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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Lunatic Fringe Round Two, Gurus Be Damned

A Further Reply to Bob Hurt, Larry, Et Alia......

by Anna Von Reitz

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 9:17 AM, Bob Hurt <> wrote:


I sincerely appreciate the energy you have expended in writing your assertions of what has happened to enslave the American people.  However, I do not agree with many of your assertions, as you know, and neither does attorney Larry Becraft.  Larry has clearly documented NUMEROUS falsehoods in your assertions, and he has documented them here:

I invite you to write to me your rebuttal to his points of dispute in order to clarify that you made errors or that you have some explanation for how your assertions differ from apparent reality, and why people should believe you instead of demonstrable history.

Look at it this way.  You, by spreading false information, merely prove yourself  a crackpot and Pied Piper leading Americans astray.  And you do that in spite of the fact that we have plenty of FACTUAL things wrong with government to explain to people without lying to them about history.  So, why destroy your own reputation with lies and falsehoods?

Consider this point:

If you wrote those false things in ignorance, you have some excuse for your errors.  But once you have facts proving your assertions erroneous, if you continue propounding the false assertions without making an effort to correct them in your distributed writings, that makes you a charlatan and deceiver who knowingly misleads readers (many of whom want to trust you).

THAT explains why Larry and I write as we do to expose your false assertions about history.
See Anna's reply here:

Larry Becraft hasn't really proven any of his assertions, Bob.  He has just made them.  I have read and responded to him, but the fact is, that he is misrepresenting what I wrote and attempting to twist it around by various means,  and then "disprove" something I never asserted in the first place.  This is a typical lawyer's trick.  And Larry is a lawyer.  He takes things out of context, shifts focus, reinterprets, and does his little shuffle dance and people are taken in by it.  I am not.  

Let me give you an example---- the infamous "Act of 1871". 

This was the rat's first public attempt to set up a land base for what they had already done in 1864 by setting up the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.  The paper part was finished and they wanted to attach it to the actual land known as the District of Columbia. This was necessary to make "Municipal Law" equivalent to "Federal Law".  

Most people don't understand what the Act of 1871 was about to begin with, and they make all sorts of claims about it.  They also fail to note that it was repealed and that the intent was accomplished by the Municipal Corporations Acts a few years later.  

The point is that this particular song and dance is widely misinterpreted.  

So Larry goes in hopping and screaming and bringing forward the fact that this particular piece of legislation was repealed and there he conveniently drops it, as if the intent of the legislation was repealed or somehow not realized in fact-----when it was, in spades.  He uses a technicality to obscure the truth and then fails to bring forward the additional facts and admit that, oh, well, yes, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation was eventually tied to the District of Columbia and that in turn allowed the courts to interpret Municipal Law of the District of Columbia as Federal Law throughout the United States.  

In fact, all those people who point to the Act of 1871 (whether it was repealed or not in that instance, it was passed in a slightly altered form and under a different name(s) in a piecemeal fashion later on, just like the Maternity Act which was repealed, reworked, and passed later) were correct in their assertions regarding the intent of the legislation and the legislators, and they and later generations of rats in Congress did in fact achieve their ends, so that we are living with the consequences today. 

The same thing was done in England and in Canada and in Australia, so it isn't like we are stuck with a single instance of this being done or with a single basis for tracing the cause and the effect, Bob.  It's not really arguable.  But Larry argues it anyway.  

Why?  Because Larry is a lawyer, a loyal, life-long member of the Bar. 

And the Bar is the source of all this garbage, Bob.  They have been the foot soldiers in an economic "war" waged by the UK Corporation against the British Peoples, the Americans, the Canadians, the Aussies, the Indians, the Germans, the Japanese, the Swedes, the Norwegians, the Greeks, and the list goes on. 

Larry also isn't a very good researcher.  The more arcane things that he simply can't find, he claims don't exist. 

I leave you to ponder the likely end results of that approach to life and whether or not that is a more reliable stance to take than mine, which is backed up with a sworn, witnessed, and published affidavit.  

At the end of the day, people have to look at the life they are living, the actual actions of the courts they are familiar with in their own experience, the oppressions of the IRS, the injustices they suffer, the inflation of their money, the whole "enchilada" of what IS.  Based on what IS, they have to look at the facts presented and reach their own conclusions. 

Just like you and Larry have to answer my question---- if I am a "crack pot" and "wrong" ---- why have I not paid income taxes in twenty years, despite many, many attempts of the IRS to punish me and "make an example" out of me?  And why is it that I haven't been arrested for impersonating a judge, though I have been occupying the office for three years and publishing the fact?  

For that matter, why is it that John Trowbridge's case wasn't tossed out in the first water?  Why did it make it all the way to the United States Supreme Court?   And why did it win?   

A dentist won against the entire assembled and well-funded might of the U.S. Attorney's Office.  How could that happen?  And how could his case prove beyond any doubt that what I have been telling you and everyone else is fact and that what Larry Becraft has been teaching is nothing but sophisticated half-truths and "interpretations" of fact? 

I will submit to you, Bob, that the proof is in the pudding and not in our discussions about the pudding's genesis or ingredients or whether I used Morton's salt or Sea Salt or pink Himalayan Salt in the recipe.  

I will also suggest to you that Larry Becraft and Tommy Cryer, both lawyers, succeeded against the IRS for completely different reasons and with a much harder row to hoe than I have, because they did it while REMAINING in the character of Federal United States Citizens, and that the entire importance of their work and their arguments --- while not applying to me or anyone else claiming their birthright status--- is important for those who wish to remain in a capacity as Federal United States Citizens and plead these same issues from the standpoint of the United Nations. 

The same object seen from different viewpoints can appear very different and yet be the same exact thing.  If you don't believe me, go outside and look at your house with your nose pressed against the siding.  Then move out to the curb and look.  How does it appear now?  Then hike down the street until you almost lose sight of it-----how does it appear now?   

Has the house changed?  Or has your view of it changed? 

I submit to you, Bob, that my "house" is the same house whether viewed from my perspective or from Larry's.  It isn't a matter of me being a "fraud" or a "crackpot"---- and if I were, you can be sure I would have been arrested years ago.  It is a matter of everyone grasping the FACT that we Americans are either living in our native country or assuming a "residence" in another, and that according to where we "live" or "reside" we are subject to different laws---either organic or statutory.  

I have chosen to live in my native country and to abide by its Organic Laws and no others.  Larry has chosen to "reside" here as one of those "inhabitants" and/or  subjects of the British Crown who are tasked to provide the rest of us with "essential governmental services", which also obligates him to live within the statutory law. 

He has to keep his nose pressed against the siding, Bob.  He isn't allowed to view the "house" from the curb, much less from down the street.  Those of us who are not obligated to his regimen, however, are not "wrong" or "crackpots" or "lunatics" because we have a longer leash and greater ability to see the forest and not just the trees.  

And the United States Supreme Court has recently and resoundingly agreed.  Read the Trowbridge case and get a view of the "house" from halfway down the lane. 

9 to 0, Bob. And Larry.
See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. Few years ago when I started to be interested in commerce and its fraud I have intuitively new Larry aka Bob or Bob aka Larry are/is manipulator oh the truth. I felt he/they is infiltrator and his aim is to lie, mislead and confuse People. Hope these infiltrators, gatekeeper will suffocate in their own shit. And my intuition never failed me.

  2. Larry has taken it upon himself to debunk the liberty movement on-line wherever he can.

  3. 1 John 4:1-6 tells us that we are to test the spirits of those whom we meet to see if they are of God, and Matthew 7:16 tells us we shall know them by their fruit.

    Larry B. is a shill, and has been forever. He's never going to subscribe to anything Anna, or anyone like Anna, ever writes, as he is "one of them", and the fruit tells it like is is. This article is, as usual, right on point.


  4. I need the supreme court citation to find the trowbridge case.
    Does anyone have it?


      You can subscribe to updates also to stay abreast of the developments.

  5. We have a similar case in Karen Hudes, who mentions the "second Constitution" and the problems with admiralty law and what happens to us at the point of our birth certificate....BUT, she still wants to hand over hundreds of millions of metric tonnes of gold to the very false government she complains about, as Anna has clearly pointed out to her and to her readers. The County Executives of America is not even representative of that government and is more like a professional organization that some "county executives" belongs to and others not. When I emailed the contact for the CE of A, he wrote back that what Karen was claiming is not true. So what's going on??
    A further problem is that Karen says her employers are now making an "application form" to exchange Federal Reserve Notes, first for Treasury dollars and then for the aurum gold currency. You can apply for up to 1 million $, no more until the global reset, she says. This is when she claims that the "Network of Global Corporate Control" will have been stripped of ill-gotten gains and thus will not be able to have more of the aurum in trade. BUT, AS LONG AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE IS THE MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, THOSE WHO HAVE MANUFACTURED IT OUT OF THIN AIR WILL GET THE LION'S SHARE OF THE AURUM. Joe Blow from Kokimo will be able to apply for and trade the number of bills he has been reduced to by banksters, which is usually DEBT more than wealth. As Anna has pointed out to Karen, this way of handing out the aurum/Treasury notes allows the banks to trade the valueless for the valuable, which is the bankster game, and keeps in place the illegitimate "government."
    So with Karen's game, the manner of the trade and who will be able to take advantage of it, assures that the financial benefit accrues to the wealthy banksters she is supposedly "carving up". Follow the money. Anna has not been short in calling her on it either. It sickens me to watch her fawning fans thank her profusely. Well, she only allows fawning fans on her sites. She unfriended me on Facebook when I asked, upon noticing how many people she smeared (without evidence)as Knights of Malta and NGCC shills who are actually doing what certainly looks like good work in the right direction. They just don't agree with HER. She wrote me back saying they were doing evil and laid out her usual range of name calling without evidence. He fans attacked me also. Karen posted that she was thinking to ban me but realized I was "just deluded"...of course, she had already unfriended me, so I had no way to continue to explain my point, which had been either misunderstood or Karen just wanted no one talking who wouldn't fall into lockstep with her smears.
    Karen has also lied about the "second species" she talked about early on, saying she never said what she is shown saying over and over on youtube videos.
    Karen is not very smart, doesn't have a story that hangs together under even minimal scrutiny and it's pretty obvious who she's working for under all the smoke and mirrors, thanks to Anna.

  6. I was looking on-line about the Trowbridge case, and saw that the Certiorari to the supreme court was denied. couldn't find anything about a win. Maybe Anna could give us the necessary info, as she was pretty definite in her statement to Bob Hurt.


    1. There are two Trowbridge cases and all available case related documents can be found at:

      Anna's suggestion is that we each obtain the documents and understand them completely of our own volition. There are no shortcuts!

      The answers to any questions you could ask are within the pages of the court record.

      Can you imagine if 50,000 Americans understood what has taken place regarding the Trowbridge cases.

      If we can courageously take these fraudulent courts on at their turf, the result will be a fast track to Common Law as the chains of the Constitution are effectively applied.

    (424) 245-9408


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