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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Day Five Disaster Update -- Incoming

By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have "mysterious" 35-40 foot waves come at us from a non-descript focus point in the Pacific.  No volcano.  No earthquake.  Just 35-40 foot waves out of the clear blue. 

This isn't enough to get to us, because we are on high ground --- but is enough to play havoc with the Port of Anchorage and possibly a lot of other port facilities in South Central Alaska, making it very difficult to supply Alaska with the food and other supplies needed by a population of more than half a million people.

This on top of a 7.0 Earthquake and the Russians claiming that Jesus was a red-haired Russian called "Radomir". 

Sometimes, faced with the whole panoply, one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Here are all these grown-up people causing trouble, and acting like children at the same time.

Absent the waves and whatever destruction they cause (I am assuming the same source -- US NAVY again.) we are back on our feet.  Fuels are being re-supplied, messes chucked in dustbins, broken dishes and shelves and doorposts hauled away, food replenished. 

Your contributions are allowing us to replace urgent losses and resettle people and functions and get on the road again and I do thank everyone who is tugging at the oars.  We couldn't do this without you.  As Q says-- Where we go one, we go all.

And all in. 

This is Day One for our team member who fell off her ice-covered second story porch yesterday and she is very, very sore. Somehow she avoided broken bones in a twenty foot fall onto frozen ground, which is a miracle in itself, but she has suffered bad muscle damage and is in a lot of pain.  It will take several weeks before she is back to anything like "normal" and meantime, her husband faces bypass surgery. And both are now unemployed--- one because of the earthquake, and one because of the ice storm that has followed.

Sounds like a chapter out of "Doctor Kildare" or "General Hospital". 

Many of the private and specialist clinics have been forced to close subject to inspections and gas shut-offs and other results of the earthquake, but the main hospitals have stayed open.  This is making after-care and cancer care expensive and hard to find, but we are muddling through. 

One of our members went through an especially awful wake up call. For reasons we don't understand, the mirrored glass closet doors in their kid's bedrooms shattered like shrapnel and the jagged pieces embedded themselves into the posts of two sets of bunkbeds and shredded the blankets, sheets and mattresses their children would have been sleeping on an hour or so before this earthquake happened.

If you are a parent you can appreciate looking at big jagged pieces of glass stabbing through your son's pillow, right where his head could have been--- and was, only about an hour and a half before this happened.  Needless to say, the mirrored glass closet doors won't be replaced, even if it makes the room look smaller!

Other than getting the furnace re-wired we haven't had time yet to deal with other material losses.  It has all been clean up and repair and restock.

And now we are waiting for "the Mother of All Bore Tides" ---- a series of "mysterious" breakers, 35 to 40 feet tall, three times larger than any normal high tide or storm breakers to hit the Knik Inlet and Anchorage Port, which could also take out the Anchorage railroad terminal for good measure and knock out railroad and highway bridges.

People are evacuating from low lying offices and facilities, but the only official warnings are coming from one radio station that is blaring it and alternate news sources. 

This is NOT-- repeat NOT--- any normal after-an-earthquake tsunami.  This is an "anomalous" ridge of water out in the Pacific that just appeared out of nowhere and which was not triggered by any normal seismic event or volcanic activity. 

The profile of this onrushing wall of water is again consistent with the use of ULF and ELF Resonance Weapons operated by the US NAVY.  So the idiots in Belgium are still trying to attack us and still trying to save their B.E.A.S.T. system long after any Prudent Man would know that the jig is up. 

It's just destruction for the sake of destruction now.  Spite vented on innocent people by criminals.  Their "beautiful wickedness" is melting, melting.... and they will have to start all over again with some other schtick. 

Next time you see the Babylonian Slave Masters sneaking into town, as they did during the reign of Queen Victoria, you will recognize them for what they are, and you will do exactly what George Herbert Walker Bush said you'd do: you will hang them.


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  1. California had how many horrific fires? People need to wake up and smell the horseshit.

    Take a stand and charge, America!

  2. Hang in there Anna, according to Jimstone, "Alaska is scheduled to receive 28 feet of snow. This is for Alaska over the next couple weeks. For a couple weeks time, this is a lot, however, it is not uncommon at all for a yearly mountain total practically anywhere in the northern Rockies. Decades ago there was a blizzard in the Dakotas that heaped drifts so high that it buried high voltage distribution power lines and there were warnings about walking on the drifts and getting electrocuted. This might be one of those years, however it takes deep snow plus a weather anomaly to make drifts get that high. The snow in Alaska, (if this keeps up for any length of time) would eventually do that.";-140.010

    1. Anna, if you can possibly get a flight out, please stay at a motel for your safety. We and a few other will hopefully chip in and pay your bill. I know you want to be a trooper and help your friends, but you have a gift that we don't want to lose. Please consider and let me know. I'll put an x in Notify me box.
      Big HUGS and PRAYERS continually coming your way.

  3. Thank you for all of your updates Anna. I want to wish you and all those affected in the after math of the earthquake the best of wishes and God speed to rebuild.

    I don't see any reports of large waves headed your way online but, I did find this Ocean Data Explorer: map that has dated collected from a sea buoy that you may find interesting.

    Why did you decide to include; Russians claiming that Jesus was a red-haired Russian called "Radomir"? This seems to be a random statement and NOT related to your story. Where do you come up with this information? What is your source? It seems at times that you like to pull things out of the thin air. Perhaps to act as an antagonist or maybe to see if your readers are paying attention? Whichever one it is, it does a disservice to you and only acts to discredit you as any type of credible source of information. Then again, we are living in an era where people will believe anything they read without doing any of there own research or due diligence.

    1. Probably for the same reason I like to include this p.o.v. in randomly now & then ๐Ÿ˜…๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ•†

    2. Radomir - well, it's a possibility. Could cause a problem tho - Israel will abandon Palestine and move to Russia as a counter to Radomir's influence.

  4. I know someone who lived in Anchorage years ago and after a snow people were looking for their cars and found they were standing on top of them where small humps appeared. Anchorage does have a lot of snow trucks but 3 feet took about 3 days for everything to open back up. Just a few years ago Fargo North Dakota had no more room at all and just one lane with 25 foot high sides deep deep cold dry snow. If it is really cold a strong wind will blow it clean at least in Anchorage. 32 degrees then a whole week of -40f and 50 knot winds, after no snow at all nearly all blown off.

  5. I'm moving from Calif. to Big Lakes, guys have all the fun...!!I thought the plan was always for Calif. to have a Tsunami....!! I wonder what changed their plans...??

    1. ๐ŸŽตWhy not go James? Your twin can hold the old fort down until & if u ever decide to return๐Ÿ’ฅ

    2. I wouldn't make it out of the plane before I turned right back in the plane and come back to sunny Calif. The only thing going for it...!!!

  6. Will be attending a Naturopathic Convention next week. I will get an EXTRA catalogue and forward it to you to assist within medical needs "Privately."

    1. Could you please look for a good "Rilfe Frequency Generator", while you are can't be more than $300 complete....I know they make them....!!?

  7. Satanic Worship
    Mocking of Mankind
    Civil War Neutrality
    Foundations of Creation Natural Law

  8. 4 New Waves, Wow Lightning, Frost Bombshell | S0 News Dec.4.2018:
    There is and has been crazy weather extremes in many places, for a few years now, that i have been watching. Have you seen the flooding in the desserts of Saudia Arabia?
    Now perhaps Anna is not the target, perhaps we all are? Yahuah may be trying to get all the worlds attn. for a reason, a purpose, a warning?
    M7.5 Quake/Tsunami, Volcano Shock, Supernova Coming | S0 News Dec.5.2018,

    "Man does not control the sun nor the Son."

    1. But Radomir is in Russia ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽต

    2. Or maybe they know more about Alaska then we could be that their is tons of gold or oil under Big Lakes and elsewhere in Alaska....who knows..!!

  9. It's called weather warfare - look up Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    or NASA Owning the Weather by 2025
    This is part of the global warming climate change geoengineering programs out of Harvard
    See on you tube
    They used these methods to drown out the vietcong and have been using it all around the world to get people off the land as per their UN Agenda - once the land is free of people they come in and buy it up for pennies on the dollar and do as they please
    They want everyone in stack and pack housing no more single family homes
    According to those who devised this plan the middle class live too large and in order to save the earth from us they have to bring everyone down to poverty level to save the earth - of course that does not include them
    Oh and by the way they will manage all resources no matter what they are
    In some places they are banning burning of fire wood, collecting rain water, having farm animals on your land, the list goes on and on
    The big corps are getting huge government money to implement UN Agenda
    For instance UBER is saying that in 10 years no one will own a car because they will make sure you don"t as per UN Agenda and you guessed it UBER getting huge dollars from governments
    Same thing with Amazon they want you to buy everything on line no more social gatherings in stores - too much overhead for them takes money out of their pockets and you bet Amazon getting huge incentives via the government
    How about WalMart who put every other store on the planet out of business well thats because they sell us garbage Monsanto GMO food and Sam Walton built internment camps for the Japanese Americans during WWII
    No Coincidences - ALL PLANNED
    Alaska is nothing compared to the thousands (some estimate over 50,000) that just lost their lives in the Paradise so called 'wildfires' - houses all burned but the green trees surrounding all the properties still standing - hmm I wonder how that happens
    Not to mention Diane Feinsteins hubby just got billion dollar contracts to build their bullet train exectly in the area they just burned the people alive in
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. I read that article "silent weapons for quite wars over 25 years ago and knew that the plan all a long was to target America last after they had been used by them to control all the countries under them, then collapse the American economy to reflect a more equitable lifestyle with the rest of the world....But I told myself if they ever try to take everything from Americans after being spoiled for the last 80 years, they still didn't learn anything from the "Revolutionary War".......!!!

  10. 10% of Amamzon workers in Ohio need food stamp assitance to live while Jeff Bezos gets millions in subsidies from Ohio and the federal government
    This is UN Agenda 21 at work folks
    WalMart in bed with DHS and FEMA and they too get millions of subsidies while the workers have to get food stamps to feed their families
    Amazon also teaming up with home builders to build wifi certified homes where they will track and trace everything you do in your home all part of the UN Agenda and FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities, IoT (Internet of Things) tracking and tracing - thats what 5G is for
    So called presidents daughter handing out Ipads to school age children so they can get them early for the AI - not to mention that the I pads were designed with the wifi antenna aimed directly at the childs reproductive organs to sterilize them
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. True Awareness IS the Key that unlocks ALL Change from Within.....your Assistance In spreading Awareness to ALL Living Souls Now IS needed and graciously appreciated!! I have compiled Anna's vital Docs and Instructions and Helpful Links to Third Party Resources needed to help Assist those that are Waking Up and Consciously choosing to "Correct their political Status" Records and Peacefully Claim their Living Estates Now, along with Anna's current Articles on:

    Please let me know If you have a Vital Resource or Important Article that you feel would contribute and Assist those learning and going through this Life-changing Process! So Thankful for All suggestions & feedback!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be For All Now

  12. Have alisten and see how the United States is being played big time
    And the rats in DC still wanting to send $7,000 a minute to Is ra el
    They are in the process of screwing this country over and not one military general of Trump is doing a thing
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved


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