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Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Proclamation: To Attorney General Barr and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that both of you may be ignorant of the actual history of this country. This in itself is normal, because none of us have been taught the actual history in school. However, those of us who have taken the time and made the effort to learn are in position to assist in clearing up several pervasive confusions.

First, the only entities involved in the "American Civil War" were Federal States of States, not the actual States of the Union. The American Civil War was in fact a mercenary conflict. It was never properly declared by any Congress and it has never been resolved by a Peace Treaty. Those Federal States of States, which are --- whether North or South --- all "Confederate States", have yet to be reconstructed, a circumstance that has never been fully explained to the American Public and which has never been corrected as a result.

Second, this circumstance leaves a third of the Federal Government inoperable, and from our perspective, the most important part: that which is supposed to be operated by Americans for Americans. The British Territorial contractors and the Holy Roman Empire's Municipal contractors eagerly entered the power vacuum created by this situation and secretively substituted their own "States of States" organizations for ours, operating like cuckoo birds occupying a nest. They also incorporated their service delivery operations, so that in fact, we have private, foreign-chartered, for-profit commercial corporations masquerading as our government.

Third, this is not what we are owed in terms of treaty or commercial contract, and it stands before the entire world as an affront to decency and good faith and service by both the Queen's Government and the Holy See, that we, the Americans, have not been fully informed and have not been assisted to restore the functions of the Federal Government.

Fourth, it is also an affront that our States have been accidentally-on-purpose mistaken for rival commercial corporations and our People have been mis-characterized both as combatants and as commercial vessels, when it has been plainly stated and well-established ever since the Civil War that we are a separate population with a sovereign civilian government of our own that you are all employed by.

Fifth, for your edification, The United States, a Union of soil jurisdiction states, controls the soil jurisdiction of this country. The United States of America, a Federation of land jurisdiction States controls the international jurisdiction of this country. Our States of America organization is supposed to be in control of the bulk of the Federal functions delegated under the constitutional agreements.

Sixth, because of the foregoing situation and out of self-interested deceit, both the British Territorial Government and the Holy Roman Empire's Municipal Government have been operating commercial corporations "in our names" and employing our Delegated Powers in unauthorized ways. The British Territorial Government has been operating as "the" United States of America and the HRE Municipal Government has been operating as "the" United States. These are not our Proper Names and it needs to be fully understood that nothing our employees do or say while acting as our agents in any way countermands what we tell you ourselves, nor does their bankruptcy affect us beyond the fact that we must find new service providers.

Seventh, this basic misunderstanding has led to a situation in which the British Territorial and Municipal Governments have imagined themselves to be the only governments present on our land and they have proposed that all Americans are born as Dual Citizens of their respective commercial corporations, owing duty to the Holy See and the British Territorial Government, which is deliberate self-interested misrepresentation of the facts. The Americans are still here, still minding our lawful and to put a fine point on it --- sovereign--- government of every state of the Union. We don't belong to you; you belong to us. You are our employees, not the Queen's, not the Pope's, and it is time for all these False Claims in Commerce to cease and desist.

Eighth, Americans are born as nationals of their respective States and those States are not subject to any commercial corporation on Earth. We are Minnesotans and Georgians, Californians and Texans. We are not born as nor do we choose to adopt either brand of Federal Citizenship --- neither United States Citizens nor Citizens of the United States. Those citizenship statuses were created under the respective constitutions and have no meaning apart from the constitutional agreements that both the Queen and the Pope stand in breach of.

Ninth, since the 1930's the HRE Municipal Government has been telling a most pernicious lie and making an absolutely outrageous False Claim in Commerce -- a claim that is false on the face of it. They have claimed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address created a Public Trust and that all our assets, personal, private, and public, were rolled into this Express Trust. In fact, this is self-interested poppycock.

Tenth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was being sworn in as President of the United States ---- the Municipal United States Government operated by the Holy See. He was addressing the Citizens of the United States --- the employees and dependents of the Municipal United States Government, and could not be presumed to be addressing anyone else just because they were in earshot. His language throughout is consistent with this interpretation and no other performance would have been legal.

Eleventh, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had no authority to establish any Express Trust related to rank and file Americans and no authority to conscript anyone on our shores. There is no evidence that any Public Trust was in fact established as a result of his verbiage; rather, there is evidence of illegal and immoral and unlawful "taking" of our property and assets and use of legal chicanery to falsely claim that our private property magically became part of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up as a welfare trust for former plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.

Twelfth, no American was ever under any obligation to reply to or rebut Roosevelt's presumptions, because we were not addressed. The only persons having any such obligation to rebut were the Citizens of the United States at that time, and only a small portion of the population, approximately 15%, was or is legitimately in that political status then or now.

Thirteenth, these false presumptions which could only apply to a small percentage of the population, and which were never fully disclosed to anyone by Roosevelt's speech, have since been used to plunder and pillage and abuse and conscript millions of Americans in the greatest fraud and identity theft scheme in history---- which is now discovered and firmly rebutted as nothing more or less than commercial constructive fraud.

Fourteenth, as a result of the fore-mentioned collapse of the States of America Confederacy and the secretive usurpation that took place in the 1860's--by definition, the bulk of Americans were not operating in Commerce in 1933. A "gift" of a commercial franchise operated in our NAMES and conferred upon us without our knowledge or consent and used to make false claims of citizenship obligation upon us was an act of self-interested fraud and any acceptance of such gifts offered under color of law is revealed to be nothing but more crime and chicanery designed to alter our birthright political status as Americans in contravention of the Geneva Conventions.

Fifteenth, the foreign commercial corporations which have been operating on our shores in our purported "absence" and which have been promoting these crimes against us are being liquidated for cause, and no new contracts have been issued to the perpetrators. Our property being held by Attorney General Barr in his inherited capacity as Alien Property Custodian is owed immediate return to the rightful owners and all presumption that we are or ever were "Enemies" must be dropped along with all the False Claims against our property interests.

Sixteenth, as these acts were all promulgated by breach of international treaties and commercial contracts and were promoted via inland piracy, no change of ownership from the original American ownership can be implied. We find that the Congress has attempted to insulate itself from the curse of its own actions by adding a disclaimer to the enabling clause of every Act of Congress since 1861: "This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established." In effect, every American who has ancestors who were present on our soil prior to 1861 is grandfathered in and owed every jot of all three Constitutions and all rights and benefits that have accrued since then.

Seventeenth, as a result of the foregoing: (1) no presumption of animosity or enemy combatant status can be advanced against our actual States of the Union nor our People; (2) no presumption of 14th Amendment citizenship can be applied to anyone who isn't both the progeny of former plantation slaves and also currently receiving unearned federal welfare benefits from the Public Charitable Trust; (3) STRAWMAN Municipal commercial trusts and utilities issued in our names must be presumed to be gifts without strings attached, admitted to be tax percuse, and we ourselves must be held harmless in all respects to the extent that those commercial entities are used for any purpose.

Eighteenth, prompt correction for all these ills and misunderstandings must be provided and those operating the court system must be re-educated and given new instructions fully informing them to stand down and cease making the presumptions under which they have been operating. Proper passports for actual Americans functioning as State Nationals or State Citizens must either be provided or we will provide them ourselves. Likewise, most Americans don't "drive" or operate commercial "motor vehicles" and they need to have proper identification of their private automobiles and their private status as travelers. Again, your agencies may be hired to provide this service or we will provide it ourselves, but you cannot just wave your hands and pretend that everyone in America is involved in interstate commerce and subject to commercial law.

Nineteenth, all the corporate law enforcement personnel need to be informed that they are operating in a private, for-hire capacity under the Pinkerton Laws and have no special authority or public bonding for what they are doing, that they are working for foreign, for-profit, privately held commercial corporations in a mercenary capacity and are not allowed to bully, harass, enter private property, or charge Americans for any infraction that does not directly impair the US Mail or actually occur on the trains or railroad right of way.

Twentieth, all the banks need to be informed that accounts held in the names of living people and unincorporated businesses cannot be misidentified as accounts belonging to commercial franchises of any US or USA CORPORATION and that such accounts are not subject to lien or seizure on the basis of the existence of Social Security Numbers or other evidence obtained under color of law, force, coercion, non-disclosure, or implied, unilateral, or unconscionable contract.

Twenty-first, the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service have both been operating wildly out of context and without authority on our shores and must be severely corrected and re-purposed. These organizations have been operating under the false presumption that all Americans are US Citizens or Citizens of the United States and playing a pillar-to-post confiscation fraud scheme, pretending that Americans have to be either US Citizens or Citizens of the United States, or both, when in fact Americans are owed full recognition of the fact that they are Americans without any federal citizenship obligations at all. Most Americans are not in receipt of any Federal income and are in fact holding the majority of Federal debt as Priority Creditors.

Twenty-second, these facts may be difficult to hear, bear, and deal with, but they are nonetheless facts, and they have been fully vetted, fully investigated, and are known throughout the higher levels of the global community. Any attempt to kill off your Priority Creditors so as to enforce these numerous and egregious False Claims upon us will be instantly recognized for the criminal activity that such attacks against civilian populations always represent. The lawlessness and criminality of the corporations and Boards of Directors involved will be fully exposed and the corporations responsible will be subject to liquidation.

Twenty-third, generations of Americans have been used and abused as mercenaries in wars for profit without their knowledge or consent. This practice, too, is built upon false presumptions of citizenship obligations that do not exist. The Selective Service needs to be shut down permanently, and all recruitment activity in the Armed Services required to fully disclose the nature of the work being offered, the risks, and the rewards--- such as they are. In the absence of any war directly threatening our borders, no pretense that they will be defending their homeland can be used as an excuse to con these young people into employment as mercenaries.

Twenty-fourth, our employees are required to act honorably and to provide Good Faith Service to their actual employers----that means, us, the American People. None of the circumstance we have described above meets those criteria and our extreme displeasure has been conveyed to both the Queen and the Pope and the United Nations. As things stand, both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are out of compliance with the Hague Conventions (Territorial) and the Geneva Conventions (Municipal) and the corporations responsible are continuing to act in a rogue, outlaw capacity with respect to their own employers as well as the international community at large.

Twenty-fifth, we are calling upon both the United States Attorney General and the Secretary of State to make correction within your respective spheres of duty. Mr. Barr is being called upon to Perform under The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States to return our private and public "alien" property unharmed and unencumbered. Mr. Pompeo is being called upon to provide a process by which Americans claiming their birthright political status may be recognized and identified and set free of these noxious false presumptions of federal citizenship.

Most Sincerely,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


President Donald Trump

United Nations Secretariat


  1. Well said Anna, but I seriously doubt that these war-mongering, self-serving monsters will act with any honor and do the right thing.



      30 Days... Hmmmm..

      Next is a Notice of Non-Responce, opportunity to cure!

      10 days... Hmmmm...

      Next is a NOTICE Failure to Respond

      These people can not respond. By responding they admit to the crime.

      It is very important to create the record though, because eventually they are backed into a corner and the Truth will then have to come out.

      Example: the "TOWN OF MILTON" our local (MUNICIPALITY) sent a correspondence to the "FICTION PERSON", sounds like me, requiring a certain number be installed on my home. I asked for a signed order by a competent Officer and a Fee of $5,000,000.00, yes Five Million Dollars [Lawful Money] sent via registered mail, to install their number on my home. So, So, Funny, never heard another word from them!

      We give them authority by compliance.

      What is the solution? Stop complying!

      F orget
      E verything
      A nd
      R un


      F ace
      E verything
      A nd
      R ise

      Who are you, a man or an animal?

      Do you call your son or daughter a Kid?

      What is a Kid? Look up the definition.

      Knowledge is Power!

      Knowledge is the Solution.

    2. Annie....I did all that on my home and they still took it with a notice of default filed before they took it...and the sheriff didn t care and the judge returned my last filing with the court saying "REFUSED"(and not even for cause)...!! And it was sent "Registered mail"...!!
      Yes, I could have appealed it or go for a "Writ of Error" , but for what...!! I want to live in peace, not constantly combating all these people....!!Besides I wound up better in the long run anyway...!! It's better to be poor in this country since our govt gives poor people everything they need and even want...!! Free phones, free food, free rent (almost), and free health care and dental and glasses, and free, free, free...!! They actually did me a favor for once...!! In the end it's in God's hand..!!

  2. "History" is our collective biography and biography can be a shared healing journey! This is the opportunity that Anna has to offer us!

    As a researcher this blog-writer finds Anna's presentation offers an exceptionally astute clarity in regards to the true meaning of "Americans for Americans."

  3. A Proclomation is just another word for "Declaration"(of Indepedance)...!! With civil penalties added...!!

  4. Likewise, most Americans don't "drive" or operate commercial "motor vehicles" and they need to have proper identification of their private automobiles and their private status as travelers. Again, your agencies may be hired to provide this service or we will provide it ourselves, but you cannot just wave your hands and pretend that everyone in America is involved in interstate commerce and subject to commercial law.
    I have a problem with this...I will not hire them to do anything...who are are you to offer them to do this job Anna without our consent, what happened to our choice?... they have been fired, bankrupted they are in fraud, it is all null and VOID. I sure don't trust them and I don't need to have any of my personal property on any of there lists and I sure am not going to pay them for the ID. ID is unlawful and illegal. January 1998 Crown copy-right in the information Age page 29, they own all licenses Birth Certificates Marriage licenses etc...the Commercial Vehicles should have commercial tags the rest of us don't need them. Perhaps I will just hitch up the horse and buggy and go back to the old ways of non polluting travel.

  5. OK, regarding commentary #1. However, your sentiments may appear agreeable, I suggest you consider Yahshua's proposal: "If you only had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains!" Commentary #2. Thank you for giving us the formula for a Notice and Demand in a 3-step administrative process (This is powerful!). Commentary #3. Thank you for pointing to the 'opportunity' Anna has given EVERYONE reading this blog to be "American for Americans". Commentary #4. Thank you for giving us a definition for "Proclamation" and previously excellent instructions for acquiring our passport as American State Nationals (

    Now people, may I suggest that EVERYONE here, copy and paste Anna's Proclamation into a Word doc and sign Your Name under Most Sincerely,... and address and mail a copy to Barr, Pompeo, and Trump. Why? Because Trump is a politician facing re-election very soon, and Pompeo and Barr are his employees, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Trump listens to the people! Now, I don't care if you are a voter OR NOT! Trump is 'our' employee and he has done a fantastic job on many levels as a diplomat, businessman and commander in chief. He is the CEO of US Inc. and he is working it as a for-profit corporation and putting America first. America = We the people. Imagine if thousands of "A Proclamation" letters arrived at the White House, DOJ, and SOS offices! I suggest you send it RR Registered mail, or RR certified mail or just fold it up and stick it in a 55 cent first class business envelope. If you know how to use postage power, I suggest you attach some autographed stamps to the back of every page in the letter and under your autograph at the end of the letter. If you are proficient in corresponding with PUBLIC OFFICIALS, I suggest you start with a cover letter protesting a war with Iran under the 'presumption' of a false flag regarding the maritime incident this past week in the Gulf of Oman. If you have your paperwork done, on the cover page you can say: Find attached: 1. A Proclamation 2. Power of Attorney 3. Copyright Notice, 4. Live-life, 5. Deed of Re-conveyance, 6. Notice of Fraud, 7. Notice of Expatriation, 8. Treaty of Peace, 9. Notice of Understanding, Notice of Citizenship, Status and Standing, etc, etc. And if Anna has a 'problem' with us stealing her letter, because this all my idea, you can send her to me as I am the official complaint department, and she knows where to find me! Come on people, you have an unlimited right to contract and when the government is afraid of the people, YOU HAVE FREEDOM!

  6. are an inspiration to this site...!! A true prophet and patriot..!!

  7. ETF No More Lies Retweeted
    Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, proudly admitted that he’s a liar, a cheater and a thief. But we’re supposed to believe him today as him and his neocon buddies beat the drums for war with #Iran?

  8. A very informative video for everyone
    Go to the 1:06:30 mark and listen to what the attorney general is rally all about
    Everything goes back to VatiCanon, MARYtime
    According to this video claiming anything other than your first name still places you in their jurisdiction?
    For anyone who wishes to watch

    1. At the 1:10:12 marker there is a graph that depicts perfectly how they doing what they doing
      Spreading their DEMOCRACY all around the world

  9. Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his tribute to the American people
    I know Anna does not care for TROH but you need to listen to the video
    For anyone interested

  10. They're all working for the families running the show

  11. Shelby...good job Shelby. .at least you keep us grounded as to our actual enemies and just how powerful this takedown will be....!!