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Monday, January 24, 2022

Biden Bans Unvaxed Truckers From US, Exacerbating Supply Chain Carnage.


  1. yes, while keeping borders open to the NON-working unvaxxed 'illegal aliens' who will be even more quickly using up the supplies that are here and will not be being replaced.

    1. oh, lets not forget that as "biden" decides to make the borders wide-open and, reportedly, tens of thousands of military-aged men are being paid several thousand dollars a month to be here, without a job... at the very same time cut he cuts off/tighten our food/other supply, that now "he's" also talking about sending tens of thousands(?) of our own men to ukraine.

      jeepers -- might one imagine phase two of fraudci's 5 step plan: "decelerate" might be being attempted?.... oh but thats for the VURIS isnt it?

    2. [all politics are local.]

      best be finding out if you dont already know, who is "Signed Up" for what.

    3. i DO NOT believe this going to a civWra -- not at all -- is someone trying to foment that? sure looks possible. thats apparently just what they need?
      too damm bad for them.
      were not going that direction.
      too, too bad for them then if thats 'the plan'.... b/c if so, it will turnout just as bad for them as the v and clotjab.
      we have no intent to do that "fighting -thing" that theyve gone around the world fomenting upon peaceful people and now need us to participate in?


    4. annavoninc's article earlier about the Spanish "security FORCE" men/wo who are now saying that theyre standing with the people:

      its two years since the scamdemic was announced. time for phase two? 10-year plan?
      all these formerly silent dock-tors NOW speakkng up? at the same time police now standing with the people? as the food shortages are worsened, the borders are still open and "bidens" talking about sending our men to war on another continent??

    5. i do not necessarily believe that all of a sudden after being paid for two years to harm their countrymen that those police suddenly decided its wrong.

      far more likely that its a shift from phase one "negatively impact", to phase two "decelerate".

      "all Politics are local" and all Politics are man-made/ Fiction.

    6. also, people must cope now with the fact that ITS YOUR NEIGHBORS who have harmed you.
      For money.

      they dont need to get mad at those of us who are boldly pointing out this truth... they were offered money to harm us and they said YES. its the simple truth.

      "klaus schwab" and "george soros" may be making offers to men TO hurt you, but men/wo in your own neighborhoods have to accept the offer or it doesnt get carried out against you.

      look: supposedly now the policetypes said "we wont do this anymore" ... so what now? thats all it took to stop it? no
      not buyin it.

    7. its your neighbors.
      your neighbors agreed to sell your water to chynah; put peedeponro books in your sons and daughters school library; raise "your taxes" again to further stuff the Investment Acct in the CAFR for their OverLords; not give your father iver'tin; steal the credit from the birth certificate; make false claims on your property; makeup from out of the blue, and then enforce, defective "Titles" with jail time; foreclosures; liens; claims of "Interest" where none can be proven to exist; -- all the while stealing the credit bonds that are supposed to setoff the very "charges" they themselves created out of thin air.
      but how many people went to jail while the credit bond with their name on it sat there and EVERYONE WORKING FOR THE COURT KNEW ABOUT IT AND NO ONE TOLD YOU ABOUT IT AND THEY ALL LET YOU GO TO JAIL, LOSE YOUR HOMES, FARM, SON OR DAUGHTER AND MORE? cause thats what they agreed to do and get paid to do?

      its your neighbors.
      they agreed to harm you for money.

      its just the simple truth.
      all Politics are local.

  2. *all politics are local."


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