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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Yamashita's Gold? And More....

By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent that many people, especially Europeans are playing with half a deck. 

The American Government is not and has never been "in abeyance" as a result of the "disappearance" of the States of America Confederation. 

The important part of our Government, that is, the sovereign and unincorporated Government, is the Federation of States, not the Confederation, which was merely a convenience serving as a Subcontractor for the Federation.  

Please note, to underscore this fact, the Union and the Federation conducted all business for this country from 1776 to 1781, a period of five (5) years, before the Confederation even existed.  

There is absolutely no reason to suppose that the Confederation operating was the States of America was ever any vital component of our Government.  As sovereign entities, our States are not obligated to operate as States of States.

The States and their Federation  can take care of their own business in any venue whatsoever, and much to the consternation of certain crooks, they are choosing to do so. 

Take a look at the One Pager organizational chart.  The States of America was an "instrumentality" --- a business organization.  It went bankrupt.  So what?  

Am I considered bankrupt because Fred's Handyman Service works for me and Fred's Handyman Service goes bankrupt?  

Where's the logic in that, please? 

Additionally, in view of the current criminality of the subcontracting "federal" corporations, the State Assemblies have been called to Assemble and conduct the actual business of this country for the first time in over 150 years.  Take note. We woke up.  The Giant is staggering to its feet and is about as grumpy as a hibernating bear in the springtime. 

What happened is this: 

The Confederation dba States of America split up and tanked.  The Southern States of States were dismembered and the Northern States of States were bankrupted in a commercial mercenary conflict known as The American Civil War. 

This left the various state-of-state organizations in each State of the Union up for grabs.  Without telling the actual populace of this country what was going on, our British Territorial Subcontractors insinuated themselves into the situation, and substituted British Territorial states-of-states for our American organizations.  They also fronted a Scottish Corporation that pretended to "represent" us and which commenced business in 1868 as "The United States of America ---- Incorporated".  

This is obviously not our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, which is and which has always been unincorporated. 

Nonetheless, this fraud artists convinced the rest of the world that they were doing business with us, and that their Scottish Corporation had valid access to our credit and our assets during a non-existent "national emergency".  

The Scottish Interloper did a number of things, most especially running our credit through the roof, and then stepping aside and seeking bankruptcy protection for itself, and in 1898, buying the Philippine Islands "for us", using our money, as part of the settlement of the Spanish American War. 

They then straight away began transporting every bit of American gold they could collect from bills due and from other means to the Philippines.  

Unknown to most people, our government and those misrepresenting themselves "as" our government, have always been obliged to use gold in international venues to settle debts with other countries, while silver is our American domestic asset currency.  

As a result of this set-up, payments in gold due our actual government, were sidelined to the Philippines and cashiered there beginning in 1890.  A small amount was kept for show in Fort Knox to impress the gullible. 

When the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America--Incorporated" went bankrupt 1906-1907, this set-up continued unabated, because obviously, our actual government, the Federation of States, was unimpaired. 

So all the gold owed to us and being collected "for" us by the US Bankruptcy Trustees continued to be funneled to and through the Philippines.  

When the second shoe dropped in 1933 and the Catholic Interloper, a Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc., went bankrupt, the Bankruptcy Trustees operating as the Territorial Congress shoved through legislation in 1934 to create an "Independent Government for the Philippines". 

This, then, allowed the Government of the Philippines -- the land of which is actually owned by us ever since 1898 -- to act as the Trustees for our gold and other assets stored in the Philippines. 

Everything was going along huckelty-buck until the Second World War when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, and General Tomoyuki Yamashita who led the Japanese Forces, "discovered" all this American gold cashiered the Philippines and claimed it as gold from "unknown sources" for the Imperial Japanese Government.

Yamashita began loading gold and transporting it all over the Japanese wartime theater and using it for the expenses of the Japanese Armed Forces, as well as enriching no small number of Japanese Generals and Admirals.  

Now you can appreciate the scope of the disaster that General Douglas MacArthur was actually overseeing in the Philippines and how it far outweighed the geographic strategic importance of the Philippines.  The Japanese had hold of the American Purse, and of course, the Japanese Government knew exactly where all that gold came from.  They just chose not to admit it. 

It came from us, Ma and Pa American, and from foreign payments of debts owed to us, to our States, and to our lawful Government.  

Following the Japanese defeat in WWII, MacArthur began the mop up operations which included tracking down as much of our gold as possible and returning it to the Philippines, where business resumed as usual, with all the money due and payable in gold to our Government continued to be "redirected" to the Philippines.  

Now, not all of the gold cashiered in the Philippines and in Indonesia in general is ours, but a large portion is.  And the rest of the world has been pretending that we no longer exist as a viable government and that we have "abandoned" all those actual, factual assets or have sold them off for paper certificates merely "representing" our actual and factual assets. 

Fat chance. 

No, we and our States and our Federation of States are still here, and we still know our butts from buttercups, a fact that the international bankers and other governments need to know. 

President Duerte has been notified, and he is known to be both a brave and at least relatively honest man. The Bank of International Settlements has been notified.  The Seven Grumpy Old Men have been notified.  President Trump and the Queen have been notified.  

It's not Yamashita's gold and it's not of "unknown provenance" and it is not "abandoned", either.  It's American gold owed to Americans since the 1890's. 

The Globalists have cooked up this idea that, well, since the gold is "abandoned" why divvy it up among all the various nations in the world and use it to fund humanitarian projects---- including humanitarian projects in America. 
That wouldn't be such a bad idea, except that the people promoting this are the very same crooks responsible for the situation in the first place. 

America is a generous and honest country.  Americans are a generous and honest people.  That's why we have been duped so shamelessly by our European Subcontractors.  We don't aim at world dominance.  We don't feel any particular driving need to micro-manage any other country, much less the entire world.  We generally despise control freaks of all sorts. 

And Liars, too.  

As this all makes clear, the Federation of States is alive and well, and that is our actual Government.  Yamashita's gold is in fact largely our gold.  We are the "presumed donors" of the American gold held in trust and being kept for us by President Duerte's government.  

We have reason to believe that this process of cashiering away gold stolen from other countries has been commonplace and that we are not the only victims of these sorts of "arrangements".  Most of the Governments of Europe had their gold "transported" by the Nazis and it was never repaid by the present German Government.  Where did all that gold go?  

To Switzerland, to the Philippines, to Turkey, to Indonesia.... to Spain.... to Portugal.... to Malta..... to places where prior civilizations carved out immense underground tunnel systems, where millions upon millions of metric tons of precious metals, jewels, and other "hard assets" could be conveniently smelted in an effort to obscure their origins, and stored away.  

Stored away for what?  

To reboot the money and currency markets after the vermin suck everything out of the fiat system they created and imposed upon everyone via "legal tender laws".  

They are attempting a repeat of 1929 in America, only on a worldwide basis. 

They plan to be the only ones with "gold in hand" ready to buy up all the corporations and farms and homes for pennies on the dollar.  They just aren't expecting the American Government to show up with their gold receipts in hand, or the Greek Government or the Australian Government or..... 

You get the point.  

They stole it all from you, and now, they propose to use your gold to buy all your other physical assets, including your bodies and your labor.  

Neat trick, from their standpoint.  

There's just one problem.  It's criminal by every standard under the sun. 


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  1. ....and why are they trying by hook or crook ( think false flag, public indoctrination amd media propoganda) to disarm the people of the world ?... ha ha ... come and take it, just say goodbye and have your affairs in order if you even try..there will be no mercy or forgiveness...


    Whose guarding these known "golden goose eggs" belonging to the "Americans"....???

    Whose going to stop the "evil doers" from continuing to march forward with their plan...???

    No, I don't mean "stopping when the rest of the world wakes up"... I mean whose going to physically stop them.... ???

    With most all governments and banks in very bad economic conditions, they just might want to keep these deposits for their own use... seems to be the trend today.. As the post states,

    "Americans are a generous and honest people. That's why we have been duped so shamelessly by our European Subcontractors."

    There is a learning curve, what's the percentage of Americans willing to step up, even to learn what is happening.... Suggestion, ask your relatives and friends...

  3. there is no such thing as a sovereign Government <--with a CAPITAL "G". while we appreciate the valuable information that you have placed on the public record, much of it is hypothecated. if the BIRTH CERTIFICATE/SSN/ETC that you use comes from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY then you are in their CORPORATE MILITARY. the remedy to this is your autographed consent to subject status on the land that is the estate of the people who are the sovereign original indigenous universal living natural divine moorish national republic federal government. it must be placed on the public record and readily accessible by the american provost marshal. thank you for all of your work and we send peace to you at this time and at all times nunc pro tunc.

  4. In the Philippines we have different stories than what is publish. I do believe that the gold in the Philippines is intended for Philippines and soon we will change our name to Maharlika. If you know the history of Maharlika before the invasion come to Philippines by spaniards, british, americans and Japanese, Philippines is a kingdom before and our land is very rich with gold and other mineral precious metal that all over the world during Maharlika kingdom would go to Phil. to trade. This question will bring you in thinking. Why almost all the Gold in the world is stored in Philippines? Philippines is small countries that can easily invaded that so many superpower invaded Philippines but yet they can not lift out the golds in the Philippines. Why? Because the invading powers dont know the locations and is safeguarded by God and spirits. And shortly Philippines will redeem the golds of Marcos plus the interest borrowed by hundreds of countries all over the world including america. Chinese elders are Filipinos who own mostly the monies for prosperity fund GESARA is telling. Think it Mr Shammer.

    1. @efr reyes: The Philippine was conquered by Spain, so the good place to search is the Spain web site. I remember France defrauded Spain too, to some extent. I searched see NO evidence of similar victimization by the west. The name doesn’t ring the bell.

      Any country can say their country is rich in mineral precious metal, but do you have any evidence to support the THEFT of your gold & human energies? Indochina had million evidences against the UK, France, US(Inc) , POPE., Scotland, etc.

  5. Sorry, doesn't add up as they found over 300,000 tons of gold hidden in the Philippines or 9.6B oz. There was only 30 MILLION ounces in circulation in the USA in 1900 so that's 320x the TOTAL gold available to be shipped to the Philippines.

    1. The French 1870's Book admitted, one of Indochina state has massive Gold and precious metals. That's why the French came up with their "Anonymous Corporations" Stocks, Bonds, French Act 139 IOU's, etc to defraud the Indo-innocents for France, the UK, US(Inc),....

      Sorry, If the Philippines has evidence before 1850 that their golds excavated, that may help her. The speciousness happens after JFK met Ferdinand Marcos in 1963, got killed, THEN Lyndon Johnson with the Philippines Marcos to 1963,-1966~. What does it tell you?

    2. Sovereign Citizen sounds like a name that a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center would use.

  6. @efr reyes:
    Any country can say their country is rich in mineral precious metal, but do you have any evidence to support the THEFT of your gold & human energies? Indochina had million evidences against the UK, France, US(Inc), USA(Inc), POPE., Scotland, etc. Before and After the facts.


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