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Monday, April 4, 2016

Elections? What Elections? Big News. BIG.

by Anna Von Reitz

I was loping along, minding my own business when State of the Nation called me this morning and asked me about my choices in the upcoming federal elections.
"I don't vote in federal elections," I spluttered.
This is a sore spot with me, because the whole "election" process is a fraud----and a nasty, tortuous one. It is designed to make you think that you have a voice and choice, when in fact, the voter registration itself is designed to enslave you as a "franchise" operator of the federal corporation. That is what "enfranchisement" means and that's what happens when you register to vote.
State Nationals elect. Federal "United States" Citizens vote.
And what do you get to vote on? Raspberry flavored feces versus chocolate flavored feces, versus vanilla flavored feces. Take your choice.
And as the boys returning from World War II observed--- "They select them and we elect them."
It should be obvious to everyone that their choice for "President" is meaningless, as there is no direct vote involved. A whole separate and ancient feudal body known euphemistically as the "Electoral College" elects the President.
And the President doesn't work for you. Not at all. The President works for the United States Trustees.
WHAT? You squawk......
Somewhere in the back of your mind, dimly but persistently, all your life you have seen signs, letterheads, bits and pieces of things referring to the "US Trust" and "United States Trustees".
Ever stop and wonder for five seconds what that was all about?
As a living breathing Wisconsinite and not claiming or declaring or desiring or willingly volunteering to be anything else, I am a beneficiary of the United States Trust created by the King of Spain, Treaty of Paris, 1779.
It is the richest, most powerful, largest trust ever created in the history of the world, and I am a beneficiary of it. If you were born on the land of the United States and/or have any relatives who were here before 1888, so are you.
It is this identity that counts and it is in this role that you have power and right and where your voice actually does count, but you have been hoodwinked into playing a far lesser role. Instead of realizing that you are lords and ladies of the Manor, everyone is chasing around worrying about who will be the new manager of the Lawn Maintenance Company,
It doesn't matter who runs the company responsible for delivering nineteen enumerated services, doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.
What matters is who acts as the United States Trustees--that is, your trustees--- telling THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. what to do.
That's right. All those who have said that Obama is just a puppet are absolutely correct. He obeys the United States Trustees.
And you can't name a single one of them. You certainly didn't elect any of them. Yet, there they are in the background of everything, pulling the strings, and acting in Breach of Trust every day of every week of every month of every year, year in and year out.
Here's the kicker. These Trustees serve at your pleasure. As the beneficiaries of the United States Trust, you can choose new Trustees because you have proof that the current Trustees have acted in Breach of Trust.
Simple as that. 

So instead of fussing and fuming and caring about the federal corporation elections, which are, as I say, none of our business and should be none of our concern unless they fail to cut the grass----what we need to be doing is electing new United States Trustees and informing the Holy See and the United Nations that we are the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and that we are the Priority Creditors of the United States, Inc. and the IMF and the FEDERAL RESERVE and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and the USA, INC. and we've caught them all red-handed in Breach of Trust and other acts of criminality, thank you very much.
We have suffered national identity theft. Our credit cards have been stolen and run to the hilt by people under contract to provide us with "essential governmental services". The Trustees who are supposed to be riding herd on these Bounders have been caught in bed with them, sipping champagne purloined from our cellars.
Everyone getting the picture now?
So the old United States Trustees have to go and new people have to be chosen to fill this most important role. As the Founders (Donors) are long since dead, the only ones having a position of authority and equitable title to the trust assets are the lawful beneficiaries which and I.
We need to en masse rescind and cancel all "Voter Registrations" and stop giving our attention, money, or anything else to federal corporation elections, and instead exercise our capacity as Beneficiaries of the United States Trust to select new Trustees.
We need to record our claim to our names and our birthright political status with the land recorder's office and give notice to these jokers that our given names are our private property and that they are infringing on our copyrights and acting as our usufructs without our consent or permission.
We need to inform them that there has been a serious breach of National Trust and the Continental United States is suing for redress and the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust are selecting new Trustees.
Then our faithful and diligently scrutinized Trustees can tell our employees what to do and how to do it to our liking, and we can get on with the business of living and enjoying our lives without being terrorized by a bunch of crooks pretending to "represent" us.
It's time to present ourselves as the lawful Beneficiaries of the United States Trust, as Wisconsinites and Floridians and Ohioans, and people, not the millions, and take care of the only selections that actually matter.

As for who becomes President of USA Lawn Maintenance or members of the Board of Directors of USA Lawn Maintenance--- I could care less. So long as there is someone competent and honest telling these yahoos how high the grass should be and where to put the leaves, it's all fine with me.

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