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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Crystalline Clarity for All Concerned

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are no incorporated entities of any kind--- and no registered entities of any kind--- having any authority to "represent" us. We are here, the lawful American Government, presenting ourselves. Speaking with our own voice. Acting on our own authority.
All actions of incorporated entities pretending to speak for or act for us must be backed up with explicit written wet-ink directives and orders from us, confirmed by us.
In response to our action nationalizing all remaining assets of the bankrupt former Federal Corporations, an unknown incorporated entity has initiated a lockdown on all gold and silver resources worldwide and has claimed that it represents us.
It does not, by definition, represent us---- we stand in no need of representation.
Let it be crystal clear that our assets don't belong to any incorporated entity and never have. Those physical assets belong to the living people and their lawful governments.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
All physical assets belong to the land and soil jurisdictions and to the people and Governments having standing upon the land and soil.
No incorporated entity has been given any assignment or authority with regard to our assets, and no, it is not necessary for us to go through any incorporated intermediary or belabor this point.
Our unincorporated Government is corporate, even though it is unincorporated.
We are perfectly competent to represent ourselves both in trade and in commerce with no interference and no go-betweens.

So, whoever the would-be interloper is, they need to be intercepted and we need to be fully apprised. We are not going through another round of being "represented" by any Municipal or Territorial corporations whatsoever.


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  1. If we have no military, then how can we enforce any of this?

    1. howdy dweller,
      we're not actually *supposed* to even *have* "A Military"/ standing armies.
      they are a threat to the people because they frequently, historically, have eventually been used against their own people who pay them for protection, by some crazy lunatic types who sneak or infiltrate in, to the head positions of government...
      kinda like some people think might be going on in some countries right now.

      our nations'/the several States allow protection only, that is: DEFENSE ONLY, NO OFFENSE.
      With no Offense allowed, we dont need a specific Military Force.

      this is our American tradition, and it of course requires adjustment to suit this days world/ threats.

      but still, EVERY MAN is "the Military" traditionally, that is: those American men aged (about) 16-50 yo. are the ones who could be called to muster.

      people think those concepts are from 100s of years ago but theyre not. most every man in "fly-over country" was still doing that until the 80's and many/ most probably still are. every *MAN* had his own we*pon, cleaned, and ready to "loc and lode" so to speak. it is called "At the ready". and a *MAN* is so-outfitted and so-prepared at all times. even the older men usually continue, but are not required to.
      additionally, the women were also trained when they were young girls. dads grandpas brothers uncles boyfriends. it was the man of the families' duty to get the women trained.
      i was. it was fun:).

  2. We now know what the next "obstacle" will be to rationalize the inaction of the Federation. Like every other pronouncement by our Fiduciary, this too will be ignored. Without the means for enforcement, this remains an academic exercise.

    1. The Federation's inaction is our inaction. The Public offices, like Sheriff, stand vacant. We have to fill them. Then we don't need military or LEO's. Just our Sheriff/Deputy's and State militias. Can't staff those offices with U.S. citizens/citizens of the United States. We need properly declared Americans for that. Just need us. Do you get it yet? Save yourself or stfu.

  3. Bravo Anna!🙏💕🙏
    Pen is mightier than the sword
    & Truth vitiates ALL FRAUD!
    So it is!

  4. Is it possible that the lockdown is initiated by "the good guys"? And that they did this on behalf of your action to lay claim to the assets of the bankrupt Federal corporations?.....Just a thought....

    1. Hmmmm...let's think about that. Could be a strategy to create more awareness as Anna rebuts the lockdown effort. Critical thinking, Mr Matt!

  5. I agree with that thought.
    Everything has been done.
    The movie will play out when enough are awakened.

  6. Matt, Mark, Sara, B...1, Dear Ones All! Such exciting adventures we can participate in these amazing days- claiming back our Freedom & assets stolen from us via self-governance Granny State (ilo Nanny State). Bravo Anna & Team TASA- Keep up the Great Work for Highest Good of All- Love & Blessings to all peacefully lawfully BEing and DOing same, each manifesting our own unique Happy Place world- FreeMom7 :)

  7. Anna, you are the 'BESTEST".....MUCH LOVE.....ONE LOVE!

  8. Anna is flip-flipping on laws, and history, based on her imaginary Gemini energies/brain. She's unaware of the confusions that the vermin injected in the system on purpose, to confuse the norm like her etc..
    As you know, Gemini like Anna loves to talk. Good luck to the dreamers, if you wish to die for the Rich men (Rothschild) again another round, controlling Fannie-mae Freddie-mac., etc Anna helps the vermin gaining more of your dollars, by her tedious paperwork process, when she could have done the whole things en-mass. She's inconsistent with her claims, in vain, submitting you to the Corporate World Court, known as ICJ, etc.. No enforcement for her unreal claims for you. The Corp.Courts robbed 200+ houses every week from very city in America.

    It's not your energies that back your fake loans, it's something else Anna VR doesn't know. If she is consistent, she would have known it long ago.