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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Clearing the Air

By Anna Von Reitz

The first concept that needs to hit home is that all the actual States are sovereign entities.   This is a violent departure from the realm we are used to and the States of States we have grown up with.   It's a whole different world and a whole different government.  

The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government. 

Michigan has no special role or right to dictate how other States organize and operate their State Jural Assemblies, much less how they operate their State Assembly, sometimes called "State General Assembly".  

I simply recommended the Michigan General Jural Assembly template because it is basically sound and available.  That doesn't mean that it is perfect or without errors or some kind of mandate from God that all the other States have to follow. 

Some members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly seem to think that it is the only State to maintain or start or use a State Assembly process --- and that is far from true.   They also seem to think that Michigan is the only State with standing, and that isn't true either.  

Some States are just now putting out the call and are resuming activity of their Assemblies after a long pause between meetings.  Other States, especially those in the West, are meeting for the first time since they met to sign their Statehood Compacts.   The point of being sovereign entities is that they can conduct their business when, where, and as often -- or not -- as they please. 

Many States have continued to Assemble at various times in response to various threats and they have conducted their business properly and taken actions nationally, internationally, and globally ever since the Civil War.  Some States, like Vermont, have been especially jealous in guarding their State sovereignty.  

So any idea that all the other States have to fall in line and conduct their business just the way Michigan conducts its business is way out of line and I certainly have never knowingly promoted such an idea. 

Most of us are familiar with Due Process,including Due Notice provisions, also with conducting proper and secure elections, keeping meeting Minutes, using Rules of Order to conduct meetings. etc., etc., etc.

We are also familiar with basic court functions, juries, the qualification of jurors, the number of persons on juries, the kinds of juries, etc., and if we have questions there are plenty of sources available to us to find out answers. 

None of this is rocket science, except that we all need to know the difference between the American Government and the Federal Government that the American Government created. 

We all have to know that actual State Assemblies (General, Legislative, and Jural) are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.  

We all have to know that actual State Assemblies can only lawfully be convened by people owing singular allegiance to the State.  No Dual Citizenship is allowed by the actual States.  

Dual Citizenship is allowed by the States of States, but that is a different jurisdiction.  

There are apples and there are oranges. 

If you want to act as member of the actual State Assembly, the actual State Jural Assembly, or the actual State Legislature, you have to expatriate from any and all Federal Citizenship(s).  

If you want to live in America, live in America.  If you want to live in "the US", live in "the US".  

Landsmen, who are Free Men, are Landlords in this country.  The State belongs to the People of the State, not the Persons of the State.  The People populate their State of the Union.   They are natural born members of their State Assembly, their State Legislature, and their State Jural Assembly, too.  

Federal Citizens, whether Territorial or Municipal, are temporary "residents" in our actual States, just as we are temporary "residents" in their "States of States". They act as Persons, not People, and "inhabit" their foreign jurisdiction instead of populating it.  

The States of States and the Federal Government allow Dual Citizenship.  You can be a citizen of the Territorial US Government and a citizen of the Municipal US Government, too.  You can be a citizen of a State Government (so far as they know or care) and a Territorial citizen at the same time. You can even, as some members of the Territorial Congress have done, be a citizen of Israel and the Territorial United States at the same time.  

The same cannot be said of the actual States of the Union.  Our soil and land jurisdiction States operate according to the Law of the Land (and no, that does not mean any form of Constitution in this context) which is derived from the Biblical Law including the premise that "no man can serve two masters".  So when you choose to live in America instead of  "the US"  you have to renounce any foreign duty and expatriate from any foreign entanglement.  

The concern dictating this is eminently sensible.  The Federal States of States are all commercial corporations operating in foreign jurisdictions, and someone having profit motives and duties attached to foreign commercial corporations should not be entrusted with making decisions for our States.  

This is the history and the Law and the reason that our States only allow one kind of citizenship ---- State Citizenship.  

When we expatriate our Federal contractors are obligated to respect their employer's wishes and cannot impose any requirement of citizenship related to them and their corporations.  Doing so would amount to involuntary peonage, as all these Federal entities, including all Federal "States of States" are commercial corporations. 

Those who wish to operate as Americans standing on the land and soil of their State are lawful State Nationals and can choose to serve as lawful State Citizens.  They can operate their State General Assembly, their State Legislature, and their State Jural Assembly unimpaired.  But they cannot at the same time maintain employment, duties, or obligations as any form of "US" citizen. 

By the same token, Federal Employees and Dependents are able to serve as members of State of State Jural Societies, State of State Legislatures, and as State of State Executives  --- and we can't.  

They can't act as State Electors, and we can't vote in their elections. 

This is because we live/inhabit completely different jurisdictions that are separate and foreign to each other, as the land is foreign to the sea. 

So this squabble with certain members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly who don't want to give up their Federal Citizenship and don't want to declare themselves as Americans is not a matter of pride or place or seniority.  

I am a  State Justice doing my job and informing everyone of the actual Law that applies --- and if you don't follow the Law of the Land while attempting to operate a part of the American Land Jurisdiction Government, I have to object and bring this to your attention for the sake of everyone concerned. 

First, because no matter how well-intended your efforts are, you can be arrested if you aren't operating in the correct capacity. 

Second, because if your groups as a whole are not operating in the right capacity, nothing you do will hold water.  It will be a wasted effort. 

Third, because if I know that you are off-track and I don't speak up and offer correction and that leads to you being harmed, I would be guilty of negligence.  

I trust that this is "enough said" and that everyone will duly consider the facts.


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  1. Thank you again Anna, this too very much needed to be said. "Michigan" or any "National" Jural Assembly Does not NOW, nor shall it EVER dictate what or how the people choose to operate/conduct their individual counties and state assemblies. Period. Also those who choose NOT to do the required Political Status correction paperwork, DO NOT have a VOICE or the proper standing, capacity to even SPEAK if they have not taken the proper ACTION to correct their own records. Period.
    I have observed the same EGOIC, Prideful, and OVERLY RELIGIOUS "PATRIOTS" vicious cycle of "Chest pounding" and "Controlling Behaviors of others" and all the narcissistic "mind games" keeping people stuck, distracted, emotionally fearful and exhausted and GETTING NO WHERE for TOO LONG! Wake UP PEOPLE and STOP seeking "LEADERS" who "Appear" to "Know MORE than you" they may, but they are NOT YOU, and YOU need to find your own Voice NOW and start using it and SAY NO if something isnt feeling right in your heart, even if its not registering in your mind yet. Just say NO to these silly "Patriots" that speak so loudly, but they lack the courage, inner wisdom to actually to the damn paperwork!!

    1. And by being brave enough to declare it in there courts of law, or I will never have any respect for any "jural assembles"...if your willing to talk the talk, then prove it by walking the walk...!! Personally we are doing this ASS BACKWARDS....why not just force the existing structure now in place to do their actual jobs and duties to the people..!! Trump is doing it right...take out the top people in every agency and replace them with only American Nationals or send them to GITMO...!!
      GO TRUMP...!!

  2. Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602
    Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standard time till whenever

    Status correction help
    It does not matter what point you are with your status correction. We are here to help. Thete are some who have finished and will help guide you and others just starting. Anna challenged me personally in articles 519 and 520... I am that " Kevin "...sorry it took so long butt got tired from the fence...

    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084

    1. Patriot58: What platform is this call on? Zoom, Skype,Other?

    2. Kevin, thank you for posting your info and I will be calling in. I have done my paperwork that Anna recommended and a bunch more. I'd like to help too, especially locally.

      It's scary letting go of the Fence but once you do it and find your courage it's the best. I still have a few things to get rid of which I'm working on now. Looking forward to learning more each day.