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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

93 Out of 99--- Whose Treason Against Whom?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have adequately demonstrated what happened:
1850's--- the British Territorial United States set up a corporation to act as the privately owned and operated governmental services provider. This corporate franchise was owned and operated by the British Crown as "the" United States of America, Incorporated.
1860 -- Abraham Lincoln is elected "President" of this corporation in a private corporate election misrepresented as a Public Election.
1861 -- Lincoln abuses the public trust and misrepresents his authority by appearing to declare war on the Southern Confederacy; there was no Declaration of War by the Federal Congress which lacked a quorum, nor any such Declaration from the Federation's Continental Congress--- making the entire American Civil War an illegal Mercenary Conflict on our shores.
1863 -- Lincoln declares the Northern Confederacy --- franchises of his own separate British Territorial Corporation --- bankrupt.
Please note that unincorporated entities are not eligible for bankruptcy protection, so we may be sure which "United States of America" was bankrupted, both because of Lincoln's position as "President" of that British Crown Corporation, and because the American Federation of States going by a very similar name is and always has been unincorporated and ineligible for bankruptcy protection.
At the same time, March of 1863, Lincoln entrusted the U.S. Army with the "administration" of the country and responsibility for the money and everything else established by his "Lieber Code". He also created the authority for himself --- out of thin air --- to issue Executive Orders to the Military Government he had thus created.
He also claimed that this "law" --the Lieber Code -- superseded all other (corporate) law, giving the false impression that he had the power to suspend the Constitutions and the Public Law supporting them. We know he never had any such authority. We know that he had to be talking about private corporate "law" and not Public Law, because he was acting as Commander-in-Chief of an incorporated entity when he made these statements.
1865 -- The Mercenary Conflict ends in an Armistice; no Peace Treaty ending the conflict is ever signed, until July of 2020.
1868 -- The British Scheme Team led by General Ulysses S. Grant (which is a false name, a nom de guerre, for Hiram Grant) launches another British Crown Corporation in Scotland, calling itself "The United States of America" -- Incorporated.
And from there on, the only big change in the operation of this Con Game against the actual American Government and the People of our States and against our Constitutions, is the entry of the Roman Catholic Church to take part in the same fraud for a share of the takings in 1921.
So, the U.S. Military is treading on some very thin ice when it proposes to hang 93 out of 99 of the sitting United States Senators for treason related to certification of a phony election result.
Their own treason against this country and the People they are under contract to protect smells worse than a pile of fresh dog dung, and what does it matter if you certify phony election results, when the whole election process is phony to begin with?
Since when do the in-house "elections" of foreign corporations count as Public Elections? Who is zooming whom?
If "our" Military had held to the straight and narrow, none of the frauds and injustices of the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. would have ever been possible.
We, the American Public, would have been fully informed of the circumstance, and new Public Elections would have taken place soon after the Armistice in April of 1865.
Instead, what did we get? Quasi-military carpetbagger courts set up for the express purpose of collecting "war reparations" from the Municipal United States citizenry. Military "districts" being overlaid on our States of the Union. All sorts of "emergency powers" that are non-consensual and which don't really exist, being enforced by men who weren't worthy to wear our uniform or borrow our flag for as much as a picnic.
So, fellas, tell me --- where is the justice in the pot calling the kettle black? How am I, as a Public Justice, supposed to view those members of the U.S. Military who propose hanging Municipal Officers for treason, when they have themselves been in open treason against the actual government for over 150 years?
I can only regard it as ludicrous hypocrisy drenched in blood. And abject stupidity, too.
Will you compound your crimes with more crimes, too? Or will you all take the amnesty that has been offered to you, come home, and serve the actual American Government again?
It's not that I don't agree that some of the members of Congress, maybe most, are guilty of gross corruption and breach of trust and a host of other crimes, and it isn't as if I wouldn't welcome the removal of all 93 mentioned on the Hit List, to make way for new Public Elections, but it's time for the Queen and British Crown and the members of the U.S. Military to admit their own treason against this country and its People.
Consider, is it even possible to commit "treason" against a corporation?
No, it is not.
Ever since the Brits incorporated their service company back in the 1850's it has been impossible for anyone to commit "treason" against them.
The only "treason" possible is treason committed against us, the actual American Government and our people---- and guess who has actually been committing treason against living people and their lawful Government?
Henry Kissinger, knighted by the Queen. George Herbert Walker Bush, knighted by the Queen. General Norman Schwartzkopf, knighted by the Queen. General Colin Powell, knighted by the Queen. And the list goes on.
These are Americans who betrayed our country and our people to the British and who treasonously acted as Officers of the Crown against us, who benefited themselves from the "American Raj".
Crimes and injuries including genocide against trusting American civilians and against their lawful American Government --- that the U.S. British Territorial Government is under contract to protect and being paid to protect--- is treason.
The same "news" release that proposes to hang 93 out of 99 sitting United States Senators on gallows in back of the White House, also proposes to prosecute 222,000 or so other unknowns for various crimes.
Once the British Raj begins its blood-letting where does it stop? And when do they become circumspect enough to know that they are operating in treason themselves? When they finish murdering all their Municipal Government scapegoats, who is going to murder them for their crimes against us and the rest of humanity, too?
How much rope do they think I can store in my garage?
No, no, no, no, and no. We're not going for another convenient civil war here. We have declared peace and marked the end of such "fun and games" on our shores, and we mean to enforce it to the full extent of the Public Law, not any private corporate "law".
The so-called "U.S. Military" has an offer of amnesty, but in order to make use of it, they must hold all the American civilians harmless and address each criminal case one-by-one in its proper jurisdiction.
They can't hang Municipal Officers over certifying phony results from a phony election process. The whole proceeding was moot from the start.

I will say it again, to Hats Black and Hats White, it's time to come clean. All the way clean. You may never have such an opportunity again.


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  1. Paul can you or someone else please explain what and who all these "hats" are... white hats, black hats, tin hats, etc etc etc....???

    1. White hats are suppose to be Trump and his gang.

    2. Black Hats are agents of The Crown and Vatican, such as Jesuits, Archbishops, Bar attorneys,Knights of Malta n Columbus, Masons illuminati etc, all controlled by the European Black Nobility.

    3. No tin hats baby...only tin foil hats which is not the same at all. The white hats are said to have Asian roots as well according to Ben Fulford. Lots of groups around the world are sick of the Anglo criminality of the Queen and Pope and want something different.

      Trump tried in his way I think, but in the end they offered to show him the business end of a very big weapon and the Donald did the math and bowed out. Just about anyone would especially after threatening family too. An orphan with no family is about the only possible alternative.

  2. Outstanding article. This will be in our new history books. I would like to see every Senators pensions taken away. Along with there wealth. From the time they entered public office.

    Semper Fidelis

  3. I am not aware of the news that some group in power who want to be seen as the "good guys" plans to execute 93 senators and 222,000 others guilty of "crimes against humanity", I presume. Where can I find this news?

    1. Not mainstream. Don't bother looking to CNN. Or NBC check daily news and other alternative news outlets. Or court records. That are not seated with corrupt judges. Reports that still believe in honest reporting.

    2. Well, you could try Google and decide based on the hits that come back if there is any legitimacy to the idea. Just sayin...

  4. imo i believe that:
    a "mercenary attack" is a "Commercial Crime" that requires "Remedy" and will probably involve a staggering number of Insurance and Private Claims for damages. LIKE HJR192 IS GOING TO.?

    however if all that damage is shifted over into a "Declared War/ Admiralty Status" then the "COMMERCIAL MERCENARY ATTACKS" would become "ACTS OF WAR".

    the "Rules" of those two Jurisdictions being very different, suddenly not only are the Commercial "Crimes" no longer "Recognized or Chargeable", but the switch to Admiralty Jurisdiction might (would?) also wipe out all/most standing for Claims that are owed and due to the "Damaged Party" in Commercial Jurisdiction.

    SINCE ACTS OF WAR ARE NOT COVERED IN 99.99999% OF ALL INSURANCE (Commercial Jurisdiction) POLICIES, its highly likely the net result would be the "Commercial Mercenary Attackers" would pay little to nothing for the harm they caused.

    this is what i believe is accurate, using what i have read and heard.
    i only know American common law, so someone please furnish correction/s here, if this is wrong! thank you!!!

  5. I believe No crime should go unpunished. under the HIGHEST PENALTY OF LAW.D Yes, ALL involved, should lose ALL their positions including PENSIONS, STOCKS, LIABILITY INSURANCE, INVESTMENTS in (gold, silver etc.; BUSINESS AND PRIVATE HOLDINGS, ETC.

    After 2 years of this chaos, I now have to consider these choices (EITHER paying my mortgage and utilities OR buying food and medicine).

    1. Exactly, meanwhile these jokers continue to pull the wool over everyones eyeswhile making deposits into the bank accounts.

    2. Patricia that is a really tough position to be in. I am no stranger to hardship either, so I sympathize. For whatever it's worth, nothing stays the same forever, everything is in motion but group prayer is powerful.

      If everyone that reads your post could simply send you good fortune that you will not be in this situation forever, it will help you navigate. I just did send you best wishes by doing this and wish you well.

  6. What if the united States corporation has declared bankruptcy,? And we are under the united states of America ,,, then they have committed treason

  7. Just because it was illegal does not mean it didnt happeen and people didnt die. So why not declare peace. Makes more since then keeping it going.

  8. One is fake one is not. One is a incorporated business operating for the british Queen. The other is our actual country. And should be governed by the people. Not British employees