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Monday, January 24, 2022




  1. General McInerney, [1/24/2022 8:19 PM]

    New York Supreme Court has struck down Governor Kathy Hochul’s statewide mask mandate, saying the order violates the state constitution. Vaccines should be the same.


    1. ready007,
      not trying to say the info you shared isnt important: it is;
      FICTION = false; and what is false is a lie. they know this. they know what theyre doing. they agreed to do it for money or other privileges, immunities, favors, benefits.
      •SuprCrt cited is a Private Foreign Commercial CorporationFiction, just as the Incorporated State is a ForeignCommCorp.Fiction
      •is not a court of law, is a Private Foreign Court of CorporateFiction or CommerceFiction, and
      •Dispenses Private Foreign man-made Fictional policies, codes, opinions, rules/ rulings
      •made by men/wo who are PaidFor Foreign Actors in Commerce who are Foreign AgentFictions in all that pertains to us men and women living under authority of law:common.
      "struck" down:
      why the violence?
      what are they striking? does a FICTION have hands that it can strike with? what is their definition of striking down? why are they using violence on a Fictional "TermofArt": "man-date"?
      "Governor": same as SupremeCourt: plus,
      is this A "United Kingdom, Inc.Fiction"- constructed "Noble Title"Fiction "Office"Fiction??
      or A "VaticanInc." Fiction
      "Ecclesiastical Appointment" Fiction?
      Which CorporationFiction constructed this OfficeFiction: Governor?
      what is the GovernorFiction over?
      which state do they mean?
      •our state being man
      •our, man's, land-based state, ex.:kansas
      •our State we, men and women created for conducting Trade and Exchange for the peoples' good, ex.: Kansas State
      •the TerritoryInc.Fiction constructed by the ActorFictions of the BritishCrownInc./ LawoftheSea Fictional man-made "Jurisdictional"? ex.: the StateofKansasFiction
      •the MunicipalInc.Fiction constructed by the ActorFictions of the VaticanInc. Fiction/ using their man-made Ecclesiastical Fictional "jurisdiction"?
      •the"UnitedNations", Inc./other, man-madeFiction constructed in man-made GlobalAirFiction named???????????? what???

      @ to them: define "statewide"

      man lives in creator-created days.
      Dates are man-madeFictions.

      why are the men and women Acting as ForeignAgentFictions constructing a "Term"Fiction whereby they "JoinderFiction" man, the living being who lives in days created by creator in with a DateFiction as one of their "Terms"/ "TermsofArt" Fictions?

      and so forth and so on with...
      stateFiction: repeat

      how does this apply to men and women???

      it doesnt.

      it only applies to their SUB-jects, PERISH-oners.

    2. are they trying to put "The Squeeze" on us?... to try to force us to make a choice between living in our creator-created *state*: being man versus having the man-made PrivilegeFictions of a man-made Imaginary ActorFictionState in their "Magick Kingdom"Fiction?
      step 1? clotshot
      step 2? control travel
      step 3? control food/ energy
      step 4? eliminate: how
      step 5? eradicate: how

      i know, i know, They mean the VURIS.

    3. Your first reply, is awesome goode. If those that read it don't start questioning their "State of Being" from this day forward, and use this simple litmus test to verify where they are located(in the Land of Oz, or walking with our Creator), more than likely nothing else will probably work to get their minds focused. Excellent. Don't stop...

    4. How strange; right after I posted the above comment I clicked off this site, cleared my history, reopened the main page, and lo behold Paul Posted a new article from Anna; "Your Bread Basket or Mine?" Check out my time stamp for the above reply, and then Paul's time stamp for the posting of Anna's Article, and what she ends it with. I am beyond words to explain this one.

    5. hey thanks for the encouragement
      ... like most of us commenting on here ive spent many YEARS of my life slogging though the sewage they've dumped out and forced us to participate in AS IF it was true, when deep inside we were just cringing and everything in us was saying "nonono that cant be right"; but of course there was no way we could have ever imagined the depths of depravity to which they have actually sunk themselves, -- nor that their goal in life is to pull us in after them.

      im glad you could tell the overall point i was trying to make. you summed it up nicely.
      paul is on mountain time. 6:56/6:29? .... -- thats still quite a li'l co-inkydink though. :)

    6. No goode, I posted that initial reply to you at 6:29 including a reference to the fictional land of Oz(take into consideration of the minutes that it took for me to compose this reply, and to proof read it before I “bloggered” it. Then Paul Posts Anna’s Article at the very same moment(“Posted by Paul Stramer at 6:29 PM") with the last sentence;
      “get the popcorn, boy, you are really going to enjoy this, but only if you've got straw between both ears.” 
      “And a tin heart.” 

    7. hmmmm... were you composing your comment inside of this blog? ...where "admin."/ avr inc. could watch while you composing before you actually posted?

      i ask because i compose on this blog and MANY times in the past i would get the entire comment ready to post and then it would just be wiped out completely.

    8. Yes, I was doing just that ie.,composing that comment(Foscolos00January 25, 2022 at 6:29 PM) inside of this blog... There have been other anomalies that have occurred in the past as well, but nothing as blatant as this. My own thoughts of course.

    9. This is why I posted the above comment to bring light, and show proof of the behind the scene stealth monitoring, utilizing other's mental acuity to form narratives/ thesis' in order to mentally manipulate a readership
      A system that is set up to eavesdrop shows an insecurity, and lack of intelligence not only amongst those that have instituted said system but those that are also employed with the task in it's continuance. How paranoid "They" must be. "They" probably don't even smoke weed to be this paranoid. If it wasn't for the damage that "They" have caused against all of Us, I might just feel sorry for the whole lot of"Them", and have some sympathy, and forgiveness for this trespass, but I don't, and I won't.
      It's all good though, because there's an old adage that I know to be true;
      What comes around goes around, and you better believe it comes around harder, and faster the second time around.

  2. Christiane Northrup M.D,

    A strategy worth listening to: Have you heard of Surety bonds? I became aware of this video and, this could be a game-changer as it was for the Mom in the video.

    Read the copy below about how a parent used these bonds to stop mandates - because when a claim is open, state and federal funding stops.

    Video of Moms telling about Surety Bonds

    Learn More Here:

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    MUST WATCH: How to beat the School Boards. You can Legally target the bond that backs every public official (such as School Superintendents) and go after them personally.

  3. Thanks Again,
    Hopefully this will wake up many many more. If anyone doesn't believe you're info they are lazy. All they have to do is take 10 min and research the web for the truth. Once they find out that they were lied to once.They won't be surprised. When they find out there entire life was living in a Matrix created thousands of years ago.

    Semper Fidelis

  4. Yesterday;Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 10:14 P.M., Paul posted Anna’s article;
    "Another Mega Prune the Mainstream Media Failed to Deliver" This message is mostly for “Anna”
    Last week I was woken up to a video being streamed on “U”Tube ie., one of “Their” recommended videos.
    Seems I slept through most of it just to be woken up at about the right time. This “awakening” was unsettling within my psyche for a few days so I had to find this video, (I always clear my browser) along with the exact time stamps. Here it is;
    Opening Mass & Holy Hour of the National Prayer Vigil for Life - January 20, 2022
    At minute marker 1:40:00—1:46:00, Orthodox Arch Bishop Elpidophoros of America and our own Metropolitan Methodios of Boston, along with other Orthodox Bishops(1:40:55) are in attendance in full garb(all in Black including their masks), all these Orthodox Bishops are also located on the right side of the altar(depending on what vantage point). At 1:46:00 all the Orthodox Bishops leave(before the “Procession“Service).
    At 1:47:12… video camera scans mural (can’t make out exactly where this mural is located in the dome) with two naked white persons floating above some large rock with flames emanating from it that is encasing a very large egg with some sort of humanoid type of entity surrounded with many animals under, and around them, on the lower right is some sort of upright green creature. All underneath a large hand (palm facing viewers?) above them? This mural would need someone like Jonathan Kleck to do the decryption.
    Then at 1:48:47 camera scans to Icon of a half cloaked red toga wearing blond hair blue eye person with red dots on the palms of his upraised hands, and three large red flames emanating from his head, with some sort female statue located in front lower left with her palms pointing downward.
    At 1:52:00 a mosaic with some woman with some infant on her lap holding out a beaded necklace with a cross dangling from it. Both having star crowns floating with a larger star above both of these persons heads. Above all this are twelve six pointed stars encompassing them both. A lot of star symbology in this mosaic.
    So I did a little research on Archbishop Elpidophoros:
    "Biography of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America"
    Now one has to ask a few questions how does a greek man that was born and raised in Bakirköy, Istanbul(Constantinople) Turkey schooled in Thesolinika become the “Metropolitan of America” ??? What, there wasn’t any one from the “United States/ Canada”? Now there are also Greek Catholics (Byzantines) that are not “Orthodox”. I am not sure if Elpidophoros is a “Masked Byzantine” or not.
    Then a frequent commenter on this sight recommended a link that was geared towards a different subject, however within it’s main contents it has a chapter;
    8.01 Catholicism - Greenland Theory
    This gives a little insight on the edict of Thesolonika...
    So in the interim of finding the above prayer vigil this video. Below came up.
    "Closing Mass of the National Prayer Vigil for Life - 2022-01-21 - Closing Mass of the National Praye";
    At minute marker 7:54 Priest informs all Parishioners that in the District of Columbia everyone must wear a mask while he, the Cardinal, the solo singer in blue, and all those who were given the right to speak are not required to wear a mask. He states; “Otherwise we will have a problem with the District.”
    And no, that is not a typo on my part *Praye*(Prey) that is the exact word in the title to this video.

    1. praye : prey

      Parishioners: PERISH-ioners.

      " does a greek man that was born and raised in Bakirköy, Istanbul(Constantinople) Turkey schooled in Thesolinika become the “Metropolitan of America” ??? What, there wasn’t any one from the “United States/ Canada”? ..."

      this reminded me about when, for some unexplained reason, "Trump" said that all architecture in the United States from now on was going to be styled after the Greek form.
      anyone besides me remember that?

    2. unconfirmed:

      some are posting that "Israel" is getting ready yo re-build not "The Third Temple" but "The Tower of Babel/ [Babylon]".
      ...for an estimated $800million.
      [interesting ref: rev. 2:9, 3:9].

    3. Acts 7:48-49 KJV - Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in - Bible Gateway 7:48-49&version=KJV
      (Actually this whole Chapter is awesome)
      These “Talmudists can build whatever “They” like. We all know where the true Temple that our Creator hangs out with Us is., and so do “They”. So, “Their Mode of Operandi” to break in usually follows a sequence similar to these points;
      1. “They some how set up a situation that gives them access by getting “under One’s skin”
      2. Then “They” are able to get into one’s mind.
      There are myriad of ways , and means that “They” who are accomplished in these styles “Art-(ifices)” are able to accomplish this for both points above ie., Physically, Chemically, Spiritually…
      However, just like if your Thyroid Gland is already Saturated with Iodine, and an “A” Bomb is detonated, One’s Thyroid gland won’t become inundated with the harmful radiation that is now in the environment/atmosphere…
      Our True Spiritual Temple : KJV - King James Version - Bible Verse List
      The question is; what is the foundation that each of our Temples is built on?

    4. i keep thinking of bits and pieces:
      "prince" charles: didnt he say that the so-called House of Windsor is descended from (the same family as) Vlad the Impaler?
      i dont know history well enough yet, so:
      Isnt/wasnt Vlad the Impaler a Kazarian national?
      Isnt Turkey, Greece, Kazaria, Israel, Iraq, Iran/others, part of what Obaba kept calling "The Levant"?

    5. my question then is:
      might the words: greek; catholic; orthodox; turkey; constantinople; and columbian district
      be used to equal:
      national; religion; ancient; levant; turkish; capital; American land?

      and if so, then could one extrapolate/ take from that that:

      the ancient religion from the region named The Levant headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, operating *As* the Orthodox Universal (catholic, lowercase "c") Religion/ a.k.a. OneWorldReligion be operating under their goddess named Columbia/Isis, a statue of whom is perched atop their own Dome of Columbia/Isis on our American land? the free and independent nations that are part of the united States of America formed July 2(two), 1776.

    6. How deep does it go with theses called "ancient religions" could be bottomless. One thing is quite apparent though they seem to have no reservations when it comes to Attorneys, and Masons within "Their "rank, and file.

    7. lets not forget or be distracted:


      if it is misused or causes harm to the people (or for various other reasons).
      we still have claim on that land.
      we ceded it using our intent, for our good.
      we can take it back the same way we ceded it: from our intent, for our good.

      dont forget that!
      they will try to tell us we cant do that. probably try to keep bullying us; threatening, or actually harming us, but we CAN UN-CEDE THAT LAND (if we ever actually did cede it) SINCE IT IS CAUSING US HARM.

      dont let them forget it either.
      be. *NICE*. :):):)
      its our god-given right.
      their religion is a FICTION.
      Their man-made FICTION cannot
      interefere without God-GIFTED RIGHTS!

    8. i agree with "listen", we do need to start standing up. LOGICALLY.
      they are ILLOGICAL.
      they cannot use logic or defeat it.
      thats why they use lying, hiding, and force.
      we have much higher IQs; control over our own selves and our emotions; ability to be creative and find good solutions; American work ethic; strong core personalities; excellent moral character; compassion for those who are hurting; and much, much more going for us..., not even to mention our ever-present connection to the creator of all that is.

      we really do need to stop bowing to the inferior and just stand up and be the good men and women we are.
      with LOTS of prayer first.

    9. "How deep does it go with theses called "ancient religions" could be bottomless."

      but Religions are man-made and they just make up whatever they want.....thats fine. for *them*.

      they just cant spread it over the top of men and women who choose to NOT participate in it.

      trying to force other men and women to particpate in something that they made up and made themselves and their sons and daughters the rulers over is not acceptable!

      they know this.
      they dont care.
      theyre apparently going to try to force their imaginary *rule* over others anyway... using "Religion" as a cloak?
      it does seem so.


      index of bible characters and egyptian gods.

      Note Virgil quote, see also novus ordo seclorum.

      was, is, ever shall be. litany of saints. augustine said the "christian" religion has always been around.

      baby horus versus adult horus. son of joseph v david.

      "jesus of nun" is the david one, identical to the "morning star" lucifer of revelation. nevermind anna's nonsense. lamb of god also either ~22000 years future, or ~4400 past.

      there is pole star switches, "great year", and equinoxes/solstices. there are no other floods. there is no other judgement. entirely astrological. plant your crops accordingly and you have nothing to fear.

      the whole scam is to pretend "jesus" was a real person, and somehow unique. same with moses, same with gilgamesh, same with tiamat, same with perseus/hercules. pole star pole star pole star. same with mary, same with freya, same with king arthur.

      "isis" nonsense is people who dont know son of joseph v david. clueless protestants trying to confuse people and pretend their bible is less pagan than rome or eastern orthodox bibles. same old masonic "mystery religion" con artists.

      what religion found was:

      1) seasons and made up constellations to match; signs slowly change across equinoxes/solstices
      2) pole star (matching sign slowly changes)
      3) a philosopher stone/alchemy if you believe that

      religion did accomplish the above things, so you would know when to plant your crops. everything else is filler/make believe.

      The question is; what is the foundation that each of our Temples is built on?
      the bible is egypt/horus and the lesser and greater mysteries of amenta. polestar precession and equinoxes/solstices changing. same thing "illuminism" always said it was.

      "calf of god" "lamb of god" "fish of god" bull of god "hero twins" etc.

      christianity ends at aquarius, so it really isnt a problem. there are no aquarius prophecies. even anna admits it is all just astrology (while she doesnt know jesus of nun == son of david, 180 of son of joseph -- same old morning star lucifer who wants a worldly kingdom -- bible jesus DENIES he is like that guy, )

      the woman who dances for herod does an "isis" dance. herod also had a "sacred marriage"

      all the answers of the bible are found in egypt, and horus/hathor/isis. see also women's encyclopedia of myths and secrets, has it as well.

      "living god" amun and amen ...all is egyptian astrology (and sex magic).

      nearly all the answers (except perhaps elohim name games) to bible questions are in the above 3 books.

    11. if you think there is something worth saving of the make-believe stories and "christian religion" --

      1) holy ghost baptism
      2) litany of saints, was, is, ever shall be.
      3) pole star ("mary"). and "son of joseph"

      that gets you

      1) christ's baptism, not john's, who was surrogate for herod's "sacred king" sacrifice; christ's baptism saves, john's does not

      2) you know roughly the pole star area, so you are now initiated in the "greater mysteries of amenta" ooooh spoooky; now you know how "floods" work and why "stars" fall from "heaven" over the course of thousands of years, why "serpents" get kicked down in the water, etc. spooooky lol

      3) was, is, ever shall be -- there is nothing new under the sun. if you like, you can now examine jason and the argonauts (and golden ram aries) and perseus/hercules (snuck into garden/world tree/pole star area) and so forth
      -- same exact story, for previous precessions

      4) try some splendor water if you wish, mentioned by guy. volcanic natural water. fire + water.
      believe website is

      there is nothing else for "christianity" to offer. you got the baptism, so avoid the mark of beast.

      you know the greater mystery of amenta.

      you know all the religious characters are interchangable and revolve around the "world tree".

      and you know where to purchase magic volcanic all-seeing eye water. "living water".
      baptism with fire and water.

      other than a philosopher stone, that wraps up "christianity" and "the bible".

      it ends at aquarius -- no big deal, it was always astrology/egypt "mystery religion".

      the only question is where masonry, the successor of the mystery religions, wishes to take "christianity" and how they will try to lead people.

      the same old idolatry and facade will remain for political purposes, as it always has.

      higher-ups always knew these things.

      there is nothing to worry about "isis" or "baal" or "saturn worshipers" .

      the bible is just egyptian religion -- same old astrology.

      stick with the pole star, and you don't have to worry about "satan".

      that is all it ever was. horus and set, eternally trying to castrate eachother (really).

      isis is just hathor. people are afraid of an imaginary cow?

      280 days gestation period, same as humans. minotaur too, bull of god.

      moses came down with horns. calf of god. bull of god. just a prior version of "jesus" when he was a calf. ox still in his manger. why he was born in a barn -- only pisces did he
      suddenly become "human". ditto only perseus/hercules on the world tree/polestar precession.

      that was taurus. big whoop.

      people are afraid of zodiac signs?

  5. F.E.A.R.> False Evidence Appearing Real. The IRS pulled it off for years. Then the tyrannical mind controllers tried climate change, now the scamdemic. BINGO! Time to get off your knees and make a stand! Starve the Monster as well as all its coronaphobic puppets!

    1. oh absolutely agree... •peacefully and lawfully
      •with peace and good will in our hearts
      •using our rights given to us by our creator, not man
      •and keeping ourselves and our fellowman safely under authority of the laws of nature and the the one who created them!

      yeppers, time to take a peaceful, mature, rightful, lawful stand for good.