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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

And the Digit Counters Fall

 By Anna Von Reitz

With Evergreen, the Rockefeller Wet Works giant down the toilet, Evergrand, the Chinese construction giant had to follow, and now comes the collateral damage.  Another giant Chinese corporation has fallen and it's taking millions of jobs with it.

Just imagine all the CIA pensioners on Medicaid.  

The only thing propping up BlackRock is the mercenary fighting in Africa and a giant insurance fraud--- which is going to catch up to them. 

UBS is failing to deliver bonds. 

Then, DTCC erases those bond numbers as if they didn't exist. 

Quaint.  Oh, wait, that's a "Q" which stands for "Queen" word.  

I can't wait until we have "T" words that stand for "Turd", as in Charles, the. 

The "US Treasury" holds a sale for United States Treasury Bonds, and the only Buyer is the Federal Reserve.  

In other words, they bought back their own bonds. 

Pathetic. That's a P Word. 

Thousands of bank franchises closing their doors. 

Emergency meetings with white-faced bankers agreeing to whip up batches of "Central Bank Digital Currencies" out of thin air.

The Maritime Commercial Banks are going down like so many ships breaking deep in a Perfect Storm. 

Miles of strip malls and office buildings standing vacant.  

Sixteen million (with an "M") foreclosed homes standing vacant. 

Where are all the people? 

They are dead, or never born, thanks to the idiots running "our" government. 

Fortune 500 buying back their own stocks to make it look like the market is active and as if people are buying their stock. 

Warren Buffett divests $13 B and retires $8 B in the second quarter, and the Mainstream calls this good? 

But if you listen to them, you are also dumb enough to believe that unemployment is down in the United States--- because all the welfare cases and illegal immigrants can afford to stay home. 

I call that a Sin by Omission, but I lost count of those a long time ago.  Let's just call it another one. 

They are trying to cobble together a Hollywood narrative to explain how they are in receipt of our stolen assets, and it just gets wilder by the day. 

Resurrecting JFK and John-John  wasn't enough.  The latest is that Trump is dead and JFK is standing in for him.  

I am sitting here waiting to hear that Jackie O., Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Di are not only alive, they're all lesbian lovers. 

After that, Al Bundy and Queen Latifah....were Hunter Biden's real parents. It happened. Beach party. Martha's Vineyard....Stevie Nix saw it and never recovered. Still in therapy. 

Frankly, I am ready to hear that That Darn Cat and Lassie are living alone in the White House. And it's not exactly Kosher between them. 

But plain and straight and true --- it's still our money and our credit, and it's still due. 

Lawfully convert the banks and corporations.  

The only way out is through. 

We are the depositors and shareholders and preferential creditors of all the Maritime Commercial Banks and their Underwriters, too. 

It's a clean sweep and it's ours, not yours. 


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