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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Irony and the Elephant

By Anna Von Reitz

We have made tremendous progress.  We can finally talk, openly, about the "elephant" in the middle of the room.  Strangely, it was this way about the issue of American Independence, too.  For the longest time, people couldn't or wouldn't discuss it.  

Part of this was loyalty to England.  Many Colonists were originally from England and they continued to have fellow-feeling for their homeland, even several generations removed from British soil.  

Part of this was fear, because the British were nasty landlords, and had a habit of knocking heads and sending out squads of soldiers whenever the least bit of controversy was heard concerning the latest Acts of Parliament.  

Both sentiment and fear of unpleasant consequences dictated the silence then, and so it has again been the same way in America today, for the same causes, only the names have changed.  

Many Americans continue to have a misplaced sense of loyalty toward the foreign commercial corporations that have been providing them with "essential government services" and have not only accepted, but have been clinging to, a mistaken identity as "US Citizens"---- never realizing how disadvantageous this political status actually is.  

They don't want to face facts and admit that the IRS terrifies them and steals large amounts of their yearly earnings--- a greater percentage by far, than serfs had to pay in the Middle Ages.  

They don't want to see that the courts are utterly corrupt. 

They don't want to fully understand that the "political parties" are actually "political lobbies" engaged in fighting over who gets to deliver the biggest piece of pie to their members --- completely without regard for the good of the country.  

Many Americans desperately want to believe in "their" government, complete with brass bands and fireworks, and many still don't realize that their government has been gradually undermined and usurped upon, until it is a pitched battle for volunteers to keep it alive and rebut claims that it has been "abandoned". 

And as in the days leading up to the Revolution, many Americans are afraid to speak up. They hope, by keeping their heads down and paying large portions of their earnings to "the government", to have a little modicum of peace in their lives.  Still, whenever they think of the IRS or a traffic stop, they sweat. 

So between ignorance and fear, it has been relatively rare for anyone to actually talk about these facts and many more.  Those with the good sense to realize that something is drastically wrong have been labeled and marginalized as Tin Hats and Conspiracy Theorists.  Those who have done anything about the situation, have been mis-characterized as "violent" and "unbalanced" and called names like "sovereign citizen".  

The police, with a rare combination of bovine stupidity and bull-like violence, have been keeping the peace via violence and armed theft of their employers' assets.  Most of them don't even know that they are acting as private security personnel and are not bonded, not public officials, and have no special authority to ram around in military surplus vehicles and flak jackets bullying and robbing the rest of us under color of law.  

But now at last, the actual situation can be talked about.  Indeed, it can be openly addressed.  The fact is that we are the Priority Creditors and Employers of these Yahoos, all of them, and they are in extremely deep debt to us. 

They have plotted to kill us off precisely because of that fact.  

They have mis-characterized us and labeled us and told outrageous lies about us because of that fact.  

And now the truth comes out.  The "US" National Debt is owed to the Americans.  The elephant in the middle of the room can be talked about.  

The reason that it can be talked about and is being talked about --- and the reason that the push is on to not only save the lives of the innocent people, but to get them relief that they are owed --- is that we, The Living Law Firm and The American States Assemblies --- have brought it all forward.  

Others have also brought the circumstance forward, but they didn't have standing to do so, and for the most part, they brought it forward because they were trying to chisel-in and secure special advantages for themselves.  

The Living Law Firm held the line.  The People have assembled.  

Otherwise, the charlatans would have declared bankruptcy again and left us on the hook as their "presumed" secondaries to pay their bills for them. 

Otherwise, all the assets and land would be (according to them) "abandoned" and up for grabs by any Tom, Dick, or Daniel from whatever foreign countries wanted to show up here and claim what you and your ancestors fought and died for.  

So now the tide is turning and the actual facts may be discussed in the open, in front of God and Everyone.  This miracle is made possible because millions of people worldwide are waking up, are admitting what is right in front of their faces, and are taking action to change, to restore, to reform, and to correct. 

Yes, Virginia, there is an elephant in the living room.  And a St. Bernard on the front porch, too.  You are not imagining it.  

The irony of all this is that while Americans stand to regain trillions of dollars worth of assets and credit that they are owed because of The Living Law Firm and The State Assemblies, nobody pays them.  It's all volunteer.  The Living Law Firm, including the historical researchers, the paralegals and auditors--- lives or dies on the basis of your donations.  The State Assemblies, too, can't make it without you donating your time and talents and money. 

More times than I can count the last three years we have been down to running on fumes, and we are getting close to that again.  Every time it happens, we get just enough in to keep our noses in the black.  I mean, literally, just enough--- maybe ten or twenty dollars to spare.  It is so close each time,  that it's like God is poking me in the ribs and making sure that I know where this is coming from and how all this is actually being accomplished --- by His Spirit and Grace.  

None of this is according to the wisdom of men.  Not one little iota.  And at the end, the only credit we can give, is not to ourselves.  A far greater wisdom has guided us and a far greater love has sustained us every step.  This work has not been done, and these aims have not been pursued, by mere mortals. It is God in us that makes this possible. 

If you are called to help, please answer the call today.  Everyone can pray.  Just stop and ask for help for yourselves and for us.  I have learned the hard way, that you have to ask.  And sometimes keep asking for as much as thirty days. 

Let this, the 14th of June, be the beginning of a thirty day prayer effort.  Once a day, for thirty days, pray for the peace of our planet and for the abundance of life and grace and love we need to carry us onward.  Pray for wisdom to guide us and for the skills and tools and resources we need to do the work before us.  

The Atheists can snicker and pooh-pooh all they like.  It still takes faith to move mountains. 

Those of you who can help financially, we survived last month with a small reserve which is now close to being spent. Even when we recoup everything and have funding from other sources, there isn't a "line item" for Grandma and The Living Law Firm and the peculiar work we do.  

If you have been blessed and wish to bless others -- my PayPal is the same as my email address: We take Snail Mail donations to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  I act as the conduit and comptroller to parcel out resources to all the others involved, except for Paul, who has his own donate button. 

We've come a long way.  The correct issues are finally under discussion and the correct People --- the Heirs and Beneficiaries of our States of the Union, are present and accounted for.   If your State Assembly  is still looking for a Coordinator and you have your paperwork reclaiming your birthright political status recorded, don't wait another day.  Hear the call and say the prayer and do what you can do. 


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  1. Still dumping chemtrails all over the earth poisoning everything
    A good read and dates and numbers to be aware of
    Communicate with each other and carry out covert rituals in all they do from news reports, sports, numbers they use, colors they wear, you name it
    Code talkers
    Just passing along information for anyone interested
    Must ban/stop chemtrails, all weather warfare, 5G and SMART meters
    All the credit or money in the world is worthless - we must have good health, air, food, clean water none of which is possible with the above weapons being used and/or in the process of being deployed

    1. It would seem, many of the Q followers via cereal brain two etc. are under the impression that Trump has stopped the chemtrail spraying.
      And yet a look to the sky shows different.

  2. Shelby, thank you very much for your interest. I would really be pleased if we could speak in real time to get acquainted and explore friendship. I'd be happy to befriend you and hope you would be the same to me. Please give me a call at 949-878-7100 and since it is a cell phone you are welcome to text me first to introduce yourself or just call. I am a bit difficult to reach by phone so please always text after you leave a voicemail message. I am in Pacific time so it is now 6:30 p.m. here if you get this soon. roxi

  3. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 tells exactly what will happen when you start talking about peace peace. There will be no peace until the Prince of peace returns.

    We don’t live on a round ball called a planet.

  4. Here's what i have noticed and there is a pattern to be seen if you will be honest with yourselves. And yes go ahead and call me a troll and all the various names that you will.Does that too make you correct? Does it also make you feel better and so self righteous?
    Every time we see one of these we are the winning team Hoorah speeches it is almost always followed with the need and call for more $$$.

    Still no answer:
    How many of you have filed your "paperwork" and stopped paying your taxes, both you and your spouse? How many?
    How many now do not pay for your utility bills? And yet still have full unobstructed use of them?
    How many of you are willing to just give it all, in this thinking that any day now your check will be coming via Gods fiduciary into your mailbox?
    Is that what the Bible has taught you? Is this God's word and Truth?

    Paul, do not remove entire thread nor this comment. That is an act of fear and dictatorship of men. Is this not we are supposedly standing against?


  6. I have previously pointed out what I consider to be the major flaw in the solution that Anna has proposed, and to my knowledge there has been no reply or acknowledgement. This present failed experiment in American governnent began when constitutions were offered to the people of the newly declared "free and independent states" that required that each participating member pledge his allegiance to "this state." Yahuah declared in Jeremiah 17:5 that every man who trusts in man is cursed, and "this state" is nothing more than a group of men. You can talk all you wish about how God is enabling your efforts, but until you propose a government that recognizes that mankind's allegiance belongs to his Creator, and that only mankind's Creator is able to protect mankind, you're simply repeating the same mistake that led to our present cursed condition. My proposed solution is presented here:

  7. Also, on at least two occasions over the past two years I have emailed the contact for the Georgia Jural Assembly and have not yet received a reply.