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Thursday, June 13, 2019

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

Deep State Traitors Infesting the U.S. Federal Government Must Be Exposed

The Millennium Report
May 31, 2019
The whole world has watched Merkel, Macron and May destroy Europe by stealthily implementing the globalist scheme to remove national borders throughout the Eurozone.
Nation and after nation has fallen prey to this secret plot to transform the European Union (EU) into a totalitarian communist superstate. See European Union Expos√©: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe
With this crucial understanding, it ought to be easier to comprehend that the very same nefarious conspiracy is being covertly implemented by the New World Order globalist cabal in these United States of America.
Read the rest of this critial expose here:


  1. Read article down on the right of this page
    EU = Vatican Occupied Europe
    Then read down on the right
    Catholic North American Union
    All Planned
    This is what NAFTA and USMCA deal is all about creating the North American Union
    The plan to disappear Canada
    Actively carrying out genocide in Canada and all over the planet
    The Millennium Development Goals (MDG's)
    Same thing with the UN agenda 21
    That is why they destroyed our industry and jobs
    Auto manufacturing, steel industry, open sourced the information technology industry (IBM, Microsoft)
    No accident carefully planned through all their CORPORATIONS to render everyone on this earth dead or one of the remaining who will be chipped or else
    Read the blog pages below
    They have been actively destroying and exterminating people all over the planet using immigration to steer the human cattle in to the awaiting and fully staffed FEMA extermination camps
    The US CORPORATION is the military that have been used to destroy these other nations to create their new world order - exterminating millions upon millions as they go to take over the land resources water everything - Switzerland is their home base

  2. The CFR and their involvement in the plan which goes back centuries

  3. Psychopaths is an understatement
    Why do you think they want everyone on the planet disarmed
    The Earth Federation Movement is the solution - create the choas, stir up the demand for the solution, have the solution already in play
    Same thing with the League of Nations - then came the United Nations (which I believe means United N a z i s) then you have the Earth Federation save mother earth that's why you have them pushing and creating the climate change to get to their already in progress solution
    Devolve all of humanity down to laborers on their plantation while they sit in their palaces screaming green new deal save the earth
    And no one sitting in that White House (a replica of the Vatican) will do anything but go along with the plan

  4. Giulianni and the NAFTA Super Highway
    Bush and the NAFTA Super Highway
    Bush family and IG Farben
    More links with information
    The bloodlines

  5. If you can't trust the current White House, then all hope is lost.

    1. It's the veterans they want disarmed - they working to have that done 'events' being staged to proclaim that anyone that has PTSD should not have a gun, anyone with medical cannibas should not have a gun, VA handing out big pharma drugs making big pharma rich while the veterans are being drugged to death and getting rockefeller death medicine administered
      Not to mention the vaccine drug testing they have done on all the armed forces which in turn has poisoned their systems and their families as some of the stuff gets carried back home to their families, all documented
      Look at the so called new stuff they just rolled out in Texas
      This is a map fomented long ago and it applies to exactly what is happening today all over the world
      They're killing our men so we have no one left home to fight back

    2. All hope is lost because we can not trust man?

    3. a follower and are the only ones that see our problem clearly.....there is just to much corruption in the world now....i can only see it being corrected "one way "...!!
      A second coming....!!

    4. Shelby...yes we do..we have a secret weapon...C

      No matter how many post you give Shelby, they all seem to be ignored...!! All you have to do is Google all the countries like Venezuela and the entire central America's and see how people are living...if that's what you call it..!! If they don't kill us with drugs, it will be pesticides and pandemics .

      Things are reaching critical explosion is imminent...!! But let's just form jural assembles to solve all the world's problems...!!

  6. This is what they have done to nation after nation as they consolidate all their business entities across the world
    The US they took away manufacturing, steel, car industry, information technology either outsourcing or shipping people over on H1B visas
    All planned and carried out while our men have been dying in war after war after war so they could plunder and kill off the people of the planet and take over all the land and resources

  7. In the past,(because the past does matter and is relevant)did God allow and cause foreigners to invade?
    Did He cause the languages to be confused?
    Do you think Trump can or will stop it, because he says he will?

  8. What we are watching has all been foretold, we should be able to find solace in this.

  9. Dear response to your comment on "jailhouse lawyers"....You know damn well I didn't mean your a coward in the normal sense...!! You are the author of this site, not Paul..!! And as such, you have the responsibility to intervene when people like C Johnson and me or anyone else have an ongoing dispute when you clearly see it is non- productive and increasing other patriot site runs this way except yours...!! You are a coward for not stepping in and ending the arguememt when you see it is getting hostile. .!!

    And by the way, I have been on your site way before C Johnson and I never start fights...but being Italian I will never back down from one either , especially when someone draws "FIRST BLOOD", like your rude and very immature C Johnson....WHAT AN ATTITUDE..!! Do you approve of that kind of nonsense...!! That's why I like the good old days of meeting face to face in groups, instead of cyberspace...!! No one would ever talk to me face to face like C Johnson does...!! It's flat out rude and you know it...!! I get a lot of my info from people you also know, like Jean Keating...!! I doubt very seriously if C Johnson comes up to his level....She is a total "Misandrist"...!! Am I'm not the only one that thinks so...!! So let's settle this dispute..!! I say , like Jean Keating that the court of original jurisdiction is the United States District Court, and she says that it is the US Supreme court...!! What do you say it is....simple question...!@ Incidentally, in this day and age, the constitution and rule of law is judged differently by different judges everyday or they wouldn't need to Shepordize all the cases daily ...would they...!! C Johnson seems to think you never have to enter a courtroom ever...!! Let me know one foreclosure case that was won out of court....please..!! Once they start, they never give up....NEVER..!!

  10. One more thing and the courts are not our only problem and you know it...what we are very short on now is...TIME..!! Do you realize that people with a different strain (lab created) of Ebola is coming into this country..?? One that doesn t kill its host quickly like the normal Ebola...!! It stays in the host for awhile then moves to a different part of the body, where it takes contact to get it...but it is originally inhaled by the lungs..!! And our govt says it isn't airborne ...!! You have corruption in every part of govt now...!! How are jural assembles going to correct a pandemic....!! We are being bombardarded 1000 ways to Sunday, and somehow you think jural assembles are going to change everything...
    How exactly when we are out of time and money...!!

    Kim Gruetin (possible) and her protege , Thomas Williams have come to the same conclusion as I have...that people cannot just be handed money, because they just won t allow it...!! The most obvious way to increase a person's paycheck is to eliminate all Federal taxation...including taxes on bills like gas and electric...just doing that will increase people's income by at least 40 %....!! Here in Calif. they don't even want Trump on the ballot...!! Where is the rule of law for that...!!