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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Missing Tax Money? Not Really

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning a friend forwarded links to these two videos to me--- (below) in hopes they would more succinctly enlighten my Readers about the "missing" National Credit we are owed.  (He says my articles are too long. Sorry.)

Unfortunately, though these links provide some discussion of the fact that $21 T in National Credit is AWOL, they assume that it is "tax money" that is missing, and that is not at all true. 

We know precisely where all the "tax money" went --- to the Bank of England and to the Queen and to the British Crown --- and that most of it went under conditions of fraud, too.

No, the $21T in "National Credit" that is missing is from a different source.  It's credit that the American States and People are owed that was never credited back to them when they exchanged actual goods and services for I.O.U.'s from the same louses that were taxing us under false pretenses. 

What they did was set up a double accrual bookkeeping system -- popularly known as "keeping two sets of books".   This allowed them to create multiple accounts under your name, each one presumed to be acting in different capacities.  For example --- your given name in the form: JOHN MARK DOE functioned in the capacity of a constructive ESTATE trust.  JOHN M. DOE functioned in the capacity of a public transmitting utility.  JOHN DOE was a public charitable trust franchise of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up in the wake of the bogus "Civil War" for the benefit of displaced plantation slaves.

So, your credit for labor and goods delivered and interest owed to you for investment of your assets was credited to your NAME --- JOHN MARK DOE --but you were told nothing about this cozy arrangement.  Literally billions of ESCROW account transactions took place at cash registers and banks day after day crediting JOHN MARK DOE. 

But since you didn't know that you had an ESCROW account to collect upon, you just left all those assets sitting there unclaimed.  Then the central banks responsible for this fraud came along and said, "Oh, my!  Look at this escrow account just sitting here!  It hasn't been touched in ten years..... the owners must be dead and these funds are (most likely) abandoned...."

So they claimed all the credit owed to you for your actual labor and goods delivered as "abandoned funds" and used your assets for their own benefit. 

All this was in addition to any "tax money" that the Queen and British Crown received under false pretenses from people who weren't actually "volunteer" Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marine Service. 

The same kind of fraud scheme has been played with mortgages. 

Your understanding --- deliberately encouraged by the fraudsters who advertised "Home Loans" -- was that you were acting in your natural capacity as a living man or woman, getting a loan from the bank to build or buy a home.

In fact, you, the living man or woman, were being solicited by the bank to loan them your assets --- your labor, your land titles, your home and, in purportedly "equitable exchange", they paid themselves back for mortgages owed by the "STATE OF IOWA" for example. 

You thought it was a loan to you from the bank but in fact the deceitful bank was making a loan to JOHN MARK DOE, a franchise of the STATE OF IOWA, and you were presumed to be "volunteering" to pay off a mortgage owed by the STATE OF IOWA  which was acting in behalf of the presumed equitable title-holder to your ESTATE, the State of Iowa.

You were "presumed" to be making a "gift" of your labor and goods to pay off the debts owed by these corporate government franchises. 

So, when you faithfully made "your" mortgage payments you paid off the debts of the STATE OF IOWA and its franchise JOHN MARK DOE.  This interpretation of the "loan agreement" was confirmed when you failed to collect the ESCROW account and apparently abandoned it in favor of the "State of Iowa". 

Read that --- at the end of the day, after paying off a mortgage for thirty years--- you still owned nothing.  All you had done is pay off part of the debts that these shyster organizations had run up against your labor and land and other assets.

What this also means is that you are owed a shitload of credit and also a blivet and a half of actual assets--- land, Gold and whatever-the-rats-have-got. 

No wonder the Directors at the Bank of England circle their desks and hide.

Our point to you all is that our entire country has been swindled by these thieves for 150 years and most of the rest of the world has been, too, for varying lengths of time.  And, naturally, the corporations these same banks formed to "provide government services" have naturally turned a blind eye to all this deceit, fraud, self-interest, and crime.

The banks and the bankers are the ones who owe the entire World Debt which is fabulously beyond any ability that they have to pay back.  If valued at current standards, there aren't enough assets on this planet to pay back what they already owe to all of us.  So what to do?

We collect back what we can and then we "reset" to zero--- forgive all the debts, which regenerates an equal amount of credit--- but we do not allow these fraud artists to control that credit or continue on with business as usual. 

We require the replacement of all the Boards of Directors of all these banks caught indulging in this "System" of things; we replace all the Banking Commissioners responsible, too; and we replace all the SEC Directors, IRS Commissioners, and others who have contributed to this gross Breach of Trust and criminality. 

None of them have any cause to complain.  After what they have pulled, they should be happy to escape with their lives and an elderly Volkswagen.

We make a clean sweep of it and start over.  And that does not mean that we play another round of the same old fraud.  That means that we wise up and decentralize everything under a completely new and hack-proof banking and internet system, where everyone on this planet has their own inviolable private identity and account.

As pay back, we issue every man, woman, and child a "Basic Living Stipend" paid into their account every month, sufficient to pay for food, water, housing, utilities, clothing and other basics of life.  We also issue an investment account equal to half the Basic Living Stipend which people can invest throughout their lifetimes and collect upon retirement. 

We also insure everyone against losses, provide Medical Care Accounts to pay for all non-elective medical procedures, tests, and therapies, and free tuition at all public Universities. 

Nobody on this planet is going to suffer anymore once this process is done. No more wars for profit.  No more starving children.  No more industrial pollution. No more freezing elderly.  None of it.

Here's what Max Keiser is discussing and, even if he's got it wrong, at least he's talking about what's going on and your "missing" credit.

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  1. "Nobody on this planet is going to suffer any more once this process is done. No more wars for profit. No more starving children. No more industrial pollution. No more freezing elderly. None of it."
    Without Yahusha, even with unlimited credit man will still revert to his nature.

    Come on guys, can any man, woman or child promise and or deliver on this ?
    Are you now promising at least 1000 years of peace? Even at the end we are told there will be another season of mischief. This is something many seem to forget.

    1. follower, yes I too have noticed how almost everyone just loves to skip over that period of time ''of mischief'. First of all that word mischief is not the original word, but is one of those watered down words put in one of the 'bibles' that Man has tampered with. The actual wording is the Great Tribulation; and it comes Before the 1000 yrs. of peace. In fact the GT could begin at any time; nobody knows the exact hour or day ''but of that Time we can know by the signs of the Times' which are now all in place.

      What is being ignored here, even by Anna, is the Fact of gross immorality and godlessness on this planet. All that Anna is working on is the theft, all the nefarious financial deeds against humanity, all the political and lawful misdeeds within all of society. Fixing all that stuff may only fix the poverty and lack Issues; but it will not fix the gross Immorality Issues. And it is Immorality and Corruption which destroys Societies.
      If we read Genesis 6 we will see what caused God to destroy all that was on Earth by bringing the Great was Corruption, Disobedience and Immorality.
      We do not have 1000 yrs. of peace ''once this process is done''. There is a 7 yr. period in between now and then, which is called the great tribulation, which is all depicted in the book of Rev., the last book in the bible. It is at the end of that 7 yrs. that Jesus Returns and sets up his kingdom and rules for 1000 yrs.

    2. Abby,
      Yes, the verse i was thinking about:Rev.20:7 And when the thousand years have ended,shatan shall be released from his prison, and he shall go out to lead the nations astray which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together for battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea.

    3. follower, yes that is satan's very last hurrah, and it will be short lived. But that is 1000 yrs.away, so we will cross that little bridge when we come to it, as right after that 'we go to new heavens and new earths' because that will be the 3rd (last) destruction of earth.
      Hardest and most confusing is the book of Rev.because it jumps around a lot; its really John reporting the Visions that he was being shown by God. This is why we have to incorporate 'the signs of the Times' in order to get the Order of things, IMO.

  2. Yes, queen ann and her "Secretary of State" hubby, notice he dropped the "hereditary" term and is now a full fledge "Secretary of State" and they are going to bring in this 1000 yr. reign of peace, prosperity, and justice for all. No need for Jesus to return, there won't be anything for him to do!!! Still waiting for PROOF on the "Secretary of State" deal, which the moderator here refuses to make them cough up. A lot of other stuff I could bring up but "Truth" is not the point of this forum. Even though some of the things stated here might be true, I have yet to see any RESULTS of such statements. What has this famous "Michigan Jural Assembly" done that we are supposed to emulate!? Any toadies here want to post links to show how effective they have been in correcting the fraud!? And funny there are no links showing "land sheriffs" in conflict with "corporate sheriffs" trying to impose "land jurisdiction" against "corporate jurisdiction" interest!!! More hopium for the masses!!! And we don't have a $21 trillion debt, the jew controlled FED printed another $17 trillion under the table without congress knowledge, which they don't have to give, and gave it to all of their relatives in Europe during the 2008 banking crisis. Ron Paul mentioned this as well as one FON NEWS guest commentator which was never invited back after he exposed this!!!

    1. Unknown, I too have noticed how Jesus is being left out, and people think they can take over and do His job; a job that no Man CAN possibly do. The SHTF when Jesus is left out of the mix.

      How anyone cannot see the depths of the entanglements, the confusion created regarding every aspect of Life today, how deeply corrupted it all is, and come to the obvious - Man cannot fix it - - then they are half blind or choose to be in disbelief of Reality.
      If folks would come to really look at the truth of the entire scenario called 'life on planet earth' they would THEN come to see the absolute necessity of Jesus. And now Anna comes along and promises them a soon-coming utopia which she is ''in the process of delivering''......which serves to encourage them that they 'have no need of The Savior'.

    2. Only the Spiritually Dead are UNABLE to SEE or HEAR the Divinity and Fruits of Anna's Spirit and her Divinely guided and Blessed purpose!! The DEAD are DEAD, but even God promised to "Raise the Dead" as well in the end times we are IN, so there IS Hope for ALL!!!

    3. The spiritually dead cannot discern truth and lies. The spiritually dead believe everything they are told without question. The spiritually dead are also individuals, each with their own problems and issues.
      Keli, with that said do you believe that with this basic living check that "everyone deserves"? mankind and human nature is going to just magically flip to the opposite and everyone's basic needs are going to be met?
      The world is offering a free ride so yes i am suspect.

    4. There are Godly Spirits and there are demonic spirits. Being ''spiritual' means nothing; which spirit is in that 'spirituality' is to be questioned. Today the majority of self-proclaiming spiritual people are dabbling is all sorts of spirits that up to no good. They even come as benevolent and caring and oozing with mushy words, but behind that facade lies every kind of deception imaginable. They are filled with lies which they receive and then proceed to spread as far and wide as they can. They take evil for being good, and good for being evil. And we are seeing this today as it is at full throttle.
      Conversely, the true saved children of God have The Holy Spirit and can easily spot the difference between that which is Holy vs. that which is of that devious evil spirit.

    5. Man has always been easy to bribe, since the forbidden tree of life...and it doesn't take that much....!! It seems to be an inherited trait...we are constantly trying to escape it...through in all the distractions of the tech world and all the toys available to modern man and then through in "unequal weights and measures" and you have the perfect storm for every kind of evil imaginable..!!

    6. Afollower...I believe that everything IS as its meant to be Always, as intended, for our highest purpose. Every one of us have been betrayed, and we have ALL suffered, some more than others, but ALL have been put through the spiritual fire for our individual growth (overcoming) and for our highest good. I accept this. I Trust these lessons wholeheartedly. All IS Now, not tomorrow or someday, only Now. So to answer your question about do I believe everyone "deserves" a basic living "check", I believe that's not for me to be the judge of or decide anybody's "worthiness" or "unworthiness" as I Trust ALL IS as it IS every moment, and ALL IS being supremely honored and divinely guided each moment as God intends Now. I don't question God's intentions, I Trust them. I only ask, how can I help Now, and I do my best to be still and always be willing to Hear any "calling" placed within me, in any moment.
      I believe we are ALL worthy of ALL God has to offer Always. Its ALL Good!!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Now

  3. Blame the jew controlled FED, a/k/a agents for the Rothchild family.
    Tell Donald J. Trump about the Qui Tam law. Let him be a relater. Donald J. Trump is a blood hound. If money exists, he shall find it,
    and keep it. Finders Keepers frightens the FED, when Trump is winning.

  4. Oh yes, the “Trouble" that IS caused/MASKED in the NAME of "Good" by ALL colorable ACTORS as AGENTS for the spiritually "dead corpse" in their mission to perpetuate FEAR and HATE to divide, conquer and destroy ALL living Souls IS upon them NOW, on and for the record!!!!
    The supreme Judge of ALL that IS, having the ONLY true accounting and Jurisdiction above All, IS IN complete control Always!!
    Stand True, Stand Strong, Stay INbalance and connected with our personal missions and purposes AS our blessings and spiritual gifts are being rewarded/granted as promised Now!!
    Much Gratitude, INLove, and INPeace to All


  5. I am trying to understand the sentence she wrote regarding the “50% stipend”: “We also issue an investment account equal to half the Basic Living Stipend which people can invest throughout their lifetimes and collect upon retirement.” This to me sends mixed messages. If everyone has a basic life stipend what is the investment for? Does the life stipend end when we are beyond the productive years and now must depend on this “retirement” investment? Would this new paradigm not look after those projects whose purpose is to contribute to the betterment of mankind or are they supported from these investment funds? I am not sure what we would invest in.

    None the less, I am still going to share this blog as I believe it has great information to help awaken and guide the masses.

  6. Hello dancarp, my thoughts on what is being said and intended is that we will have a completely separate account set up equaling 50% of our Basic Living Stipened, for making investments from, of our own choosing, based on our own interests to Invest In. We choose, based on our own individual morals and values. These accounts will represent our values and fulfill our individual goals and be OUR legacy and WILL to gift to our heirs. That's what I get from it at least. Which will keep perpetuating abundance, and goodwill vs the lack, greed System we've been indoctrinated with and governed by.
    Out with the OLD, and IN with the NEW!!!

    1. reminds me of a biblical story referring to "talons" given and the personal choices made by the receivers in minding what they had been given. Relevant, principled story indeed!!

  7. History always repeats itself, sooner or later the new bankers will become just as greedy and corrupt

    1. Holly, thats exactly why Man cannot fix it. Some of the evil ones die off, but more new ones come along, so Man is never rid of them. This is why the only 'fix' takes getting rid of every single one of them all at once, and so shall it be done by Christ himself.

    2. This has been brought to mind recently also.
      "He who does wrong, let him do more wrong;
      He who is filthy, let him be more filthy;
      He who is righteous, let him be more righteous;
      he who is set apart, let him be more set apart.

    3. follower, yep that is exactly what Rev. 22:11 tells us. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which
      is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
      What this is saying is, that nobody is going to change; they are what they are. So with nobody changing their ways or their thinking or idea, then no-thing is going to change.

    4. [11] He that hurteth, let him hurt still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is just, let him be justified still: and he that is holy, let him be sanctified still. ... [12] Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to his works. ... [13] I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. ... [14] Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. ... [15] Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie.

      [11] "Let him hurt still": It is not an exhortation, or license to go on in sin; but an intimation, that how far soever the wicked may proceed, their progress shall quickly end, and then they must expect to meet with proportionable punishments.

    5. One of the main reasons NESARA is trying to build up an equitable system where there is no more poverty and hungry people and children, and govt agencies to steal it is to "eliminate FEAR",which keeps people immobilized from doing anything...!! HITLER knew it, Stallen knew it, and every despotic ruler before and after Jesus, knows it....and no matter how civil it look like today, it's just a more perfected and illusional system, that involves so many uneducated govt agents, that in general, people run from govt rather than confront it when they overstep their power....!! When you look at it that way, you will notice that everyone is in prison in their "minds"...!! As long as people are afraid of everything, they are FREE of nothing....!!

    6. james a few years ago I attended court with someone for a traffic ticket. I saw the sign which says 'no hats in the court room'. I always wear a hat and left mine on. I sat in the 'peanut gallery' and I saw the lady judge give me a good long stare, but she said nothing. I could tell she was trying to 'tell' me to remove the hat. I know removing the hats is to show respect to the court, but since I have NO respect for them, I left the hat on and nothing was said. Of course I put on my 'don't mess with me face' and seriously observing everything going on so they may wonder just why am I even there, lol.
      While I was there I saw every attorney and public defender going behind the Judge's bench with prosecutors, wheeling and dealing; then they would come out and take their client out into the hall way, and wheel and deal with them. If this doesn't spell 'servant of the Court' then what does?
      People pay their attorneys, attorneys go and roll over to prosecutors and they both go before the Judge and sell out their client.....who, out in the hallway, have told them 'if they plead guilty to something they didn't even do, then the prosecutor will drop another charge, which one is also not guilty of. Everything is all worked out ahead of time, and Court consists of just going thru the motions, and this is how Judges get paid a lot of money; 'ruling' on stuff that has been pre planned and done by prosecutors. All a sleezy bunch; maybe this is what the Judge did not like for me to be observing going on.

    7. Well, it's about time everyone goes to court and just observe who things are run by simply observing what is going on...although I would try to fit in a little better than you Abby...!! It's more than just respect they want , even to the untrained it appeared that way, but I read stories about people trying to use the A4V process in court, and was winning until the judge looked him straight in the eye and told him in a very authoritive way...." to take that toothpick out of your mouth" and so he did , thinking he doesn't want to be rude. But no sooner did the accused recognize the judges authority, he was put in handcuffs and taken downstairs and bused to jail...!! The jurisdiction of the court can take place without even pleading, at least in their mind...!! They are constantly testing your "will"...!!How many of the attorneys you saw in court Abby ever plead using a "demurrer"..!! Not one right..!! They only know one pleading....."not guilty"..!! But remember, once he pleads that for his client, he is also taking on his charges, and has a very good incentive to solve your case as quickly as possible...!! He is the "holder" of the charges, but you are the "holder in due course" of those charges , so nothing can happen without your signiture...they need that signature at all cost...its gold..!! So you can either refuse to sign anything , which they will probably make your life miserable until you do, or sign everything starting name, or just use anything but your signature, like "without prejudice" or without recourse...which you have the right under the UCC..!!

    8. For some reason, these people will pull every sort of fraud possible, with only one exception....they never want to sign your name For has to come from your own hand, even if it's just an "X"..!!

  8. I really need some help, please. I have been in battle with the VA over some damage a couple of primary care doctors did to me almost 10 years ago. They granted me a partial settlement of my claim and appeals but not the large cash amount for damages that I asked for. They admitted that the method of treatment that I had recieved caused me damage and is responsible for most of the health problems that I suffer from now and most likely will for the rest of my compromised live. I was just looking at some of the paperwork I have gotten from them in the last 5-6 years and they have spelled my "name" like 7 or 8 different ways. If I decided to take it to court with them which variation of my name would I want/need to use to access the correct pot of "money"? Thanks if anyone can help with this. tom

    1. Tom, three travel pays not paid in a year, one finally and the guy said their was not record. Last time I filed I obtained a copy of the document from the window clerk after she filed it. Now at least I have one since I told him the I had a copy of the filing that he claimed did not exist. As well a stipend for school of several thousand dollars wound up a fight with the VA and finally a letter saying 120 days for their response and nothing now for years. On a VA website, I went to the tab to allegedly receive help. It said "Leaving VA" and another site opened up looking exactly near the same yet at the bottom listed Wilkes Barre PA attorneys owned the site. That too is several years now and heard nothing even though normally when it is their turn they reply with something. Go figure, I fought them for 4 years over them saying I could not be paid for work I did for the Air Force due to my having enlisted in the Army at MEPS and no one knew I was no longer in the Air Force. Finance said due to regulations I could not be paid. Finally writing a committee in DC citing unfair and unjust practices the pay was approved. Even then it took several months and phone calls for DFAS to cough up the dough. All I can say is keep at it, many you deal with do not know what they are doing and the ones that do are hard to find, just persevere, never give up.

  9. I don't think waiting around for Jesus to show up and magically re-order everyone's mind will actually get much accomplished. Christ is within us all all the time, God lives in our hearts. Denying that and pretending separation, taking liability on to your self as though capable on your own is out of harmony with the spirit. What did Jesus say? "Why call ye me Lord Lord and not do the things that I say? " American Common Law views that God is above all things and only God, the law never changes only each individual instance of applying it to a particular situation. Mans law with ever changing super ridiculous stuff like today I am a man tomorrow using mans science I can become a woman and the people all praising the new "law" and having parades in town to "honor" the new special people while the Ten Commandments jackhammered from the court houses smolder in the dump is an example of purposeful disrespect for God's life and law. While a man or woman can make their own choices under Gods law, under man's or the Roman Civil Law if against the special privilege Emperor's new law even if innocent of anything torture and violence is used to enforce such insane proposals that everyone must think some certain way that honors such special privelege folks, surmises that everyone else is a pauper servant, a useless eater who must serve man as though 1 percent of man is God on Earth in physical form in a body. Do you think God living in your heart looks like out here? A tiny house and a TV where God sits in a chair watching TV in your heart? Just because you do not see JesusChrist shopping and storing up on food and videos in town does not mean his spirit is not living within us in a form we cannot see with out physical eyes. Open you hearts, admit the dweller within is greater than you and ask them to be your friend. It is the only friend you can count on not being immoral, turning their back on you or doing something unexpected or outright lying due to the weakness of many of us. God says in the old testament that at anytime ( meaning anytime even right now) if people change their hearts and listen too and love God all the curses will be removed and the bounty returned. Those who insist on Revelations playing out and all full brunt of the curses unleashed as well see happening as people continue to reject being a part of Gods creation and pretend man is smart enough to conquer it with horrid death and bombs have apparently missed out on the part where our actions are the cause of results we experience.

  10. AirC, you speak many errors. First of all Jesus NEVER 'magically re-orders everyone's mind'. Not now, not ever. He only renews the minds of those who choose to get saved under His Guidelines. In so doing they are willing to have Him come reside in them AND rule in their lives; taking the drivers seat of our lives. He does not ever accept playing second fiddle, nor is he willing to be on stand-by for carnal worldly people who think they can just call upon him as if he is their butler.
    Second error: God does not reside in everyone; he only resides where he has been ''officially' totally welcomes, as I stated above.
    For worldly ungodly people, they have a vacant space which is reserved for God, but as they have not welcomed him as a lifetime ''resident' in full control of one's life, that space is Empty.

    God has not created each and everyone of us; He merely made Man and Woman with the Ability TO pro-create and then he said :''Go YE and multiply''. This can be seen as quite reasonable, once we see the many people who have been born with physical defects, or missing limbs, or even with too many complications that they die very early in life. IF GOD created everyone, then we would have to say 'He did some very screwed up work with lots of serious imperfections' and we know that is NOT true. So this matter can be put to bed; we are all Pro-created meaning we all came from our own parents.

    Revelation WILL play out, not because we wish for it to, but because God says it will, and He cannot lie. We simply know it will come to pass because we can easily see that 7.4 Billion people on this earth are never going to all change their hearts and suddenly become Godly and desire all righteousness.
    You are correct in your last line; 'people have apparently missed the part where our actions is what is bringing about Revelation playing out.

    1. Abby,
      AirC, was being sarcastic on the waiting around and magic statement. He is right as you also know. Many people are waiting instead of seeking.
      i like and agree with your response:Revelation WILL play out, not because we wish for it to, but because God says it will,
      Things will not change for the better until we (people) change for the better.


    Hot Spot: Money, RV’s, 
    And The Gold Game

    JUNE 26, 2016 / 40 COMMENTS

    Judge Anna most recently defined the true meaning of money to be (1) your labor, (2) natural resources and (3) what your labor does to natural resources.

    Everything else is fiat or fake. And as soon as governments allow banks or treasuries to print paper backed by your labor or natural resources they go crazy, printing more and more till the value of labor and natural resources reach higher and higher levels called “inflation” and the value of the paper diminishes to the point that it collapses and has to be revalued (RV’s and GCR’s good read👍

  12. I've known people (christians) , who have been waiting for over 30 years now for Christ arrival...!! The whole time they aren't doing anything for themselves. They are broke, depressed, have health problems, but won't move forward with their lives, especially when so called religious "fakes" keep telling people he should have come 10 years ago, and now people are quoting new timelines....As soon as someone says or predicts an exact date of Christ arrival back to earth, you automatically know that date will never happen and the one promoting it is a lier... Even if someone were to predict the exact date of HIS arrival, he has ever right to change it, and he would surely do just that, just to prove no one knows the day or time of his arrival....but to govt , these people are loved by them because they have lost the will to correct anything or to help change it at all....just wait until the KING arrives....!!


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