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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage – Dane Wigington


  1. Dane Wittington is a NWO troll/ fear monger. He refused to join forces with a group that wanted to help people protect themselves from 5G and chemtrails. Do you really think the NWO would let this guy have a website that big without censure? Bought and sold NWO fearmonger.

  2. Information ? Or fear mongering ....I vote choice " B "

    1. Yes, who in their right mind would deliberately fly a plane into a "chem" trail in order to get samples, and none of those that are on the plane are wearing any "PPE" not even the pilot.. I made this comment within minutes after "The Dimming" was broadcasted, and it was summarily removed. I know that it was removed intentionally because I posted a few "attaboy" comments that were in like manner to the "Lemming's" comments, and those remained.
      Having had to work on "SuperFund Sites", and dealing with hazardous materials, and substances, I would have expected that every occupant aboard that plane would have been in full dress Suit / "SCBA". Also where are the results, and why is this group the only ones doing this? I wonder what the UTL(Upper Threshold Limits) are for the cocktail soup that is being constantly sprayed on all of Us is. Will the effects be similar to Long term exposure like fluoride in our drinking water, or short term like radio active isotopes? I bet "They" know.

  3. AGWN does a good job of showing their planned attack areas by the chemtrails and ship tracks they leave all over the place

    Mike Decker films them over Wyoming in the act

    Its not the only shit they planned and carried out decades ago to create their end times shew

  4. And climate change has nothing to do with it
    They are withholding and hoarding food supplies for themselves

    After all when you are the planners of this world wide con you prepare decades in advance

    They'll be riding the storms out on their private islands and yachts
    Yep you guessed it the inbred ones did a song Riding the Storm Out

    And they also did a song
    Another ones bites the dust as the goy sang along
    For everyone of us the non inbred folks they whack they chalk it up as another ones bites the dust
    Yea there gonna get you too another one bites the dust

    They're all in it together

    Their new world order land grab that they planned from the hills of Lake Tahoe in Nevada folks
    On the Ponderosa Ranch

    That New Deal and their banking operations installed by none other than the fake one here as they planned to steal it all from everyone else and install their UN agenda around their golden globe

    And they are still on the stage today folks

    WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN as the prick Daultry sang to all of us from the inbred band The WHO (get it as in their OWL bullshit)

    1. And if you think otherwise think again

      The Climate Chnage Arena and the concert of an 80 year old inbred on the stage

      Seattle go figure

      Did I forget to mention they did a living water H20 concert too!

      Judaism – Christianity – Islam – The One Religion of Abraham

    2. Lets see all the stupid baby boomers go get their health checked to attend this stupid inbred

      May 2nd and 3rd right around MAY DAY

      Health Checks at the Climate Pledge Arena


    3. The question is Shelby; Do we hold these talented"Actors/ Entertainers" as accountable as the "Ones" that thought up, initiated , and are funding the ”The Plan”{remember, also that we could be part (unbeknownst to Us) of the funding as well}? After all, whenever anyone stumbles into "their" juristic legal system "their" Statutes, Codes, Rules literally states that everyone (every person) in these proceedings is an "Actor". I bet after 20+ years of somebody being employed in this field ie., magistrate, prosecutor, clerk, officer...they probably look at everyone, and life as one big act playing out on a whirled stage, and they're just doing their job because everyone else is also(playing a part/role). How does mankind totally disassociate themselves with the Person, and totally remove themselves from the Shew. On all levels.
      Plan;(verb transitive)
      2.To scheme; to devise; to devise; to form in design; as, to plan the conquest of a country; to plan a reduction of taxes or of the national debt.

      If this isn’t the word to be used to bring notice, and claims I will keep looking for a better one.
      Take notice to the “Cryptic” PDF typed version on the left side of the page with the original on the right.

    4. Blacks Law dictionary is a fairy tale book. Not a "Law" book. This has been known for quite some time.

    5. Exactly, this is why "They" use it for "Their" Fairy forms that are used in LaLa Land.