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Sunday, May 19, 2024

To All State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Coordinators are a potential "chink" in our collective armor, and yet an absolutely necessary part of the work at hand.  

The Coordinators are all volunteers. 

The Federation does not choose them.  

We are obligated to work, as much as possible, with whomever steps forward from your State of the Union. 

It behooves all of you to consider the importance of promoting and supporting stable and loyal Americans who have a good grasp of traditional American values to serve as Coordinators. 

Also, there is safety in numbers.  Leaving your State with only one Coordinator instead of a team of Coordinators means that you are at the mercy of one volunteer.  

That volunteer may be the most sincere, diligent, and wonderful person --- and many of our Coordinators are --- but your future should not hang on one volunteer. 

Having only one Coordinator adds to the inevitable impression that they are "the" leader and that they have been chosen by the Federation, but that simply isn't true. 

Functioning with only one Coordinator also creates an unreasonable amount of work for one person.  

And if that one volunteer gets off track far enough, or isn't sincere to begin with, they can pose a very real danger to you and your Assembly.  

There is growing evidence that the District Government is mounting an effort to portray us as "sovereign citizens" and at the same time, making efforts to commandeer our Assemblies. 

They are following a pattern that is recognizable. 

They endeavor to turn our Assemblies into District Assemblies, and failing that, they talk violence -- while impersonating us.  

As you recently saw in Gaza, it is their modus operandi to provide themselves with an excuse to attack innocent people. 

Right now, Dan Auxier, former Coordinator for The Missouri Assembly, is talking violence-- giving the District Government an excuse to arrest him and the people mistakenly following him.  Or worse. 

He is still not getting the difference between the American Federation and the Federal Subcontractors straight. Same thing with Paul Peterson. 

It grieves me personally to see this kind of activity. We have so much at stake. We cannot afford to give the U.S. Corp any plausible excuse to attack us. 

And if you think you are feisty and are going to win using deer rifles again, just look at the photos coming out of Gaza.  

We can only win by using the Sword of Truth and our own moral courage against the monstrous evil that has been promoted against us and so many other innocent people worldwide. 

Use your voice. Use your creativity. Use your vision. But keep your powder dry and be wise as serpents, gentle as doves.  The only way you can collect from them, is by exposing them, and giving them no excuse to physically attack you. 

Anna Maria 


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