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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Yes, It's True

By Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Government does not have any life of its own. It functions on Delegated Powers with respect to us, and it has recently lost those Delegated Powers as a result of its own mismanagement.

The Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government are both in bankruptcy and receivership and the Federal Branch of the Federal Government has been moth-balled via fraud, deceit and treachery since 1868.
As a result, all branches of the Federal Government have failed and we, the Delegators of all the Delegated Powers, have stepped forward and received them back.

This situation is not hard to understand.

You hire someone to mow the lawn, but "whatever" happens and he can't do it. 
Is this the end of the world for you? Hardly.

You have to find someone else to mow the lawn or do it yourself.

The French-Belgian-Swiss cabal was running the municipal operations of the "Federal Government" via corporations including the FBI, US NAVY, USAF, FEMA, etc., etc., and they naturally thought they were going to just create another new corporation and continue skating, re-assume the service contract and do whatever they liked to their employers.

Instead, we declined their "services" as we were not well-served by them during their tenure. In response, they have thrown what can only be described as a temper tantrum and attacked our soil and our people with both the California Fires and the Big Lake Earthquake in Alaska and their attempt at causing a Tidal Wave.

As a result, they are no longer even in the running to get a service contract from us and we are not accepting their debts. We are calling for the immediate and permanent liquidation of their parent corporations and all their municipal subsidiaries as criminal organizations and criminal-linked organizations.

If they continue any of this crappola using weather weapons or other exotic means of retribution for our business decisions, we shall (1) reflect and return all such strikes directly to sender and (2) raise hell with the United Nations because they are abusing "non-domestic" targets. 
We and our States and our People are all non-domestic with respect to THEM.


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  1. I dont understand how all this time we were (or I was) under the impression it was the Rothchild/the crown/vatican who were running our country. I mean why else did the friggen pope come here when Obummer was in office. Clearly we have church and state rules in place. So Im really shocked and surprised this is French/Belgiam/Swiss controlling us.

    1. You are not entirely wrong, who is funding them?

    2. forgot Scottland...!!

    3. Fritz Springmeir is an excellent read Bloodlines of the Illuminati. It has recently been added to the CIA.guv website and can be found by search.
      There are decent people at the social too.

  2. Replies
    1. No Kidding Leland!! I am Now Seeing and having to Face the Living BEAST and USURPER of THE DEAD "ONE WORLD COMMERCE" "MASK" DBA "AMAZON.COM SERVICES, INC"- Founder and Chief Executive officer as Jeff Bezos. This IS Going to Be Fun INDeed!!! "Buyers-Sellers" Beware!!! No Honesty, transparency Or Integrity In Correct Record Keeping or Truthful assessments on "Accounts" IS EVEN possible as their "System" IS "DESIGNED" By It's Founder and CEO TO "COVER Up" Any Real Truth by It's Hired Agents, who are also trained to NOT Disclose their Full Legal Names... First Name and First Initial of Last Name ONLY(For alleged "Security reasons,lol...because they're sadly being trained only to LIE and ACT IN Vain) and they ARE Not even permitted to provide any phone number or Physical Legal Corporate Headquarters Business Location information for Proper communication by its "Account Holders" to even Resolve Accounting "ISSUES" when absolutely NOT being resolved by their incompetent and limited Customer "Escalated Leadership Team"!! This Issue has escalated beyond Insanity and Pirate Minded Theft/Dishonesty at its very Core! We are talking a 500 pound, near Five-thousand dollar purchase, not a Minor "ISSUE" by any means!!
      It's Full Transparency, Honesty & Integrity Time For the "TOP DOG-BEAST" of E-Commerce to Receive its Honest Awakening Now!!

      All Mindful Consideration In choosing to Have "Accounts" with and this Dark BEAST Is Strongly advised For All Now!
      So Grateful for this Awareness Now!! I was ignorantly Clueless about Amazon's POWER/CONTROL OVER THE Majority of ALL E-COMMERCE and It's Chosen Darkside "Dealings" running in the background up until Friday, November 30th(The EVENT DATE) to Now today. Wouldn't you know too that the "Item" In Question IS "Fire" related! hmmmm Coincidence??? We Will soon See...…

      Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Faith-Filled Courage In Truth and Peace Be For All Now

  3. The U.N. is responsible for war,murder,stealing of assets,endless lawlessness,& weather weapons that cause billions in damage but do not keep it up or we might get mad and do something like say stop or BOO!!! This is absolutely ridiculous that she says if you keep it up we might raise Hell.Hell should have already been raised with the UN and i am sick of the non-violent non-aggressive attitude that says if you do it again we will get mad.COME ON NOW GET WITH IT,WE HAVE BEEN ATTACKED.ATTACK BACK& RAISE HELL NOW PLEASE!!!

    1. I agree, but who do we attack? Half of your neighbourhood and perhaps family at large works for them most unknowingly. So the only option is to cut the funding. That will create massive unemployment. Are you ready to feed, clothe and shelter those in your neighbourhood? If not, we have to find a better way.
      Trump's attempt to bring manufacturing back to provide more jobs is a start, planting your own garden is a start, but the city folk in apartments and such don't have land to plant and most if they did, don't know how. Then there is the climate where growing season is limited to sun hours for a lot of people more northerly.
      We have been climate raped for so long we don't even know what the real weather looks like unless you are 60+ yrs old and even that won't be the same naturally as it was 70 yrs ago just as a result of the solar system changes.
      So raising hell now needs some solution implementation coinciding with the onslaught.
      The fastest approach has to start in the community for most of us, and educating them is a major challenge, trust me I am trying.
      This problem is older than the UN.

    2. Most of the funding is coming from the IRS , the powerful and ruthless collection agency that collected a trillion dollars last year alone....thats a lot of funding for "terrorism" around the world....!!

  4. The UN is front and center in the corruption and the depopulation agenda
    Every nation on this planet is being usurped including the Catholic Church
    When you have a bunch of actors playing the roles of your politicians, Queens, Heads of State, etc etc etc this is all one big game to those in the know, shhh
    While behind the scenes those same actors and owned corporations have been doing this
    Notice on the governors site the color purple hmm where have we seen that before - notice also that your governors belong to a private membership association and they are global hmm I wonder why a governor of an individual state would need to work on a global level
    This is UN Agenda 21/2030/2050 and these are organizations set up to implement their global agenda
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. And all of it is coming out of here
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Bigger question is what is in them dar hills of alaska?

    did you say GOLD, hmmmmmmmmm maybe a bigger reason why they are shaking that place up

  7. Yea, I seen something about gold falling out of those hills in Alaska, and something about military grabbing them as quick as they could to keep anyone from seeing.

  8. Little tidbit from the cascadian.orgfree site I posted earlier.. gold forms veins on fault lines.. he goes into detail on how this happens..

  9. I wonder what would the IRS do if a half of a million people or more did not pay their taxes on April 15. Would it change anything ?

  10. I am wondering... this guy, Thomas Williams. claims that Kim & Team" from Manna World Trust just did a great thing for Humanity and paid off a US debt to china of $1.476 TRILLION. This happened right before Thanksgiving they claim but the video was uploaded on Dec 7, 2018. Isn't "Kim{Possible" an untrustworthy scammer?
    Watch "1.476 trillion $ debt owed by America to China was settled in full by the Trust"


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