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Friday, June 14, 2019


Found Here:

Pay special attention to the censorship issue that prompted this whistleblower to speak out.

It was the Pinterest censorship of pro life sites like Live Action that pushed him to blow the whistle.


  1. Big Tech Whistleblower gives first TV Interview:

    You can support Eric Cochran here:

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  3. Wink, send a few "shekels" to support Paul's blog, I'm going to do the same. Big Tech companies are censoring big time and Paul may be the last refuge of free speech. Also in the video, note the censorship of Christians and Christian holidays - shameful. Gee, I wonder who could be behind that?

    1. Ready - Yep & send to Anna too. thanks & stay sane

  4. bIG tech is dying to be regulated!!! this should never be. Do you really trust Pelosi, Cortez, et. al. to regulate the internet? A class action lawsuit for tortuous interference by those banned and harassed or using the Sherman Anti Trust act to break them up are better options.

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