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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stewart Rhodes responds to my retraction this morning

I received this from Stewart Rhodes this morning. Thank you Stewart. 

"Paul, thank you for doing that. It speaks highly of your character and decency, which I have never doubted till this unfortunate incident. But you have done the stand up thing, and I am impressed. 

And I apologize for any harsh words I may have aimed your way, even indirectly. I am so worn down sometimes from all the crap thrown my way no matter what I do or say and while I just try to do what I believe is right for the cause. I am not perfect, and I make mistakes all the time, but the only man who doesn't make mistakes is the man who does nothing, and that is the worst mistake of all. You, like me, are a man who cannot just sit by and do nothing. And in that we have common cause, even if we don't agree on everything. 

Truly may God bless you and yours, 


And feel free to publish that if you wish"

My response:

Thank you Stewart. I have never doubted your dedication to freedom. It's really unfortunate that fallen human nature gets in the way some times, but the only thing we can do when that happens is admit our faults and get up and try again.
So count on my help for your next security operation, and in the mean time feel free to write on my blog in any comment section after any article, or not, it's up to you.

May God Bless all of us at all times, because without Him we are nothing, and without his true Christian Charity and Divine intervention we can accomplish nothing good. 


  1. Standing united recognizing those who are willing to sacrifice all in the name of freedom is indicative of having a moral value conviction. Recognizing mistakes shows integrity. True patriots!

  2. This is the way we can win the war ahead of us! By Spiritual Maturity and mutual respect and cooperation! My thanks to both of you for leading the way gentlemen!


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