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Friday, February 15, 2019

National Assembly Call

By Anna Von Reitz

Hello Anna,

I just jumped on the National Assembly call and they are claiming you've been compromised. 

"Mail Service"

I am Not "compromised" -- just telling the truth against the wishes of some of those who have been running the MGJA for the US Military as a PsyOp and Disinformation Operation.  They have set it up to fool people (once again) into stopping short of freedom and settling for "liberty" instead. 

And while they have their own grievances, their Territorial Government and its issues should not be mistaken for our American Government and it's issues. 

Anyone who wants to stay adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea and not come home to the land and soil of America needs to leave the Jural Assembly and form a Jural Society instead. 

This is not negotiable and not my "opinion". That is the way the law and the jurisdictional issues require it to be. 

So-- make up your minds. 

Land and soil means one Citizenship only, owed to your State and participation in your State Jural Assembly.

Maritime and sea with Dual Citizenship means that we do not consider you a State Citizen even though the Territorial or Municipal Government doesn't care. It also means that you need to be participating in a State of State Jural Society, not a State Jural Assembly. 

They should realize that they are in the wrong on all the matters they are disputing and stop trying to resist the facts I am presenting. 

Please post this wherever it needs to be. 

They are doing no favors for the people of this country nor are they honorably serving the interests of our military, either. 

The lies must end. The truth must be told. The Federal States of States must be reconstructed and our government renewed. 

The other choices -- violent revolution or dictatorship -- are both unacceptable and unnecessary. Foreign governments under contract to our States have acted in breach of trust to defraud us and to undermine the Constitutions and the government we are owed. 

It's too bad that so many members of the military have been duped, but that is the fact. 

They need to get their indoctrination out of the way. They need to examine the actual history and the meanings of the words. They need to stop getting sidetracked and stop accusing others of being "compromised" when it is all too clear that they have led themselves and others into a false political status and have left the people of this country at a profound disadvantage. 

I am not supporting the current efforts of the MGJA and do not recommend that anyone continue to participate in  this process without taking steps to declare their proper political status on the public record. 

Failure to do so leaves people as "sitting ducks" for federal agents and agencies. 

And continued obstinate ignorance about the actual history of this country only leaves the festering wounds and all the attendant problems to fester some more. 

If anyone tells you that you don't have to formally expatriate from Territorial and Municipal US Citizenship in order  to exercise your birthright political status, that person is lying to you. 

If anyone tells you that your current efforts negate what other Assemblies have accomplished, that person is lying to you. 

If anyone says that you can just wave your hands and do as you please without regard for the history and treaties and jurisdictions of the law-- that person is lying to you. 

Whether they are doing so knowingly or unknowingly, they are still lying.  And you are at risk from listening to them. 

The Federal entities have always allowed Dual Citizenship so from their perspective you don't have to expatriate--- but from our perspective as the States and People, there is only one (1) State Citizenship. 

Any Federal Dual Citizen taking part in our Assembly taints the lawful processes we need to engage in.  Not only are such persons ineligible to claim State National or State Citizenship, but they must be held suspect as Undeclared Foreign Agents. 

This is the law and the fact. 

Anyone who won't declare their singular allegiance to their State needs to be kicked out of your meetings and not allowed to take part in your Assemblies. 

The land and soil jurisdiction States allow no conflict of interest and no deviation from the principle that no man can serve two masters. 

This is in fact why the provisions against Titles of Nobility and the "Missing" Thirteenth Amendment of the actual Federal Constitution exist. 

The military is only as good as its leadership is wise and incorruptible. Unfortunately the history of the past 150 years shows that our military has functioned as a mercenary force misdirected to pillage and plunder the States and the People who have loyally met their payrolls. 

The Generals have been a "Mixed Bag" at best and things are now coming to a head as to whom and what these men serve. 

That we are all in the position that we are in now is a ferocious testament to the fact that our military has been both misled and corrupted. 

As difficult as this may be to accept, the facts and the history speak volumes for themselves and leave no other conclusion possible. 

I am sick and tired of arguing with the indoctrination and "certainty" of people making assumptions based on what they learned in Eighth Grade or High School. 

It's time to realize that your teachers and your history books lied to you, told you half-truths, and left you to make wrong assumptions. 

I have seen too many good people go to jail and worse simply because they could not or would not look at the facts, figure things out, and act accordingly. 

What I am telling everyone is true. They may not like it. Their ego and their belief system may suffer. But at the end of the day, the truth is all that matters and the truth is the only thing that will stand and provide us with a solid foundation going forward. 


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  1. Anna you are doing a great service for this nation and its people. Ignorance in some and some are slow to learn because of the indoctrination in the education system and military. Just trying to rap our heads around the excellent information you have been providing. So for give or ignorance you have years of experience unraveling the lies and misdirection. I am speaking on behave of myself and not all. Please continue to convey the truth

  2. Have a look
    Says these forces go all the way back to 1903?
    See how they have changed history
    It should be no surprise now why they are after Venezuela either
    This is the UN (and the n does not stand for nations either)
    Just some information sharing
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. It is interesting. When I challenged FreeWill a few posts ago regarding dual citizenship referencing the U.S. Citizens in Congress who also are Israeli Citizens as a comparison to State nationals and U.S. Citizens, I got no response from him. Yet while he found no grounds for enforcing expatriation, he also claimed to be training the good people.

    I have called the National Assembly out for a lack of relevant information and promotion of American Nationals without responses, so there must be something going on. If not intentional, it sure lends itself to further confusion.

    Perhaps a list of the current State Jural Assemblies and contact info that are active might help to clarify that actual progress in the right direction is happening and provide some further insight to those at the inquiry stage of awakening.

    1. I agree, a list of the Jural Assembly in each state is greatly needed. Anna says that all states now have Jural Assemblies, but I have not been able to locate the JA in MS. I am in an email group of 41 folks that originated by contacting the MGJA, but we've never spoken of our statuses, or plans to assemble.

    2. There is one jural assembly that I know of. That would be Michigan. Anna claims there are jural assemblies in all 50 states. I have not seen the other 49 jural assemblies. Where are they? Where are their public notices of filling the offices through elections and resettling the land? Michigan's notice is public and viewable. None of the others are. Where is evidence of the dual citizenship? Can I contact the consulate for the land jurisdiction citizenship? Oh.. wait... Those seats are still vacant. Nobody home yet. The people are working on assembling. Not done yet. American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340 first line says what?

      "When the de jure grand jury rises, the de facto jury must sit."

      That means only one can stand at a time. How can both stand to give credence to dual citizenship? Answer is both cannot stand at the same time. Only one or the other at any time. Therefore there is no way of any dual citizenship. No different than an account having both a positive and negative balance at the same time. Either the light bulb is on or off. both states of existence cannot coexist. This is basic fundamental common sense and logic.

    3. de jure grand jury are they in existance at this moment? if so why have not any indictments been issued on the deep state and all those who have broken their Oaths to the American people

    4. Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job a nightmare.

    5. Unknown.. It's called "Interim"

  4. B Wordsworth
    Divisional Returning Officer
    Australian Electoral Commission
    Reply Paid
    In your capital City 26111

    Dear B Wordsworth

    In the matter of your Electoral Roll records, I refer to your correspondence dated 10th December 2018, that was received on 19th December 2019 in reply to my letter to you dated 28th November 2019. (Copies attached)

    This is the second letter to you, the Australian Electoral Commission to correct the record you “hold in trust”. The record being the use of the Situs Trust name “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS”, or any of its derivatives.
    I do not own, nor do I have the copyright to the name “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS”. This meaning, the name “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS”, is not I, the living Being known as and using the correct and true name “joe william” ©.

    The Name that you have on record as “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS” in not my name but a pseudo fictitious legal name created, owned and copyrighted via the Registrar Birth Deaths and Marriages, creating a Situs Trust which was established fraudulently some days after my Live Born date as attested by Live Birth Record Registration Number 224136, deposited with the “Registrar Births Deaths and Marriages” in accordance with the Birth Deaths and Marriages Act”.

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    I reference your letter, rebutting its contents including your failure to address the matter of the fraud (the First Cause) and further, your use of the title or definition “Australian citizen”.
    I am not an “Australian citizen”, nor am I a “person” (a legal fiction), nor am I a “corporation’” as defined by the “Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918” your “empowering act” but a living Being, an Australian National, meaning a Sovereign Being in my own right. I reserve all authority over my own Being and ownership to my correct trade name being “joe william” ©.

    Notwithstanding the aforementioned name fraud (the First Cause), I further cite the use of the word “person” found in the various “acts”…
    “Acts Interpretation Act 1901”
    §2B Definitions
    Australian citizen has the same meaning as in the Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

    Australian Citizenship Act 2007
    §2C References to persons
    (1) In any Act, expressions used to denote persons generally (such as “person”, “party”, “someone”, “anyone”, “no one”, “one”, “another” and “whoever”), include a body politic or corporate as well as an individual.

    §12 Citizenship by birth
    (1) A person born in Australia is an Australian citizen if and only if:
    (a) a parent of the person is an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident, at the time the person is born;

    Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918
    §101 Compulsory enrolment and transfer
    (1) Every person who is entitled to be enrolled for any Subdivision, otherwise than by virtue of section 94, 94A, 95, 96 or 100, whether by way of enrolment or transfer of enrolment, and whose name is not on the Roll, shall forthwith fill in and sign a claim and send or deliver the claim to the Electoral Commissioner. (And other references to “persons” subsequent to the aforementioned Section and Subsection.)

    1. From previous “closed posts/comments For All The Jural Assemblies - 28 Global Municipal Jurisdiction” and in reply to some of those dealing with the government corporates in getting off the CONtrol system (i.e. where you/parents gave CONsent to all this fiction the crooks created by DECEPTION).
      This is what I have done for most of this life (my own thought processes) and after having got the wake-up call, I formalised the process and steered my ship-of-state to greater self-mastery. I could write a few books on Manifests and manifestations, but the gist of dealing with law matters is penned below
      The essence of what I think Anna is getting at is that you need to “declare your status”.
      Firstly and most importantly; to yourself, being, the inner Mastery of Self = You become the LIVING BEING, simply by “living your truth” in what you are about. (Hence the expression “command ye me”)
      Secondly; to rebut, or correct the written record. i.e. you tell others that you are onto their game and by giving them due notice, you simply advise them of your will - to opt out of their CON system.
      Now being the crooks and the system of crooks that they are, they will NEVER acknowledge the CON that has being going on, as this would leave them (their ego at play) directly open to acknowledging their part in the fraud and liable for recompense if you decided to take them on further = playing their game again – note this important point and it truly is a waste of energy = more conning of Self.
      This is truly a game that is being played out and they want to control the narrative. If you do not play their game they have no narrative to work with, you give them no ammo to fire back at you.
      Remember that they need your consent at all times. The law of “free will” is always in action here - This meaning, it is your consciousness in operation and it is happening all the time 24/7 = the cosmic rules of creation (thought/consciousness = energy/vibration/mandela/cymatics… on the move = creation, or manifestation, like the Manifest of Maritime Shipping language of cargo moving on the sea/see - Jordan Maxwell stuff)

      You may get a rebut letter, as I did on my Berth Certificate cancellation and also with the Electoral Roll (and others) when you correspond with the officiados of the CONtrol system.
      It is like anything where EGO is involved, they close ranks to protect themselves and their empires of self-delusion. They merely need a simple straightforward layout of the facts and the facts will always nullify any puffiness of self-importance on their part. You just need to let them know you are onto their game and the con - Self-Evident it be.
      You do not need an acknowledgement (though that may help you keep meticulous records) as the “Command”, or your “WILL” is sent forth and is on the record (written and “ethers”).
      Replies are unlikely after you come back to them a second time, as it reaffirms your commitment (= WILL) to you own journey/path in life.
      Take one step at a time and extract yourself of the system and as you do you realise the only prison you created was for yourself through misdirected education and ignorance. You/we have been operating this way all your/our lives, yet many do not do any self-analysis to any depth, that it is the thought process and attachment (ego) and/to self-limiting thinking that stifles your freedom. We all are vulnerable to being conned …it is to recognise it and learn from it = Wisdom Applied = Mastery, bit by bit you raise your consciousness/vibration. Be ye the Master!
      It is all topsy turvy...
      Here is a letter I sent off, in essence taken from a Bill Turner Video. The principle is the same throughout the world, tweak it to your own needs and gain Wisdom = Master of Self as you go about your “Fathers Business”.

    2. To correct the “false statement”, to wit, the use of the fraudulent Situs Trust name, “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS” I further cite your empowering act …

      Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918
      §106 Incorrect enrolment
      Where a person, whose name has been placed on the Roll for a Division, is not entitled to enrol for that Division and that person secured enrolment pursuant to a claim in which the person made a false statement, the Electoral Commissioner, upon receipt of a certificate from the Australian Electoral Officer setting forth the facts, may, at any time between the date of the issue of the writ for an election for that Division, and before the close of the polling at that election, remove the name of that person from that Roll.

      My true identity and the name that I own by copyright, being “joe william” © is now on the written record deposited with the Registrar, Births Deaths and Marriages having given Due Notice and nullifies the name fraud (the First Cause), to the name “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS” and its future use by the Australian Electoral Commission.
      All subsequent matters (second and subsequent causes) now must reflect this correct(ed) record.

      In accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, §106 Incorrect enrolment, I again put it to the Australian Electoral Commission to correct your incorrect and fraudulent record and honour my will to have stricken permanently from the electoral roll any record or reference using the fraudulently usurped name “JOE WILLIAM BLOGS”.

      I kindly remind you that I have not contracted with the Australian Electoral Commission willingly and with full disclosure as to the nature and ramifications of said contract, nor do I currently contract with the Australian Electoral Commission as either the Agent or the Principal in the continuance of this fraud. Any future correspondence from the Australian Electoral Commission to not honour my will, to correct the record, may be construed as intimidation, coercion, obfuscation and “perverting the course of justice” and thus be seen as a breach of trust of the “authority” of the Australian Electoral Commission to attempt to further impose its will upon a sovereign being, thus adding further to the fraud.

    3. Where there is any perceived name ambiguity, please refer all matters to myself, the living being in the first instance as signed at the base of this letter at the stipulated address.
      This is my will in perpetuity and remains valid unless revoked by myself in writing.

      Australian Electoral Commission shall have seven (7) days from the date of receipt of this Deposit, as witnessed by the date of receipt affixed to the Australia Post Registered Mail Receipt, to dishonour this Deposit by returning this Deposit to address stated below, with an explanation of all deficiencies and includes addressing the matter of the fraudulent records Australian Electoral Commission hold, at the stipulated address below by non-domestic mail. Failure to return the Deposit as stated shall constitute Acceptance and Honouring of this Deposit and Deed, the associated presentment(s), claim(s), transactions or otherwise and to all Terms and Conditions herein.

      IN THE MATTER of DEFAULT, as the assumed authority and unlawful enactment of the Acts, Statutes and Regulations of: The NEW SOUTH WALES LAND COMPANY SHIP/THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT/SUBJECTS OF THE BRITISH CROWN, in law, is based on fraud, false pretence, misrepresentation and false representation, therefore the party in default. AND:

      ACTION REQUIRED REMEDYING DEFAULT: as a Live Birth Record Registration No 63002187, on this land, with full rights powers and privileges, claims of Compensation for Injuries and Damages or any statute and or seminal constitutional laws of Australia that impinge or usurp my Sovereign status will be seen as an Act of Treason, Act 1571 and Crimes Act 1961; and a blatant disrespect of Jurisprudence under God’s Lore/Law, Common and International Law, Original Lore, the people’s Law and the Living Being’s Law, against the Live Birth Record Registration No 63002187. Claims of Compensation for injury or damages will be filed by the Principal Agent, against all and any parties and persons in Default.

      Without Prejudice
      Non Assumpsit
      By Personal Representative of JOE WILLIAM
      By accommodation 5th day of January 2019
      By the correctly addressed said Creditor, joe william ©
      In the presence of: (signed)
      Name: Freddie Blogs
      Date: 5th day of January 2019
      In care of address for correspondence: Twenty seven wayward way, Anytown ….
      Sent by Registered Post to: Australian Electoral Commission Reply Paid In your capital City 26111
      Attached copies: 1. My letter dated 28th November 2019
      2. Your letter and attachment dated 10th December 2018

    4. I assure everyone that if you insist on still using the word "Citizen" in any form , you will lose any citizenship and presumed to be talking about your enslavement to their system...this is the last time I will say this for your own protection, never use the word "citizen" ever again...Instead only use the term "non-Citizen National...!! You have all been warned now....!!

  5. Dear Anna...."Job well done You good and faithful servant of the most high." I AM one of the people- I AM grandfathered In because I discerned fact from fiction and used my God given "FREE WILL" and owe a great deal to you for this, thank you for waking me up!

    Over the past several years I have tried to help the others lost in translation to see the writing on the wall but they are clearly not ready to see the light and instead find it much easier to bash you -----Here holds the evidence of just how bad the enemy has deceived us and as they continue to deceive us they believe they can still destroy us but we will not let them...and So it is---- we must forge straight ahead and never mind what they say- I know with certainty "we" cannot save them all.
    The Parable of the Tares (also known as the Parable of the Weeds, Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Parable of the Wheat and Weeds, or the Parable of the Weeds in the Grain) is one of the parables of Jesus, which appears in Matthew 13:24-13:30. The parable says that during the final judgment, the angels will separate the "sons of the evil one" (the tares or weeds) from the "sons of the kingdom" (the wheat). It follows the Parable of the Sower, and precedes the Parable of the Mustard Seed. According to the common interpretation, the good seeds are the spiritual children of Jesus Christ and the weeds are the rest of the population of the Earth that are the spiritual children of Satan. People better take your protein pills and put your Helmets on!!!!!

  6. Still say President Trump could make us all Nationalists with one stroke of his pen, meanwhile catholic hospitals, in death with dignity states, are euthanizing patients under color of state corporate law and their own laws called ERD's they've always used to euthanize as they did at Auschwitz.

    1. So then Leland Roth, the few pictures from there showing these folks as skin and bones standing behind the electrified fences in these concentration camps and then later the photographs of all the skin and bone naked bodies in these big huge burial pits was all fake? What about the thousands of shoes that are on display at one of the camps, and the prisoners personal effects that are still there as a memorial to what happened? There are still a few people alive but not very many, that survived that. Are you going to say they’re all liars?
      There are photographs of all the people inside these bunk houses laying on top of each other stacked like sardines in a can. You think that’s also fake?

    2. Now that you say that Dan, that could have very well been exactly what all this was, nothing but propaganda by the elite to continue fighting wars and everybody continue to do it


    4. Doctors from Hell...I think you are absolutely correct about Trump declaring all Americans as "Nationals"...He was already questioned on the run to his helicopter about a question from one of the press about what he considers himself to be....he was very confident in saying that if anyone ask what I am, just tell them I consider myself to be a "NATIONAL"...It doesn t get any clearer than that...and off he went in his presidential helicopter....!!!

  7. I urge everyone to read the following
    According to the blogger they are moving these immigrants into nations and exterminating them?
    Also claims that they have been exterminating people right in left in hospitals all around the world
    This all goes hand in hand with their UN Agenda to depopulate all around the world and if you do not take the mark you will be eliminated
    He also claims that Prince William was executed on the white house lawn because he would not go along with their plans?
    All of this has been crafted and carried out by the very governments and banks that have been lying to us for decades
    I saw a small clip of the Last Man Standing show last night and Tim Allen made the statement that you could end up in one of Donald Trumps internment camps, no joke
    Passing along the information
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. For pro Trump people here...& hopefully non dual-citizens😃

    1. Thank you Leland. I had heard that Trump had support from the trenches and to be able to take a stand such as he is, means he has an understanding of the task. There is a season! Know thy enemy must happen before the battle can begin else it be lost before starting.

  9. Anna thank you so much for your tireless work on all fronts for so many years.

    Human nature is human nature... all cannot be saved. It never ceases to amaze me the inability for "Americans" to discern fact from fiction and apply critical thinking. Usually, many do not appreciate dire circumstances till it visits their doorstep.

    Common sense says, dual citizenship is a recipe for double speak and causes problems thereto.... look at the U.S. CONgress, Executive Branch and all these think tanks with agendas with the number of dual citizens...where does their allegiance lie.... actions are more important than words.

    For all those people believing dual citizenship is possible of being a state citizen and a US citizen, my suggestion is to apply for both a US Citizen Passport and a State Citizen passport and see the result. I just submitted my application for a State Citizenship passport while turning in my current US Citizen passport (18 months old).

    Anyone reading the DS-11 form will tell you, no place on the application informs you and allows you to apply for a State Citizenship passport. This tells you, 1) the US Government does not want you to know about this political status and 2) by requiring you to turn (US Passport) in one passport, the US Government will not allow you to obtain and carry two separate passports of State and US Citizenship.

    So, when any US Person, Organization or "Government" entity of the US territorial or municipal government tells you.... you can be both a State Citizen and a US Citizen (DUAL CITIZENSHIP), they are OBVIOUSLY TOTALLY IGNORANT, STUPID OR PUSHING AN AGENDA TO KEEP YOU IN THE DARK TO CONTINUE SCREWING YOU.

    If a Person, give them the benefit of the doubt.... they are truly ignorant.... if keeping the same opinion after having access to information using common sense with critical thinking, then they become stupid... organizations and governments usually have an agenda against your interest...(keeping it nice) after screwing you every way possible for your entire life, why would you take them seriously...

    As to the current president waiving his magic wand to make all Persons newly minted State Citizens.... in my opinion, it is not practical. Roosevelt initiated a process of falsifying public records which you participated, so reverse the process and reestablish the correct public record. Secondly, all Persons would not be entitled to State Citizenship because of the original formation of the 3 branches (constitutions)of government and thirdly, many "Americans" would want to remain "slaves" and keep on with their uninvolved life...

    There is survival of the fittest; Fish or cut Bait" and "He/she who gets it the quickest wins". Some people NEVER GET IT".... Everyone has a choice to make...everyone, even family and close friends cannot be saved...

    Just my opinion... your entitled to yours...

    1. Richard....the "American non-Citizen National passport, in a way does give you Dual Citizenship, but not in one country...
      When in America, you are considered a "non-citizen", but when your abroad in another country, it acts as a US CITIZEN passport, since you need the protection of the US embassys when in another country...Those countries only recognize a U.S. citizen, since that's all they have ever seen up until now...Its the only thing they understand...and really it's the only thing that most Americans are familiar with also...!!
      But other than that, no country, that I Know off, can have Dual citizenships in the same country...!!

  10. Thank you for this Anna. Listened to the MGJA calls: June 21, 2018 & July 4, 2018 & July 12, 2018 & July 19, 2018 & July 26, 2018 & August 9, 2018 was my last effort to communicate with their assembly, they refused or could not hear my words regarding that they were not supporting you & your recommendations.
    They were staying blind/deaf to the law & histories that you were expounding on and they also blew me off as a contributor. So, brushing their dust from my feet, quitting the association and mind control efforts regarding their way vs the narrow lawful pathway of what is true.
    An old Navy man told me in 2003 "that there were many ways to skin a cat" and that has kept me open to checking things out, but when the investigation of the matters is at odds with what truly Is, then "splitting the sheets" of "intimacy" with a "group think" becomes a necessity of survival.
    Thank you, again for this article and hopefully many will benefit from this timely exposure.
    Peace. ra

  11. A good article from judge dale written back in 2013.

  12. Listens....that was an excellent site and coming from an ex judge, very proves everything we have known for awhile, but from.behind the bench this time...!! Thank You.

  13. I agree that a "Notice in the Nature of Expatriation" is needed for any man/woman whose father and/or mother registered their birth with a "State of ____" political body. Such a notice fulfills the Universal Law of Notice. The US Gov served notice on all Americans with its 14th Amendment that is was claiming every American as a federal citizen/subject. We should rebut its notice with our own notice.

    However, I disagree that we should be requiring allegiance to any man-made body politic of our own construct. This contradicts scripture, and such a requirement prevents sincere Christians from taking part in such a society.

    I propose that our new institution of government be based on a foundation that precedes the concept of allegiance to a man-made institution. I have expressed this foundation as follows:

    "All man-made institutions of government exist solely to serve the collective and individual needs of the people, and owe allegiance to the people who formed and maintain them. The people joined together in social compact owe to each other the duty to love their neighbors as themselves. And the people so joined owe their sole allegiance to their Creator, the Living God, from whom they receive protection."

    My complete article may be read here:

  14. Joseph...I agree completely...In fact that can qualify for a new "Constitution" because of its simplicity...!! Now see if you can pitch it to Anna....!! See is stuck 200 years in the past and won't let go of that cleverly designed document that only wound up enslaving everyone because of its confusing language...!!

  15. Exactly what I said, and Rodger said " he didn't think it mattered". ! Destry, hmmmm, how many times do you have to hit your head on the " prison/jail button-er- wall? N NO He is not being "kidnapped" by them. He's acting as a slave in rebellion, he's their property, and they can do any damn , f'''ing thing they want with him.
    ...geez, scramble this shite, and adjust it to the frequency of love, truth, simplicity, and happiness. What do you mean, Anna, that the MGJA is co-opted by military people for snaring?

    1. First of all I have announced I was on a special project for the Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry when I was ending up in jail! It was planned in advance and I was the only one to do it. Not assembly related! Stop basing your presumptions without any subject matter! If you don't know the facts, don't provide the lip service!

      Second I want an answer! Why does anna's publications and language reflect the writings in the book "Rules For Radicals"?

  16. Freewill can you explain the end of your post please?

  17. Is there a Jural Assembby in Utah?


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