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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Who or What Is At the Bottom of All This?

By Anna Von Reitz

Who or What Is At the Bottom of All This?
Queen Victoria and Benjamin D'Israeli
The British Crown and the Dutch East India Company
The Great Abomination, aka, Semiramis, aka, Mystery Babylon
The Office of the Roman Pontiff
The Tax Collectors of the Pontifex Maximus -- aka Bar Associations
Clueless, Corrupt Politicians
Clueless, Corrupt Military Leaders
In more or less that order.......
At a certain point, it becomes a circular argument, because all these maladies are linked.
Satan, the Father of All Lies, the Great Deceiver, has been hard at work deluding and misleading people for thousands of years and he has had a real hay-day here thanks to our gullibility.
Queen Victoria and her favorite Prime Minister, Benjamin D'Israeli opened the ancient Pandora's Box of Evil Tricks and Babylonian Bullshit in order to finance the Raj in India and that whole debacle.

The British Crown and the Dutch East India Company Heirs have been colluding and fighting each other by turns for the last three centuries and have been causing nothing but trouble on a worldwide basis since they started indulging in the fruits of Institutionalized insurance fraud circa 1702.

Semiramis, the Queen of Sumeria and wife of Noah's Grandson, Nimrod, also known as The Great Abomination and Ashtoreth and Astarte and Isis and Cybele -- started her own religion based on infanticide, tree worship, sex as a sacrament, and idolatry which included the use of graven images and symbolic coins as money shortly after the Great Flood. [This venal religion known as Mystery Babylon is also known as Satanism and practices ritual sacrifice of children and deliberate subterfuge and secrecy. It basically promises its members secret knowledge and then gets them into compromised positions via sex and drugs and participation in ugly things and then simply blackmails them and threatens them to go along with whatever the leaders want done.]

The Office of the Roman Pontiff --- the Church has been trying to serve two masters ever since the Council of Nicea --- and this is reflected in the Pope trying to hold two offices at once, one sacred and one profane. The Office of the Roman Pontiff is the secular, pagan, and profane office. No man should be placed in such a position, but that is what has gone on.

The Pontiff or Pontifex Maximus as the Romans called him two centuries before the birth of Jesus was a deal maker and breaker, the literal "bridge" between jurisdictions under the Lex Mercantoria, the Magician responsible for the creation of poppets now known as corporations and "legal fiction persons". This is why Francis is responsible for the wrong-doing of all these corporations and why, under ecclesiastical law, the Pope retains the ability to change, repeal, or annul any corporate law or decision. He literally holds the charter of all incorporated entities on Earth--- C Corps, S Corps, LLC's, trade unions, cooperatives, foundations, trusts--- you name it, and at the end of the day, all these things have been created by and are the responsibility of the Roman Curia. So when things go wrong and commercial corporations start mercenary wars and pass oppressive "legislation" --- don't even pause. Head straight to Rome and start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs.

Tax Collectors of the Pontifex Maximus -- the Bar Associations. Also since the Second Century BCE, the Pontifex Maximus has employed peculiar tax collectors: priests of Cybele (See Mystery Babylon comment above; "Cybele" is another name for Semiramis.) who wore black robes and white wigs and who practiced their own peculiar twisted form of writing (cursive as in "cursing") and their own equally twisted form of language today known popularly as "legalese" or the "language of fraud".

All the above have combined with clueless and corrupt political and military leaders to result in The Great Fraud and The Mess which the world is currently facing up to.

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  1. Nimrod or Ashtoreth is being worshiped again with the program of 'Ashtar Command' in the New Age movement. Another fake worshiping of evil.

    1. It never ceases to amaze that otherwise smart and sensible people fall to any form of religion. It is all simply mind capture. They're all fake. Everyone of them!
      Had the path not been paved through the use of the devilish tool called 'religion', none of what we are experiencing regarding the theft of our country from right under our noses would have been possible. Again they are ALL false! Can you really not see through all the mind bending submission techniques employed throughout the book of satanic light?

    2. exactly right on keith. folks can go here for more info.

  2. A bull by the Pope was used worldwide to establish onwership of land. Explorers upon finding a land, had to notify the people living there by reading out loud a notice and placing a flag making "first claim". The Pope and those creating it are responsible for doing it, and it tracks back to them "owning" allegedly all land(s). Seems odd but it has to be adhered to or all the laws collapse.

  3. Re "Satan" also consider "the Ahrimanic Deception":

    "Preparing the Way for Ahriman

    The relevance of this concept of the Ahrimanic Deception in regard to an 'occult war' for world rule, is that:
    Now it is characteristic of such things that they are prepared long in advance.

    Ahrimanic powers prepare the evolution of mankind in such a way that it can fall a prey to Ahriman when he appears in human form within Western civilization… Ahriman will appear in human form and the only question is, how he will find humanity prepared.

    Will his preparations have secured for him as followers the whole of mankind that today calls itself civilized, or will he find a humanity that can offer resistance.":

  4. Can't trust the vicker of Christ. Start questioning your mother she may not be trustworthy !

  5. Good history lesson regarding Satanism but much left out so Satan's deceitful ways is truly why the golden road is narrow. Just a tidbit of my own historical knowledge on the Council of Nicea. Constantine after the Council of Nicea merged Paganism with Christianity. Satan in effect made the 1st Commandment widely broken by the masses using lack of knowledge technique. Knowledge truly is power. Paganism is the worship of many Gods. I am who I am and have no need for any 501c or anything they have to say. I seek knowledge and truth and Anna is knowledgeable so Kudos Anna.

    But the kicker is this. Even Anna is affiliated with some 501c is some shape or form BUT I do not know for sure and like I said I am who I am and should I care? The road is narrow and I plan on traveling down that road one day. I do pray that many will be on that road with me but today it looks bleak and that is the work of Satan for sure!

    1. possibly, but the people need to take responsibility and look inward NOT outward. they need to stand up and self govern, if they do not, we see who is willing to step in and think for us.

      right now, we are the problem not "them" the people will not realize, cause and effect, just like the merovingian said in the matrix III.

  6. The Bible tells us not to be Ignorant of the enemy's devices, 2 Cor 2:11 and Judge Anna has helped much in this area. I so appreciate her, and All I've learned via her writings. I grew up Catholic and learned reverence for God, but as I got older i myself seen much that created more questions than answers I love how Judge Anna helps in connecting the dots for us all. I appreciate her steadfastness in her work, and also that she balances it out with the Word of God. So many have good info but leave God out and I know that "Unless the Lord builds the House they labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127:1

    1. The fulcrum is a metaphor for the Creator! The reality can never be left out for its the only/One. People we are destroyed by lack of knowledge. You will be assimilated, resistance is assistance/futile. Wow...........

  7. A direction implies choice and thinking is the root of all discord for thought is the past, bounded by time and is the basis of all confusion borne itself of division. Inward and outward is lever that operates this world with the source of power being in the middle/fulcrum and does not move. Power is still, expressions are two halves of that one. Sex is the mechanism in all motion which this universe is. One becomes verse-sound becomes form-in the beginning was the word-om-ohm-aum-ameen-amen........ keeping it simple......

  8. a number of thoughts come to mind..... , first: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven....." for me that is most important..... the second: what I believe is paramount for anyone seeking 'truth": “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, ... it appears that that's where many uninformed people are..... the ones that look for the 'quick fix', 'instant gratification', and 'follow the leader' and are lost because they fail to do doing their own due diligence.... Only Father and Son can help us out of this mess!!! YHUH bless all...

  9. Obviously, this fraud goes back way further than Lincoln. He basically was this countries beginning of our downfall, but all countries before ours was already infected. We never stood a chance. If it wasnt the "Civil War" it would have been something else they would have caused to get control of this country. What i dont understand is why they are the only people on earth that understand "Money"(which everyone seems to understand), but all societies globally seem to be clueless on any other form of "currency", especially "commercial DEBT instraments". People like Eistien can come up with the theory of relativety, but absoluty clueless how money functions or even what it is. Apearantly, its just to abstract of a concept for anyone except "the bankers" to understand. No one on Wall Street can even give you a deceint answer to what a "derivative" is. But they all know how to sell them...!!! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs created instraments that has forever changed our world, and yet neither one of them could tell you what the difference between money and currency is. They know how to make it by producing products, but if they were so smart how come they didnt compete for dominance over the montary system if their goal was to be truely wealthy. I told my dad while i was going to college, since like everyone else, he thought that we should either be doctors and lawyers to make a lot of money, i finally told him, did it ever occur to you that all doctors and lawyers and everyone else goes to the banks for loans. My point to him was youve been chasing money all your life. Why didnt you just own a bank. That is the only commodity on earth that is more presious than oil or any resource on earth. But he totally missed it, just like everyone else. Wall Street is nothing but a sufisticated casino with nothing but "insider trading" going on. And still to this day, 99% of the world is totally clueless on what these pieces of paper represent.....Until money is understood by 100% of the people we will always be slaves to someone.


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