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Friday, January 28, 2022

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America


  1. May every person I know and send this info video to be the cause for forwarding the messages to their state officials thus causing the trial and judgment for the crimes they have committed against the unsuspecting trusting individuals of our nation so they be justly punished.

  2. If the Attorney Generals are crooked, how do you get the law officials to take effect? can we fwd the document to the Sheriffs?

      i already commented on this and it got deleted... its just THE TRUTH!!! would you please make sure it stays up this time?
      thank you kindly,
      i said something like:



      iow, sheriff, attorney general, attorney, general, office, officials, and all their DOCK-uments and so on, ONLY APPLIES TO "LEGAL FICTIONS" or OTHER MAN-MADE CONSTRUCTS IN THAT PARTICULAR (MAN-MADE) FICTIONAL "REALMFICTION". Because its just all made-up.
      Pulled out of thin air... abracadabra...
      like we presently see the MAGIS (RomanItalian MagistrateFictions) who are under EcclesiasticalFiction Authority of The Vatican, INC.!, wearing their black Priests robes, sit above us, man, in their Private Incorporated Courts and impose on us PrivateLawsInc... we now know they often are just sitting there making up. then they go even further and enFORCE their PrivateLawsInc. complete with "Punishments"Inc. they dream up and feel like harming people with that day.
      None of it is *law* that applies to man, thats why they SECRETIVELY make up Characters/Titles/ and Roles and SECRETIVELY apply them to man!!!
      they know it harms us.
      they know we would say NO just like we are doing now that weve found out.

      what a horrible, horrible thing theyve done to man, to God, and to our home, the earth.



      ooops! sorry paul... typo:

      that is Stramer, not StraMMer.

  3. when sending in my documents ,I will be using the Notary and possibly a notarial protest . This will in fact document that not only did you do/did send this (the Notary will do this procedure)and make it official.
    I will request certified true and correct copies and filing them into the County Court house

  4. Trump signed it because he is also part of a Coup called "White Hats", who are "letting" the dominoes fall as part of the war so the white hats can be in control. And we dont want anyone in control of We the people, just the people by the People, thats the future.

  5. Giving plausible deniability to the crisis actor take the guns Donald . Use the military to administer, or let the deep state attack the patriots who went to Mordor on the Potomac municipal jurisdiction trap!

    1. bubba, having done DeepDives into History:
      is sharing with all of us "The Patterns" that have been used to harm us by Traitors, in the past.

      thankyoububba. very much appreciated.

  6. This is quickly exposing the real problem that we have.
    These people have not been indicted yet and wont be, because the BAR attourneys are primary traitors and subverters of our country take a look for your self:

    1. Right! they are ALL Foreign Agents to the American people. they should ALL have had a FARA Registration, but americans do not know or understand their Secretive, Private, Commercial/ RELIGIOUS Society's Rules and
      HEY!:::::: theres no law that requires that we do!!!

    2. and we do NOT have a Contract for Services with England Inc. /Vatican Inc. named "The Constitution"!

      the Constitution is theirs and THEY have no Responsibile Party Signatories on that damm thing!

      those very same Attorn-ers they know its a damm FRAUD!!

    3. For Our Solution:

      we will lawfully and peacefully, from (natural) our right:
      use our very own *American* common law authority that itself is under authority of the laws of nature and the one who created nature, for those very trials.
      it is our *right*.
      that is part if what "Self-Governing" means.



      READ IT over and over until it gets into your soul what they were telling us! they KNEW ABOUT THE TYRANTS WE WOULD BE ONE DAY FACING!

    4. our forefathers were WARNING US!
      Start with Paragraphs 1 and 2.

      Then jump to their SOLUTION in the Last Paragraph.

      Lastly, circle back and see what kind of TYRANNY they were dealing with, that almost point-for- point, is what we are facing today.

      they knew it would come to this again, so they laid out the peacefully and lawful, RIGHTFUL path for us to follow.

      lets DO IT!!!! :):):):):)

  7. To make a com thank you Dr. David Martin.

  8. Hi Boots , felt the censorship all around but col. Tom Bearden popular on disclosure with Dr Greer explains the method the cabal uses to keep thair foot on any technology getting to people . The solution is only one it’s communicate.
    Group of talk showes won’t let one try to talk about how we got here and solutions like how we’re keep getting reduced to US citizen at ever engagement.
    But to Opean a dialogue on air waves your going to be up against the good old boys that at all cost destroy all comers.
    Occasionally they will entertain new ideas point is have your speech rehearsed they sense hesitation they grab the mic .
    Good platform to get ideas out is RBN select programs that’s about it they make money and time is valuable. Be very rehearsed to have impact on large groups.

    1. dang, i was trying to make this comment to you bubba and this whole website shut down on me!! like i got bootedoff!!

      i said:
      and i said:
      you put your email address up for somebody one time and i copied it down.
      i asked: if i find it again, would you mind if i emailed you with questions from time to time?

      then the website completely ahut down before i could publish it!!! Gs :):)

  9. Grand Jury - this is what We, the People, could use guidance on.

  10. I don't know why that went thru as 'Unknown'

    Grand Jury - this is what We, the People, could use guidance on.

  11. One more time:
    Comment as: forest queen

    Grand Jury - this is what We, the People, could use guidance on.

    Thank you.

    1. forestqueen:

      • GrandJuries are part of the BritishCrown, Inc. White Slavery Feudal System.... and yes, the
      BritishNobles who run and benefit from and liveoff of that SlaverySystem do lump it in with their present version of British common law but:
      • their White Slavery British Feudal System is at its essence Commercial: that is: men are held as Slaves/the Property of another man.
      •i am not saying that there is no place for GrandJuries IN COMMERCE.
      • recall: their thing they created and they named the "Constitution" is a Commercial Document! and so is their so-called Bill of Rights a Commercial Document/Agreement.

      its a Bill.

      in contrast, *our* paper is a Declaration. only man can declare something. only man has a voice to make a declaration with; and our declaration is our notice to the world (paragraph one and last paragraph espec.) that we receive the freedom and life and safety and happiness that God gifted to us.
      were not *Billing* anyone.
      who or what would man have to give a Bill to to use what our creator lavished upon man for free? :):):) its a gift.

    2. I like what you say. The Grand Jury comes from the Magna Carta.

      I'm looking for what works outside of the collapsed system - you know, faster.

    3. forestqueen:
      if you are 'an American' (man or woman, son or daughter natural-born on land that is one of the united States of America): you have an UN-alien-able *right* to be under authority of the gift from our creator that is the law:common, American system!

      us everyday men and women are the ones who peacefully and lawfully make it happen...
      its going to be fun being with people of like-mind and heart to set up our lawful system of peaceful self-government.

      ive already started.


  12. However twtypes of Grand Juries what the defacto are using in a public policy/ corporate/statutory.
    Look at Rogers site Florida common law @ Yahoo or something he recognizes the distinction..
    Lisended to broadcast yesterday by two ladies using common law in courts they had free reign to pour over the topic i e mailed her Monica Shaffer she a concert violinist and activist I told her what she said was music to my ears .
    Truth is like a breath of fresh air .

  13. Welcome to discuss any topic .

    1. great!
      just for a heads-up, the point of my questions has to do with the following:

      1. discuss, refine, and write down in present-day common American language what we believe about our American common laws and court system that our American men and women have right to use.
      this does also include how our forefathers were authorized by the people to establish our lawful State Banks.

      2. the same process concerning what we, American man/wo, authorize our paper-ballot, one-man-one-vote, Elected Delegates/ Deputies to carryforward for us, in what pertains to inTRA-state Trades and Exchanges (with the other States that comprise the true united States of America).

      3. how to hold lawful referendums so we include all lawfully-Declared, peaceful, American men and women.
      what do you think bubba?
      Our ancestors already did it and left us the BluePrints. we just have to write it out in presentday common language and make it available to the American people.

      what do you think?
      im ready to get started. :):):):):)


  14. How Bad is my Batch ?

  15. Take the reins like Monica Shaffer your passion is contagious,
    Have recently talked with Brent Winter on the phone he wrote “Excellence in the common law “.
    Told him a weak point in his book that was a history of law in the Middle Ages forward .
    Didn’t distinguish between case law being not common law.
    He said case law is part of common law.
    Being through Texas common law trials case law is not used nor is code or statutes
    Found out he also thinks common law is in need of lawyers because average ppl are not wise in law and need help.
    At that point I had to many disagreements.
    UCC is tied to the bankruptcy a UN. Measure to bring in one world government.
    One big talker has been on prime time air waves talking how everything is run under Roman slave swearing allegiance to a feudal lord.
    I contend it’s more maritime oriented and as in Declaration of Independance you have brought admirialty and vice admiralty beyond it’s ancient limits.
    And in 1937 the Buck Act overlaying maritime shipping lanes over postal roses.
    Same encroachment.
    But no maritime is commercial corporate system running the world .
    Our solution is don’t step in the traps blacks law 4th US citizen is a corporate entity.
    Maritime rules the world

    1. haha! i know who you mean, he was/is assoc with NatlLibAllia.
      absolutely no surprise at all to read that he said case law is part of common law because from his point of view, him being (last i heard) still a British BARcard carrying Temple BAR Society member in service to "Her Royal Majesty the Queen".
      then ... to *HIM*, yes, case law is now part of *THEIR* **ENGLISH** common law since, some say the BRITISH BAR members have gone ahead and "blended" English common law with man-made Fictional jurisdictions... despite MagnaCharta.
      .....thats why i will keep stressing for us Americans to make sure *we* use *American* common law and not get silently sucked into British/ Canadian common law, without disclosure.
      that was really arrogant of him to say the people are not wise enough to make a claim without a liar/lawyer.
      id say we're pretty dang smart since were smart enough to not allow liars/lawyers to speak in our American common law courts! haha!
      " everything is run under Roman slave swearing allegiance to a feudal lord..."
      oh bullshit :):)
      .and our mothers abandoned us as Wards of the StateInc and our daddies never came to claim us and give us his name ...and a blabbityblahblahblah to them too. its all just their lying bullshitbullshit bullshitbullshitBULLSHIT.
      "... shipping lanes over postal roses./roads...
      Same encroachment."
      where do they manufacture such BULLSHIT?!!
      You'd think we were listening to pinheaded inbreds living in a fantasy world. :):):)
      all this must be peacefully and lawfully corrected. its absolutely ridiculous whats been done.

  16. More toward our health Dr Jack Kruse burp surgeon turned physics top of his med class .
    Talks importance of light on our energy.
    Blue light from screens has 4 times the killing blue light than mood day sun? Blue light tells your internal clock in your eye it’s noon stop healing and wake the fk up.
    Red Spectrum is associated with healing and reversing macular degeneration that’s though to be permanent..
    Red light and fasting ( apoptosis ) that is cleaning up burning up a trash burn .
    And we only get 1/3 of our energy from food 2/3rds we get from photosynthesis absorbing photons in our eyes and skin an not Yoda but Indians basking in sun becoming super human strength like Jim Thourp the famous Olympic athlete.we are capable to run with the deer .

  17. Thank you for your courage and your truth and your heart and soul that you have shared with us all David and Kim!!! Blessings

  18. Janmarie,was on weakly law show Ralph Winfrow
    He spent two years in prison over tickets so he’s a serious fighter.
    First there is no law quote to Ralph
    What we have is the result of the administrative authorization act under FDR overweighting the executive branch with 250 ish agencies.
    They are judge jury executioner going by internal (CFR) code of federal regulation.
    Acknowledging the US citizen, he said now days the judge enters the room and asks are there any one except US citizens?

    1. exactly right bubba -- no *law* at all requiring we follow any of this.

      its ALL deceit, lying, theft, perjuries, FORCE, IMPRISONMENTS, **PUNISHMENTS** fergaawdssake, they, gawwdammet, these pieces of crap seem to have ENJOYED ggaawwdammmut inflicting on people who were only trying to take care of themselves, their families, their neighbors!!! Gs.

      actually, the *system* is really excellent, imo, for taking care of those around us who are TRULY unable to care for themselves.... but miGAAAAWWD, how they have twisted it is actually mentally unfathomable to a good man or woman.

    2. for references: can anyone find the article authored by jim belle cher that paul published a couple of years ago where james tells that there IS no contract?
      ive tried to find it. but didnt spend a whole lot of time on it.

  19. No one had an intelligent conversation from his callers in two hour show.
    I spoke with him first talking about the Buck act and how it all fit in the grand communist Bolshevik rollout like they did on Russia in 1917..
    Oh I don’t know like the insane laws in Canada all common wealth countries now the USSA, the defendant not allowed to see evidence all rulings final welcome to Bolshevik world order.

    1. bubba, was the Buck Act and the change it was making to FICTIONALLY change our lawfully and naturally *land*-ed Postal Roads to some gawwwddddm SeaLane Legal Ffing FICTION Nonsense
      ever lawfully recorded so that the American people could comprehend what the hell was being done?

      im guessing No, but if yes,
      were the people ever "allowed" to hold a referendum to see if they believed that was in their best interest?

      would you pls cite the refs, if there are any? ty!


      ITS ALL INTRA-State. Commerce or Not.
      That commenter was pointing that they believe that the Foreign Federal Corporation doesnt have any authority to regulate the States' or the States' nationals' *INTRA*-state commerce AT ALL! --- even though it might be a For-Profit Business! ....and that they never have had any such authority INSIDE THE STATE!
      If proven to be true, then every such ticket would have been unlawfully collected upon.
      imprisonments would have been unlawful. confiscations of cars and trucks would have all been unlawful. seizures of phones wallets, purses unlawful; searches, patdowns, handcuffing, all such molestations/ assaults would then have all been unlawful: if true.

  20. Think so Shelby,2 silver star recepitiant congressman McClusky said American Israeli Action Committee terrorize Congress .
    And the Jew-dical system is lawless all corporations for profit improper oaths, using administrative authorization act CFR code of civil procedure.
    To few can follow the criminal crime trail .
    We can’t let them scam and continue business as usual.