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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Special Offer of Silver for our Readers - one time only

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

What are we trying to do with this offer?

I have designed and purchased a new die for stamping silver one ounce rounds.

We are calling them the new American Patriot Medallion.

They will be made of .999 fine silver by the mint we have done business with in Utah for over 12 years.
The mint has a minimum on custom orders of 500 ounces. So we are trying to accumulate orders at very close to our cost until we get enough in the kitty to make that first order.

The front will be similar to our copper patriot round in design except that the minuteman will be carrying a modern AR15 rifle with a 30 round magazine on the silver version instead of his revolutionary war musket.

Here is a picture of the copper version with the musket. We have sold this one for years on our website at
The difference on the front will be the heading, which will say American Patriot instead of just Patriot. Instead of the coiled snake on the back, the silver version will have our divisible design.
Below see the divisible back that we use on several of our offerings.

So the new round will be .999 fine silver, with the American Patriot carrying an AR15 with a 30 round magazine on the front, and the divisible back which allows the round to be divided into quarters or halves. I have done this with our prospector round above, and it comes out perfectly on my digital scale.

How do we intend to make this happen?

We already have the dies at the mint. They are hardened and ready to go. We can order any time we have the funds, and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks once we put the order in and pay for it, for us to get the order here in Montana.

Normally these will be priced at about $5 over spot price, but for this initial order we are pricing them at just $22 each with a minimum order of just 20 ounces.  That is a great savings for helping us make this round a reality. I have already sold enough silver (and some other stuff) to come up with about half of the initial cost for 500 ounces.

I am only offering this deal one time, and only to the readers of this blog, so we can make this original order happen.

We will use PayPal for this (see the link below) and therefore you can use a credit or debit card at PayPal without giving us your card number. The PayPal link will be set up for individual 20 ounce orders, but you can order multiple 20 ounce orders. You can order up to 100 ounces if you want.

The Silver will be shipped from Montana to each customer when we get it, via USPS Registered Mail. The shipments will require someone to sign for them. Each driver must sign, and when the shipment is not in transit it must be in a safe at a post office.
So use a US postal address and someone will need to be there to sign for the package.

I will keep everyone up to date on how we are progressing on accumulating enough orders to make this happen. Once we have that you will be notified the offer is over.

Remember we are already half way to our goal, so act fast to get in on this savings.

If you have any questions:  406 889 3183

Order now via Pay Pal by clicking this link.


  1. But that is almost $4 over price. Why so high?

    1. It's a custom minted piece and the mint charges a little more, plus we have to recover our cost for the dies to make this. It's not $4 over price. Every silver dealer charges over spot price by a little bit for profit, and custom built rounds are even more expensive to produce.

      These will be produced in very limited quantity and should gain in value down the road more than bullion that is mass produced.

  2. Just ordered thanks for the opportunity Paul.
    What is estimated ship date?
    Gene in SC

    1. Some of the order has already gone to the mint, and they are saying something between 2 and 3 weeks till we see it here in Montana. Then we will ship everything within a couple of day via US Registered mail, so maybe 3 to 5 more days.

  3. So many of us can't afford more than one, let alone 20. Too bad. I'd love to have one, but a minimum of 20 is just too outrageous.

    1. Once we get this initial order done, I intend to reduce the minimum order to something less, so stay tuned for further information. It looks like we will be closing this first order about Friday around noon.


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