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Monday, May 8, 2017

A Message of Hope for Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

For reasons I do not know, Our Father prompted me to write to you this morning.  

The message I have for you is a message of hope in very dark times. 

I am to tell you not to worry so much and to stop trying to take on so many burdens and to find so many answers all by yourself.  

Please observe that it is not given to Man to know all the answers.  There are many questions that we can't answer, in fact, the only question that we can ever reliably answer is -- "What?"   

What do we truly want in our heart of hearts?   Just tell Him, and the rest is in His hands, not ours. 

For the rest we must be content with not knowing the details of how or when or why or who or where.  That's all our Father's province and He has it well in hand. 

So you can stop worrying about pollution and you can stop worrying about what appears to be overpopulation and wars and rumors of wars and all the endless politics. 

This is where things stand:

(1) Satan has been bound and the thousand years of peace declared.  The Church has long known that this would be done by a woman, so no surprises there----except for me.  I was surprised that it would be me to do it.  But He has his ways and reasons and He delights in using simple means to confound the wise. 

(2) Our American Asset Recovery Team has gained control of the banks worldwide and is hot on the track of all the purloined wealth owed to us and to the people of the entire world.  They are sorting it out in very competent fashion. 

(3) Our American World Debt Retirement Committee has hit upon a means of retiring all debt worldwide without harming anyone, via a gradual process that will take about ten (10) years.  This news should gladden your heart and put an end to the war-mongering and fear. 

(4) Cardinal Mamberti and Mr. Trump will both be advised.  Please ask Cardinal Mamberti to contact me directly at (907) 250-5087 so that we can coordinate the implementation of the Debt Retirement Plan to begin as early as June 1.  This has all been thoroughly vetted and nobody anywhere has any objection to it, so please have the Vatican Bank ready to fully cooperate. 

(5)  As you know, the Rothschilds are unable to meet their obligations and the IMF and World Bank are in deep trouble as a result of the Great Fraud and all the odious debt, but there is no need for anyone to panic. This is a simple matter of correcting bookkeeping and public records and balancing equations---which we can do. 

(6) The Satanists among us have made a comeback and need to be rooted out and suppressed. Again.  They have sheltered themselves in the heart of the Church, and reportedly, this has been the worst secret of some members of your own Order, the Jesuits, for the past three centuries.  I am not sure why just "three centuries" when Satanism pre-dates Noah, nor why the Jesuits have been singled out, but apparently even you have been accused of participating in these heinous and ancient rites of child sacrifice. 

(7) Reports of disruption of "Ninth Circle" rituals on April 30 and the arrest of participants and the rescuing of captured children and the finding of mutilated child corpses on the premises of these facilities and reports of similar atrocities taking place in St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, proves that this plague and corruption is rearing its ugly head and showing its trademarks of idolatry, enslavement, and infanticide "just as in the Days of Noah". 

(8) You may be sure that forensic teams will scour the premises of all reported ritual sites related to this Cult and you may be sure that anyone practicing this religion will be hunted down as a criminal and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law throughout North America.  

(9)  It is imperative for everyone to realize that the Church is being threatened from within and without and for Church leadership to explicitly condemn these false practices and beliefs. It is also necessary to follow through with determined action to purge Satanists and to educate people to recognize them for what they are--- whether they pretend to be Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Blue-Butted Baboons, Freemasons, or members of the Bohemian Grove. 

We realize that Satan has had his function as a Goad and an Accuser and a Teacher of rare ability.  We realize that he has been allowed to do what he has done, but those lessons are learned and he is bound according to Divine Will, by whatever name anyone can call him for the next thousand years.  

Time to get on the Peace Train and clean this mess up. 

Most sincerely, 

Anna Maria

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  1. It has been stated by numerous sources that "The Pope is the Antichrist" (Vicarius Filii Dei) which adds up Roman Numeralwise to 666. Your thoughts on this please.

    1. On the Pope's official mitre is the title "Vicarius Filii Dei" which means "Vicar of the Son of
      God." The claim that this is his official title has been stated publicly through the years. The
      April 18, 1915 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, states: "The letters inscribed in the Pope's mitre
      are these: "VICARIUS FILII DEI," which is Latin for Vicar of the Son of God."
      In Revelation 13:18 it says, "Count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man;
      and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666)." Let's do it now and see what we
      find. Remember the Roman numerals you learned in school?
      V = 5
      I = l
      C = 100
      A = 0
      R = 0
      I = l
      U = 5
      S = O
      "U" and "V" have the same value. Look in your encyclopedia under "Alphabet."
      F = 0
      I = 1
      L = 50
      I = 1
      I = 1
      D = 500
      E = 0
      I = 1
      ----------- Total = 666!
      In Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, it comes out the same.

  2. To be honest Anna is this one article I am not reading the whole thing! Why? Because I know my Lord and I ask him for forgiveness and guidance all the time even when I can't think of anything I have done against him or mankind.

    What I have a difficult time with is dealing with Satan freely walking our streets and a Pope, who is supposed to be a man of God but spills from his lips Communist agenda and asks the youth of our country to pray for mercy for all the Catholic priests who have molested our children over the years. NOT ONE of those sorry "human beings" (because they cannot be men of the cloth) have had to answer for their crimes. Yes I know God will deal with them, but why has the church protected them aaaand then moved them on all these years only to molest more children - causing some of them to not only commit suicide but to go on in later years a molest others themselves.

    This is not the case with Christian ministers who at the very least loose their preaching jobs for adultry. They go to jail for molesting children. They also are usually required to pay for the emotional therapy for the children they have hurt.

    In working with all the lies surrounding Pedophilia and human trafficking I need to get away from it but I can't. These are innocent children of which even our government finds them to be fair game. If they ever come out with all the truth of Pizzagate or whatever they want to call it, Washington will be without legislators. And the Queen can candy coat Prince Andrews relationship with Jeffrey Epstein all she wants, but pictures don't lie and neither are these girls.

    Americans need to wake up and realize they are living in a world run by Satan and his minions and they need to get their butts back into church and following the ways of the Lord or we are all doomed as their failure to act will bring us all down.

    Yes I believe those who believe in the Lord will be saved, but what of those we leave behind we have not had the time to bring to his feet?

    And yes I am angry - angry as the fires of hell where these scumbags should be for life! Hell cannot come for them soon enough.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Diane, kindly familiarize yourself within the KJV 1 John 3:9 and if that doesn't make clear sense then be accountable and just stop sinning !!! Guidance comes from within not without ! Church is a tricky place because many thought forms and agendas enter & follow those who participate. Meet god on the right side in meditation.You certainly know where the RIGHT SIDE is ? In the house with many rooms on the mountain !!!! Silence is the access code to the Christ dimension. Saved another misnomer to foster the religious "guilt trip". So what and whom did Jesus die for? With respect you seem to be repeating much of the church control rhetoric e.g sinner, saved, guidance etc. Meet Jesus in the UPPER ROOM and you may surprise yourself? Act Christ-like through basic kindness and the rest/concerns should take care of itself. FREE WILL is the responsibility of each individual. THOUGHTS>>>> BELIEFS>>>>ACTION>>>>RESULTS ! The Formula works every time !!! Change how you look at life and the way life responds to you will Change !

    3. Just what we need. Another loose nut behind the wheel who loves to promote their baseless pet scapegoat religious ideas.

    4. Friends, not one will be lost. Our creator doesn't screw up. everyone will be brought to his feet. The names have been written. Relax and join the solution. =-}
      Continental Marshal Monique

    5. Your creator doesn't screw up???
      Tell that to the aardvark!!!

  3. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, because I walk in the power and might of the almighty creator. Who sent His Son to pay a debt and break the curse upon that wooden cross almost 2,000 years ago... Therefore, by the shed blood of Yahshua, and the power and authority invested in me, I come against Satan, Lucifer, as well as anything and everything unclean, unholy, and especially these united snakes of America, who pretend to be 'our leaders' in Washington DC, the statehouses, county courthouses, and municipalities. I command the blood of Yahshua against you. I bind you with heavenly chains, cast you out, and call upon warring angels to escourt you into dry places, never to return again. I have only one leader and he is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS(Rev 19:16)! Now Father, my creator, fill me and all believers with the courage and wisdom of Soloman, and your holy spirit. Lead, guide, and equip us to resist and defeat the enemy, and claim possession of the garden, our Mother, the earth, and all it's inhabitants. My mandate is clearly articulated in Isaiah 61:1-11, Romans 8:14-39, and Ephesians 6:10-20.

    1. Yup...regurgitate the words and we're all supposed to blindly follow thank you. The bible was written by man to mold the masses long ago. Look within yourself as we are all creators. You don't need to worship anyone or anything. Love yourself first and all will follow.

  4. I'm with you judge Anna let's clean up.

  5. Isiah 54:3 For thou shall break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles. <--- I think that expressly says that Israel intends to enslave the Gentiles to the extent that their offspring may inherit them, you know, pass us down like chattel. That means perpetual. Are we to join hands and prey for that fate to befall us?

    I am troubled by the many interpretations of Adam and Eve in the Garden because they all disrespect the people of the nations, which is definition of gentile. In Genesis Chapter 1, gentiles were the first creation, on the 6th day... and they dwelt in perfection. They were THE CREATED. Those are the people that Jesus came to free because the law of Moses was never intended for them. It is the law which creates sin. The Law is for the Jews. That is not to say we are lawless or cannot make laws, but that the gentile does by nature the things contained in the law. Our law is in accordance with nature. Mosaic Law is enslaving us.

    How can it be claimed the Bible is written for Christians when the first five books are the Jewish Torah, which lays out the law for the Jews given to them by Moses. Those laws were meant for the Jews only. All of the stories in the old testament are about the death and enslavement of the gentiles, the theft of their land and wealth, destruction of their Gods, their ways, their traditions and ancestral knowledge.

    REEXAMINING SCRIPTURE… from Genesis Chapter 2...
    2:22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
    2:23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

    In 2:22, note the LORD is in all capital letters… it is an adjective modifying the noun God. It is not the same God as in chapter 1:1, where there is no modifier. Further no caps in man and woman, yet in 2:23 it states "she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man." When you parse it out that way it becomes apparent Eve was a Gentile and it finally makes sense why Eve got all the blame for a thing both she and Adam engaged in.

    Another significant point... The Gentiles in Chapter 1 of Genesis were not named.

    In Genesis Chapter 2 the story of Adam and Eve begins with Adam alone in the garden on the eighth day, and he wasn't created, he was FORMED - check your bible, that is what it says. Jehovah/Yahweh FORMED Adam then made the animals and brought them before Adam to be named. The first fruits created on the sixth day were not named. The first thing the formed man Adam does is name everything... that which you label you de-fine. You take away from its pure essence. Now... think STRAW-MAN.

    Just like the changed the Constitution with language and grammar tricks, the built the STRAWMAN into the story of the Garden of Eden. I haven't looked into Noah's Arc yet, but i will lay odds that the telling of the mythological flooding of the land to bring in Maritime Law.

    Finally, there is no biblical evidence that Satan is or does evil... Jehovah and the Jews point there finger at him and blame him for everything that they, themselves, are doing. All Satan is guilty of is telling the truth and tempting... and tempting is thinking, it is not a sin to tempt.

    There's a lot of deception in that book. Jehovah is the Hebrew God of War... i don't think we should be worshiping that deity. That is the deity Jesus refers to as a liar and a murderer from the start. Look at the offspring of Adam and Eve... Cain slew Abel and lied about it. Let's think people.

    1. Yes Wanda, let's THINK...shall we????
      Like I say below....YOU PEOPLE ARE SO BRAIN WASHED TO THE TENTH DEGREE...that you have no original think processes people are doomed to swim in the sewer of lies for your entire lives! I should feel sorry for you but, I can't even acknowledge that you exist...because you are soo lost!
      Have a wonderful day!

    2. Exactly Greg... and thank you, i am used to getting the silent treatment when i post along these lines. It isn't as if i'm making it up, you can see it for yourself, it is quite evident. The cure for believing the bible is actually reading it.

      The first fruits created on the sixth day were told to go forth and multiply... to re-plenish the earth. (Which is another whole story in itself, re-plenish gives some indication it had been plenished before.) Adam and Eve received no such directive. I think the garden was a prison of sorts, that something was wrong with Adam and he had to be isolated from the people of the nations. That's why Jehovah was angry when he caught them having sex... they were meant to live a full and happy life and die out. There were no other women in the garden.

      The two off-spring of Adam and Eve bear testimony to that claim. Cain murdered his brother Abel and lied about it. When Cain came of age... he he left Eden and went to the land of Nod... built a home, built a family and prospered... but he had the murderer and liar nature... and here we are.

      We're still in the land of Nod... we are still sleeping. Faith is a profession... i profess !!! These lies are repeated because they are very prophet-able.

    3. "The cure for believing the bible is actually reading it."
      The cure for heroin is taking it...
      The cure for lying is lying more...
      The cure for stupid is to make EVERYONE stupid...
      I'M sorry everything you had to say is complete nonsense...and you didn't even think! I thought you would maybe at least want to think about your ridicules and crazy statements that are so revealing...
      I read the bible EVERY day for about 370 days while going to church 3 & 4 times a week...
      When I finished reading the entire bible, I tossed it over my shoulder and never took another look, because I knew what the poor indoctrinated will probably never know....
      That it is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE and more FAKE!!!!
      But the realization of the fact that sooooooo many of you otherwise intelligent people are sooooooo off your rockers....
      It's too bad too...we could have had a wonderful place to live!

  6. Religion is the root cause of all evil on the planet...
    For so long you have been taught goofy sordid stories about the bible, the Koran and other ridicules allegories.
    Brain washing to the tenth degree...
    Just like in politics, they pit one side against the other. To keep you in the "game"...
    Until you wake up to all of the religious fraud you will be doomed in patheticness on this plane-ette!!!
    Truly waking up from the curses of your ancestors can and will set your mind free! It will be the hardest thing to overcome in YOUR LIFE!!!!
    You have so much to lose by seeing reality...but reality is your only savior....

    1. Well now, there's a heavy dose of reality. Thanks for saying it like it is. Most are just in it for the fairy tale feel good sensation, you know them old holy ghost goose bumps..........

    2. Agreed 100%. All religions are 50% correct in that it's important to be kind, generous, loving, joyful, etc to all....but there is no "hell" or "punishment" if you don't subscribe to their agendas.

  7. so satan is bound for 1000 years? I don't think so. not yet. ACCORDING TO REVELATIONS 20.


  8. All y'all should keep your silly maunderings to yo'selves! What a bunch of silly horsepucky! Y'all should be embarrassed that ya even spoke up! Ever heard of manners?
    Who knows if what judge Anna says holds water? Might it not be a good idea to let her speak to the culprits on their own terms and let them have enough peace-of-mind to do the right thing?
    Just go back to sleep and hopefully y'all get a chance to wake up! Give Peace a chance!
    Good Night Dick!
    That doesn't mean i don't love any of y'all. Just calm down, Ok?

  9. Your words ring Truth in the hearts of all believers, Anna. It's no wonder they did child sacrifice rituals on Beltane. I agree with your words of remonstrance and rebuke wholeheartedly, but how about let's bind Satan and his minions permanently?

  10. Lot of the bible is parables stories to evoke pictures in the mind.ppl like Scott like to equate everything to sex. Who was doing who.think Greg . .

    1. What?????
      Are you retarded???
      Stop scribbling and say something that makes sense...Then turn your TV off and get some rest.....

  11. Your the one that thinks the bible is literally probably think Noah stuffed all those animals in a big boat too. Or lots wife turned to a puller of salt ya?

    1. Bubbalicious
      If you would pay attention and turn your TV off for a minute...
      You will notice that I in fact do NOT believe any of this horse chewy about the bible, the Koran, god, and satan and angels and is all brainwashing for the masses!
      So, here is my last post in this same that you may lose some of your confusion about me.

      Religion is the root cause of all evil on the planet...
      For so long you have been taught goofy sordid stories about the bible, the Koran and other ridicules allegories.
      Brain washing to the tenth degree...
      Just like in politics, they pit one side against the other. To keep you in the "game"...
      Until you wake up to all of the religious fraud you will be doomed in patheticness on this plane-ette!!!
      Truly waking up from the curses of your ancestors can and will set your mind free! It will be the hardest thing to overcome in YOUR LIFE!!!!
      You have so much to lose by seeing reality...but reality is your only savior....

    2. Gosh Greg!
      Rather opinionated, Wouldn't you say?
      i comprehend your disillusionment & dissatisfaction with religion on this planet but, that's like saying the glass is half empty.
      While false superstitions may be the liability of religion, there is more right about religion than is wrong with it. Whatever the brand or flavor.
      However, brainwashing it most certainly is not. Have you ever been brainwashed? If you had, you wouldn't be able to answer that question factually! Brainwashing is factually psychiatric torture! It's primary use is to make assassins. You can't get brainwashed in a modern school or watching TV. Gimme a break! You can make stupid decisions and swear by them in modern "culture" but, brainwashing it is not! Check your facts!
      And by the bye, the true source of evil in our modern world is in fact Psychiatry & Psychology more so than any religion. Religion isn't inculpable but, it takes cruel & unusual punishment to make insane people and that is the product of Psychiatry! Once again my friend, check your facts! They are militaristic operations or "pseudo-sciences" at best. The cruel punishment passed off as "treatment" is also known as a clue!
      Lighten up, Big Guy! i'm jus sayin...


    3. Always the pot...calling the kettle black!
      I see you have your own thoughts and your own thinking....NO...NOT REALLY!
      It is very hard to converse with surface see what everyone else sees on the surface...illusions!
      Come down stairs with me and you will see what you have never seen....
      The knowable....which was stated or implied, that it is not knowable
      Down here is where everything really happens...
      They would like you to think you are being educated...
      But and the reat of humanity are being indocrinated!
      Indoctrinated to be like your neighbors....
      You are a very good student...
      Stay the same....
      Keep spewing the same rhetoric...
      Continue on like your neighbors...
      Dwell on the surface....
      And especially....have a completely awesome day!
      I mean that!

    4. i will have to agree with you gred as the 'bible' is copywrited out of england !! complete conditioning of the masses with 'religions' ! i thought anna was more awake than this but i am truly disappointed in this situation. so let the people that think they know it all show US SOME PICTURES and some PROOF of this fellow called SATAN !! and let's see some pics of LUCIFER as well !! so people GET REAL OKAY ! and another note if you want to see the ACTORS involved with this charade called politics, religion and your leaders, go HERE and you will see the talents of ed chiarini exposing the fraud, deception, deceit and everything else anna is reporting on. i guarantee you will be AWAKENED more after you research ed's research AND HE PROVES HIS FINDINGS !! and his page is . GO AHEAD I INVITE YOU to eds site !!! then you will know WHO THE ACTORS ARE PLAYING THE GREAT POPES !!!!! STANDING YOUR GROUND GREG you are RIGHT ! some of these people in the patriot community are ONLY PARTIALLY A W A K E !! including ME ! ALL of us can live the good life WITHOUT BEING CONNED !!! the awakening process continues !

  12. To anyone who scoffs at Christ and His true Church I am only giving you one idea.

    If we are wrong, we have lost nothing by living a good life and trying to live like He lived, but if we are right, and you are wrong, you are in a heap of trouble for all eternity.

    1. Paul, that statement is what keeps the generational brainwashing working! Keep feeding that to your children and grand children...
      I have a hypothosis that had religion not reared its ugly head on this plane-ette we would have been driving vehicles of today back when Jesus was born! Our whole world instead has bern stymiad by he pollution of all religions...

    2. Love, peace and harmony have been stolen from us by religious fanatics that turn people into babbling idiots!
      Regurgitaing the same OLD pig slop that was forced on to them by the last generation!
      You cant keep your head in the sand and expect to know what is really going on around you....
      You, like most folks, FEEL your way through life instead of actually seeking out reality!
      I know, I FEELS great to FEEL! But, your feelings are only meant to guide you in life. Feelings are to tell you if you are on the right path in life or the wrong path...THAT'S IT!
      But everyone just wants to feel...good or bad it does not matter...people just want to feel something...ALL THE TIME!!!!
      This is a huge mistake for humanity.
      Sorry for the digression....
      Religion sucks....
      My best friend is a 4th generation pastor....all of my immediate family are god fearing...
      I see and know their delusions but I still love them. I just know that there is no saving them from themselves so I don't ever try.
      Stepping outside of the norm and thinking for myself has allowed me to grow far beyond what religion has ever offered.
      My pastor friend appreciates me more than all of his christian buddies because we are on parallel paths...
      I am more honest, more giving and more compassionate than all his christian buddies....those are from his mouth not mine.
      I don't need external authorities to guide my life...I am sorry most everyone else does...
      I don't write these things because I want to convert you Paul...
      I write these things to give a different perspective to the ones that know deep down, that they have been lied to their whole lives....ABOUT EVERYTHING!
      I dream of an awakening on a mass a lot of ways it is happening all around us. This is good!
      Let go of what you feel...and start seeking what you know.
      Because Jesus is dead and no amount of praying will ever bring him back!
      Can you not see see your own silly delusions???
      Just take a look at your silly bible with an open mind...instead of the brainwashed mind and you should see the amazing insanity of it all!
      Are there some really good ideals in the bible...heck yeah!
      But what better way to sell bullshit...than to add a little parfume to it!!!
      You are on your own Paul...believe it - or not!
      God bless...

  13. " Unless you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

    Neither you or your "pastor" has ever arrived at the truth about who God is, and who Jesus is, and what he wants us to do for our part to get to where he wants us to be.

    The Catholic Church has always had the answers but what you think is the Catholic Church is NOT the one Jesus founded.

    Don't look for it in Rome, whatever you do.

    I am sorry you have no Faith in Him. Without it you will be lost for all eternity.

    Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell. You choose.

    1. Yes Paul...with all due are as a child, a perfect are now ready for your gift...

      You have come full circle Paul...their job is done with you!

      ...I find that quite pathetic...with all due respect.

      This surely is an amazing world that we live in...and they have succeeded in stealing it from you and your brainwashed/brain dead minions!!

      Your gift of "everlasting life"...!

      Hey, when you die and go to heaven...who is going to be your lawyer...that sues them for their lies and deception????

      NO ONE...that's who!

      But But But didn't get your prize!

      They laugh as they watch thus play out....

      KNOWING....that you can NEVER come back and complain!

      WHAT A GREAT insurance policy that can NEVER be cashed in and no one is ever left to complain

      or collect on that warranty...AWESOME!

      I'm really quite done with this unequalled yoke...or joke...which ever you prefer...of a conversation/

      Sorry...enjoy that gift!



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