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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Another Mega Prune the Mainstream Media Failed to Deliver

 By Anna Von Reitz

I thought that I was losing my edge.  

When I talked about the schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism during my Monday webinar, I assumed that everyone else knew already.   Wrong! 

Turns out that I was one of the first turnips under the tarp to filter this out of the international news --- and at that, I was three weeks late:

For those shaky on Church History, after the Visigoths trounced Rome in the West, the headquarters of the remaining Church moved to Constantinople, otherwise known as Istanbul, and thus, two churches gradually emerged out of what had originally been the Roman Catholic Church--- East and West.  

They always had their differences and they continued to diverge for the better part of two thousand years, becoming the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchy in the East and the Roman Catholic Church in the West.  

Since the 1950's a gradual growing ecumenical movement helped to heal over some of the more awkward social and doctrinal issues and ease tensions between these two early branches of the faith, but now, all of that progress has been undermined by Pope Francis and his support of the vaccine mandates, to that point that a violent schism is again appearing between East and West, as this no-holds-barred critique makes clear. 

The Eastern Orthodox Church has already claimed the High Ground and what can Francis say?  He has training as an organic chemist.  He cannot claim to be ignorant of science, yet he is promoting such absurdities as a carbon dioxide surplus and a "vaccine" made out of poisons, mRNA, and aborted fetal cells.  

The Patriarch described this injection as the mark of the beast, and an anti-baptism.  There can be no doubt that he is broadly implying that Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ.  

Whatever friendship and respect had developed between the two churches in recent decades, has been lost.  The Patriarch also called out the Archbishops for their failure to take a stand and defend their diocese.  To date, the tradition-bound Roman Catholic Church hierarchy has been slow to engage in any public dissent, except for a few rare individuals, like Cardinal Vigano. 

This, despite the noxious nature of the ingredients of these injections, and their known terrible risks for pregnant women, babies, small children, and young people in general, as well as family elders.  

We join the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch in wondering how and why millions of Roman Catholics are putting up with this and, when it really counts, are doing nothing to protect themselves and their families?  

The warning against the mark of the Beast has stood for thousands of years, and now the Eastern Orthodox Church is calling it for what it is--- and it is, indeed, a mark that the proposers of this madness would require for people to buy and sell, travel, go to school, or much of anything else. 


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