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Monday, March 28, 2022

I Wish.... A Message to the World and DJT

 By Anna Von Reitz

I wish someone would break the news the JFK, Jr. and Trump that they don't have the ability to recreate and occupy "the Federal Republic" on their own merit. That is part of the reconstruction that the States of the Union must undertake --- first to reconstruct the Confederation of States, and then for the Confederation to reboot the Federal Republic.
What they can do is act as Officers of the Federation of States and help direct and supervise the entire Reconstruction process. They can be heroes, and they can bring the run amok military back to serve the civilian populace of this country, and that would be more than enough achievement to go down honorably in the history of the world.
To actually do the right thing, you have to do it the right way --- and as it stands, the American Confederation owns and operates the Federal Republic, and the American Confederation hasn't been operable since the Great Schism of 1861.
So--- for now, the Federation of States operates everything directly as it did from 1776 to 1781.
The Confederation is rebuilt by our American States which are now in Session.
The Confederation takes up its responsibility and operates the Federal Republic under the Federal Constitution: The Constitution for the united States of America.
1, 2, 3 -- and if this is to be done right, if this is to be lawful and legal, this is the way it has to be done.
If Mr. Trump and the U.S. military tries to re-inhabit the Federal Republic without addressing the Reconstruction and without correcting their own political status, the result will be invalidated as another act of fraud and commercial war and deceit by the British Territorial Government.
We will all be no further along toward peace and sanity than we were before. The conundrum left by the Civil War will not be resolved by any such "independent" action by the U.S. military and it will not result in the restoration of our lawful government.
It would instead result in another British Coo-Coo Bird Maneuver, in which they would substitute their "Personnel" for our government, and would substitute their "States of State" birthed in the District of Columbia and operating on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways for the American State of State organizations we are owed.
As appealing to the patriotic spirit as the planned panoply is, and as much of a relief as it would be to see someone with some business sense back in charge of Washington, DC, the scenario that the U.S. Army and other parties have developed is fake.
It's another show. Not the real thing. And though the real thing is more difficult, more time-consuming, and more problematic -- it has the bedrock advantage of being legal, lawful, and morally correct.
There is also no real need for any such takeover of the old Federal Republic. The Federation of States has received back all empowerments delegated to the Confederation of States, the Federal Republic, and the other two bankrupt Federal Service Provider corporations fronted by the Queen/British Crown and the Holy See.
As the Primary Delegator, the Federation is in control and command and is the direct assign of the sovereign States of the Union, just as it was during The War of Independence. There is no doubt that these powers naturally reverted to the Federation and there is no doubt that the Federation has the authority and ability to act in all these capacities, because it did so from 1776 to 1781.
Please tell this to the White Hats and President Trump, the Queen and whoever else needs to hear it.
The Brits may have gotten away with substituting their "States of States" for our "States of States" in the confusion after the Civil War hostilities ended in Armistice, but they will not get away with occupying our Federal Republic, which is not vacated and which is not delegated to them.

Thank you, everyone, for paying attention and keeping things moving forward to a peaceful conclusion.


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  1. didnt i tell you that "annavonink" would start using andor talking about *the several States* (Confederated States) within about four days after i mentioned it?
    yes, i did. :)
    well, its been a little longer, about 6-8 days, but that seems like what this "annavonink": who/that has no actual authority, and no actual lawful rights, and no actual factual lawful knowledge about our countries may be doing:
    • wait to see what we write about?
    • to see what we know actually belongs to us?
    • and try to convince the American people who are looking for whats true that the people are *not* the authorities, but that "annavon" inc is?
    when we all know, should or could know that its the people who are the American Govt.

    maybe "annavoink" wants to be the Govt themselves instead of it being the people?



    1. Repeating:

      the united States of America is a confederation of the several States created from consent of the people, always has been, and will never lawfully be anything else.
      suggestion for those men and women who are interested:
      read the DeclofIndep.:
      concentrating initially on the first, second, and last paragraphs.

      The United States of America is a Confederated Perpetual Union of those several States: formed from the peoples' consent using their lawful elected deputies.

      it ALL belongs to the American people.


    2. the Canadian Corp. has just arrested the elected MPP (15 years) from Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, Randall Hillier, for charges related to his participation in the "illegal" protests.

      one of the charges against Randall in their Corporation's system is:
      3 counts of *counseling* an UN-COMMITTED indictable offense.
      plus 6 other "charges".

      unrelated, specifically, to these charges i believe: Randall has said he believes his role as an elected rep. is to question and challenge public policy.

      he says Truedeai is arresting his POLITICAL opposition.

      He says hes not running again: he says the government of Canada is broken and cannot be fixed from the inside when the problem lies without.

    3. "The Confederation is rebuilt by our American States which are now in Session.
      The Confederation takes up its responsibility and operates the Federal Republic under the Federal Constitution: The Constitution for the united States of America."
      see what i mean! :):)

      i said a week ago, "annavoink" would start talking about being over the several states within about four days of me talking about them!!
      well, there you go. :):):)

      i see such a strong pattern of "annavoniknk" waiting to see what we talk about in the comment section, people who actually know, what theyre talking about:
      looks like its to discover what our points of lawful claim are in order to try to make a similar claim of their own, using some non-existent Federal Republic claptrap based on supposed Royal Standings before the POOP?!!?:):):)


    4. loooll!!
      when did "annaovanik" create its Confederated States now? lolol:):):)
      yesterday? :)

      is it like.... ooooooops, we fergot ta create 'em.... here les do it order'a Confederated States a'comin' rait up.... hand me that thar pen and ma fone and we'll jes gitt'er done now. :):):)??


    5. these *people*! [eyerolls]

    6. Federal Express.
      Federal Reserve.
      Federal Republic.

      none are the American Govt.

      the people are. :):) always.
      and it is so.


    7. nobody is answering my questions for some reason:

      where is all the GOLD?

      did you get your "credit" yet?

      hows that account workin' out for you?


    8. Wow Woman, maybe you need to look over Annas post more closely, from the start to the end, but you just want to come and chime in.

    9. Folks have no idea how crafty these charlatins are janmarie

      Just this moring I am investigating a former football player not returning from combat HERO from Arizona and all the players were on the stage when this went down - by all the players I mean the usual all in the family players

      I suspect that a recent really fit and athletic doctor on the scenes is this man they called a hero from Arizona soliciting funds from his unsuspecting audience for Revero I think it is
      AI medicine and you being a carinovore
      Interesting to note his counterpart when they do their conference calls is always seated in front of a picture of the golden gate bridge too
      And the ex ARIZONA football player turned war hero deceased from combat has a very TELLING last name

      All kinds of memorials set up to honor this one

      There is a picture of a memorial service for this one after his untimely death in a war, of a little boy that you might as well have him standing front and center saluting like back on that infamous day when little 'jon jon' was saluting that empty casket while his hollywood cohorts played the other roles

      Arizona one of the four corner states = tower 2
      Arizona CARDINALS as in the cardinal cross
      Cardinals as in those catholic kind - no pun intended nor disrespect

      The Rose article she wrote about the other day is also covered in the above

      And I found this to be very interesting = playing with the years and the calendars and time yet again
      Immediately below is the largest single roofed structure in the world. This was built as a millenium project and therefore called the Millenium Dome. However, the millenium hasn’t come yet, as the Gregorian Calendar skipped 12 years when it was introduced. Therefore in 2012 it will actually be 2000 – the REAL Y2K. This is the reason why the Gregorian Calendar performed its little slight of hand hundreds of years ago. Simply to attempt to throw off any link to this present time and the real illuminati time agenda.

      And if you think this shit is a coincidence NOT A CHANCE

    10. ""jeff florida,
      "Wow Woman, maybe you need to look over Annas post more closely, from the start to the end, but you just want to come and chime in."

      if youre talking to i:woman:janmarie:
      you're completely wrong.

      i:woman:janmarie furnish verifiable facts.
      why dont you prove me wrong with verifiable facts of your own? do you have any? if you do, share them with the rest of us why dont you? id love to see them. if any exist.

      how about start with answering a simple question or two?:

      wheres that GOLD?
      did you get an "ac-count" yet?
      how much "credit" did you get and how much is its worth, say, "pegged" to the 1850 American silver dollar?

      i tell all you who come on here criticizing the people who are actually providing verifiable facts to prove me or us wrong.
      im listening.
      but all that comes back is silence from any of you on that subject.

      it looks to me like you all are the ones who just want to come on here and chime in!

      .. since you never ever have yet furnished any verifiable facts of your own that disprove what i am saying. ive said if you all ever do i will apologize... hasnt happened yet.:)


    11. What is your trip? She has always said we the people are in charge. Just because she is the one that has taken the time to figure out this mess does not make her in charge. She is only passing on her knowledge and encourging we the people to stand up to the plate and take responsibility for ourselves and run our government. You on the other hand sound like a jealous dictator. And you sound very spitful and angery. Not someone I would want in charge of anything.

    12. thank you lifeirage for your untrue, angry words about me.

      one of the best pieces of advice i ever got was from a friend who told me:
      "remember this:
      when *some* people dont like you, its a compliment."

      that was over 25 years ago and to this very day i still remember it because its true.

      that applies to you, l7fesmurge, as far as im concerned. so im good on this! :):):)

    13. shelby,
      "Folks have no idea how crafty these charlatins are janmarie."
      well they should have a clue by this time.
      if they dont by now, theyre either:
      • new
      • willfully ignorant or
      • have tragically low IQs.
      99.999% are the first two imo.

    14. Well...never let an IQ test be underestimated. I am good with willfully ignorant too.

      "have tragically low IQs" was so right-on, I wish I said that! That one is good for two years of reruns, easy and never gets old LOL

    15. And Lifesmirage...she'll bitch slap you with great style and theatrical flair.

    16. Sadly, woman:janmarie, does NOT know what she is talking about, and is WAY OUT of LINE by bad-mouthing Anna. Hopefully most of the readers will have a well developed sense of TRUTH and will know beyond any doubt that Anna is NOT in this for herself!!

    17. hi janmarie, just a quick reply about Randy Hillier, the actual thread is way up there but the reply is ending up here.

      So he was in Doug Ford's Conservative caucus and was kicked out of caucus for embarrassing the emperor during Question Period.

      I don't know if your house has designated periods where opposition members can ask a question of one of the governing members. It doesn't have to work like that I am sure, it's a different model.

      We inherited British Parliamentary tradition of course, so Mr. Hillier asked about news that was out there about Federal Incarceration facilities, basically internment camps for the unvaxxed as they are reprogrammed and have time on their hands to revisit some of their choices and make corrections.

      Mr. Hillier asked about the probability of such camps and was essentially out-gunned by the speaker who told them to "cut his mic" which you could clearly hear before the mic was indeed cut.

      And they all looked very panicked and then Mr. Hillier was suddenly without a party. Ford did that to another MP who wrote a letter questioning the logic of the proverbial lockdown. So at that point Mr. Hillier was sitting as an independent without party affiliation, you have a similar arrangement too.

      Recently during the trucker convoy up here the internet was abuzz with another video segment of a member asking about the influence of one Klaus Schwab of the WEF in the ranks of the Canadian government when it came out that the WEF had infiltrated all the parties to the tune of about 50% being black op members.

      Same pattern, the speaker had smoke coming out of his ears to shut the question down asap and move on to a more PG line of questioning. You could see the panick in his eyes, he said he pulled the question because the audio and the video were bad. We all heard the perfect audio and video of that segment so bad technology? Not so much.

      Mr. Hillier has been involved in many other situations with protests etc., the convoy is not the first. This is just a ruse to shut him up and I am not surprised if he isn't seeking re-election it is very tough to go into an election as an independent with no party affiliation or financial support. That is how they get you. He isn't shy to ask the tough questions and there are many video reports where he tries to call it as it is.

    18. JED, the actual thread is way up there but you are what I like to call wrong about janmarie. She is trying to hold Anna's feet to the fire (bad metaphor but everyone understands it) and remind Anna that when she makes something like a proclamation she needs to do it in such a way that she embraces it and really "owns" it.

      If Anna has a dream of returning the responsibility for every life back to the principal then each person needs to be fully inclusive and all must be done with knowledge of all the facts.

      That is a legal premise whereby a testimony in the form of an affidavit of all the facts can only be offered with first hand knowledge of all the facts. Otherwise, it's hearsay and doesn't mean jack, it could be a lie and often is.

      You all have a vested interest JED, so why not roll up your sleeves and help. That is what Anna says she wants everyone to do. Do the right thing, put yourself out there. Or even out here, work your way through the tough questions. Do it live and use that fabulous mind to put it all together. Sorry dude but it's all about philosophy and if you don't think the beautiful people that want to run everything don't think about it that way then you may as well go sit on the porch.

    19. and i have **NEVER** said anything bad about woman:annamaria nor about man:james belle cher.
      quite the opposite in fact:
      i have talked to and texted with annamaria back in the past and i enjoyed our convos; and i am concerned about jim belle cher because of reasons ive already posted multiple times.

      if you are someone who doesnt yet realize that "annavonink" is NOT annamaria:woman then, really, at this point, unless youre new, its your own fault.


  2. Woman. Who are you? Where are you?

    Anna hasn’t changed her goals in thousands of posts. She clearly states who she is, where she is and what she is pleading from us.
    She also clearly states that she expects us as a country to place leaders besides herself in all the leadership roles. She clearly states that she just wants all of us to re-create the govt of the country that we all love. For all of us.

    Until you or anyone else stands up, then she has to be your leader.
    I’m asking you to step up in a useful manner or step aside.

    1. I absolutely agree. These people in the comment section tend to do more complaining than action. They spout out all this knowledge and information and sit back and whine about the people who is actually doing the heavy lifting.

    2. 👍 ✌️
      All The Best, Wirkin

    3. ddt36,
      "Until you or anyone else stands up, then she has to be your leader."

      this just shows the world that even though you joined a "Patriot-y-ish-ic group that you are still embarrassingly ignorant concerning even the simplest of concepts like "political status", imo.

      im not going to waste my time explaining it.
      if someone wants to know, they can ask; and if i have time and feel like it, i might explain.
      otherwise, at this point, "followers of the pot of GOLD at the end of the Rainbow", will just have to keep following leperechauns. :):):)

    4. ddt36
      and ive already said plainly many times who and also where i am.
      so asking that strongly suggests that youre not *pay*ing "attention", imo.

    5. Or maybe , Now I am going out on a limb here.... but just maybe not everyone read that post. The one where you have "already said who and where you are." I know I missed it. And not because I'm not paying attention. But because I do have other things to do.

    6. That girl's on a mission to get paid! Gold:baby! I got to git me some gold:damn it! Where is it grandma?Gimme! Gimme!Gimme! She looks ravishing in parse syntax. It really sets off her eyes.

    7. lifesmurage i remember you wanting re-posts especially for yourself before.

      it looks like you decide not to use your time to read the blog comments but think other people should waste their time re-posting for you.



    8. anonymous,

      i didnt sign up for GrannyGOLD.

      *YOU* did. :):):)

      did you take delivery on any of that GrannyGOLD yet? :):):)

      let us all know when you get your GrannyGOLD account open with all that "credit" in it, ya'hear?! :):):):):)

  3. Right to travel is it

    The IT project that Ate (8) America
    Be sure and read all four pages

  4. Looks to me the foundations are required. Sure you can fake a flat floor and rooms on 50th floor and sit around shooting down canaries warning you with fancy word attacks , but soon you will topple as your foundation rots even more. Its hard to face up to painful truths but better to get it fixed proper before your creation is masked deep in corporate mistakes just like the farms and planet dying by the hour as the children waste time playing with poisons

  5. Citizenship in the next kingdom

    Geez it goes on an on and on and on

    1. It does? Where does go to Captain YouTube?

  6. Rand Corporation and the Internet of Bodies

    And what do ya know Rand Corporation employees in key roles today after participating in previous events

  7. Ok
    Then please explain political status as patiently as you can. Take your time.
    Who is a better group for me to investigate for my better well being?
    I don’t care about gold at all.
    I want to be a free man that doesn’t feel like something is wrong.
    We wouldn’t be talking if we were positive that all is well.
    Ok your turn

    1. ddt36,

      I feel like things are positive:
      we all now realize that most of the people in this world, worldwide, want the same thing: take care of their loved ones, their friends and neighbors, and themselves, quietly and peacefully, and within natural law.

      i encourage you to just go ahead and start finding out about political status for yourself:
      if you want to use these suggestions, heres a kickstart:
      how man acquires political status?
      is there more than one way?
      how does man make it known?
      is it a choice?
      what jurisdiction is he in?

      we are used to the dumbdown way.
      go beyond "tweet thoughts". sit down in a chair and STUDY. research. look up. connect the dots. take notes. bring your findings before groups/ to blogs for discussion. bring your findings back here. let people comment.

  8. I have read many of Anna's articles. I have downtime at work and enjoy reading the comments too. I truly suspect that Janmarie needs to get a new hobby. I think she may also be a few cards shy of a deck. Of course, I do not know her, but I suspect so. Lol

    1. TheConsiousRN:

      It's surprising that you would say that janmarie is a few cards shy of a deck. More than a few people were convinced that Anna was too a few days ago with that bombshell post.

      janmarie is a fierce warrior and we all could use some of that spirit quite frankly. Let's summarize, we all have governments that are quite enthusiastic about engaging in genocide, guilty of mass psychosis of everyone, and engaged in proxy wars via a shadowy group of self-appointed, nerdy, pointy headed, unelected creeps like the WEF. And, they are thrilled that have installed their trained, operatives in government circles so they can govern by proxy.

      They try to force poison on the public and resort to public shaming of anyone who really knows what is going and and simply objects to the whole shebang.

      They want to starve you, steal your access to reliable energy, and force nonsensical public policy in the name of saving the planet from a fate they claim is a virtual certainty, i.e, climate change. Spoiler alert...the earth is cooling not warming and there are plenty of researchers who have come to that conclusion. God forbid you open your lips to question the science lest you be accused of being a knuckle-dragging disinformation peddler.

      I have a flash for you, a new "hobby" for either janmarie or even you at this point is not even a little bit interesting right now.

      Biden recently said that people should be prepared to go hungry and pay way more for energy all in the name of supporting sanctions against Russia and Putin. We're all supposed to take one for the team...Really?

      Now that is an idea that is a few cards shy of a deck, I have never once seen janmarie suggest anything as remotely stupid as that. She is quite social if you approach her with respect, but if you just want to piss on her rug you are going to get what you always got. She is knowledgeable and doesn't back away from asking the right questions, you should hope that more people like her will help save everyone's collective ass from whatever is coming. Anna pledged to do that and we will see how it all unfolds, she may be crazy like a fox nobody knows.

      And when you see the vast majority of the public fussing and fretting over a virus that hasn't been isolated, and even the CDC now admits can't be accurately diagnosed with a PCR test, what are we doing? It was supposed to be the gold standard, and now it amounts to nothing more than a giant fraud, and I am not the only one to make that statement.

      You should feel sorry for the neurotic boobs that wear a mask and gloves in the car with the windows rolled up in the summer. Those are the people that could be thought of as being a few cards shy of a deck. And they don't want to seek the knowledge that will set them free. That the past two years have been an insanely giant fraud of biblical proportions.

      But hey good luck with that time off now!

    2. my comment to you willsmith just got wiped out!

      awwwwww! somebody doesnt want me posting... :(:(:(.

      okay, im over it lol! :):):).

    3. willsmith,

      only you could answer a comment like that with such aplomb! lololool! youre a man after my own internet heart! :):):)
      im really glad you understand the purpose for what i am doing.

      still giggling though...
      willsmith, you are without a doubt the Master of Tact.


  9. See Karl Lentz' info on YT and elsewhere on that word 'wish'. It appears she's using it in the legal sense.

  10. jake,
    wish cannot be used in any "legal sense" because wish is not a legal/dead entity word: a legal entity cannot wish;
    only man can wish for something.

    it is a common law for man word.

    if you go to Karls video title Karl Lentz 228, on Craig Lynchs YT, just for an example, you can hear that Karl is telling how (a) man in court "wishes" to have his property returned to him. its not one of karls best videos, but it gets the main point across, *man* **wishes**.

    if "anmavonikn" is "wish"-ing, then its a woman using common law authority, not legal.

    also, Karl uses a mix of part American and part British common law.
    Alphonse Faggiolo and Christopher James both use British. I believe Alphonse uses Commerce/Maritime and so forth as well.

  11. Not a damn thing matters if our earth continues to be sprayed like a bug on a rug. Wake Up!

  12. Interesting information in this 1897 worlds fair NOTEBOOK
    Introduction to the new indoctrination techniques as they forged ahead with their Lincoln BULLSHIT

    And this one here
    Well I wonder who owns copyright to the Bible and using the words from that book will land you a copyright strike and all your labor and efforts get sucked away?
    See Brad here thinks he can use the words from the Bible in a song when in fact that book is copyrighted!
    That book alone is the biggest and best selling book of all times and has made the controllers untold trillions upon trillions of dollars
    The article down the page World Wnglish Bible (WEB) is interesting

  13. And if the money is nothing but debt notes you never owned the shit to begin with

    It's just another way to get you to sign up, get a subscription and pay pay pay out those there fake debt notes for the the use of the product

    As he says in the video, houses in my neighborhood at least 60% that go up on the market today are for LEASE or rent
    Berkshire Hathaway (like Ms Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies) is one of the main buyers of those very homes
    This is how they will do away with home ownership
    And if you live in an HOA I am pretty sure there are underlying caveats within the paperwork that states you never bought the friggin land in the first place it always belonged to the crook behind the HOA

    Lennar Homes is AMAZON folks
    Every house being built here in Texas by Lennar is completely wifi centered where everything in the home is tracked and traced through AMAZON

    Welcome to the Jungle (AMAZON)

    For friggs sake these thieves are telling you to your damned face this is a jungle, the AMAZON, that you are buying and selling through is KING folks
    Not bucking the system, you're feeding it

    Every wonder why they call their warehouses DISTRIBUTION CENTERS (DC)
    Back in 2005-2008 AMAZON opened 15 DC's across this nation in preparation for this lock down buy everything on line spree
    I KNOW BECAUSE I WORKED IN LOGISTICS in the IT department and helped set them all up to send in their ELECTRONIC MANIFEST (ANSI X12 215), INVOICING (ANSI X12 210), SHIPMENT STATUS (ANSI X12 214) for every DC folks
    ANSI is American National Standards Institute which links up to international business enterprise management of the GLOBAL supply chain

    Just like ICD9 and ICD10 Internatinal Classification of Diseases
    The reason for the cross over with the animal so called diseases like bird flu, bat flu, cow pox and all this other nonsense is to MERGE the teo medicines in to ONE
    Pretty soon you will be getting your hellthcare from a vet
    After all it is the animal kingdom
    This is the reason for all this shit so they can streamline their processes and cut their bottom line in support of the herd
    PROPHET is the name of the game
    All of it comes out of SWISSY Land

    They're all in it together

  14. Check out DYSONS (die sons) new product

    Sorry but had to get you to check the shirt out this guy is wearing, you gotta love it

  15. How do you pull off Agenda 21/2030/2050 in plain sight while stealing all the viabale lands and resources for yourself then spouting off that everywhere there is just too damned many people

    Well you migrate them off the farms and in to mega city regions and you claim that there is just not enough land or recources to go around

    Same thieves, global objecive

    1. Extreme Urbanization or forced migration off the lands for theft by those who control the money

      We see it everywhere

      How large in the continent of India and why are all the people crammed in to such regions
      If you guess the planning of the UN Agenda 21 planners you get a thumbs up

  16. You never owned it