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Sunday, May 19, 2024

International Public Notice: The Issue of Identification

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those foreign mercenary military forces "mistakenly" occupying our country and "accidentally" registering Americans as U.S. Citizens, need to: (1) end their illegal occupation of our country; (2) ask for amnesty and come home, if they are Americans; (3) stop their improper registration activities and stop taking illegal and immoral advantage of their fellow-Americans; (4) start honoring their Constitutional obligations to us; (5) stop all pretenses of war on our soil; (6) provide Americans with their remedies and exemptions; (7) redirect the courts to function properly and cease and desist from mis-addressing Americans; (8) provide Americans with proper and correct Identification documents, passports, private license plates, traveler passes, etc., or accept those that we provide for ourselves. 

Even if there were any justification to continue an occupation status, and there isn't, American civilians do not owe our Territorial Employees or Municipal Employees, either one, any explanation for being here and going about their lives, owning their own land, operating their own cars and trucks, keeping their own earnings, caring for and educating their own children, making their own decisions about their health care and religious beliefs, running their own courts, speaking their own minds and managing their own business affairs.

We, Americans, already own every Federal Reserve Note ever printed many times over, and the Maritime Banks of Commerce have been bankrupted to us since 1930, so there is absolutely no excuse to pretend that we are your dependents, that we are debtors, or that we are incompetent. 

We are severally and collectively owed the return of our assets and our credit and recognition of our proper identity.    

We, Americans,  are not voluntarily adopting any foreign citizenship or seeking any foreign benefit; to the extent that we have been deliberately misinformed and entrapped to pay for Federal Benefits and Welfare, such as the entire Social Security program, we have the individual right to receive any and all services without prejudice and if our needs are not promptly and voluntarily provided for, we have and retain and claim the right to receive the entire value of all Social Security Bonds issued in our NAMES throughout the course of our lifetimes.    

We are not now and have never been bankrupt, absent, or stateless. 

There should be no doubt about the identity or provenance of any American in the possession of a Birth Certificate issued by the Territorial State-of-State Government operating in any State of the Union, as this document is direct evidence of the crime of Unlawful Conversion committed against these Americans and the unconscionable nature of the contract, too.   

Notice the date of physical birth and the date of the filing. 

There should be no arrests of any American for using their own State Credentials in the own country, nor for using private legal tender that they bought and paid for with goods and services, nor any suspicion or detainment of any American under any bill of attainder or other racketeering, violence, or harassment in response to Americans claiming their reversionary trust rights.  

In States where the State-of-State organizations are failing to provide private automobile identification plates as required by Regulation Z of the Federal Highway Safety Acts, Americans are free to provide private automobile identification plates for themselves. They cannot be suborned to register their cars as commercial vehicles and falsify public records to the effect that their car is a Motor Vehicle when neither the car nor the owner is engaged in any commercial activity.   

It must be firmly understood that living Americans are the secured preferential creditors of both the Territorial and the Municipal Corporations. Americans are owed every reasonable respect, every care, and every jot of the guarantees and limitations of the Constitutions giving life to the foreign service corporations that public employees work for.  Any employee caught depriving Americans of their physical assets, their credit, or their proper political status under color of law will be 100% personally and commercially liable for their actions and so will those who are misdirecting public employees in the performance of their jobs. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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