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Friday, February 15, 2019

My Situation: February 15, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

I am still up to my shins in clearing and cleaning and reorganizing my home office --- a result of the Earthquake two months ago.
We are trying to organize a National Recording Office for The United States of America (the actual unincorporated version) and working on a streamlined and online version of the crucial documents people need to record.
We are also day by day, writing out information for the Jural Assemblies so that they know their history and know the structure of their own American Government and where the State Jural Assemblies fit in the proverbial Great Scheme of Things.
There is also movement toward resolving all these inconveniences by overturning the false legal presumptions being held against us and false registration practices giving rise to them.
Then, instead of us having to prove our provenance and go through all the Turkey Trot, our employees will have to account for themselves. What a nice idea.
My work schedule continues to be brutal. I worked from six in the morning to past noon on Valentine's Day without as much as a cup of coffee. No fun.
I'm afraid all my correspondence has fallen behind and my emails, too. There's so much "Public Interest" work that it is impossible to answer many if any individual questions now.
The Living Law Firm Team has had a dreadful winter workload-wise and lots of other complications.
On top of all the craziness and losses caused by the November Earthquake, three of us have suffered major car repairs this month and had transportation issues above and beyond the truly nasty weather---- which is bad enough all by itself.
Health issues for people and health issues for pets, soaring fuel bills and breakdowns of equipment (besides the cars), you name it and we have had it.
We've gotten through it, because of you, my faithful readers -- and I trust that you can tell that we are continuing to haul water for you, too. Every day we learn more, share more, and bit by bit the education people receive is making a difference. Things are spreading by word of mouth and on a worldwide basis.
Anyone who still doesn't understand that I am a land jurisdiction State Justice and not involved in the "State of State" court system needs that explained to them.
Anyone who thinks that I am a "Jesuit" because I helped give Notice to the Pope's Municipal Employees will probably also believe that I am Irish because I wear green on St. Patrick's Day, but if anyone really wants to know the truth --- call Evangelical Lutheran Church "Centered in Christ and Sent to Serve" -- (715) 284-4213, or write to the Pastor at 115 North 5th Street, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615.
Send a small donation for asking him dumb questions like, "Can a Lutheran be a Jesuit?" and have him confirm that I, Anna Maria Riezinger, attended Sunday School there since the age of seven, was Baptized, and Confirmed as a member of this, my home Congregation, and never severed my ties.
I am sure that I owe the current Pastor a tithe just for the bother this pernicious rumor that deliberate "misreporting" of the facts has caused. Perhaps some of you who have bothered to check my Lutheran credentials can get on YouTube and help shout down The Stupids and the Well Paid.
Anyone who wants to know can also read my book, Disclosure 101, and my Letter to Cardinal George posted on my website, for a taste of what my unpaid mission was all about, why it had to be done, and why I did it.
For free, in service to Christ, yes, "Centered in Christ and Sent to Serve", but tired and grouchy, too.
When you are done there, go to the Office of the Registrar at St. Olaf (a Lutheran not Catholic College) in Northfield, Minnesota, and stare up my skirt some more.
It isn't that I care for my own sake, but all these personal attacks detract from my message --- and the information I am giving all of you is crucial for Americans to know for their own sake, for the sake of their children, for the sake of our country and even for the sake of the entire world.
We have not been told the truth about our own history and that has left us all at a tremendous disadvantage. Those who continue to cause confusion and to discredit the truth are simply contributing to a problem that is already hard enough to fix.
Please help people turn their own Shinola Sensors on.
When you find people hiding behind pseudonyms like "Virgo Triad" and "Noble Justice" --- it's time to flip your Shinola Sensors on "High" and start asking questions like--- who is this person? Where do they come from? What kind of agenda are they selling? Why are they attacking Grandma? Who do they work for?
It's not for your benefit that they produce more disinformation. It's not to set you free, that they spend their hours trying to discredit me--- and by association, the message.
Wise as serpents, gentle as doves --- and I don't blame anyone for being skeptical. I encourage you to dig and delve. But don't be chumps. Don't spread gossip for the sake of spreading gossip, don't be frightened and scatter when the Liars come. They are only Liars and their lies will come home to them soon enough. Keep together and read and reason through things for yourselves.
As strange as some of the things I am telling you may seem -- two governments, three "unions" of "states", Confederate States during the Revolution, three Constitutions, State Citizens, Federal "US" Citizens, etc., etc., etc., --- what I am telling you is the truth. This is all stuff you were never taught in Public School for the simple reason that those printing the textbooks had a different agenda. They meant to enslave you for their benefit--- and they largely succeeded.
Now is the time to take it all back. Now is the time to wake all the way up.
If you can help move the work forward, we are on fumes here. One of team members sent me a photo of his refrigerator, and even for a bachelor, it was empty. I am still acting as Paymaster and Cupboard Keeper. My Paypal is: Other donations to the Cause can be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Thank you, everyone, who has helped keep the work going forward and the spread of knowledge flowing.


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  1. Thank You. Sending appreciation :)

  2. Wow,
    Can't believe the salesmanship, and those who continually ignore it.
    Your Lutheran "Credentials" do not exonerate you.
    " Why are they attacking Grandma?" i am laughing, you lay it on so thick, you are truly talented!
    Here's the thing, the mix you use still totally ignores the 'complete' Gospel of Christ.
    No matter how you boil it down you (and others) seem to reduce it to works, performed by us and you, and $$$. $$$ spent to gain a 'passport to heaven, it would seem. $$$ spent and paid for to gain the proper credentials for our "rightful inheritance" etc. etc. etc.
    The Catholic church and many others have all engaged in much the same 'money exchanging) for salvation type games, throughout many generations.
    Price tags for marriage annulments and remarriage in the "one True Church." garbage.
    i believe it is high time that all of this is exposed!
    It does not matter what label you wear or carry, it would seem all of us believe and have bought in to some of the lies!
    All the infighting and your need to defend yourself constantly, complete with name calling and gossipy endless chatter and posturing is a tell.
    We are told to remain humble.
    i do respect and see the Truth in a quote given and credited to by some:― Augustine of Hippo
    “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
    There are days i wish to give you the benefit of doubt and see you have good intentions and yet at some point, you seem to have gone to far. i believe your own ideas have taken over your mission, if you indeed were sent on one by the Father above.
    in hopes you receive these words for the purpose in which they are intended.

    1. You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey!

      Plain enough for you? You who hide behind your generic screen- name like it's a titanium shield. Or is your birth name
      A. (presumably for Ass) Follower, a surname suitable for a non-leader. Or are you simply announcing your job, Ass Follower?
      No need to clarify. We can all accurately guess why you are unknown...

    2. "unknown,"
      You certainly have revealed yourself.

    3. I agree with this "Unknown" who probably posted from a device that wasn't signed as it has happened to me.

      Our American Organic Government has nothing to do with God or Jesus or any other faith or profit in the world. All Americans can participate in the Jural Assemblies just leave your beliefs in the car before attending meetings. I don't want to judge Anna's personal beliefs against my own and neither do I care if they are not the same as anyone else's. I am here to learn from her wisdom on the truth about gaining freedom and I appreciate her time and effort. The articles about or referencing God or Jesus I read and take from them exactly what Anna is giving, her opinion. Until someone comes back from the DEAD and relates with first hand knowledge what the after life on Earth is all about and just who is on tge other side, it is only a belief unto yourself. My personal relationship with my God and Jesus is not anyone else's business. We are all at different stages in spiritual growth and judgement from others is detrimental if done in a negative way as I have seen those results first hand. We all have to go through judgement day with our Creator all by ourselves and your opinion won't matter. Anna is helping people which is admirable even if she is a Lutheran instead of some other tag. As soon as I get back on my feet financially from being raped by pirates, I will donate to help in this endevor and it is my business what I do with my monopoly money.

  3. "My work schedule continues to be brutal. I worked from six in the morning to past noon on Valentine's Day without as much as a cup of coffee. No fun."
    Anyone know the origins of "saint valentine's day"
    "All roads lead to Rome" so they say.

    1. St.Valentine in the 3rd century around 223AD. He was put to death on February 14 and buried as a Christian even though he was head of the Roman Catholic church. Is that about right?

  4. Here is the situation of every living thing on earth
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Destruction all over the earth - and these are the entities that claim they are protecting the earth from man made climate change - that would be the slaves causing the issues not them
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. If you are reading Anna's articles looking for ways to nit pick, finding her unfamiliar writing style, idiosyncracies of viewpoiint, uncoventional perspectives on the way the political and economic worlds are being operated, and you find this set of Anna's ways of offering up her research material as being suspect of her being someone operating for questionable purposes, you probably ought to skip the visits to her Articles.

    U.S. political propaganda has been fed to us by truckloads, by nightly fake news, by the State of State Legislators and the State of State "officials", by the candidates for POTUS, by educators, business persons, why, this propaganda and self serving clap trap is best regarded as commercial speech, aimed at getting large numbers of gullible people to follow the directions to apply for more benefits, vote for more representatives, accept apologetic speeches from Police Chiefs why crime is so out of control, quake harder at "Don't Mess with the IRS" and on and on.

    I have long taken the personal view that God is my Light, Nature and my labor is my daily provider, that to persevere I must keep my mind clear of lies and my body mobile and healthy to energize the whole of life and to continue to move forward through this field of fraudulent and criminal actors who have taken residence around our Birthright land as pretenders and thieives, many of them acting in their employee status as hirelings of the United States or one of its myriad franchises.

    So when I sense I'm outnumbered and "outgunned", I walk quietly and keep my eyes and ears on high. But I realize the game being played against people who want to live free can only be played when ignorance of the facts and law is a general condition among the dumbed down population.

    As we internalize what Anna has revealed, apply it intelligently to ourselves, and share it with others who seem like intelligent people, the tide will gradually turn in public opinion of what the State National Assembly movement actually is, and more people will realize the necessity of separating themselves from "Citizen of the U.S. " status and assembling with the free people.

    Let's don't waste time or energy or divert attention from the job of getting our State National records in to the public record and conducting our affairs as the founders intended, in Assemblies of other free people meeting and working to plan and bring back freedom to all Americans who want it.

    Here is food for thought: United States Citizens are being allowed to live ("reside")promiscuously among State Nationals - who do not reside in the United States - but who are domiciled "without the United States". How long will our promiscuous allowance of uninformed pawns of the business services providers continue as we lead the way to enjoying a life of freedom from fraudsters and thieves? Only fools will remain under the black magic spell of the fraudsters and soon we will be removing them out of the buildings our State Nationals will need for our legitimate State National Assembly business.

  7. Somethings your spirit just knows. Thank you Anna for taking the time to share truth with all.The world has always hated the Creator of Heaven, and Earth's messengers. Much love, and appreciation. Utah Mom with endless love for her stolen child.

  8. This site says I am commenting as
    Yet when my comment is published it says "Unknown" I wonder why that is?
    As I recall Paul said such comentators would not be posted. Obviously a technical glitch of some sort.

  9. Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    This is hkw we fix it..and leave the detractors to pick up the dog crap, after all thats what we need our employees for

    Sunday nights 8pm est to whenever. I am here to help, If I can't I will find someone who can. We have many people who will give good advise and instruction to correct your status. Some have completed the process and the rest are all goimg through at one stage or another. We need to do this , dont hesitate , just do it.

    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084

  10. So Joel,
    i should comment and then as many choose to do shake the sand from my sandals and bail out?
    Or i can stand here in the Truth as example and warn others, and also encourage the others who see the falsities.

  11. i suggest some of you should wake up to the countless contradictions and hypocrisies.
    As example.For targeted individuals:

    1. a follower:
      Obviously you didn't like Anna's article about auras and electromagnetic fields, so therefore it's false? Is that your opinion or fact back up by solid research? Obviously again, you have not done any meditation or grounded yourself to the Earth or aligned and cleared the Chakras that were built in our bodies and mind by the Divine Creator. Too bad, you are missing a glorious connection with the living God. Open your mind a little and receive all his gifts. I bet you believe our bodies aren't self healing either or the hands of others are not healing? Oops, sorry I made a presumption.

      I've spent my life with my hands in the soil. There is a electrical connection and I feel it throughout my body and miss it when I go a day without being grounded. The Divine Creator did create the Soil right? I recall that being disclosed in the Bible.

      Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it false. All this technology that they are creating that can be harmful because of the frequencies they use only works because of the electromagnetic field already in place.

      You have every right to have a closed mind and make decisions for yourself, have at it, but you don't have the right to deter others from searching for answers because you came to a certain conclusion. If it's a falsity, prove it by something other than "Because a follower" said so and that's final!