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Thursday, July 22, 2021

"I Was Told Not To Talk About This” | Edward Snowden

 And they call this guy a traitor???  Who are the real traitors?


  1. Risk Assessment Horizon Scanning Inititative that Dr David Martin was involved with

    See Dr Dave SNOWDEN on page 8

    Notice how they named this inititative RAhs?
    Page 8
    How RAhs can make networked government a reality
    I give you the
    And they are using all the data they collect from every device on the plan(it)

  2. And if you still think Anna and Paul are not central to this you have not learned a single thing


    Read specifically under the heading THE JUDGEMENT OF ALLAH

  3. Snowden is talking about Americans and then he is talking about the USA. Then he is talking about about legal-the bad legislation is legal-and then he talks about the perpetrators talking about continuing to do soemthing unlawful. The distinctions between LEGAL and lawful always grate with me, because people use them in the same context without making the distinction. Anna von has alerted us to the facts about LEGAL: it is a private jurisdiction that only achieves jurisdiction via CONTRACT. Lawful is the Public Law that Anna speaks of, and so on. In a LEGAL venue-your regular Administrative Courts-you cannot operate unless you are a BAR Association member, a trained lawyer. In a lawful court you can prosecute your own case without being a trained lawyer because you are totally familiar with your own matters and are qualified to prosecute your case. You do not have to declare yourself incompetent, as you do when you hire a BAR Assoc lawyer.


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