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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Reply to White Hats

 By Anna Von Reitz

In response to wishing that someone would tune DJT into the simple truth, I got White Hats contacting me in a huff, alleging that the Reconstruction was done. 

It wasn't. 

Look around.  

Do you see any American Confederation of States in operation? 

No, you don't.  That's because it was never reconstructed by the actual State Assemblies after the Civil War. 

Do you see any Federal Republic?  

Ever heard of The Constitution for the united States of America?  

No, none of that is in operation, either, and for the same reason.  It was never reconstructed. 

Neither the Confederation nor the Federal Republic have been operational since 1861.  

A third of our American Government and a third of the Federal Government is missing. Get that through your heads.  Face it.  Own it.  That's the fact.  

And nobody can do anything about it, except Americans who claim their birthright political status.  

The only actual, viable parts of the actual American Government that remain are the Union (National soil jurisdiction) and the Federation (international jurisdiction -- global if necessary).  That's it.  

What I have just said is true and verifiable. The Holy See admits it.  The Government of Great Britain admits it.  The whole rest of the world including people like Karen Hudes thinks that our government is in "interregnum" because of it. 

If these missing parts of the government had survived the Civil War, they would still be visible and operating.  

The Coast Guard would be operating under the auspices of the American Federal Government -- the Federal Republic -- instead of the U.S. Navy.  

Our air space would be under the control of the American Federal Government, not the FCC or FAA, which are unelected unaccountable foreign agency corporations hired by the Brits.  

The United States Patent and Trademark Office would be run by Americans working for the Federal Republic --- not by SERCO, a British management services corporation. 

In fact, the whole "Agency System" exists, because the Holy See and the Brits have hired subcontractors "for" us to do the jobs that the Federal Republic is supposed to do. 

Every time you see an Alphabet Soup Agency, guess what? 

That's work that should be done by the Federal Republic, but it isn't being done (and controlled) by the Federal Republic, because the Federal Republic hasn't been reconstructed. 

So is the Federal Republic vacated, standing there ready for someone like Trump to march in and take it over by fiat?  

No, it is not. 

The moment that the Confederation ceased functioning, all powers delegated to it rolled back to the Federation, which delegated those powers in the first place. 

This happened by what is called Operation of Law.  It's automatic. 

When the Confederation collapsed, the Federal Republic that the Confederation funded and ran also went down.  And all the "powers" delegated to the Federal Republic rolled back to the Federation, too. 

Both the Confederation and the Federal Republic can be restored and reconstructed by the States of the Union that created them in the first place. 

Or we can operate without them, directly under the auspices of the Federation of States, for as long as we need to. 

The Federation conducted all business both in trade and commerce for five years during the Revolution.  We can do it again and we are doing it again, because all the Federal Subcontractors folded. 

The American Subcontractor, the Federal Republic, has to be reconstructed, which means the Confederation of States has to be reconstructed, by the only people with the standing and authority to do so ---- Americans who claim their birthright political status. That takes time. 

The British Territorial Service Provider doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. went bankrupt (officially ended March 13, 2022).  

The Holy See's Municipal Service Provider doing business as "the" UNITED STATES, Inc., went bankrupt in 2015.  

There's nobody but the Federation left standing, and you can all be glad that it is, because if it wasn't, a large number of really bad things would happen. 

First, all the Secondary Creditors of both the two bankrupt Federal Subcontractors would be in here collecting against Americans. 

Second, our assets, including our land and our gold and silver assets, would be considered "Abandoned Assets" that anybody could claim--- and those same Secondary Creditors like China and Saudi Arabia would be in line to do so. 

America would instantly go from being one of the richest countries to one of the poorest.  

So, thank God you had a Fiduciary that was still on watch, or you would all be up a very long creek without a paddle. 

The old fashioned clunky chunky Federation of States is all you've got left.  And whether you like it or not, you need to get full force and front behind it, because it's the only boat afloat.  

So there is your observation lesson, status update, and wake up call for this morning, 29 March 2022, 6:49 AM, AST. 


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  1. Why is it so hard for everyone to get on the same dam page. It's constant bickering and remarks as to what she says is not true. But yet I dont see anyone proving its not. You would think that if everyone is wanting the same end result then why in the hell can't you come together and work it out. Instead of causing more confusion and creating problems on top of already existing problems. And if you want answers from anna then call her or email her direct instead of asking stupid question on this platform. When you know dam we she is not going to answer you. She does not have time to read 30 + comments per blog. To see if there are any questions. All of this cut downs and saying this or that isnt true is just causing more delays and making it difficult to commicate and get anything constructive and worth while done. If you disagree the fix it yourself and let the rest of us know how it went. If cant offer constructive help in a postive fashion . Then shut the fuck up.

    1. Disinformation specialists are all over the web, adding so much chaos and confusion that it makes it impossible to know which are speaking truth and which are speaking lies. This is a PAID job.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Amen to that. I agree with you 100%.

  2. Bravo Anna!💕
    Godspeed folks!
    Keep correcting personal status!

  3. As complicated as this mess is, it's no wonder people don't get it. That's what the usurpers intend- that we stay confused, uncertain, and at each other's throats (as demonstrated so well here).

    But these are the FACTS. Like it or not, you have to get a grasp on the meaning of each word and put them together to see what the situation is. She sees it. I've seen most of what she's talking about, mainly because I carried the book "Which One Are You?" by 'The Informer' in my book store not long after he published it. I had a head start on most people, knowing that 'America' literally WAS still a British colony. People just wouldn't let go of what they'd been taught in the government brain laundry we call 'school'. Almost everything we've been taught, including much of hard science and math, is just flat wrong.

    This was proven to me over and over while I was in research in a large California university. Most so-called 'scientists' are just guessing at their conclusions. They don't have a clue about the true nature of most of what they're studying. And that's mostly because of their denial of things spiritual in nature. If they can't see or measure it, then it doesn't exist as far as they're concerned.

    So Anna is right to include discussion of those topics, as well. If I hadn't been led by 'Spirit' (most of the time in ignorance), I wouldn't be alive, and I certainly wouldn't have been led to her info. Everything else learned along the way prepared me for having it all out together on one website, instead of being scattered all over the internet, as far as I'm concerned. And that's after 40 years of studying this.

    I suspect that this is all in a few hidden esoteric libraries somewhere, like a secret hall in the Library of Congress, or Oxford, the Vatican library and elsewhere, and a very select few are ever allowed there, but a few days of browsing would probably confirm everything she's talking about and a lot more. More than anybody would want to know, probably. In fact, it would probably make most people sick, while a few would be given some hope that we can turn this mess around.

    That's what any good person would take away from that, and I, for one, am glad SOMEBODY decided to do so. That's why this is probably the best way to get this society back to where we're supposed to be. It'll be a long time before the brainwashed idiots get their 'wrongthink' and denial of basic facts cleared out, if ever, but at least we can get started in this generation.

    1. hi jake,
      "But these are the FACTS. Like it or not, you have to get a grasp on the meaning of each word and put them together to see what the situation is. She sees it. I've seen most of what she's talking about, mainly because I carried the book "Which One Are You?" by 'The Informer' in my book store not long after he published it."

      imo that doesnt prove it is fact. that might be considered "supporting evidence". you got anything else?
      " I had a head start on most people,
      ***knowing that 'America' literally WAS still a British colony.*** People just wouldn't let go of what they'd been taught in the government brain laundry we call 'school'. Almost everything we've been taught, including much of hard science and math, is just flat wrong."

      agree, before the Declaration of Independence the confederation named the united States of America was formerly known as the British United Colonies.
      what time period (marked by my asterisks) are you referring to?
      who says the hard science and math is wrong?
      i heard barrick husane oama say 2+2=5, but i dont believe that is correct, at least not "on-planet" here on the earth at this present time.

      would you please give me and other interested readers a verifiable example of each? thank you!!

    2. Jake you are trying to put things out there, it is a start. And there is nothing wrong with exploring the possibilities of spirituality as even an alternative to the heavier hand of a religious framework. If we have free will then that we can set that aside.

      May I ask you your philosophy about the Covid thing? You are a believer in the narrative, Yay or Nay?

      Thank you

    3. Jake, it might be that janmarie is recruiting first hand knowledge of the facts, instead of hearsay. The law places a heavy burden on witnessing of certain events by one or more people, preferably a gathering. I don't want to put words in her mouth but I do think she might be reacting to the fact that Anna speaks about unverifiable events and historical references that could be no more relevant than hearsay.

      Figures may not lie, but liars surely can figure. Was there ever a more interesting observation?

      It IS difficult being alive on this planet, it's a big burden and we should be more careful to get things correct. But that's not very much fun, so bring on the lies and let's party!

    4. "...she might be reacting to the fact that Anna speaks about unverifiable events and historical references that could be no more relevant than hearsay."

      thats right willsmith.

      not that hearsay is bad per se because sometimes you can follow the implication and find facts. but it should be acknowledged to be unverified, thats all.

      everyone makes mistakes, espec. when were just searching and searching thru all this mis-information, but maintaining Good Faith requires you to go back and correct it when you find you were misled, then its just No Big Deal.

      but like even with Paul Stramer, i dont know HOW many times this "avr" has published what Paul says doesnt even EXIST in the Catholic Church! i believe Paul is a self-taught Scholar in Catholic Doctrine, other faith might designate him as a Lay Minister so i believe Paul when he says these things dont exist!
      i dont recall avr ever acknowledging having made an error or correcting Paul by furnishing him and us with a verifiable source for correction.

      we cant have that kind of irresponsible behavior, especially by men and women who claim our country, our name, our land and everything in it without even ordinary common Proof of Claim.
      "Its ridiculous!" she said with a theatrical flair haughtily tossing her white angora neckwrap over the front of her left shoulder as she prissily minced her way toward the door for her MOST dramatic exit ever... :):):).

    5. Speaking of Proof of Claim, Anna never seems to have anything to say about Unam Sanctam, and depending on who you read is either the scourge of mankind or no big deal.

      I have tried to insert it into the narrative when there is an opportunity, and (cueing up the dead fish sound effect) it goes nowhere. It's all over the internet but it is like toxic waste on this channel.

      And while we are in the neighbourhood, how about those "drive-by shooters" like our friend Jake, and there are countless other ones. And you reply trying to establish the rules of engagement and all you get is crickets. Maybe Jake is busy, or perhaps Jake is nothing more than some kind of AI software bot.

      I am tempted to speculate but I think we can all take the leap and plunge into the icy cold water and find that there is no life there. Nice...

      Loved your dramatic punctuation at the end of your post. Nothing like a little intrigue to keep people on their toes and wondering what is next LOL!

      With modern communication, including the internet, there has never been a time when so many people have had so much opportunity to know more about:

      a) What is happening in the world (instantly around the world)

      b) What has happened previously in the world, the internet is a great big database and YOU can find whatever there is to find in terms of history. It can't replace real libraries where you will find authentic documents. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic about going underground in the Vatican to see what is really there?

      c) Covid...never has so little been said by so many over the internet and very little from the other side of the fence is even a little bit intelligible to anyone with a couple of spare neurons to rub together. It is a very interesting time to be alive right now and witness what is happening. Just have to figure out how to stay out of the line of fire.

    6. will,
      i replied to you at the "mr. duterte" article we dont get lost back here...
      youve probably found it by this time but i should have written that here earlier today. oversight on my part. sorry:)!

    7. "drive by shooter"? That's funny. "busy" in my case = laptop motherboard died a week ago and I can't access anything on the hard drive, even plugged into another desktop. Have critical legal deadlines to meet with all that unavailable info, as well. Took me 2 hours on a slow-as-mollasses tablet just to find this article to reply:

      #1 compare law dictionary def's of same words with Webster's, Am Heritage, Collier's, etc. Most people think they're the same when obviously they're not. Even within a statute, code, etc. the trick used is to define a term with another that SEEMS to be a known word or term, but is not - and then to NOT define that other term referred to, 'individual' and 'natural person' being their favorites. Or 'human' being - a word the Church came up with to refer to a 'lower' class/status of a person to justify slavery in the Byzantine Empire.

      #2 from the time Americans THOUGHT they had gained their freedom from the King until this very day. I still have to explain to people why we never got away from the British influence - or why we pay tribute every Nov 1st.

      #3 re math, Godel. Re science (physics) Tom Bearden, (medical) placebo effect, my own research at UCI on cancer, microtubules/intercellular communication with light, thought patterns resonance in helical antennae we call DNA effecting instantaneous healing, as well as external influence by others (read abt Fr Aloysius Ellacuria, a Claretian priest in Los Angeles well known for miraculous healings, not to mention being observed many times here and in Europe floating 6' in the air while praying - kinda defies physics).

  4. also it looks like suddenly "annavonink" has now started concocting up "her" own little Confederation of States too!

    Instant Confederation?! :)

    omg!!!!! lolol!

    Anyway, it was VERY noticeable to me that AFTER THAT *JOHN111*s LAST COMMENT (telling "annavonink/ other" to stop delaying, like to more or less get out of the way... ) where this *JOHN111* also told "anna" that the "Confederation" is still over the country-- well, *JOHN111* must be some kind of authority who is OVER "avr" because now, about a week later, "she/avr" is suddenly talking about a concocting some kind of "Confederation" up! (i dont know what that word means to the two of them tho'.)

    i find it noteable also that *JOHN111* says hes a Ruler/Christ/ Jesus: because i believe the Jesus's GRAND-MOTHERs name is ANNE!
    maybe just a co-incidence?

  5. I personally find it interesting that the naysayers feel they have to zealously guard the comment section on Anna's posts. If you don't believe anything she says, why not just put your attention somewhere else?

    As I stated, there are a LOT of disinformation specialists on here. You can identify them in various ways:
    ~they post alot
    ~they're argumentative
    ~they pick everything anyone says apart
    ~they continue to show up, in spite of only causing mayhem and chaos.
    ~they rely on a sheeple mentality to remain hidden.

    1. You're kidding...right?

    2. willsmith,

      prolly not.
      you know, AntySocial sayin' its a PAID job to zealously guard comment sections :):)

  6. Enjoy reading this material it helps me comprehend the lay out of the government and I still need more to associate it with in order to remain it . Nobody’s got this I mean nobody and it’s important to discuss.
    At least wake up the historians who have a clue .