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Sunday, May 19, 2024

International Public Notice: Why All the International Public Notices?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are replying to private discussions that are ongoing in all jurisdictions of the law --- in public. 

Why are we doing that? 

So that everyone knows the topics under discussion and knows what we replied.  

Everything on our part is perfectly transparent.  

Our reasoning, our opinion, our solutions to problems, are given to the American Public at the same time that these issues are being addressed by the ecumenical and military communities. 

These puppeteers have all been chasing around for the past thirty years and more, without any consolidating logic or path forward.

This is because everyone is so very concerned about keeping power and looking good and jockeying around for their piece of pie, that they have abdicated, evaded, and failed to do the duty they owe. 

They haven't taken care of the Earth or the people or the animals. 

They haven't told the truth.  

They've been scheming excuses and justifications for things that can never be justified. 

They've been blaming each other. 

Dealing with this is like dealing with a birthday party for a five year-old that has gone horribly wrong. 

The military proposes to kill the civil servants they hired, apparently as scapegoats, but who was responsible for telling those civil servants what to do and how to do it?  

And who profited -- besides the civil servants -- from all the abuses and graft?  

The military doesn't have clean hands.  Far from it.  

Same thing with all these religious leaders. 

The Muslims blame the Jews and the Jews blame the Christians and the Christians blame the Muslims and suck up to the Jews and the Hindus and Buddhists look at us like we are all crazy. 

Objectively, if this present situation is indicative, all the western religions are crazy. We cannot argue in their favor. 

Basing a stock market on Baptismal Certificates?  
Yet this trafficking in souls has been going on since King Henry the Eighth? 

Portraying the Federal Income Tax that is being illegally and immorally collected from Americans as an "estate" tax owed by the estate of a missing British Merchant Mariner who just happens to be named after that same American?  Or as a "gift" tax pledged to the Pope for his expenses waging war and killing for Jesus? 

American soldiers and sailors being conscripted under force -- "the draft" -- to serve as cheap mercenaries for the British Crown?

America then being blamed for all the war-mongering and the violence and pillaging that is in fact being directed and dictated by London and Rome? 

Then there's "the financial system" which isn't a financial system at all. 

It's more like a Ponzi Scheme within a Credit Fraud within another Credit Fraud within an asset stripping operation inside a hostile merger and acquisitions scheme inside a securities and trust fund fraud ....inside a bankruptcy fraud scheme....inside a probate court fraud scheme and all wrapped up with a criminal bookkeeping system, too.  

The living people have been the victims of all these corporations, and the men running these corporations --- which are nothing but labeled beehives created with phony money --- think that they own us and should manage us like farmyard animals. 

Everyone is down on either the "Palestinians" or the "Israelis" but in fact neither country nor population exists, except in the cracked minds of British politicians and publicists. 

The best and supposedly brightest minds, the vaunted professionals of both America and Europe, have allowed their professions of common right to be licensed by criminals and so, have allowed themselves to be chained down and compromised with pieces of paper. 

We've all been crippled in turn by these "Uniformed Officers" being misdirected and suborned by foreign guilds operating as "Associations" on American soil. 

And everyone is being herded to hate and fear Vladimir Putin, who saved himself and the rest of us from biological degradation and destruction. 

The whole pandemic catastrophe turns out to be a funeral tribute to Prince Philip, and we are supposed to be comforted and happy that these same crazy people are in possession of "the Rods of God" -- a whizzbang new space-based weapons system that we paid for and don't have control of? 


It's certain that we, the Americans, will be blamed for the existence and misuse of this new weapons system. 

We've got two groups of corporations duking it out for control of the planet and its resources and both of them are nothing but inland pirates wearing nice suits. 

As the blame game increases and the public awareness turns from disbelief to shock and anger and from shock and anger to blind rage, the Royal Family will probably be trotted out and sacrificed, but they have been used as storefronts, too. 

Just like the Roman Catholic Church.  

Just like the United Nations. 

There is more than enough blame to circle the drain for a  million years. Those who are still fighting the Battle of the Boyne will have a new topic of discussion.  

It remains for us to get beyond the craziness and back on solid ground.  

In such an atmosphere of cataclysm and deceit, it is imperative that some responsible Principal speaks up, tells the truth, finds solutions, and leads the way forward --- and that responsible Principal still standing, is us, the unincorporated United States of America, established in 1776. 

We want it to be known who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  We are putting it on the record so that there is no occasion to second-guess, suppose, or doubt.  

The people of this country and this whole planet have been outrageously mistreated and abused. They have no reason to like or trust anything called "government".  We understand that.  They certainly have no reason to support any government that doesn't support them, so it's important that the American Public knows that we still exist and knows what we are saying and doing on their behalf. 

It is the responsibility of our government to take the part of the living people, to champion their causes, to defend their rights, and as much as possible, provide for their safety.  

So here we are in the midst of all this insanity, oars in the water and hands on the plow.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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