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Saturday, February 1, 2020

From the Nazi-Communist-EU- Playbook

By Anna Von Reitz

My Father explained the difference between the Nazis and the Communists to me when I was just a little girl.
The Communists, he said, steal everything, and then take responsibility for running everything. The Nazi Fascists steal everything, and then make you responsible for running and for paying for everything.
The Fascists are obviously smarter, but there in a nutshell is the entire difference between the Communists and Fascists. And both are Socialists --- that is, they are delusional. They think that violating the Law of Free Will is an option, and that forcing people to accept the moral responsibility of helping unfortunate neighbors (while siphoning off large portions of the largess for Party Hacks) via racketeering is okay.
It's the "siphoning off large portions" part you need to pay attention to, because that is what motivates all this garbage.
I estimate that 98% of all foreign aid ever approved by the "US" Congress was siphoned off either by "Intelligence Organizations" or, in recent years, directly by members of the Congress or the Administration responsible for delivering these allocations.
The Clinton Foundation's theft of 90% of the aid meant to help Haiti comes to mind.
This is why both Communist and Fascist leaders sound and look so amazingly alike. Compare Nikita Khrushchev and Adolph Hitler? Hear the same overblown shouting rhetoric? See the same fist-banging? Now compare George Herbert Walker Bush and Nicholas Sarkozy? Much quieter, smoother, but still the same words, the same tone of voice, the same veiled menace.
They look alike and sound alike, because they are alike. They are engaged in peddling the same lawlessness and the same delusions for the same reasons.
And so it is with the European Union Commission and the DNC. Same thing. Same rhetoric. Same methods. Same "sound" coming out of both.
They are recognizable and recognizably the same bunch of hoodlums, using the same methods, so, in the same way that you can recognize "Disco Music" or "Country Western" no matter which band is playing, you can recognize the Perpetrators no matter which Party Hat they are wearing or which country they come from.
What they really have in common is that they are criminals---- sanctimonious criminals.
Adam Schiff comes to mind. Here's a guy who has pulled every dirty trick in the book more than once, lecturing us on morality, and spinning off (non-existent, as it happens) crime scenarios so effortlessly that we should all know that only a practiced criminal thinks this way off the top of his head.
He is accusing Trump of doing things he would do himself. And which Joe Biden, obviously, actually did. And which Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney all actually did, too. They peddled their influence to make billions with a "b" off of Ukraine paying them protection money, and now, they are scared because: (1) it's going to come out, and (2) they'll go to jail.
And estimated 80% of the "US" Congress is implicated. So get ready for "Martial Law" -- but hint, it won't be a big change, because we have been under "Martial Law" since March of 1863 --- and new elections.
These people all preach goodness and light and freebies to all, then use that as an excuse to strong-arm racketeer honest people out of their earnings and assets, then take 90% of it for themselves, and then, give 10% to the poor they were supposedly championing to begin with.
It's a simple, predictable Modus Operandi, and holds true for both Communists and Fascists.
Please note that central to the success of this scheme, the actual poor people have to be kept hungry and hopeful. The millions of desperate poor people who take the promises of these clowns seriously are needed to keep these criminals in office. So the poor must be kept poor, and the more downtrodden and angry, the better.
And this is why the Democratic Party has so often had complete control in Washington, DC, and why the Democratic Party so consistently fails to deliver on any substantial part of its promises to the poor--- despite having the majorities to do so, despite having the credit stolen from those same poor people's labor to deliver on everything they promise to do -- and never do.
So these consummate Hypocrites and Liars take the stage and whump up a good-sounding speech full of platitudes and illusory promises, and the poor vote for them, hoping for relief, not knowing that these vicious morons are only intent on using the poor as an excuse for their own predatory activities.
The candidates and Party Hacks know that 90% is theirs, so they are highly motivated to put on a good show.
How stupid are we that we don't see through this and call it for what it is?
The current sideshow with the impeachment "trial" is taken straight out of the Nazi-Communist- EU Playbook, too.
The EU Commission has a long-standing practice of instigating as many as four layers of ongoing "investigations" into the same or closely related topics, that stretch on and get rolled over just like the never-ending-should-be-dead "Russian Collusion" Hoax, and then magically disappear when a new Commission takes over every six years.
Poof! What Russian collusion? We are new here. Don't know a thing about it.
Not surprising the internal audit of the EU's books is one of those forever-ongoing-investigations that never gets signed off on by any auditor, not even their own internal auditors that are hired to do the books.
With hundreds of billions of British pounds being poured into the EU every year, British basic industries languishing (just like in America), and British taxpayers being taxed into the poor house --- literally losing their homes (just like in America), and British naval yards and fisheries emptied out after ten thousand years of dominating the seas (just like America, too, though with far more traditional standing in Britain) --- there's no wonder why Britain is choosing BREXIT.
The better question is why did Britain ever join the EU in the first place, considering that it was always the odd man out, and no definitive clear benefit for Britain was ever on offer?
Could it be that the British Government is just as corrupt as the US Government and the whole point of joining the EU was to trash Britain's economy for the benefit of Germany and France, which have been united under a single foreign policy since the Treaty of Elysee in 1963?
The question of which Government, British or American, is more corrupt or which one went bad first is rather academic.
The most recent round of deplorable criminality began during the reign of Queen Victoria and is contemporaneous with her alliance with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German Principality of Wettin, together with its close ties to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
It started going spectacularly South with the scheme to enfranchise British workers --- a form of impersonation and enslavement only allowed by the Roman Catholic Church in the modern world, and its Roman Municipal Pontifical Government -- that was engineered by Benjamin D'Israeli as a means to finance the Raj in India.
So we are treated to the spectacle of British (and in 1933, American) workers being enslaved to promote the enslavement of other people halfway around the world. All in the name of Christ.
If Jesus were in a grave, he'd roll over in it.
Anyway, whether you are a Brit or an American or an Aussie or a Frenchman or a German or a Swiss or an Italian or a Greek or an Irishman, or especially if you are Chinese and due to be the next menu item --- it's time we all woke up.
These Bilkers have been defrauding the whole world since Hector was a pup, and though we can cite chapter and verse for the last two hundred years and have access to records going much farther back into the Annals of Corruption, what we really need to focus on is right here and now.
Using the Proof is in the Pudding Test, we can observe that there was no good reason for Britain to join the EU in the first place. We can observe that America has been raped and pillaged, and Britain has been raped and pillaged, too, as if we were all in a conga line for the honor.
Just picture Europe as a glutton with two drinks and two straws.
We can observe that those benefiting from this were: Germany and France and Luxembourg and Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal and Switzerland and the Netherlands, Belgium, and, oh, yes, Israel---- and in terms of siphoning, that singular Vichy French and Nazi institution, Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland.
Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, is the CIA/DVD/KGB Dirty Ops Financier for the equally dirty Vichy French UN CORP, which is in charge of commercial mercenary operations for this same crime syndicate.
Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, was owned and operated for decades by: GHW Bush (actual family name: Scharf), Mikhail Gorbachev (actual family name: Orbach), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and Richard Ackermann--- also German. But who, in the end, were they working for?
The House of Wettin. The same German Royal House that Queen Victoria allied herself with back in February of 1840, but currently being run out of Scotland by the Queen's Cousin. And so, we come back to the unique role of Scotland.
It was a Scottish Commercial Corporation that crept in and started operating "as" The United States of America, Incorporated, in the wake of the Civil War--- and it's still trying to do the same thing, now, that is, impersonate us and pretend that it "represents" us, even though we have clearly told the world that it does not.
And it was the Bank of Scotland that was part of the scandalous three-party fake ACCOUNT scheme involving an unincorporated "Bank of Scotland" and Lloyd's Bank International, Ltd, and HBOS PLC, using offshore Jersey Island "trusts" in a clear-cut conspiracy to obligate thousands if not millions of Brits to pay taxes and mortgage fees they don't actually owe, and to at the same time, defraud millions of innocent investors who bought equally fake mortgage backed securities based on these bogus ACCOUNTS.
Wells Fargo did exactly the same thing in America at the same time, September 2007, when Wells Fargo was owned by The Office of the United States Attorney General.
People were led to believe that they were dealing with an actual bank: Wells Fargo Bank, but in fact, they were dealing with an unincorporated entity calling itself Wells Fargo, N.A., operated out of Arizona. Same exact schtick, only the fake ACCOUNTS and trusts were placed offshore in Puerto Rico.
Why all of this? To avoid taxation on their money laundering schemes and to saddle the "taxpayers" with more debt --- thereby offloading their own corporate debt and bank liabilities.
And why the involvement of the British Territorial Government's Department of Justice?
Obviously, it has to do with the "Re-Funding" of the "US Government" corporations and the USD currency, and ongoing efforts to offload the bank's obligations onto the American "taxpayers" using the DTCC (and its venal, foreign, and in all Common Law Countries --- grossly illegal ---) securitization schemes to do so.
While most American slept peacefully in their beds back in 2010, and the members of the Municipal UNITED STATES CONGRESS just as quietly ordered 30,000 guillotines intended for use on us and our children as part of their plan to simply kill off their Priority Creditors, the Deposit Trust and Clearing Corporation (yes, the same villain that originally issued all the "Clearinghouse Certificates" -- i.e., Birth Certificates issued against the Good Names and Assets of Municipal "citizens of the United States" by FDR back in 1933) announced that the Federal Reserve Board had approved its application to establish a DTCC subsidiary as a member of the Federal Reserve System, to operate a "Trade Information Warehouse" to track over-the-counter (OTC) credit derivatives and act as a global depository for over-the-counter credit derivatives transactions.
What this means in plain language is that the Federal Reserve (and all the good little presumed-to-exist American TAXPAYERS which don't actually exist) became the Guarantor of Last Resort for all the Credit Default Swaps that are underwriting (insuring) the bogus Jersey and Puerto Rican and Maltese and Cypress and Northern Mariana Island and etc., etc., offshore trusts and public transmitting utilities and public charitable trusts and LLCs these madmen have created "in our names".
Oh, and the DTCC? It operates this "Trade Information Warehouse" as a surveillance operation under the guise of what else? A trust. Always a trust operated by those who deserve none.
Under Timothy Geithner the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- alone -- acquired a portfolio of (admitted) $500 trillion of these derivative "assets" that don't exist. The DTCC's Obligation Warehouse (the debt side of the clearing operation) would then track defaults --- when the poor old "TAXPAYER" no longer pays for whatever reason, and reports this, so that the Federal Reserve can print more money out of thin air and further in-debt the remaining sops and further devalue the USD.
Which the FED has been doing all winter long, to prop up the Wall Street financiers.
And the point being? All of this is unlawful and ILLEGAL as sin. All of it.
Five American Presidents beginning with Jimmy Carter and ending with Obama were granted "immunity" from the World Court, acting in collusion with the World Bank, thereby admitting that they were (and are, including and most especially, the "cute" and now very elderly Jimmy Carter, who started the real crappola by transferring millions of American "Birth Certificates" to the IMF as fresh deposits in 1980) criminals seeking protection from their fellow racketeers and purported slave owners.
Let's make this clear for everyone: the Territorial Government never had any authority to presume anything about the political status of Americans born in the States or to claim that civilian hospitals are or ever were "federal enclaves" nor any right to conscript civilian doctors as "Uniformed Officers" within these United States. Even less have they enjoyed any right to presume that any American is or ever was a "ward" of their State of State organizations.
That first step is all nothing but extortionate racketeering and mis-characterization of political status under known False Presumptions, which is forbidden under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.
They followed this criminal action with Unconscionable Commercial Contracts being foisted off on millions of trusting American mothers who were mis-characterized as unwed mothers and as "Informants" and forced to sign undisclosed contracts surrendering "title" to their babies ---- are you all getting the despicable nature of this?---- to the tender mercies of the State of State organization, for example, "the" State of Wisconsin.
Let us all be clear, that this, too, is grossly unlawful, illegal, and immoral and is recognized as such by every international law and convention dealing with these subjects.
Finally, they capped it off, by selling their "presumed interest" in us and our Estates--- which was entirely bogus in the first place --- to the Papist Municipal Government, which is responsible for "impersonating" us and creating all sorts of Municipal Corporate franchises operated "in our names".
Think: money laundering on an unimaginable scale.
And this, my friends, is the source of all these "derivatives" that are the things being insured by "Credit Default Swaps" which are in turn insured by the what? By the labor and blood and bones of the American "TAXPAYERS" ---- SLAVES that the Federal Reserve claims to own.
Judging by the proliferation of these "derivatives" --- lies, big, fat, LIES --- and the non-existence of most of the SLAVES attached to them, and the counterfeiting being done by the "Bank of Scotland" and "Wells Fargo N.A." and all the fake ACCOUNTS adding to the basic problem of criminality and gross dishonesty and dis-service to the people of this country and the world at large, there is no way in Hell that this situation can last.
No matter what they do and no matter what they pretend.
Beginning with Jimmy Carter's Administration and ending with Obama's, five Presidents and more United States Attorney Generals have had the option to shut this carnival show down, close the Federal Reserve, close the DTCC, close down the bogus "Congresses" masquerading as our Congress in Washington, DC, and unsnarl this mess once and for all.
To a man, they all chose to join the crooks and benefit themselves instead.
Even Ronald Reagan, after a poorly executed assassination attempt.
All of which underscores the plain fact that we are dealing with criminals and criminal enterprises and crime syndicates run wild at the highest levels of government, but especially in the European Union.
A secretive collaboration between members of the Queen's Government and the House of Wettin and other prime actors on the Continent, have served to create a vast "sucking sound" as the scoundrels have siphoned the rest of the world --- including Britain dry --- and contrived to set up a totally lawless system of Corporate Feudalism, complete with an interlocking trust directorate involving over 700 of the world's largest corporations, all nicely hidden under illegal US PATENTS that are being protected for "National Security" reasons.
Right. One must always ask --- "Which nation?"
It's not our nation, not our States, not our Federation of States, not America doing any of this.
We have been victims along with the rank and file Brits, Scots, and Irishmen, along with the Aussies, the Canadians, the French, the German People, the Russians---- virtually everyone who isn't "in on the scheme" has been victimized, including the people of the Middle East and Africa and Japan, Mexico, China, Southeast Asia, and all of South America.
We have all been "impersonated" and defrauded and de facto enslaved by these criminals in nice suits, speaking in cultured accents, pretending to be our "representatives" and champions.
And now it's time to get our heads screwed on.
Everyone born in America, within the borders of our States of the Union, is advised to record your correct political status as an American --- a Minnesotan, Virginian, New Yorker, Californian..... not any kind of "US" citizen at all.
Your Federation of States is still standing. The Queen's Government is finally waking up. The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Municipal Government are being taken to task. And more is coming.
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  1. From 1929 - the real culprits

    If you will not acknowledge them then you are complicit

    The plan as one of the family foundations set forth decades ago

    The families secrets
    Read through the above link, many many so called leaders are not what or who they claim(ed) to be

    So what is the truth?

    You are either telling us the truth or you are a co conspiritor

    You claim to have the solution like a Unique Being Identifier and a $3,000 base income for everyone

    Sounds like the Universal Basic Income that the very New World Order you are claiming to be trying to defeat is looking to impose on everyone?

    The below link is very informative, it may be dated but very relevant

    The templars and their connection

    The communications through tell live vision and other symbols
    Read the information about sandy hook and the signaling and the leylines associated with it

    Goes way beyond falsified records

    Agenda 21 also know as Agenda to one government under the Sanhedrin and the Noahide Laws which is what they working for and it is all done using Kabbalah through the sepharidic

    Have a bunch interpreting their books to define the gentile rules

    I applaud everyones efforts but we must get the whole truth
    The land mass we live on was discovered way before columbus and our entire history is false hence what does that say about the CONstitution?

  2. RFID and cashless society
    The above link is old but read about the rfid chip and things they sublimally put out to the public so the public will demand facial recognition, ID's for all, biometrics and so on

    Think about that when asking for a credit card for 'Nationals'?
    Will it have a chip in it?
    I bet it will be attched to your 'Unique Being Identifier'?
    Which links to what, the 'beast system'?

    Things to think about is all I am saying
    Contained within the above link the following information
    And on an added note the 'new age' 'aquarius' something to review
    From the 1989 book “New World Order” by A. Ralph Epperson:

    “Religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion.”

    “The worship of man and his mind”… this sounds exactly like New Age spirituality and yoga teachings doesn’t it…?

    Now, have you been seeing a rapid rise in nihilistic atheism, as well as New Age spirituality lately? …. Heard any phrases like “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual…”?

    nihilism: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.
    atheism: disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
    New Age: a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism. A word of warning for those who listen to people like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell, or watch movies like Zeitgeist. This is New Age propaganda.

    And how about the color purple

    Read the comments in the below link
    Underground tunnels and escape routes under stores

    UN Agenda 2030 mentioned in the below article, hmm how about that lines up with their planned migration of people off the land and in to mega cities

  3. How about the most recent event at China Lake, California

    It would seem based on reading these articles that these military bases scattered throughout the landscape were set up as they prepared for their overall agenda from the start??

    And in the article linked below see where Gorbachev plays a key role in the demilitarization of the united states and disarmament
    Bottom right of the article

    Also read about surveillance and police state of the highway systems
    The plan for full and complete disarmament explains why the 1991 Transportation legislation was not really about building roads - rather it was about implementing a police state surveillance system on our highways.
    George H. W. Bush, Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 199118

    And if you recall ole Gorby and Ted Turner are instrumental in the new age and education of the youth
    Robert Mueller was instrumental in rolling out the plans for the reformed world education being taught in public schools
    See under education in the new age in the below link

    Also review the world troop map
    Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government

    Read about why the bridges were all widened and how troops from 17 countries were/are here participating in all this
    This information is from 1952

    The entire governmental structure has been a lie from the start
    They follow no laws, no treaties or constitutions, PERIOD

  4. "While most American slept peacefully in their beds back in 2010, and the members of the Municipal UNITED STATES CONGRESS just as quietly ordered 30,000 guillotines intended for use on us and our children as part of their plan to simply kill off their Priority Creditors,"

    Curious, the HB or SB, who sponsored the legislation? Please provide if anyone knows.

    1. Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines?
      Jun 30, 2013 · An item about the U.S. government’s supposedly having purchased 30,000 guillotines after receiving Congressional approval to do so was circulated widely in mid-June 2013 on various online sites ...
      Guillotine On their spending List:

      ITEM: STATE: BY:

      Guillotine UNK Defense RDTE Navy Warner, John; Webb R; D VA; VA 2009
      High Homogeneity Optical Glass UNK Defense Defense Production Act
      $Big HTDV UNK Defense RDTE Navy Inouye D HI
      Human Neural Cell-Based Biosensor UNK Defense RDTE Navy Isakson R GA
      Integrated Targeting Device UNK Defense RDTE Air Force Nelson, Bill D FL

      paid by our Tax dollars. After Housing Bubble.. Their foreign BOSS seemed to be aware as well, not confirmed.

  5. Don't you think that they guys who manufacture guillotines would get a little suspicious. I realize it's all just business but C'mon!

    1. The main maker FRANCE are friends, why wouldn't they want out?

      They may be connected to the "Intelligence and serves on the Senate Banking, Budget, and Finance Committees"

    2. Ellie S, perhaps but never underestimate the ability of anyone to look the other way when cold hard cash beckons.

      They would have to be custom made surely. Can't imagine anyone still making them. Maybe England or France. More likely the Middle East. However any company still making guillotines in today's world would surely welcome an order like that.

  6. I think Richard Ackermann mentioned in this article should be Josef Ackermann, birthed in St. Gallen Switzerland, not Germany.

    Deutsche AG formerly known as Barrington Investment Group.


  7. Golly who could be involved in STEALING OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, PATENTS etc & selling to China? Lets see how Beth Israhell Med, jew-infested-Harvard & whoever else is exposed INCLUDING JEW LIEBER, handle this one. Already JEWS start piling onto their Kosher SH*T-PILE.

    Harvard Professor charged with hiding China ties, payments - BOSTON (AP) — A Harvard University professor was charged Tuesday with lying about his ties to a Chinese-run recruitment program and concealing payments he received from the Chinese government for research. Charles Lieber, chair of the department of chemistry and chemical biology, is accused of hiding his involvement in China's Thousand Talents Plan, a program designed to lure people with knowledge of foreign technology and intellectual property to China.
    Lieber was arrested early Tuesday at his office at the Ivy League university, officials said. He remained in federal custody after a brief court appearance Tuesday, pending a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday. A message seeking comment was left Tuesday with his attorney. .. Last month, a medical student from China was also charged in Boston with trying to smuggle vials of research specimens in a sock in his suitcase bound for China. Zaosong Zheng, who was in the U.S. on a visa sponsored by Harvard, is accused of stealing the materials from a lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Zheng was held without bail by a judge who ruled he was a flight risk. His attorney, Inga Bernstein,

    1. Have a look at these, found them interesting

      Letter to Rotchild about israel from 1871
      Kushner to buy WatchTowers?

      Hmm I wonder if there is any connection to ley lines with this building

  8. Nazi Communist is an oxymoron these two ideologies are diametrically opposed which anyone that actually understands them would know Anna

    1. Not so. They are both totalitarian which makes them the same no matter how they get there. They both take your freedom at the barrel of a gun.

  9. I have made this statement many times

    The records are unlawful and digital now and they have a data set that is used to identify these things

    Find all records set to US CITIZEN, change all records to AMERICAN NATIONAL

    Any good computer hacker could do this, of which I am not, but I know the data

    According to the UN, DATA IS THE NEW GOLD

    DATA is the key folks and CERN, IBM, Q (quantum) computer brain is the center of it

    Qanon is a psyop and is being generated via CERN

    Switzerland is their home base

    I've said it before that this piece meal work and filing paperwork with the damned crooks that set this entire world wide ponzi scheme up in the first place is not the solution

    Ask yourself this, how in the hell do the crooks buy up all the land and stuff? With their created monopoly money?
    If it's not worth the paper it is written on for us then how is it worth anything when they use it?

    You can file all the paerwork you want but when they turn the money supply off and all commerce comes to a halt as a result then what?

    You think they going to help?
    Nope, they have the solution in the works and it is rfid and cashless society

    No man might buy or sell without the mark of the beast and they know because they wrote the books


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