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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ron Gibson Land Patent Seminar - Kingman Arizona March 1st.

Here is the flyer for the meeting:

Here is the flyer for reservations:


  1. Hi, in the past we were learning about land patents, and we ending losing our properties. I always believed that something was missing in our process. I hope you are doing great and it will be a different scenario.

    1. While you worry about Land, I worry about our moving Properties in the hands of the thievery Gov't.

      I don't trust the foreign US(Inc) or USA(Inc) Congress, Why? They worked with 700- 800 dishonest Corporations against us, via their tricky-loan notes for our signatures, to giving them everything in our signed Blank Checks.

      I have seen they subtracted 10%/yr off our Social Security Trusts fund for fake debt means for themselves. In 2016, when I saw their ripoff I assumed wrong that they did the extraction from 2011 to now. Later I scanned through their presented records, back to 1999, it could be longer, bc they gave us limited records to view.
      I've found there were several years of SS surplus they took for themselves, How do we know for sure? The Vermin’s always pretended to help us, when the truth is the opposite. We can tell by the depressed outcome. Otherwise Why did they extend our retirement years then? Why they have to tax people Trusts fund? They violated several laws of contract, and International law, in 1933 their Masters promised not to racketeering. Then they concealed and took so much from people HJR192 credits, to boost their Bailouts Bonds, Bancorp Stocks, to pretend lending moneys for our homes, then took all our assets always in multi-folds, in fraudclosure.

      • BILL 2,162. S.1693 — 106th Congress (1999-2000) Social Security Surplus Protection Act of 1999 Sponsor: Sen. Grams, Rod [R-MN] (Introduced 10/05/1999) Cosponsors: (3) Committees: Senate - Budget; Governmental Affairs Latest Action: Senate - 10/05/1999 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Budget; Governmental Affairs pursuant to the order of August 4, 1977, with instructions that if one Committee reports, the other Committee have thirty days to report or be discharged. (All Actions) Tracker:

      • BILL 2,163. H.R.1016 — 106th Congress (1999-2000) Budget Surplus Accountability Act Sponsor: Rep. Ryan, Paul [R-WI-1] (Introduced 03/04/1999) Cosponsors: (8) Committees: House - Budget Latest Action: House - 03/04/1999 Referred to the House Committee on the Budget. (All Actions) Tracker:
      • BILL 2,164. H.R.3695 — 106th Congress (1999-2000) Save Our Surplus for Debt Reduction Act of 2000 Sponsor: Rep. Toomey, Patrick J. [R-PA-15] (Introduced 02/16/2000) Cosponsors: (36) Committees: House - Rules Latest Action: House - 02/16/2000 Referred to the House Committee on Rules. (All Actions) Tracker:

  2. I do hope someone records it and puts it out for public consumption. I do know that I, for one, cannot travel there. But I do know several people locally that could use the information, and if I ever am able to buy land, I want to know how to do it, too.

    1. He is already on youtube multi part video of a seminar given. Search his name in youtube.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. America has NO debt. Only the foreign Thievery agents and their foreign Masters in debt, by Fraudulent Bankruptcy of their own Corporations [the US(Inc) and USA(Inc)], playing GREAT FRAUD against us best, and using US Army & NAVY to go around the world to rip off other countries.

    2. Afghanistan perfect example bucket load of materials they need for their green new deal like lithium for jew Musk and his electric car

      And 'GLOBAL' research another rag of theirs I'm sure

      Minerals weren't just magically discovered they knew about them that's why they slaughtered the people off the land

      Amazing how this bozo can find 3.8 billion just lying around for a border wall now isn't it

      Maybe he got it form our social security accounts after all we won't be needing them

  4. And the crooks will come in behind your filings and spin off somthing else to steal it again
    Thieves no no bounds

    Keep forking out those FRN's


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