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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” --- And All Other Pretenders

By Anna Von Reitz

Among all the garbage that regularly comes across my desk, I have recently received this:
Not only was I born and raised in America (Wisconsin), my Father was born and raised in Illinois. Any attempt to misrepresent or mischaracterize me as a foreigner or a citizen or agent of any foreign country is nothing but a Big, Fat Lie. 
The words “United States of America” are not protected by any copyright or trademark, so any fool can claim to be or to represent the “United States of America”--- and that is what this group of expatriates in Costa Rica is attempting to do.
They are also attempting to allege that “Postmaster General” is equivalent to “United States Post Master”--- which just isn’t so, either.
These people might be well-intentioned, but they are ignorant as Pat’s Pig and none too careful about telling the truth or checking the facts before blowing off their mouths and misleading others.  
There are now --by my count-- four (4) different organizations claiming to be the federal government owed to the people of the United States and none of them are real.  Not one.
There’s the “Republic for the united States of America” (RuSA) which is claiming to be the federal government.  There’s “The United States of America” from Costa Rica claiming to be the federal government.   There’s the “Unity States of America” from Colorado claiming to be the federal government. And last but not least, there is “The New Republic”--- a French-sponsored group that I call “Le Neu Republique”.
Are any of these groups the actual legitimate government?
No, they are not. 
Why?  Because the government in this country is vested entirely in the people of this country, and the people in this country haven’t been organized to speak for themselves for years.
That is the problem.  There hasn’t been a legitimate federal government since 1860 and there still isn’t and cannot be without a lot of people waking up and taking action.
Self-governance requires us to get on our own feet, organize our own Jural Assemblies in our own counties and then to organize the land jurisdiction states and do a LOT of work by a LOT of people, and none of these Wannabe groups want to do the work.
They all want to sit in some cozy location flapping their lips and pretending to be the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”-----when they are not.  
Did you ever hear of, much less participate in electing any “Government of the United States of America” located in Costa Rica?  No?  Well, neither did I.  The group now calling itself “The United States of America” is just another Wanna Be operation and there is no lack of those to be had.
The actual government is organized township by township, county by county, state by state.  It works from the bottom up, NOT the top down.  It takes tremendous amounts of work to organize this entire county and it can’t be done by any outsiders.  It has to be done by the actual people themselves and can’t be done for them.
We already let that one slide, and that’s how we were betrayed by Roosevelt and got in this mess in the first place.  Some things you just can’t trust someone else to do for you.  Some things you have to do for yourself.
Most importantly, what needs to be done can’t be done by “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” or by anyone calling themselves a citizen of “United States of America”.   All these entities are foreign with respect to the actual people of this country and always have been so there is no use debating which one of these foreign entities is us, because none of them are.
The only people owed the government of the land jurisdiction of this country are non-citizen nationals of the actual states----people known as Virginians, Wisconsinites, Ohioans, Texans, New Yorkers, and so on.  And it is only people claiming this political status who have any right to organize the government of this nation.
The original “federal government” was never a sovereign government and no federal government organized since then has been sovereign, either.  
Instead, the states agreed to pay for certain enumerated services and the British Monarch agreed to provide them.   The federal government was a British government operation from Day One: strictly with regard to those nineteen enumerated services the British King was allowed to exercise the rights and prerogatives of the actual sovereign states---which is not the same as being the sovereign.
A dog can’t be a cat.
All these organizations trying to claim that they are our government are dogs claiming to be cats.
So---- to RuSA, to “The United States of America” located in Costa Rica, to “Unity States of America” and to Le Neu Republique---- I have this to say:  “MEOW!”
The only lawful federal government has to be elected by people who are legitimate state nationals and the only actual agents of the sovereign state governments are Fiduciary Deputies seated in a lawful Continental Congress.  Period.  All powers delegated to the “federal government” are exactly that--- delegated.
Until the people of this country are fully informed and get organized to operate in their own behalf, we operate under the Last Man Standing Rule. Our national currency is the United States Silver Dollar.  Our national language is English.  Our capitol is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our Congress is a lawful body politic of Fiduciary Deputies elected by the people from each of the sovereign land-jurisdiction states. Our international agents are the Native American indigenous nations who have chosen to contract with us to maintain the federal side of the constitutional contract.  And I am a Wisconsinite.

These are the facts and that is the law --- by birthright, by tri-lateral international treaty, by national trust indenture, and by commercial contract.   The con men and ignoramuses among us can just go blow so long as we know who we are ---- and who they are.  
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  1. Dec 7 1941 the handy work of the bought Churchill and three Jewish banker Roosevelt . The biggest set up Falce flag of all time .the only one that was not was combine . Colorado . The rest reek of CIA/ mossad

  2. I have to share this YouTube, the best revealing of how, when and what is happening. The banks are the snake heads. Please all listen, it's long but incredible.
    Myron c. Fagan tells of the illuminate plot in great detail. 'Crypt' is the YouTube handle and reveals all three vinyl set, excellent recording.take the time to listen.

  3. And then there is this man, now gone.
    Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL "Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings, by Ted gunderson, another long video but very telling. Youtube

  4. Some contract the constitution turned out to be. Why do we always win wars and then let the other side be in charge of the contract. All it took was a couple of amendments or a few delagations out of the entire constitution, that led the door open for the "rats"(foreign principals) to get complete control of our country. And therein lays the inherent flaws and weaknesses in any contract, especially if they arent in plain simple english that any 10 year old can read and understand. As soon as any contract goes beyond one page, it becomes an "instrament" of Attorneys and therefore a weapon against the people. If we ever have to agree to another contract between "the people" and "government" it should always be signed "without prejudice" or "at arms length". That way we will never be held liable to contracts between governments again. Always leave an easy way out of a contract, because you know contracts will always be breached or con coccted by knowledgeable people that gives someone an unequal advantage without the other party realizing it until its too late to change it. No one can think of everything in a contract, to make people honorable, especially when it comes to money or currency that all contracts are based on. If "the people" are to keep governments commitment to the peoples "rights" they all have to know both law and especially MONEY/CURRENCY. If the people refuse to to educate or force our public school systems to teach future generations of our children to carry the tourch of freedom than we can never again let the average person be ignorant of money and law. If people want to remain ignorant of those two subjects, then they will always be victims of "slavery" to someone.

  5. And last, both men state we must unite and enlist our Congress (those who are with us) expose and rid these scoundrels/bast**** out of this country once and for all. We must form our own governing groups as anna has been saying for so fill the void. And there are many voids already. I am in Texas, and we have a huge mess to clean up. This IS a huge mess we cannot sit back and wait, anyone with me? I know we are all in this together. Let's do it. My email is that's RLdesigns. If we all do this together, they will scatter like the roaches they are. Each state together!! As peacefully as possible. The letters to those in office will help identify thone who exercise the courage to follow through with their oath to this country. We have a LOT of work to do.

  6. To resist or fight back is futile. They hold all the cards. If you act in any capacity that dishonors them they will legally destroy you, and do it legally, maybe not lawfully, but legally and that is the control they have. They love it when you resist because it places you in dishonor to the system giving them the legal right to take you down, and they will. My question is, is Anna a disinfo plant to foment the process of dishonor. Hmmn I wonder.

    1. Yes. A woman on her onetime said Anna was a Catholic Dame. Basically a female Jesuit.

  7. Keith Pierson~you sir, need to buy another vowel. Give us a break, really? Why, because she can't come hold your hand and continue to help cleanup your mess? Yes, your's and my mess, it is not Anna's or anyone else's mess nor responsibility. We are each accountable for OURSELVES and that means doing your homework.I'm real tired of hearing people who straddle, waddle, and bend over, this is exactly how we all got into this crap.Don't be an idiot, everything Anna has researched and copied us on is all out there.and well documented. I've done a nose dive into all of this for last six months and have a tremendous understanding. Devote the time and you might get it. You seem to have been asleep in the back of the room or arrived late to discussion. And one last thing, if you can't qualify for the team, take your marbles and go home. That's right, leave. Stop pitching doubts about any of this. Go back to your comfortable couch, I'm sure there's a game on. We don't need to hear from someone who lives in fear.FEAR is exactly HOW they control us. Be willing to stand your ground and yes, even take a bullet. They cannot lock us all up. We out number them. Join us with courage, man, or Take your apathy down the road, join the sheep who surrender to it all. I'm sure many of them will welcome your skepticism, in fact they could use it. And if you're one of the shills sent over to provoke, piss off.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Rah Rah, Rene!! You are right on, and anyone who has done his/her due diligence knows full well that Anna has laid it out accurately with an honest effort to help us all return to our true Republic. Anyone who thinks for a minute that they "hold all the cards" hasn't figured out who his Creator is, nor has he learned where real power comes from. We must all stand our ground (unless, of coarse, you personally like being a slave!).

  10. I'm growing weary of the bash Anna comments. I've seen nothing that would even remotely cause me to believe the comments made by Keith. Take what Anna gives us and use it Keith. One thing that finally sunk in with me is the Last Man Standing rule. No information about it is on the internet...and why is that do you think? Because THAT is what would give you standing in court and "they" don't want you to know it. If I have anything negative to say about Anna at all, and it's really not negative but constructive, is I wish she would expound on some of these subjects like Last Man Standing Rule in more detail. It's obvious she has access to some very good researchers, and if more would come our way, more of us could do something. I for one will use the Last Man Standing Rule as best as I can to see where it takes me, and thank Anna for sharing.


  11. "a government of the people, for the people and by the people",so tell to shove it.
    Let that soak in in DC and as far away as Costa Wreaka.
    To the Vatican- we have a fully informed passage as well freedom of ( and if) religion.
    "Pat'pig",now that's pure American country!


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