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Friday, November 3, 2023

Slavery of the Mind

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you don't have confidence in my leadership and knowledge, just say so. 

If you think the members of the TACT group are smarter, more "advanced" and more competent than me, don't beat around the bush, just come out and say so. 

My position is, as shared with Kathy and Kimberly, that we need a different kind of leadership as a result of our government structure.  We don't need more corporate executives at the helm, boosting sales and jockeying for positional authority, because in our government, positional authority doesn't  exist. 

Some people haven't been thoughtful enough to reason that out for themselves, or are so used to the authoritarian organizations they have belonged to from youth that they can't imagine any other way to be or operate.  

Maybe I'm the "lone man out" standing for the spirit of the American Government as well as the structure of it. 

Maybe all the rest of you are more comfortable with the familiar bonds of executive power telling you where you "fit" in the world, and directing your every thought and action according to a group-approved template, and maybe you actually don't want to launch into the strange new world your Forefathers bequeathed to you.  

I am launching anyway.  Even if all the rest of you "waive your estate" and bow knee to the Pope and the King, for me---- that ship has sailed.  I am done with evil and done with modeling, promoting, or kissing up to executive power of any kind. 

To me, "executive power" is always an inferior power based on force and lies and self.  And today is the equivalent of the day when the Hebrews sought a human king and rejected the eternal rulership of the Creator. 

The only reason I can offer for "why" people choose to bind themselves to executive power, is that they are too afraid and too lazy to serve as their own executive.  

I suffer from no such fear and don't have a lazy bone in my body.  

So I am no doubt a grave disappointment as a leader, especially in the minds of people who are looking for a well-oiled machine and someone at the helm willing to manage the minute workings of the thing, watching every committee in every assembly and pulling all the strings with deft and diplomatic acumen. 

I can almost sense their confusion as they look around for Big Brother. 

If that's what you are looking for, you may look for a long time, and you certainly won't find it here among the downtrodden and deliberately dumbed down Americans. We are neither competent nor interested in creating our own version of the Old Evil and inheriting yet another group of despots. 

Maybe Mari is suspicious of you and your intentions and maybe she asked you some pointed questions, but so what?  Mari isn't stupid. She was the only one in the room who realized that the Ad Hoc Committee was in the wrong jurisdiction---- and did the right thing in response. 

If she asked you a pointed question and you felt the poke, maybe you should stop a moment and ask why?  "Is there anything about my position with the PKTF that's not quite right?  Do I need to share more information about the PKTF with the Assembly?"  

And then, ask yourself as an adult and educated and experienced woman -- what's to be gained by asking her pointed and defensive and ugly questions in return?  Do I look better by doing it?  No.  Does she look worse?

Who knows?  

What we do all know is this:

All such mental fisticuffs add up to a bigger negative, unless they are very carefully and precisely aimed to create a beneficial change for everyone involved. 

This comes from the deep realization that you can't hurt Mari or attack her motives or her credibility without damaging your own.  We are all part of the same body.  

And a negative plus a negative really does just create a bigger negative. 

So why go to the negative side at all?  Why not examine the criticism for what it's worth, make changes if changes would help, and go on?  

We didn't learn to walk by standing up and just doing it.  Why do we think that we can or even should be able to just boot up the American Government without making a single mistake? 

When I pull a plug, and it appears that I am doing so without investigating the action properly -- what I am really doing is telling you to go back and rethink things.  Learn things. I am telling you that, however well-intentioned your actions may be, you've stumbled into a cow pie. Go back and really look at the situation. 

I don't have time to micro-manage things at the assembly level.  The most I can do is keep an ear up, recognize the things that get assemblies into trouble, and try to keep them out of trouble. I don't always succeed, as is demonstrated by what recently happened in Missouri, where people were quiet and compliant and just trusted their Coordinator, Dan Auxier, to be doing everything "for" them --- following the authoritarian model to a 't". 

Turned out that Dan was bungling up and delaying the paperwork so most of the people who thought they were members of the Assembly, weren't.  It turns out he was letting non-members vote, which voided the standing of the Assembly.  It turns out he was bad-mouthing the people in the Assembly who were trying to do things the right way.  It turns out he was lazy, and the moment the truth required him to think for himself, he fell back on his British Territorial United States indoctrination and did things their way.  It turns out that he wasn't even responsible about keeping the Assembly bank accounts straight and at least $2000 and maybe up to $10,000 went missing. 

All that befell the people of Missouri because they weren't telling me what was going on and I wasn't micro-managing.  Let me opine that they would have all been better off raising a flag early on. 

Of course, the more sour-mouthed people in the crowd wanted to blame me and my "lack of leadership" -- how could I let such a thing happen to them?  Yet, in my opinion, how could they let this happen to themselves?  They all had ears and eyes and access to the books and articles, but only eight of them were paying close enough attention to notice that things weren't right in Denmark, Missouri. 

The irony, of course, is that they would have all yelled bloody murder and accused the Federation of meddling in their business until their own mismanagement created such a debacle.  Like junkyard dogs chained in a pen too long, they couldn't tell their rescuers from their abusers, so shut their mouths and tried to bumble it out. 

So, Stephanie, I am not clueless.  I am operating from a different organizational template and leadership model -- and if we are to succeed, everyone else needs to be doing so, too.  Every single person in your Assembly needs to become a "leader" and, ironically, it's the job of the assembly leadership to empower them to do this. 

Our version of power requires the empowerment of the masses of ignorant people who are enslaved and miserable and have no idea why their lives are so meaningless and short and brutal.  

And it doesn't involve class or racial warfare or anything like that to accomplish this change. 

All it requires is education and caring and patience, and a willingness to check our own indoctrination in the corporate world at the door. 


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