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Friday, June 14, 2019

The National Credit Redemption

By Anna Von Reitz

When we are afraid of someone -- and have cause to be -- it's hard to communicate with them in a rational, factual way.
Most of us retain a quite child-like response pattern when we are confronted with our own wrong-doing as adults: avoidance, excuses, lies to to try to escape, blaming third parties, and so on.
We know its wrong. We know in our heart of hearts that our excuses and explanations aren't going to work. We are scared and we are wondering, oh, no, what happens now?
That's the position that the bankers are in. They've been caught red-handed, and their crimes go back at least 150 years. So, first they blame the colluding governments, and next they blame the military, and then it's the regulatory agencies fault and then, it's the victim's fault.
We've suffered through all these various stages of denial, excuses, and explanations, all the blaming and gaming. What it comes down to is this: the bankers are afraid, and to some extent, they have cause to be.
This makes it hard for them to think straight and have a sane conversation with me.
When we make a deposit of an actual asset --- silver, gold, etc., -- with a bank, it is called a "Special Deposit".
Special deposits are loans to the bank and are carried on the bank's books as a liability, because (1) the banks have to pay back these Special Deposits, and (2) they have to pay some reasonable amount of interest on these Special Deposits, which they are using as the basis of making loans to other people throughout their "fractional reserve" banking system.
What this means in microcosm is that when I give them a ten pound bar of gold, they accept that as a Special Deposit and put it on their actual assets ledger as a bank liability owing whatever the going price of that much gold is. The actual assets ledger is separate from the credit ledger. The bank then issues seven to ten times the value of my actual asset on deposit with them as loans of credit to other parties, and sits in the middle of this situation.
Please note that credit is a separate and different thing than an asset. When banks issue a credit, it becomes a debt for whomever accepts it. Until the debt is paid, including the interest on it, the bank has to stand good for it.
In the case of my gold bar, the bank owes me my actual asset back, plus interest. They are loaning credit based on the value of my asset to others and making money off of my assets, so that is only fair. The bank is dependent on other people pay their debts to the bank in order for the bank to be able to pay me.
The bank itself has no assets to loan. It is acting entirely as a middleman and "trading off" of other people's assets.
Please note that even though my asset stays in the bank the whole time, it has been "monetized" --- used as the basis to issue fiat "dollars" as credit.
As others pay back the loan of credit, the bank recoups what it owes me in terms of credit, but credit is not an actual asset. It's just a debt countering the debt that the bank already owes me.
This is called expunging an asset loan.
The bank is working to pay back what it owes me already, plus interest, from loaning out seven to ten times the actual value of my asset to others as credit at interest.
Because bank loan interest is moderated by law, they have to loan out this same value several times merely to recoup what they already owe, but at a certain point, they break even and begin making pure profit which they don't share with me, the original Special Depositor.
But they are still making loans based on my Special Deposit. Therein lies the rub. They didn't stop and let well-enough alone. They "pooled" my asset with other assets of the same kind and continued to use it to issue more credit and generate more loans.
Now instead of ten loans based on my asset, there are two hundred loans partially based on my single asset and it is impossible to tell which two hundred loans my asset is supporting and for how much, but it is apparent that some of those loans are going to fail and the bank is going to be on the hook for it. It is also apparent the bank is going to try to get off the hook for this and pass the pain on to whom? The Depositors, who are in fact the bank's own Creditors.
And the Depositors for the most part, don't even know what is going on or how confused and bad this situation is. They just trust that the bank is going to return their gold bars whenever they need them.
So, imagine that your ancestor made a Special Deposit to a bank (or the US Federal Reserve, for example) a hundred years ago....because the bank hasn't paid back the Special Deposit and hasn't paid the interest on that Special Deposit in a hundred years, what happens when you walk in the door and say, "I am Joe Schmoe, here's my Deposit Receipt and ID. I'd like to withdraw my grandfather's gold which has been on deposit here since 1819."
I'll tell you what happens: sheer, blind panic and denial of the, "This can't be happening!" kind.
Those deposits have been there so long, sleeping so peacefully, and have been used to "back" so much debt, that the bankers are thrown into complete disarray. Suddenly, they are faced with not only having to cough up the gold that was deposited, but all the interest on the gold. And they can't do it.
They know that they are facing the loss of the Special Deposit base that lets them loan credit and without that initial deposit, they have no basis to make more loans --- therefore, no way to recoup.
All it takes is innocent Joe Schmoe walking in and wanting to take his asset somewhere and do something else with it.
So the bankers wig out. They go to the government. They go to the military. They say its a matter of "National Security!" And then they all make up various kinds of stories to excuse them from honoring the plain fact that the Depositor's property is owed back to him or her, plus interest.
I think that in the past ten years I have heard every excuse possible for the banks to hold onto control of Special Deposits that are in fact owed to living people who are the legitimate heirs of those deposited assets.
And it is all Bushwah. 100%. Of course, they can't show any actual contract giving them permission to do any of this, so they just lie their rumps off and make up all sorts of fanciful excuses for not returning the actual assets to the actual owners.
Most of these excuses are the "dog ate my homework" kind. Here's an example: the depository fees haven't been paid.
Oh, but wait a minute, I never agreed to pay any "depository fees" and you didn't ask for any at the time the deposit was made. Besides which, you've been making money on my asset for thirty years and have to pay me interest, so why haven't you taken the "depository fees" out of what you already owe me as interest?
Uh, oh, well, uh....
We all know how this is supposed to work. You place your gold bar on deposit with a bank for safekeeping. They are supposed to return your gold bar whenever you have need of it. If they don't, something is drastically wrong, and a crime is happening.
Simple as that.
In recent years, the banks and the Municipal Government --- the one run as a franchise of the Holy See by members of Congress--- have gotten even more creative and sought to cover their butts by claiming that you are an incompetent ward of their State of State organization, a pauper left as a baby on the doorstep, so that all your assets including your body and good name, are all in the keeping of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and are chattel properties backing "US" debts.
Did you get that? You were purportedly "donated" to "the" United States's Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a baby.
Uh-huh. Except that nobody told your Mother any of this, and they sure as hell didn't tell you this cock and bull story. It's all just a tremendously Big Lie, foisted off by the members of "the" United States Congress--- the Municipal Government Corps' Board of Directors.
Now, I know that, and the bankers know that, so they are scared to death of me and spend their days making up stories about me. I must be crazy. I must be up to something. I must intend to crush them all. I must be involved in some nefarious plot to harm millions of people. Why else would I show up on their doorstep and flash my Deposit Receipt?
And, once they do--- somehow--- scrape together the means to pay me back, what am I going to do with all that money and credit?
Let me suggest to you that nobody is served by destroying the economy or harming trade.
Neither is it just or fair that Depositors be deprived of the use and enjoyment of their own assets. If I want some of the credit that is owed to me as interest, I should be able to access it.
For some reason, the banks are trying to paint me as an irresponsible madwoman, who would jerk all the Special Deposits out of the banks and mix them around and destroy some banks and favor others and create all sorts of terrifying disruption --- and this is the story they peddle, when in fact, all I am asking for is: (1) an accounting, and (2) reasonable access to credit that is already owed and long overdue.
Right now, the issue is access to the National Credit that the American States and People are owed.
We have been owed credit for our work and our goods for over a hundred years. We were simply left in the dark, mis-characterized, and not told how to access the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we have been owed all along.
So, let's deal with that issue first. The credit is on the books. We know where it is, we know basically how much it is.
Three offices buried in the IRS maze are not going to be able to process the volume of claims using red rubber stamps, so we suggest hiring a lot more staff, and developing a special National Credit Redemption Card that can be used for specific expenses, including mortgage payments, medical and dental expenses, utility bills, and school loans.
That's a start. Let's start there and get some actual practical relief to those who deserve it most.
As for my other request, I have already bluntly stated that I don't even believe in money. None of it. Not credit. Not coin. None of it. I am pleased to hear that the Vatican finally honored my request and set up my Fiduciary Account, but not pleased to hear all the scuttlebutt gossip and ideas about what I am going to do with it.
I am going to do exactly what I told you all that I was going to do with the Fiduciary Fund.
What I care about is the actual, factual world --- about the people and the animals and the Earth. I am not likely to pursue any pie-in-the-sky ideas, nor likely to waste any resources.
My car may be a BMW, but it is sixteen years old. Left to myself, God willing, I will still be driving it ten years from now. My house is nice, but it is small, and needs some petty, mostly cosmetic repairs. Have you all got the picture? I live this way because I am not a consumer at heart. I have no debt. My car is paid off. My house is paid off. No credit cards. The only things "cluttering" my house are books, houseplants, two dogs and a cat.
Why, then, would I suddenly go crazy and spend, spend, spend on nonsense and luxuries? All those that are clacking their jaws and spreading that fear can just go home and soak their heads.
There is a need for an organizational nexus to connect Americans to the rest of the world. There is a need for a valid, lawful, local authority which is competent to enforce the Public Law of this country. Here we are.
We are the Priority Creditors of the banks and no mistake about that. We aren't going to be bought off with beads and trinkets. We aren't going to mistake credit for actual assets---much less our own actual assets.
And we are not "lost at sea".
Now that we have all that cleared up, plainly stated, and on the table for everyone to see, can we get started cleaning the rest of this Mess up?
I brought my mop and bucket.


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  1. I brought my mop and bucket too. And I hope to see a LOT of vermin washed up in it too !!

  2. I 'Thank You' for being ballsy. I'm glad I came across your work. You are definitely a blessing for my family, friends and myself. Happy belated birthday.

  3. Not only do the banks profit on the loans they make, but they get to seize the assett which is the home as in foreclosure. Or ather tangible property they underwrote a given loan for. The theiving coniving bastards are blood sucking parasites!

    1. Very good points. And what's even worse is that those homes were paid for from our STRAWMAN account, if I understand that process correctly, the moment that a person was approved for the loan. Therefore paying DOUBLE and never getting a penny of those payments back if the car, home, etc is repossessed.
      Blood sucking parasites is one name for them.

  4. To what is the "Holy See" what is Anna always
    referencing to:

    1. Link doesn't work

    2. So I tried to go to that link but it didn't work which led me to look at other things
      This article here is very interesting - notice the names
      And to go one step futher look at this analysis
      It's all in the family
      Check out the information on Julian Assange
      The magic of tell lie vision and the disney and desi lu family
      The acting craft, spell bound
      How about Lee Camp of RT America
      How about Spielberg and his father
      These are the people making the so called laws (ACTS) and destroying all of humanity while their at it
      These are the people brainwashing the masses
      These are the people trying to disarm everyone so they can exterminate the worlds populations
      These are the people rolling out 5G which is a complete violation of anything human and yet they getting away with it because everyone around the world is BRAINWASHED through their tell lie vision, radio, books, internet, they own it all

    3. Sorry, wrong link

    4. If you notice all of this stuff on this link is put up by UCADIA, of which the comments made on this blog by UCADIA have alwys been deleted
      If I am not mistaken, Frank O'Collins is also part of the UCADIA stuff too
      Now I am not saying that with are bad it's just an observation
      Santos Bonacci also uses these resources for his findings as well
      Found this link from that page very interesting

    5. Did you read all the stuff in these links, just wow

  5. The Vatican honored the request to set up Anna's Fiduciary Account.... will there be a process for We the Priority Creditors to do the same? Thank you Anna for that important over view and update!! :)

    1. Anna gave us this, (see below), does anybody know how to use it?

      Accepted for Indemnification Value:
      Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001
      Account Number: RA 393 427 640 US

      by: ____________________________dated: __________________________

    2. And how do we know that the Vatican honored anything?

    3. From Anna

      This is to prevent the loss of property owed to the actual State and People. It is a bond posted upon insurance that has to be in place "for" us and which we have proof exists. It is to be used in tandem with the Mutual Offset Credit Demand issued to the banks and courts in foreclosure cases to answer the Public Interest side of things.

    4. Thank you Paul for posting Anna's response. It further verifies the existence of the "private" and "public" sides of the accounting ledger, which we have known about for a very long time!!