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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Mr. Duterte — No MO

 By Anna Von Reitz

The structure of M1 and M2 adopted by the Central Bank of the Philippines has had everyone enthralled for years.  What are these “Special Positions” and “Special Powers” entrusted to just one person?  And what is all this Secret Spy Stuff?  Code names and numbers?  

M1 is responsible for corporate assets — titles and assignments and Wills and trusts — all the Legal Fiction Lies —-this we know.  

M2 is responsible for physical assets- the actual gold, silver, etc.

And now, all of a sudden, out of the blue, we are told for the first time ever about M Zero, the Grand Muckety- Muck of them all.

Wouldn’t it be more precise to line it out like this?

MZero is Air Jurisdiction.
M1 is Sea Jurisdiction
M2 is Land Jurisdiction

There’s just one problem— I not only have the International Land and Sea Jurisdictions nailed down, I also have standing in the Air Jurisdiction— so MZero needs to talk to me.

Don’t those who have gold and other valuables on deposit in the Philippines deserve to know not only where their assets are deposited, but who is in charge of their safe-keeping?  

And shouldn’t you, a man touted for his honesty, be honest with me and with the American people about the actual status of things between our two nations?

When Spain ceded its interests in the land mass of the Philippine Islands to us as a result of the Spanish American War in 1898, a Treaty of Paris was signed transferring all rights and interests in the land mass of all 101 Islands to our country and $20 million dollars worth of our gold exited our Federal Treasury to expedite the transfer and pay for the costs of the Philippines Government.

We have the Treaty.  We have the receipts. There is really no doubt about this.  The British Interlopers cut the deal “for” us and paid out the money “for” us,  but it was our flesh and blood sacrificed in the war and for many years afterward, defending the Philippines, and it was our gold that paid outright for the transition expenses and it was our gold that later acted as your credit source to pay for the operating expenses of the Filipino Government.

These are historical facts backed up with records.  Nobody disputes them. Not the Holy See. Not the Brits. Not the Lord Mayor of London. Not the Government of Spain.

So let’s fast forward to 1934.  The Territorial U.S. Congress votes to create an “independent Government” for the Philippines so that it can act as the Trustee over American gold stored in the Philippines.

Again, this was the Brit’s action being taken “for” us and our assets, all at our expense, but we are told nothing about any of this history, even though the money for it all comes out of our Federal Treasury and our names — The United States and The United States of America — are all over it.

We, the actual owners, were left in ignorance as the U.S. Navy transported huge quantities of American gold off our shores and to the Philippines for “safe-keeping”.  

Yes, we have the Manifests. Copies were distributed.

Then we have the Second World War and the Japanese came in and looted and transported our gold and the gold of Spanish and Muslim and other patrons out of the bunkers and tunnels.   The legend of “Yamashita’s Gold” was born. Douglas MacArthur, aka, “Mr. Wonderful” made his fine speeches.

Thousands upon thousands of Filipinos and Allied soldiers died in the mud, and millions of metric tons of gold got “transported”.  

Fast forward to after World War II and the Treaty of Manila Bay and something called the “Republic of the Philippines” in which the interests of “the” United States of America (which is the British Territorial United States’ governmental services corporation) are ceded to the Republic of the Philippines, Inc.

Now, many people point to this Treaty and claim that this granted all interest in the Philippines to the Filipino People and everyone cheers—- but that is not actually what transpired.

All that happened is that one commercial corporation ceded its interests in the Philippines to another commercial corporation calling itself the Republic of the Philippines, Inc., and since neither of them owned a pot, this can only be seen as a publicity stunt.

The Sea Treaty called the Treaty of Manila Bay is like a Bank Treaty.  It does not change our ownership interest in the 101 Islands of the Philippine Archipelago which results from the International Land Treaty — the Treaty of Paris negotiated with Spain.

So, we still own the land mass of the Philippine Islands.  We ask you to remember the American soldiers who fought and died alongside the native Filipino people.  It was not only our money but our blood that paid for this interest.

We consider the Philippines an Insular State belonging ultimately to The United States, and we firmly believe that the money trail, public and private records, and many subsequent accords prove beyond any reasonable doubt that what I am telling you and the United Nations and everyone else is true.

Like other Insular States you have the right to become a full-fledged American State of the Union if your people desire to free themselves from the Municipal United States’ enslavement they’ve been living under since WWII.

Look around you, Mr. Duterte—- slums, poverty, crime, the Super Rich 1% lording it over everyone else.  You know in your heart that this is NOT the “American Way” and it isn’t the Americans forcing these conditions on you.  

It’s MZero—- who actually has zero claim to anything.  Not the land, not the soil, and not the air—- because wherever our country’s sovereignty extends, we hold all three jurisdictions.  

Thanks to the Treaty of Paris 1898 and our position as landholder, the Philippine Islands are —and remain —safe.  

Whatever you have been told about any of this, Mr. Duterte, it is very unlikely to be the truth—- but it is American blood and money that your country has received, not anything from “the US”, unless you want to count a million cases of syphilis and being used as a pirate base for international criminals.

It’s time that your people, like the Hawaiian people, like all people— wake up and realize that it hasn’t been the Americans oppressing anyone.  It’s been the British Territorial United States known as “the U. S.” and the Pope’s Municipal United States known as “the US” that have  been using and abusing the Philippines and the Filipino people.  And us, too.

It’s these run-amok Federal Subcontractors of ours working all the payola schemes that cause the criminality. And it’s important for you to know that when they do these awful things they are not working for us. They are working for the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor—- and for themselves, to obtain unjust enrichment as pirates and racketeers.

We call them “the Raj” because they have imposed the same British-based thuggery on us as they did in India, at home, and in many other countries worldwide.

We, Americans, have been steadfast friends of the Philippines and the Filipino people, while these filthy commercial corporations operating “in our names” have robbed and bullied everyone concerned.

Talk to us and tell MZero to talk to us.

It’s time for all the name games and identity theft to stop and for many criminals to go to jail.  It’s also time for the people of your country and our country to get together face to face again.  

The venal foreign corporations that have been using and abusing our Good Names and Trademarks no longer represent us.  We have nationalized their assets and recalled their Federal Reserve Notes.

We are here, presenting ourselves, the long-lost but actual American Government. Please contact us to experience  the decency and generosity and honesty that Americans were once famous for.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 usa
(907) 250-5087


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  1. Hi Anna,

    I would like to point out the correct name is Mr. Duterte and not Mr. Duerte as you mentioned in your article.

    1. Good catch, czara!

    2. Wow, talk about fast stealthy edit correction. "Mandella Effect" right before everyone eyes?
      I wonder by this simple act the proverbial cat was let out of the bag?

    3. So is this proof that this is not an official recorded document that was also an official letter that was even ever sent?

    4. Is this a "Gotcha Moment"? Sure has all the "Hallmarks" of one.

    5. I can hear it now;
      "remember the Mr. Duerte letter that was written back 2022 around April 1st?"
      No, there wasn't ever any such letter written to a Mr. Duerte it was written to a
      Mr. Duterte.

    6. notice:
      always pushing the False Narrative that the American people ever *Hired* the British and Vatican as our Subcontractors!!

      repeating: the true American people no more *Hired* the British and Vatican to genocide our people on paper than the Lakota, Kickapoo, and Kanza nations *Hired* the British and Vatican to steal the land they were born upon and move them to "Reservations" to starve them to death.
      so lets just cut the crap, shall we?


  2. Profoundly said, speaking volumes! Thank you Anna for sharing this letter to the community.

  3. Interested says,

    I believe I have LIFE magazine photo shots, showcasing pictures of the hold of ship (Navy)carrying the gold. I will look through the volumes I have. I have seen the photo shot before, but have to dig to reveal what volume.

    1. Ahhhh, Life Mag. When media first discovered their influence could rule the world. How real could anything be in their archives? Just saying.

    2. Interested says.

      No. It was earlier than LIFE magazine; "When media first discovered their influence could rule the world."

      And your are singularly perceptive; "How real could anything be in their archives?"

      Just saying.

  4. I'm a little confused. You have made the point over and over again that The United States Land and Soil belongs to the people, regardless of any and all fraudulent corporate deals having been made in our names through the decades and centuries. Wouldn't the exact same be true for the Land and Soil inhabitants of the Philippines? Why, and how, could The United States Land and Soil government possibly attain lawful ownership rights of the 101 islands of Philippine land mass, and all that is contained therein, based off unlawful corporate/invading entities at what ever point in history and for whatever reason? Does not the natural and innate sovereignty of the Filipino people over their own land not apply here? Or, does that principle only apply to the American land and people? Please elaborate and clarify. Thank you.

    1. And, if we are going to be honest and thorough, those same questions need to be asked in regards to Hawaii. And, going back even further, those same questions need to be asked in regards to the American Indian tribes who were defrauded, oppressed, and usurped, stolen from, and herded on to and imprisoned on "reservations". Then, we have to ask, do we actually have the lawful standing and right to claim that we own the Land and Soil of what we call our own country? Where does it end?

    2. At worst the number of islands there would be 1001. Not 101. Excusablevtypo based on historical heresy. The true case being as follows:
      The Republic of the Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands, of these islands, only 2,000 are inhabited. Most of the islands have not yet been named. To clearly define these islands, they have been subdivided into three major groups, i.e., Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

    3. Damn auto-correct..
      Heresay. Not heresy. And my typo was
      "excusable typo"

  5. Yeah, and pls provide else also, to google, anonymous and url. Thnx

  6. It is my opinion that everyone on this planet is related. When we think with our hearts. We are One Consciousness. Research the Samarian tablet, Book of Enki and Book of Enki.

    Semper Fidelis

  7. Truth💕💕💕
    Now face up, man up ...all good leaders must interface with Americans thru Federation , Assembly &/or Nationals....stop giving credence to USA inc pirates!!! It is disgusting to see grown men fawning after known criminals....

  8. willsmith,
    it looks like a week or so ago you were already sensing where we are -- the money thing. we're here. imo, all this claptrap has been about this one destination...the money. i skimmed Infowars' headlines today and there are SIX or SEVEN articles specifically about banking! then two, three or four others that kind of tie- in. it was a real surprise!.... just one after the other.
    there are lots of signs that these idiots are ready to switch over to their new financial system even though its got known glitches in it. switch dates, and times too to "mark" *their* systems "contents"?
    we never got back to your MMT video. i would really like to talk to you about that if possible. because i do see that "the money" is now (imo) the foundation of nearly ALL of these present scenarios, false flags, so on.

    it seems like they cant find a way out and will just continue what theyre doing because they cant find a solution nor can they get the people to revolt like they need us to do. imo.
    as i said before, i feel like we, people, have all the puzzle pieces that are actually necessary to figure out what to do.
    i dont think its all over. hopeless. going to be dubdubtres.
    i do think these idiots have edged the whole thing (their "world economy" conctruct) very close to the brink but are being stopped. by who? idk.

    i know im rambling...:):)
    but since they have now proven themselves to be verifiably STUPID, SELFISH, SOULLESS, and MYOPIC, it really does look to me like:
    we, people are going to have to figure out the solution to THEIR problem.
    and finally, i will tell you the picture i am seeing in my minds-eyes right now:
    there are all these people on the left side of my "picture": then theres a big paved open space like a city's center/townsquare with a big round fountain in the middle that is spraying sparkly, crystal-clear water up in the air against clear blue sky; and the people are being held back from coming into the paved center by a huge arm that comes in from the bottom left (southwest)... the hand and finger are pointing north, palm toward the towncenter.
    then over on the right there are a few people, (varyingly, 6-8) kind of milling around a little bit but theyre all about 4 or 5 feet apart and all of them are at least 6 -8 feet away from the fountain. thats it.

    anyway, i think that us finding a solution for them to their money problem is going to have to happen.
    i dont think they are capable. we are.

    p.s. i think i can see what MMT/Randall(?) was trying to set up when theorizing that even gold is (or: could be used *as*??) an iou. very very interesting.

    1. the main point is though, (guessing) i suspect theres a 50/50 chance that people, locally, may have to, temporarily anyway, figure out for themselves how to handle trade; and then rebuild *honest* trade with the other states and nations again, from the ground up.
      it shouldnt be that difficult. seriously, all it is is agreed upon "mediums" of exchange. if you have honest people handling it, its just a simple agree-ment, even when between nations.
      i dont think *they* are going to do it for us. theyre not even capable of the honesty part apparently.

    2. hi janmarie, just leaving for work today but I appreciate your followup on this and would be happy to continue the conversation. I did go back and look at the video to find the reference to gold being an iou and I might have an idea what he meant. And yes I think money is huge it has always been huge, it has always been the problem since the beginning of time I think.

    3. hi willsmith :):):)
      that will be fantasic...yeh, just as you can find the time... i will be doing my own "digs" in the meantime... like you said, its a/the problem since the beginning.
      theyre not going to solve it.

      later.... :)

    4. hi janmarie, I am working today but I want to reply now to some of the issues around money. So I started to become red-pilled in about 2005 and I have been diligently looking for truth in whatever form it arises since then. I discovered Anna's writings through another website and for a long time I was just lurking on this blog that Paul maintains. Because I was a foreigner I didn't really feel like I had the same skin in the game as all of you. There may be something like this forum for Canadian voices but I have not stumbled onto it.

      I found my voice when I could not help replying to something from a certain post, don't even remember now what was the topic. I have felt strongly over a period of years that there is something wrong with money and labor those two attracted most of the abuse. I have informally been absorbing economic thought mostly Austrian School because it is formally centered in the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. So I follow that stream but one day I found MMT which helped with some ideas that were going through my head. MMT was proposed and started when a trader and fund manager Warren Mosler started to notice certain anomalies with the way that the government and the FED said that the world works, versus the way things really seemed to happen. The economics textbooks are all on board to promote the "authorized" view of what the FED would like people to believe. Warren realized something was off and he started reach out to other people probably as a sanity check and Randall Wray and others on an internet group started to pay more attention to what was happening.

      That video that I linked is probably one of the best introduction videos, even though I have seen a ton of them, I am still uncovering more and Wray is active. Another big name is Stephanie Kelton who wrote a book a couple of years ago that was well received except in the Austrian School who dispatched one of their own to do a "hit job" review of the book. And it just comes down to entrenched interests, there are plenty of economists that don't like Austrian economics and surely don't like MMT, which is more of an observation that is morphing into economic thought. Most important, it adds the observation which is corroborated with anthropology that "money" did not evolve through the barter story as a medium of exchange, but rather was a feature of the state intervening to take over the production of money. Just like your founding fathers who said that only congress can coin the national currency, it was supposed to be public money that didn't attract interest. By contrast, Rothschild at the time became attracted to having government as clients and loan counterfeit money the government had the best credit rating there could be, presumably because they oould arbitrarily tax the little people instead of defaulting.

      Everyone is obsessed with gold as money and people screaming that gold has been money for 5,000 years blah, blah, blah. Going far back there was never any real expectation that gold was the "peoples" money, that is what silver was for. And from that point of view it served that purpose. But gold was really meant to be reserved to settle the balance of payments function for trade between countries. Gold was the purest commodity that they could arrange for at the time, but ultimately what utility does the gold have beyond jewellery? People need to think hard about it, jewellery is just a shiny adornment for already self-absorbed humans. No other species feels the need to have jewellery to feel good about themselves, only us people.

      People need to be able to stretch their minds beyond what someone else says and exercise some critical thinking.

    5. I had to break the comment up, so the rest is next.

      So where did the gold come from? Fairies did not sprinkle pixie dust on the ground and gold emerged already stamped and stacked. It took people to do all that. Nothing happens without people and when people finally accept that it is really human energy that makes anything possible. Name one thing that happens without human energy. There isn't one and there never will be. Yes we build robots to assist with the grunt work but those robots did not build themselves. And I have news for you, in spite of the wet dream of all these crack smoking Artificial Intelligence disciples worshipping at the altar of computer science, it ain't gonna happen. I would be a lot more generous about computer science if Microsoft could even get a USB thumb drive to eject properly without complaining that it is in use by another application. You all know what I mean. And that's just one example. And self driving Tesla electric cars...not so much, the odds are already against it even in the few years I will have left to wait to see it.

      God's money is human energy, our own creative minds as well as physical energy. We have used creativity of technology to solve countless engineering challenges. It also was used to create shit like Facebook and Twitter, but that was Goldman Sachs money through the CIA, you can't win em all!

      And if you don't believe that energy matters and gold is more important, y'all are about to get a crash course in energy depletion and failure through loss of energy. The media is screaming about it and all the leaders including Biden and Trudeau and all other countries are doing stupid-ass things to distract and pretend. Energy and money are the only two things that we need to focus our human energy on.

      Take all the humans on this earth and kill them all as the WEF through the Deep State proposes to do, and trust me your dogs and cats are not going to sit up and heed the call to action and start doing things humans can do and have been doing. Won't happen.

    6. Time has marched onward since gold was really 99.99% certified, you can't even trust gold to be real, the Asians have gotten really good as counterfeiting gold by an alloy of tungsten/gold which has a density and weight distribution similar to gold, but sorry Elmer it ain't gold. Tungsten is what they use for the filaments of the old school incandescent light bulb that we are not supposed to use anymore. They needed all that tungsten to make fake gold anyway, so don't worry it's all good.

      At my advanced age it's easy to be cynical because you have seen it all but there is a silver lining.

      And FYI that silver lining is not legit either, the silver is not real actually, but no worries. As we advance into our so called "golden" years we take heart in the fact that they are really just "tungsten" years and the world goes out with not a bang, but merely a whimper. Poetic justice at it's finest.

    7. And...

      The gold IOU thing that Randall Wray mentioned I think was just an example that an IOU could be any commodity that can be traded, he did mention that the problem with gold is the intrinsic value that created problems other than being the object of the intent to find a medium of exhange. It was TOO good of an example, but I think it is obvious that I have never understood the stated importance of gold.

      Gold is interesting, but it is not more important than food, shelter, clothing, transportation of some kind, maybe some of the nicer things that do make our lives worth it. Gold won't produce any of that for you, rather it will require human energy to do find and assemble all those things.

      Now Anna did mention this in her post about the new Omnidollar or whatever it was called. I am just yelling more loudly about it than she was to put a finer point on the whole mess.

      No form of money that resembles that past form of money will ever be useful in solving the problem of slavery, human trafficking, child abuse, greed, mental insecurity, psychopathy, on and on.

      janmarie you said that it would be more helpful if people got the idea that things should be more regional and they have as a group with a common goal to find solutions and new arrangements.\

      Jim Kunstler wrote a great book long ago called The Long Emergency about the period that we are all about to experience, and he is one of the earliest voices to look into the crystal ball and suggest what we should start doing. And it is very similar to what janmarie is sensing should start happening.

    8. And since Anna is not trying to get elected, she should be the one to dispense any bad news about what the nearest few years would start to look like. We know that you can't get a politician to try to tell the truth about what is happening or might happen. Jimmy Carter is the living proof of that. You can't get elected telling the truth. Ronald Reagan turned up the thermostat, took off the sweater and tore the solar water heating rig off the white house and voila. Welcome to the new America, the shining city on the hill, morning in America, a new dawn. The whole shtick, we'll just kick the can down the road, make it some other poor bastard's problem in the future. Problem solved.

    9. Excellent write(right/rite) up Will. I have stated (condensed) in similar fashion in past posts that all of Us are the True Gold. This is why "They" have gone to the extremes that "They" have to continue "Their Babylonian" practices(god less laws) that have bound each one of Us from "Birth". Nothing ever gets done unless a man, or woman does it. All of Us are the true wealth. The capturing, and harassing of mankind by any all means is what "Their System" ideological based mentality is rooted in and built on.
      Lebron James is one of many perfect examples of "Their" recruitment practices. This is what all of Us are up against ie., the best, and the brightest that have already been recruited into, and under "Their Fold". Marylou Henner of "Taxi" fame who keeps a low profile comes to mind as well. The process of conscripting these unwitting walking Savants that further "Their Agenda(s)" is the core to "Their Plan". Dismantle that, along with "Their Birth Certificated Person".

    10. Thanks Foscolos00 and you are right on with your post. If anthropologists have tracked the history of money and suggest that it is first a state invention, then slavery and serfdom surely go hand in hand with that reality.

      Too many people in the UK adore and cherish their Queen like a celebrity, they think it gives them some kind of cultural superiority over the rest of the world. And those people are what I like to call wrong! They should all vote for kicking their pathetic rumps to the curb. Someday I will tell you how I really feel about Monarchy. The words pikers and freeloaders does come to mind.

      Think about it, does anybody think that Lizzie or Charles or even the idiot sons are the sharpest knives in the drawer? The brightest stars in the sky? Not so much.

      The capturing of human energy by the unlawful kidnapping of souls and trafficking them onto the high seas and into unlawful and fictional commercial entities by fraud was done to prevent people from realizing who we really are.

      This has been a time honored tactic over thousands of years I am sure. Mel Brooks had a line in a movie "It's good to the King" and indeed it surely is. But what would Jesus say, and what would God think about the whole arrangement? It's been a thorn in all of our collective rear ends for a very long time and it needs to be widely exposed somehow. This will be the mother of all battles to get this out, but it IS out. Just not enough.

      So...the truth about the fraudulent PCR test needs to be out there that is where they are most vulnerable. Legal minds know this is the linchpin to the whole case. The non-isolated virus is another, but the PCR test was used to execute the fraud directly with all the thousands of "cases" they dreamed up. The truckers convoy in Ottawa should have hit them hard with the signage of the protesters. Then again Trudeau would have likely shut them down faster than you can say "illegal UN troops" in the house.

      There is more but I should really make some money which is what I started out intending to today LOL. This is important though.

    11. janmarie, I just noticed your vision that you mentioned, maybe you will get a bit more context to work out the significance. Well maybe you know now actually

    12. willsmith,
      thank YOU! for sharing your research and opinions on this.
      i skim read your comments a bit ago and will now sit down and read them word for word.
      will comment further under the Article entitled "The future of MONEY pivots this Friday".... as fast as the new Articles are being published now, were likely to get lost back here again if we dont move forward.

    13. OK I will go there, yes it is hard to keep up with the frantic pace of what is being published.

  9. The truth blows away a lie. Well said, Anna

  10. Rule 1: The lawful entity that "owns" the gold makes the rules.
    Rule 2: If you disagree, refer to Rule 1.
    Quiz: To valid ownership of property or physical assets, possession establishes 9 POINTS of the law, what are the remaining points of international law to establish Right of ownership as a secured party in interest per international Treaty of Paris (1898)? Hint: The law of the contract, in this case the Treaty under international law between two "De Jure" governments as parties to the treaty (contract) where both has previously established standing??? How is standing created???

    What say you? I yield.

    1. "lawful entity" is an oxymoron.
      lawful is common law.
      entity is commercial.

      how is that being used in "International Law"?
      by whom?
      please share your sources for its proper usage, thank you!!

    2. it doesnt matter who has ahold of something, if it was stolen it belongs to the man/woman from whom it was stolen.

      same with fraud.

    3. Statutory Law is not true Law. Sorry, unknown. You lose again. Silly Satanists.

    4. A wise attorney (yes, I know, seems like an oxymoron) once reminded me that theft does not transfer title.

  11. Anna, do you have any proof about American gold being transported "for safekeeping" to the Philippines?
    You are barking at the wrong tree.
    PDF link where Karen Hudes calls out Duterte a CABAL (page5)

    War Drum Beating, Climate Change, COVID19 Pandemic false flags, and Cyberattack are used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. Bretton Woods Governments' member countries are illegitimate corporations. ...