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Monday, March 28, 2022

Nanny State or Granny State?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Chapter Two

It follows that the growth of knowledge and belief is unique to each one of us.  It is an organic process.  It takes time.  And if we are serious about it, it takes effort. 

The Great Dictum of the Ancient World, "Know thyself." is a lifetime pursuit, a matter of meeting endless challenges and answering equally endless questions. 

Everything from, "Do I like oatmeal?" to "Do I believe in my professed religion?" hits the deck of our intellectual and emotional experience, demanding answers. 

And they are answers that only we can give. 

Be honest about this.  Admit that you are a work in progress, from your first breath to your last, as wonderful as you are and as bad as you are, as strong and as weak, you are the already existing totality reflected in all the mirrors, the thing you only glimpse and always seek. 

So you have all these questions, and you have your performances, your responses to each test.  You have your ability to observe yourself, and the ability to say you got it right or you got it wrong.  And how would we do it differently, too, if this, if that, if I'd caught the bus to Memphis.... 

Well, then, everything might be different.  

I might have been a dentist's wife, living in Minnesota, instead. 

Thus we accumulate our own collection of "unanswerables" and regrets, things that we remember and mull over time and time again, trying to fathom all the aspects of who we were then, what we did, what we didn't do, what we said, and most often, what we left unsaid, too. 

Sometimes we emerge as the heroes of our own story, and other times we fall like Icarus, a broken lump with glued together feathers. 

And that's just the way it is.  We are all on a journey of self-discovery, and what we believe about ourselves, like what we believe about God, is forged in this process, moment by moment and day by day and year by year.  

What I want you to do now, is observe that this is true.  It's true for you and it's true for everyone else.  The only difference is that some of us are aware of the process of self-discovery, and others are dead to it, walking through life like zombies, unable or unwilling to come to grips with this relentless examination of ourselves. 

And I want to encourage you, too, to accept the challenge.  You never know the answers until you ask the questions.  You never know the truth about yourself, until you push beyond your comfort zone. 

It's then that you find out things that you never imagined, glorious things, and mundane things, too.  Things like, yes, I am a trustworthy friend, are proven side by side with no, I don't really care for tomato aspic -- and as unnerving as all this flood of information can be, it's the stuff that our endless internal dialogue is made of. 

Pay attention to that dialogue, if you would be wise, and if you would be free.

Ask yourself --- what's the truth about me?  And change anything you don't like, knowing that you and only you, possess the power to change yourself and your world.  


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  1. As previously stated: My belief in God is like my belief in Santa Claus. As a child I believed in Santa Claus because there were gifts under the tree. I believed my parents....Who wouldn't??? Then, as I got older I realized there is no Santa Claus....(I mean, how could he deliver gifts to all the children's homes in the world????) Then as I got even older I found out I was Santa Claus because I put the gifts under the tree.
    See the connection?????
    To explain:
    As a child I believed in God as that man upstairs who knows all. I was raised Catholic and fairly strict I might add. Even petrified at NOT going to church on Sunday...If I missed mass I was surely going to hell. Then later as a high school junior or senior, I talked with an Atheist.....Wow did I have a change of heart/mind!!! So much confusion. Then Vietnam where practically ALL MY BELIEFS were shattered. With that confusion I stumbled upon Macrobiotics where I learned the truth...THE REAL TRUTH ( A wild jump out of my comfort zone.... at least for me) : EVERYTHING CHANGES. Nothing is static, everything is changing moment to moment, summer into winter, hot into cold, war into peace, love into hate, civilizations, rise and fall, on endlessly.
    And with further study I asked my self....WHERE DID I COME FROM??? Of course I answered my parents.... and where did they come from ..of course, their parents and if I kept that questioning up I soon realized I came from the infinite number of parents, or Infinity. So my latest belief is that since I came from Infinity, the endless order of the Universe, from the beginningless beginning to the endless end. Therefore, I must be god.... ( notice the small g)....Not that I can part the waters but one who can choose the difference between reality and illusions. ANYWAY...enought for now. May be a bit to wrap your head about but with an email I can explain it better with a few charts.

    1. OH, by the way, for anyone interested in the charts I promised in the above comment about being infinity you can get a hold of me.... try my email:
      Tks in advance.

  2. Ms. Reitzinger,
    We operate in the 6th and 7th density as well as the 9th. You operate from the 4th and 5th density using 3rd and 4th density data. Your conclusions are flawed and illogical from our perspective. The facts have been provided to you through John, You choose to ignore John in favor of whatever spirit guides you follow. What spirit guides do you follow Anna? Where are they located? What are their names? What authority do they offer? What is your motivation? Do you simply seek freedom for your nation or is it some special recognition you seek for yourself and your husband? The solution is right in front of your eyes yet you ignore or disdain it. What threat does John pose to you? Are you wanting some particular position in government? Do you think that you and only you understand money, the trusts and the fraud involved? Are you wanting to be recognized as some deity or angel? Your 'commands' to the Draco or any other Galactic entity means nothing. This issue could be resolved overnight if it weren't for you and your LLF keeping the deception going with endless discussion, delay and threats. The answer is to give the planet and Trusts to the one whom it belongs to in the first place. You are messing not only with our Son's life but the lives and souls of everyone else on the planet. Why? Because you are selfish as well as under the control of unfamiliar spirits in the guise of familiar spirits. We will no longer allow your conspiracy with your 5th dimensional partner in crime Anna. She (they) are guiding your thoughts in order to gain benefit for themselves after the transition. This activity is a high crime under Universal, Galactic and Solar Law. You are participating in this crime either willingly or unwillingly. You are holding up God's plan for your own self interest. This can and will get both you and your husband hung, beheaded or shot. Yes, you can consider this a direct threat to your life. Charge Us. Your inaction has caused and is presently causing the death of innocent persons. Do you want to be executed before you are sent to Mars colony? If you do simply keep up your present actions. If you don't simply do the correct thing. Whether or not you think it's right it's still legally Correct, ethically Lawful and morally Proper. Stop holding Us up!!!


    1. The Apple Dumpling gang is shacked up with Francis. Big old pervert fest no doubt.

    2. I'm beginning to feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Enki or whoever or whatever you are, you say the solution is easy, you say give back the planet and trusts to whom they belong, my question is... who would that be, as far as I'm concerned the planet belongs to all of us equally and not for the few evil dingbats claiming that any sentient being can be the property of another, so what exactly is your solution if it is so easy to implement..?

    3. This planet belongs to John, the Son of God (Enki) and Son of the Holy Mother Tiamat. "For God so loved the planet that he gave it to his only begotten Son so that anyone believing in Him could have eternal life". John 3:16 JOHN 111

    4. Pure fantasy. You understand nothing.

    5. Nothing new under the sun, He Who sits in heaven still laughs.
      Why are the nations in an uproar,
      And the peoples devising a vain thing?

      The kings of the earth take their stand
      And the rulers take counsel together
      Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
      “Let us tear their fetters apart
      And cast away their cords from us!”

      He who sits in the heavens laughs,
      The Lord scoffs at them...

      the people of the Most High do not serve the fallen. and every claim of right of rule over them is fallen. One living has claim as Head (as witnessed "in him will I place My trust," and " behold My beloved Son, in whom I Am well-pleased. Hear ye him.") whose Name being translated in english is Joshua, our High Priest

    6. Praise be to the Holy God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, for he will show mercy to those who seek and love Yah, for He is worthy.

  3. Except this is a plane of inertia inside a torus field! The so called planets and stars are electromagnetic luminaries! Plenty of videos with p900 $ p1000 cameras! "Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement " red hot chili peppers

    1. Spot on. And it's foundations are mathematically set. Start off with the Golden Ratio Phi and work it on up. Smooth

    2. or down, and around.

    3. great points.
      genesis 1:14-19 lights
      job 38:4-6 foundations laid, measured, and fastened.