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Friday, February 15, 2019

Border-Package is Amnesty for All

Found Here:


  1. They are going for a take down opean the gates and beat us over the head with high power anti semitisem,
    Hate laws,no boycott , anti second ammendment .

  2. I've said it all along this has to be stopped at an international level or else they will kill everyone and everything on this planet if they do not get their way not that they are not already doing that anyway
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. Go look at the wildlands project map and how they plan to make 3/4 of the land mass across the United States off limits to humans while they stack and pack all of us in where they know they plan to limit our electric, water, food, everything
    They are planning for poor, overcrowded, polluted urban cooridors while they hoard the rest of the land mass for themselves
    Not to mention as they stack and pack us in they can concentrate their geoengineering poisoning to these regions and their 5G surveillance control grid - all of which took years of planning and lots and lots of money to do of which they extorted from us to begin with
    And if anyone thinks this is prophecy then there is no help for humanity
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Sounds like "end times" to me....

    2. Or do a another reset. Put us in the ghost towns in chins. Look up mudflood resets and China ghost towns.

  4. Fortunate that the plan has been slowed. I know some others who are inclined toward destructive actions and it seems them who support the open borders> If there is no country to have borders why have them? Hiring more police and stepping up the security most likely in the plan to keep everyone safe. Also once the guns are taken friendly police will take care of you. They taught me the state and government is good and keeps us free even though I only attended grade school. Open borders also can impprove drug smuggling helping the cartels grow bigger and fight the legalization efforrts. Prisons as well should benefit perhaps finally getting filled. Unless people finally wake up, smell the coffee and get busy......history is not likely to change abd nmost "erased" nations slotted for global state rule will need to be scoured clean of dissenters and protestors as the banking clans have said. MOney, accepted by millions it a contract with them

  5. Are we forgetting that President Trump has 6 more years to go? Have we forgotten all that has been accomplished so far. The Border Wall will be build with money from the Military Fund already allocated. Mass Arrests are being made while we claim nobody is going to Prison, 84,000+ Indictments in Court are being unsealed and Declassified. Gitmo is open for Business Military Tribunals. Why is everybody so down and out! The Best is yet to come right after the storm. Keep watching! God Bless - cheer up!


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