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Monday, February 17, 2020

50 States Metes and Bounds

Respectfully submitted by Harold-Nathin: Epperson ( Professional Land Surveyor, Certified Federal Surveyor, on the Arizona Republic, February 19, 2010.

The following list was compiled per request. Hours of research went into collecting the information. Most metes and bounds descriptions for the States were found through Constitutions, Revised Statutes, Acts of Congress, etc.


  1. Whoa! THANKS SO MUCH. What a great gift. So shall this info be used when reclaiming our States? Or will we have to come up with another Description?

  2. And what is this information good for ????
    How will this help the American people; property tax????

    1. Maximus - we were looking at it for Land & Soil jurisdiction claims as in returning a state to our lawful government by State Nationals. Like having the property description of your property & recording documents so as to claim it 'back', excise it from 'title'.
      Now, what about those Land Patents???

  3. Great job! Thank you for this wonderful gift. This was a labor of love!!

  4. Harp is a joke, in this world of lies would this surprise you?
    HAARP, Magnetic Excursion Cycle, NGC 2008 | S0 News. Feb.17.2020
    37,908 views•Feb 17, 2020

    1. heres the Lingam link

    2. If you have any exposure to job boards you will have noticed that over the last 5 years or so almost all recruiters in the US have been replcaed with foreigners

      I have been in my field for over 20 years, data analyst, cannot find work because of course, I'm white and a non jew

      Their aim is to take us all out financially or otherwise and they are doing it covertly under the guise of deiversity

      BRICS deal and how Indian people from all walks of life and mounds of Inida companies being brough over to take over American jobs - Americans training their Indian workers before they are let go

      Disney replaced all their workers with people from India

      BRICS green new deal folks not an accident

      Brazil (which by the way is the Bish clans new hideaway)
      Russia, Putin a jew in on it
      South Africa

      All of them run by jews and all in on the genocide of the natives who live there and importing from all over for their genocide agendas

      Merkle a jew importing them from all over as per their plan
      France same thing

      Think those NOAHIDE laws are not meant for all the world
      70 Nations meet, Sanhedrin

      They're all in on it

  5. Great information. Please share a list of soil/land jurisdiction state claimed by newly assembled State Assemblies, with recording number and location recorded, then each member of nation-state, can reclaim their property boundaries for their homes. This March 1st is upcomming at British/Papist Counties where properties go into foreclosure if unpaid for 2018(by March 1st). Within 14days such claims by foreign jurisdictiok ns can be objected with recorded paper showing our homes having recorded with f.i.Michigan, nation- state soil/land jurisdiction.
    What bothers me, is that 12th article of Art. of Confederation implies that all "americans", this political status, means that those of confederacy, consisting of "The State of State" were penal colonists, and only fellons "live" in such "State" -they are attainted, therefore I draw conclusion, that no Lawful Persons' of living people can exist there, only busineses in global jurisdiction.Then, again, the statehood consists of international soil/land jurisdiction of international land/sea jurisdiction for American, nationa government. If it was being administered by British int. sea jurisdiction since April 17th 1860 by Lincoln and all real estate is registered under this jurisdiction, "they" also claim it as their assets. Now, if dear Anna, please step in here and please connect the dots for me, and us all, what format our new claim should be: weather "Replat", Writ of Recapture", "Adverse Possession" or "Certificate of Title" ... so current governmental service provider will record(conduct service of recording only) but paper context will indicate proper jurisdiction for layed out boundaries for the individually claimed propery. There is also question with an address. In the soil jurisdiction county, homes do not have addresses, only under constitution, under "States of America". I invite everybody's participation towards solution of this critical issue. Many homes are being unlawfully foreclosed. Claiming proper(State national) political status is priority, without it, what Im developing won't work.

  6. sorry for typo mistakes, im using cellphone. dont know how to edit spelling.

    1. Vilma Eviltyte - Good stuff. thus far don't know that Assemblies have gone this far, as they're still assembling, so no lists to provide.
      Claiming may come from point of time when our lawful land & soil jurisdiction government was left, so it'll be picked up from there.
      Thus Land Patents, no titles. Like reclamation, but we're not reclaiming title, we're claiming the land & soil, saying we are still here while they've been moving the cheese & obstructing us. Or something of the sort.
      HORRORS of their foreclosure theft!! Horrible!! Well, sheriffs had better Wake the Hell UP, cuz a whole lotta justified anger is going to rise among those so wronged. Sheriff's need to know they have a choice, to do whats correct, or act as mercenary for the enemies.
      Sheriff's Mack, Arpaio & Clarke have provided examples for Sheriff LEO's to reflect upon. Sheriffs tend to know theres another correct side, just not functioning, no backup, no ability to earn a living YET.
      Meanwhile we are to fill positions in office as citizens Lawful Persons acting as a person--- a Juror, a Sheriff, a Bail Bondsman, a Justice of the Peace, running our other areas, to support them, as they can’t accomplish whats needed without us doing our part.
      A post from Regulator back in Jan. gave a good heads up: Also, go ahead and go to the court house-police dept, ect and start requesting copy of their oath of office and bonds, do all of them, the sheriff, clerk of court, judges, all of them. Do this proactive now before any issues.”
      Anna: So we have our Continental Marshals Service up and rolling in every State of the Union. These people are enforcing the land jurisdiction, which is international in nature, involving activities taking place across state borders. They are already sinking their teeth into issues like drug smuggling, human trafficking, interstate bank and foreclosure fraud, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, and more. They are already working with the U.S. Marshals and the Constitutional Sheriffs to put an end to these major international crimes that have afflicted millions of Americans, and they are already securing your constitutional rights.
      Anna: On the local level, we have our Constitutional Sheriffs Association, and more Sheriffs are joining as it becomes clear that they have a Public as well as a Private duty to serve.
      thanks & stay sane

  7. San Bernadino meridian, north south line...East or west of the line?

  8. Replies
    1. James - your Surveyor General = Exactly. Military. Same for Surgeon General. We're under military. See some folks in state of state health care agencies wearing shirts with patches. Can't see them up close. Wonder if they know they're working for the military w/o disclosure, consent, nor benefits? And one was an accountant for an old folks home. One an administrator.
      What the hell??

    2. take that back THEY are under military. As State Nationals, We are not!

  9. Either the military at all levels takes these psychopaths out of this equation ONCE AND FOR ALL, ELSE THEIR GENOCIDE OF ALL NATIONS WILL CONTINUE


  10. Wink Wink,thanks. I hope I am terribly wrong and I do not mean to mislead anybody. But to my best research, I state that it has never even existed, for that human beings on this North America land (to be USA) had ever possessed oneselves nor land of this jurisdictional lever of soil/land jurisdiction. If anything was prior to Inter Caeterra, like Aztek civilization, - those were also subverted by jurisdictional tricks. It runs much earlier than king Tut, earth claimed jurisdictionary by inheritance by groups running since antiquity times. Its our chance, here, today, or everywhere on earth, to evolve finally, comprehend how Chrostian Doctrine's trinity is applicable for economy only, living beings have NOTHING to do with it !!!
    I invite all, seriously, to work on body-land and dirt-land claims. Status correction goes afterwords.

    1. What do you mean by body-land and dirt-land claims?

      Can you provide more detail


  11. This, never existed:"Wink Wink: Claiming may come from point of time when our lawful land & soil jurisdiction government was left, so it'll be picked up from there."

  12. Vilma Eviltyte - I know, I get it. This is the thing, we've been massively lied to about everything. Have posted bits on this & its hard to comprehend, hard for folks to continue mind-bending required. WHAT IF: Just prior to 1776 there was a global empire including N America, & its during this time cities were build, roads, even railroads. As the claims made that such magnificent buildings were built in mid, late 1800's, while using only horse & buggy. Same magnificent architecture is global.
    There was more it seems including free energy tech from the ethers, as per pre-Nikola Tesla, for homes, buildings, streets. People lived well in America, were mostly all White. Catholic Church was a very significant part of the government providing social, health, elderly, orphan etc services & tending to spiritual matters.

    The cathedrals in America, like Salt Lake City Utah Cathedral of the Madeleine was not built by Mormons appearing on the scene, it was already there. We find magnificent Catholic Churchs, so exceptionally constructed, in Divine Proportion, that no way did the so-called early settlers construct them.
    The global empire was Tartary now thought of as Russia, & its fall precipitated the claim of American colonization. Aside from this, we think a kind of re-set occurred, producing massive mud floods, as we see old pics of buildings, roads, railroads literally being dug out, not built.
    We're gonna have to find out just what our nation had, how it was governed, etc. Those bastards have torn down major, magnificent architectural wonders, lots during so-called Worlds Fairs - entire magnificence just torn down. Some are so well built it couldn't be torn down.
    Also our entire history is a big JEW LIE, timeline added 1000+++ yrs (even thousands), there is no Dark Ages, antiquity is really the middle ages, Troy was Middle Ages. Writing may have come from the pre-Celts, as even simpletons fake Hebrew derived from it.

    The Natchez | Access Genealogy - The Natchez, if tradition may be believed, also came from Mexico where they had lived for centuries; and after the fall of the Montezuma Empire, to which they were allies, they, alike, with the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Muskogee, fled from Spanish tyranny.

    White Indian Chiefs: WHITE KINGS

    Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White

    AWKWARD: NEW DNA ANALYSIS REVEALS ORIGINAL NATIVE AMERICANS WERE WHITE An infant who lived at the end of the last ice age in present day Alaska belonged to a previously unknown group of ancient humans most closely related to modern day white Europeans.
    Yeah so theres too much more to cover here. Just hang on to your boots & hat, this ice Berg'stein is gonna flip & we MUST LAND ON OUR FEET.
    Thanks & stay sane

  13. "Rases" created only for jurisdictional/ownership/control purposes. There is no such thing as rase or skin color. We all one kind - humanity, beings. Immigrants were told they are superior as whites so dummies were busy with ego forgetting of own misfortune: members of penal colony. They were told how to dress, what to think, think that they are happy, and christmas is magical time, so they forgot about own pedigry...

  14. By what friggin stretch of the imagination is it acceptable to biologically poison the people and the land and everything on the earth?

    Who in the hell are these degenerates and what in the hell are the so called men of this earth doing because it sure as hell is NOT PROTECTING ANYTHING, NOTHING, INCLUDING THEIR OWN FAMILIES



    I trust none of their new DNA findings, rewrite history is what they do best, have been doing it for centuries

  15. Soem articles/links to provide some insight as to the middle east
    The first link

    Notice the dates, 1933?

    Make no mistake this has all been planned for decades

    1. And make no mistake they planned every last bit if it

    2. absolutelly, either those entities live longer or their mindsets are thinking of dominance and control of humanity, just liked us accept norm to keep bird at home in the cage or train the fog or eat animals. They dont do anything wrong, only securing own interests, like stacking freezer with chicken breasts...

    3. As I have stated before this family here is so very evil it boggles the mind

      No way in hell they should be sitting in New York harbor and remain free let alone be in sharge of the worlds oil supply

  16. ok, im fluent english, russian and lithuanian. When i brake down Tartaria fonnetically, when I check ethymology, compare pronunciation with Latin and Sanscrit, account chande of dialect over time, possible spelling mistakes, etc.- i do get totally different picture down to "molecules". Adding starforts and sound frequency shapes, then banks for currency (think electricity field terminology) banking are shores/banks of water and land... all calendars are claimed by whoever, 60 min/seconds from Sumeria... there were no maps of North America continent that were made on this continent by any "white" or purple locals! All systems, grammatical or map lettering protocols are originating from one source, word as concepts: mother, woman, church, con-tennants, con-try-ies, ville/city, con-try(tries), slavic (slaves), town... patented by somebody... Its just crazy, how someone can still be ignorant. So where are boundaries of "The united States of America" - looks like one major dude jn Vatican still approving parts of the world, "we are accountable" to make sure we coordinate and navigate by those somebody's rules,cos nobody can logically think of any other sufficient social construct model besides birth, broken bulk of one whole: god, son and spirit(seeking absolution and bond to glue 3 parts back...) after which political systems created. Its sad, that society is primitive enough ready to torture each other (unquestionable self destruction) and you on the cross without mercy, if one starts questioning Jesus (ge-sues or smth means : your earth). Its seems everybody is living very cozy with jobs(posted/past/dead concept) and benefits,"serving" military sheriffs, or cops, there is a packed parking lots by courts, no one wants to go to jail, cos its shame , cha cha! - but good to be de-capitated, fellon, guilty of commercial "crimes", cos confession is unheard thing anymore...seems everybody is very happy as long as i sacrifice on the cross for community-istic christ-mass bloody public/pledged surety for congres's(private entity's)debts...
    just happy slaves everywhere.
    No wonder why Anna is working restlessly, u cant exist once these concepts hits you. She is extremely dedicated to inform and give best possible safe solution to all without freaking everybody out. I, personally, never heard of this much wealth of knowledge and I bow to you, Anna.

  17. Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
    Its the Jews! All the Jews! Every Jew?
    No one in their 'right mind and heart' will eat this!

  18. nations rise and fall. nation is like big family, that share similar nose, dislect, do common things. families/nations devide, as well, over time. Jews (nation/social construct) and white skin (leprocasy/biology) is irrelevant.

    1. Vilma Eviltyte - pardon? What???
      Leprosy | Definition of Leprosy at
      Leprosy definition, a chronic, mildly infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, affecting the peripheral nervous system, skin, and nasal mucosa and variously characterized by ulcerations, tubercular nodules, & loss of sensation that sometimes leads to traumatic amputation of the anesthetized part... >>??? <<<

      What if jews have 112 genetic diseases including a host of severe mental diseases, such that 30-40% of jews are mentals.
      Whites have zero genetic diseases= Best genetic pool on the planet.

      LOXISM the hatred of Whites by jews, is a defining social & political force of our times. It goes yet, completely unmentioned.
      IF you're so opposed to Whites, then don't hold back, refrain from ALL WHITE INVENTIONS & ADVANCEMENTS & drink from a ditch & crap in a hole, no electricity nor its use, no running water, utilities, no wheels nor wings, nor most all splendid invented things. Do it! Don't be a hypocrite! Nothing White appropriated LIKE PANTS. Stop Whitey! Refuse all White things. Be Strong! Resist all White attributions. Live as though there were No White contributions. Looks like reading written words would also be a no-no.
      YET Whites never say only Whites can benefit... but hey, that could happen! thanks & stay sane

    2. Vilma Eviltyte - still looking for Leprocasy - Why does it lead to a Gottfried or Darkhwasti‎ at Victoria University of Barbados? Is it a portmanteau like jewocity? Do share.

  19. What did we achiev RE otiginal article, so far?

  20. I agree with wink on the JEW thing, to a point. Don't forget how truly diabolical the puppet masters are- yes the "jews" will be put up on display AS the masters. They will take the blame, the true masters will sit back and watch everyone tear each other apart- laughing. Things are very seldom exactly as they appear to be... namaste

  21. You can walk through history at least European history and find snakes in wood pile every time! 1600 English civil war we find Christians getting attacked and land stolen by Jewish tool Oliver Cromwell .
    There after zios took over money printing and BAR .
    It’s a global problem started by Rothschild.
    Great research Wink Wink spot on.
    The shoreing up of the lawful government is good providing its not infiltrated by communist.
    We would just revert to ZOG.
    Need what Jefferson envisioned breaking up into 3 nations .


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