, with temperatures in Texas in excess of a hundred degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time, how is it possible that "Covid 19" cases are skyrocketing?
Not likely, is it.
If Texans, Californians, Arizonans, and New Mexicans just let Nature take its course and shut down their air conditioning to a cozy 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they'd cook every Corona Virus including the purely legendary "Covid 19".
It is precisely this phenomenon that accounts for "Seasonal Flu" ---- people get colds and flu in the fall and winter because all Corona Virus strains are heat sensitive.
So, ask yourself --- exactly how and why would Corona Virus cases "skyrocket" in the summer in the hottest States in the Union?
They wouldn't.
All actual Corona Viruses in places like Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and even New York and New Jersey, are melting in the summer heat.
Yes, the viruses are getting cooked, and so are the people----and the books.
Foreign interests are benefiting from having our factories, schools, ports, airlines, trucking companies, farms, and stores shut down. They are profiting from having millions of Americans out of work. Count on it.
They are trying to stymie our economy, our lifestyle, and everything else using nothing but a pack of propaganda spewed at us from foreign-owned media outlets and enforced by foreign-owned politicians, too.
That's it. The whole schtick. It costs the vermin virtually nothing to overcome America, using nothing but lies and media hype and bought and paid for politicians.
Demand proof that "Covid 19" exists.
Demand proof that this purported virus is causing any specific disease apart from the Common Cold.
Demand proof that any vaccine they promote is proven to be safe and harmless. Go ahead. Do it now.
Don't wait for the Firestorm of Whoppers they will dream up by October.


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  1. I read once that the first crash sell out and consequent buy up for pennies on the dollar happened around 1860 s a time we should all be aware of yet many can only track history of their bank account due probaby to history being taught as a boring dry useless subject