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Saturday, February 16, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 34 Reconstruction: Your Mission

By Anna Von Reitz

Strange as it may seem to us today, the Reconstruction required as a result of the Civil War has never been finished.  In truth, it was never properly started.  No adequate Notice and Disclosure of the circumstance was ever given to the general populace of America.  And there are obvious, self-interested reasons for that. 

Let's take a step back and look at the close of the Civil War.  

We have now properly understood who the parties to the armed conflict were: commercial corporations owned and operated by the States went to war with each other.  These entities operated as, for example, The State of Ohio, The State of Florida, The State of Wisconsin and so on, chose sides and fought, but this was a private sector quarrel among corporations --- as if General Electric and Westinghouse hired mercenaries and solicited volunteers and got into an armed conflict in the middle of the village green. 

As such, it was a patently illegal and lawless event, and by definition, there could be no actual Declaration of War, no Peace Treaty, and no actual Victory. 

The idea behind The Articles of Confederation was to create an internal alliance of "capital business interests" devoted to the welfare of all the States and People.  This is why The Articles of Confederation which sought to bind together the commercial corporations operating as an "instrumentality" of each State in the global municipal jurisdiction overseen by the Office of the Roman Pontiff, proposed to be a "perpetual" union.  

From the very first, it was realized that if commercial interests were in conflict such that The States of States opposed each other, and this schism was allowed to spread far enough, it would endanger the entire country.  So the Founders were at pains to impress upon The States of States the necessity of working together for the common good and maintaining the perpetual union of the original Confederation ---and a united front in the global municipal jurisdiction. 

Unfortunately, agent provocateurs --- as we now know, members of the Rothschild banking cartel and other European banking interests --- kept watch for an issue that might create such a schism between The State of State commercial corporations, and they found it: slavery.  

The last Congress of the Federal States of States adjourned for lack of quorum when the Southern States of States walked out.  The Deputies known as "United States Senators" who were essentially the CEO's and Fiduciaries of these commercial corporations could no longer conduct business.  

The remaining Delegates representing the Northern commercial corporations collaborated with the British Territorial Government to continue operations under the guise of acting to "preserve the Union" and "the Constitution" --- meaning the Territorial Constitution and its role for the British King as Trustee over our Naval and Trade and Commercial activities.  

The entire "war" was fought by colluding American commercial corporations and foreign interests and had nothing to do with our actual States and People, except that the conflict was fought illegally on our soil, many of our people were killed, maimed, and otherwise harmed, the Federal State of State commercial corporations were decimated, and  the British-backed Territorial Branch of the original Federal Government installed itself as a military junta. 

Even Ulysses S. Grant was stunned when, after the end of the hostilities, he arrived in Washington, DC, and realized the extent of the manipulation, corruption, and hypocrisy involved in promoting the Civil War.  As a man and a soldier he had been sure of his moral cause throughout the actual fighting, only to discover that slavery was never the actual issue at all, and that those who now claimed victory were intent on creating a new kind of slavery: public slave ownership, instead of private slave ownership. 

What remained was this: the Northern Federal States of States -- commercial corporations owned and operated by the Union side of the conflict were bankrupt and in reorganization.  The Southern States of States --- also commercial corporations owned and operated by the Confederate States were bankrupt, too, but never sought bankruptcy protection.  A British Territorial Military junta was in control of Washington, DC, and soon puppet governments installed by force in the South would send Territorial Delegates to Washington.  

These Territorial Delegates would join their colluding Northern brethren who had operated in the same Territorial capacity throughout the war to operate a British Territorial-level "Congress" as a substitute for the Federal Congress.

There were still enough people left alive who knew the truth and who wished to restore our rightful Government, so numerous attempts were made to do so. 

President Andrew Johnson did what he could to protect the States and People by formally declaring the land jurisdiction at peace, three times, in public. (May 10, 1865 - April 2, 1866 - August 20, 1866) 

Members of the Territorial "Rump" Congress admitted the circumstance by passing the "Reconstruction Acts".  These were undertaken as "emergency" measures by a foreign military government -- essentially, an American "Raj" -- to maintain control over the civilian population during a transition back to normal government operations.  

That transition has never taken place.  The vast bulk of the Reconstruction Acts have never been repealed and are still in full force and effect.  

The Reconstruction Acts which were supposed to be temporary measures violated the original Constitutions at least five different ways, but the three most immediate violations did three things that we still struggle with today. 

Article IV, Section 4 was violated when, under the Reconstruction Acts of the Territorial Congress, the actual Southern States were denied their republican form of government and control of their own soil jurisdiction after the end of the "war".  

Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 was violated by the Territorial Congress unlawfully exercising exclusive legislative power outside their Districts. 

Article IV, Section 3 was violated when the Territorial Congress formed Territorial "States of States" to replace and substitute for the Federal States of States. 

The sum total result of all this is that the Federal Government --- three levels of subcontracting commercial corporations that are supposed to be providing our States and People with Good Faith Service --- have been operating unlawfully and illegally ever since. 

Remember that there are in fact three Branches of the Federal Government, all composed of either our own or foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services: 

Federal Branch = The States of States chartered by our States, like The State of Maine,  The State of Iowa, etc.  These self-chartered commercial corporations are supposed to be providing us with all goods and services stipulated under the Constitutions except for those services noted below:

Territorial Branch  = British King acting as Trustee of our private, trade, and commercial business interests on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways; caretaker of our Territorial holdings. 

Municipal Branch = Holy Roman Empire -commercial jurisdiction, supposed to be controlled by the Territorial Government and limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, with plenary control of the Washington, DC Municipality.  Supposed to provide a safe meeting ground for commercial business and uniform laws and standards for conduct of such business. 

After the Civil War, only two out of three Branches of the Federal Government remained in operation.  The primary and most important subcontractor, the Federal Branch, was never "reconstructed". 

Instead, our primary contractor, the States of America organization was knocked out of commission, left disorganized (reconstruction never took place), and the secondary British Territorial subcontractors secretively usurped in and substituted their own Territorial "States of States"  in 1868.

We have been operating on two wheels instead of three, our guys have been cut out of all the juicy government contracts since 1868, and as a result, the Brits and the Popes have been in illegal and unlawful control of our Federal government ever since.    

The substitution of British Territorial "States of States" for American Federal "States of States" was accomplished via similar names deceit (fraud).  The average people were left unaware of any change.  To them and to their eyes, there was a "State of State" government before the war and after.  The switch from The State of Georgia to the State of Georgia passed them by.  

In the same way, the switch from the unincorporated American Holding Company doing business as The United States of America ---which is another level of our American Government entirely--- was deliberately confused by the introduction of a Scottish commercial corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" as of 1868, so as to illegally access our credit and make it appear that we were bankrupted, when in fact no unincorporated entity is eligible for bankruptcy protection. 

This is all identity theft of the same kind that occurs when a credit card hacker illegally accesses your accounts. 

The Popes who were supposed to be running the Holy Roman Empire/Office of the Roman Pontiff and policing commercial operations worldwide--- and who are obligated by treaty to act as our Trustees in the Global Jurisdiction of Commerce--- sat on their velvet tuffets and did nothing to stop it.  Instead, they happily profited themselves and helped organize the expansion of the fraud. 

The British Kings ordered the members of the Territorial Government to keep mum about it --- see 18 USC 472.  The military was told that all this was a matter of "National Security".  

What it is really a "matter of" is gross Breach of Trust, Treaty Violations, Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud, Inland Piracy,  Racketeering, and other Crimes by Treaty Allies against the interests of the American States and People. 

Your Mission as members of your State Jural Assemblies and as members of your State Assemblies proper, is to reclaim your stolen identity as American State Nationals and American State Citizens and to Assemble your State and finish the Reconstruction. 

Only you have the power to re-charter your Federal States of States and retrieve their assets-- that is, all the State land trusts doing business under names like: the Wisconsin State, Ohio State, et alia.,  from the Territorial Caretakers.  

Only you can put the American subcontractors back in place and in control of the services we are owed by the "Federal" Government. 

One of the great ironies is that in spite of all the evidence of fraud, bad faith, the use of similar names deceits, rampant identity theft, securities fraud, and other crimes committed by our purported Trustees and Allies against us, they still attempt to blame us and say that it's all our fault because we didn't boot up new Federal States of States after the Civil War.  

Well, folks, lets put that complaint to rest, act in our actual capacity as State Nationals and State Citizens, and do the work of Reconstruction---- create our own American Subcontractors to do the principle share of work as assigned under the actual Federal Constitution. 

The People of each one of our States need to charter their State's commercial corporation under their own State's sovereign authority, and then join as a member of the States of America----- a perpetual union and Confederation of States of States serving as the Federal Branch of the Federal Government.  

That will put an immediate end to a lot of monkey business and leave nobody any cause to complain about our action to take back control of our country and its assets and its service contracts.  

Also, acting as the People, as members of our State Assembly and our State Jural Assembly, we can address the multitude of international crimes which have been practiced against us.


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  1. A Picture is worth a thousand words. An org chart showing each "entity" and how or if they're connected would solve the problem so that you don't have to keep repeating yourself. Just refer to the chart.

    1. Thank you "c"! People have different ways of processing information other than in words and one of these is visual (with pictures and the like). I often find myself thinking that I need to illustrate this information so I can see it as a whole consisting of integral parts that can be shown to inter-relate with all the parts. There is a matrix involved here that can be challenging for people to visualize just by reading words.

    2. Here is an example of a picture that is on the front page of Anna's website.

    3. Paul I love this picture, I have a copy on the wall and it helps explain a lot to people but I agree, we need maybe a diagram of the land jurisdiction side showing the correct spelling of the Names and the Trusts associated with them and if there is a way we can look up these trusts to see they exist Vs the sea jurisdiction side, Territorial and MUNICIPAL, with the very suttle changes in names and the Trusts associated. I believe I have my head wrapped around the "Jurisdictions" but it is difficult to explain and many here state it's very confusing. Pictures like the one referenced and the diagram of the fraud, article 928 would be wonderful. Thank you.

  2. correct and again SIMPLIFICATION !!!

  3. A list of states that are up and running would be a good start
    If they are up and running what are the top priorities in putting these banks, corporations and their fraudulent courts out of business
    1st order would be to Nationalize everyone in their state
    5G next - stop the roll out
    SMART meters - removed from all homes period
    Geonengineering - poisoning of the skies, soil and water sources - being that these entities think they own the earth not sure how you stop this complete assault and genocide of all things on earth (funny how these entities claim they are protecting the earth and yet they are the ones poisoning it)
    Must print alternative currency and get vendors to accept the medium instead of illuminati/satanic monopoly money
    This effort takes extreme orgainzation and writing article after article about it does not seem to be getting the job done
    Just some thoughts but has to be better plans after years of ranting about what has happened
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Anna, if you were teaching this as a college course, at least half your students would fail because of the complexity of having 3 different govt on only one country...!!

    The only way they were able to pull this massive fraud over us is because both sides had militaries, that started the whole thing...If there was no enforcement units in place, Lincoln could have never declared war in the first place...!!

    That's why instead of forming "jural assembles" that all 4 branches of our military will have a good laugh at, we should be concentrating on formal "militias" that can forceably change things right now to minimize the collateral damage that will occur again if we don't get control of our military branches....It started with a war, so it's only logical that it has to end in a war.....we don't need assemblies, except the assembly of our armed forces....get control of our industrial military complex, and this country will revert to its original form again...!!

    It's called gorrilla warfare....take out all top military officials, and then we don't need law or the courts anymore....!! And let's get Putin to help us do it....!! Weapons of war will Trump all courts in this NATION with just a few examples of how easy it is to take out a court...!!!

    1. All State Jural Assembly Members who are able are State Militia Members ---- Not "State of _________ Militias". They sign up for duty as Jurors at the same time they sign up for duty in the State Militia.

      That said, it is silly to imagine that we could do more than grease their tank treads. It has to be resolved by lawful challenge and forcing them to back water via commercial claims and diplomatic efforts. The only thing they fear is exposure and numbers.

      So lets all go home to "America" and leave "the US".

      It's their job to protect us once we declare ourselves Americans. Until we do, they get to whip and beat us.

      So, obvious move is to Expatriate from any presumption of Federal Citizenship of any kind.

      Welcome home, America.

    2. First, Thank you Anna for replying about militias.

      2nd Lincoln was a BAR Attorney right so he wasn't our President so how could a Corporate CEO Declare war for our organic states?

      3rd. Many of the people waking up are older and our young adults are so indoctrinated they are Proud US CITIZENS like my stepson, or like my son and daughter that are clinging to the fence with their Drivers Licenses, Obamacare, Voters Card, and all the other unconscionable contracts with the state, and scared to death they are going to put me, a grandmother under the jail for standing up for my rights and completing my paperwork. So who is going to be this military/militia that is going to do the Gorilla warfare thing? I put my life at risk because I would rather be DEAD than a slave but as Anna has stated and I believe too this has to be done in a peaceful way or they will just exterminate the ones who are working to take back our states. DEAD people can wake up but DEAD bodies are just DEAD.

      Peace and Love to all.

  5. Most of this is based on nonsense. There is no historical proof or records for much of what Anna writes. Not once has she referenced any archival records, historical documents, original historical commentary, court cases or legal opinions to back up her statements. Fairy tales and hearsay rule the day here.

    Anna if you want to be taken seriously please post your hard proof here so everyone can investigate and come up to an educated decision if this is correct or pure horse manure. The ball is in your court.

    1. If you want to be taken seriously, I suggest that you start reading what I have already published. There's endless proof available for anyone who looks. Why don't you come up with some actual questions that you can answer for yourself? Like --- are the Reconstruction Acts still (apart from a few repealed sections) in full force and effect? Write to the Library of Congress like I did. Your suggestion that I post my "proofs" as part of a blog is silly --- there are hundreds of thousands of pages of proof on these subjects, Congressional Records, period books, thousands of public documents, and probably twice as many private documents. Have at it.

      It took me forty years to understand it all and find all the pieces. I and thousands of other Americans working over the course of decades of unpaid labor and service have made it a lot easier for all of you, but you still have to dig and look and think and see for yourselves.

    2. Hey Mike Haines, look up "IN GOD WE TRUST dba USA INC" @ the Pennsylvania Secretary of State Office. Slogan you might assume, well NO its a TRUST and on the Money because it's a business and it's part of the commercial realm all tied into the rest. The word TRUST can only be used if it involves a TRUST, so never a slogan.

      And the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC through SCOTLAND and see that it's there and what owns that name. I found both long before finding Anna’s site. Read each of her articles and take the time to look things up. The fraud is all there in plain site. Watch the Matrix movie about 100 times and see if it doesn't all fit. The Matrix movie is for the technology end but just reiterates the WIZARD OF OZ. America is the Land of the walking DEAD, hence the all CAPS CORPSE NAME on everything. I guess it's alright with you that your Name was FRANCHISED by STATE OF... and it only belonged to you for probably a few hours and your estate was probated after your parents abandoned YOU at the hospital? Who is the EXECUTOR of Your Estate? Look up the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, still going strong today. Read the history of the Birth Certificate, one of Anna's articles that she reposted another man's research. You can look up each atrocity of each King. I did until it made me physically ill.

      Anna doesn't need to prove she is right, you need to prove she is wrong. That will take some effort and time, maybe skipping that next Big Game, which by the way are allowed to be predetermined (Fixed) because the leagues went to the US SUPREME COURT saying they had the right to fix the games because it was Arts and Entertainment, just like TV News. Check that out too!


  6. Check out Anna's Facebook page: