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Thursday, May 11, 2023

I Once Lived in a House

 By Anna Von Reitz

The house was a magnificent wreck, with a stairway going down to the basement straight out of a Boris Karloff movie, dark, creaking uneven stairs, dusty, festooned with cobwebs, the dry treads trembling with age, shadows reaching out deep into the uncertain faint light of the open doorway to the first floor above. 

Simply retrieving a can of tomatoes from the similarly ancient shelves in the basement was like a lifetime adventure, requiring groping, placing each foot gingerly on each step, afraid that a rusty lawn rake, shovel, or other implement would dislodge from tenuous lodgings on the shadowed wall----and land with ghastly precision on my head.  Indiana Jones ain't got nothing on me. This house was like the Temple of Doom and I lived in it. 

There were, however, some respites.  After we managed to find a chain long enough to reach the first floor and sturdy enough to clank around the perimeter of the 7-foot chimney hole and after that exercise dislodged a family of bats, two dead squirrels, a similarly dead pigeon, and approximately ten gallons-worth of creosote and ash, it was possible to have a warm fire on a cold night. 

The roof, though perilous, stubbornly continued to shed rain.  

The early century appliances in the kitchen, including a circa 1935 Waring Blender and a cast-iron Sears and Roebuck Stand Mixer, complete with fabric-wrapped electrical cords, still worked. And the plumbing, God helped us with that-- the plumbing was all copper pipe of an unknown age and unpopular dimension, but it transported water grudgingly from the basement to the Third Floor where the hot water service terminated. The garret, where I lived, got cold water only.    

The original inhabitants built this house just after The American Civil War and they had no concept of modern heat systems at the time, so the dragon-like furnace was added afterward and lived under the first floor stairway. 

Still, on an autumn afternoon, the house was a welcoming hulk backed up against the storm clouds and swirling leaves.  It seemed to say, "I've shouldered the snow and had leaves in my gutters for over a hundred years!  I'll make it a few years more!"  

In the spring both the yard and the house gave rise to a continuance of wonders, as I and my odd cast of roommates plus cats and dogs dug through the attic and raked the grounds, finding such oddities as a wreath made out of human hair, and a form of Belladonna growing in the garden which everyone thought was extinct. 

It was, all in all, not a cozy place, but a strangely secure one, and my rooms in the garret were open and airy, nicely plastered, adorned with fine baseboards and panelled doors.  Thanks to the advent of electricity, I didn't have to rely on the two ancient cast-iron coal stoves for heat, though I kept them ready to light up, just in case.  

The real glory of the house, in my mind, remained the built-in bookshelves lining every space, nook, and cranny.  As I learned and as our ancestors surely knew, there's more to a bookshelf than books.   

Gradually, over the course of time, The House came back to life, as if it had only been slumbering for several decades. When the venerable hot water heater installed in 1951 finally died in the middle of a blizzard, executive decisions were made, and within a week, both a new water heater and an extension of the hot water system to the garret were installed.  

What next, I wondered?  A bathtub?

Despite all the cleaning and raking and painting and hot water in the garret, the basement remained, all but untouched and avoided, the dark and gloomy nature of the place, not to mention the spiders, proved sufficient to repel most youthful invaders.  

I remained the only one to venture there, besides the landlord and the various courageous repairmen.  

So one day it happened that I was preparing to go downstairs and I looked up, instead of down for reasons I don't remember --- and there, far above me, I saw a light fixture and a light bulb and then, I looked for and found a light switch.
And again, once I looked, I saw another light fixture and light bulb on the landing where the stairway turned.  Last, but not least, a third fixture and light bulb were discovered at the base of the stairway.  

Half an hour later with the cobwebs and dust wiped away and new light bulbs installed, I flipped the switch and all three lights blazed on. 

I stood there stunned, wondering what was the matter with me, that I had never noticed those light fixtures before?  Why did I never look for them? How did I miss seeing the lonely switch on the wall?  I felt like an utter fool. 

Here I'd been creeping up and down that wretched dark stairwell with a flashlight and stumbling around for years, when there was no need for that at all. 

At some point in the past the light bulbs had winked out and there was nobody left to replace them. So the seasons ran away and the dust collected and the spiders built their houses on top of mine.  

In a way, it's the same story with our American Federation and the Federal Republic.  They've been here all along, dormant yet still alive, 
waiting for us to turn the lights on and finish the job of Reconstruction. 

It's true that we've had to overcome the treachery of False Friends acting in Breach of Trust.  It's true that the work is considerably more daunting than simply changing a few light bulbs, but it's still oddly the same. 

We were meant to have light and ease in our house on the hill, meant to enjoy the clean and secure home we are heir to, yet we have stumbled around all these years in the dark, not noticing the truth, not knowing who we are.  

So now I've been saying, "Come home!" and that's the first message, but it's not just about coming home.  It's about fixing up the old place and restoring it to its former glory.  It's about flipping the light switches and seeing the lights blaze on as one after another the functions of our government roar back to life.  

If you feel like a fool when you finally see what's been wrong all this while, see that your Employees have been running the show and abusing your credit during your purported absence, see that you, yourself, have been the missing element in your government --- join the crowd. 

Stand with us in wonder as one after another the pillars of our government are restored and our history becomes our life again. 


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  1. Lovely! A beautiful invitation to come home. It is a dream for many to have a home to call our own. Someone threw us out of the home and out into the savage.elements where we had to struggle to survive.

    We are ending that chapter thank God, and all of us who take steps toward that goal for all.
    A beautiful heart warming piece and so filled with images of the good life.

    Thankyou Anna for fighting for us all, and for the wherewithal to change the light bulb.!!

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  2. Here is a thought: My heart almost stopped when the lights went on down below but not above. As the lights illuminated the fact that we had at our foundation over 3100 counties representing the land and soil jurisdictions of this once proud nation the thought came to me that alas finally the counties are to be recognized for the importance they represent. The lights were shut off and the door was shut.

  3. What I see is no mention of state assemblies or deference to all the constant proclamations which doesn't seem to stop them coming huh.

    Whats the actual Status of the state assemblies checking both Corporations and incorporated fed and state and county governments?

    1. To Anonymous May 12, 2023 at 10:42 AM -

      The answer is - "Whats YOUR' actual Status of YOUR' state assemblies checking both Corporations and incorporated fed and state and county governments?

      Please answer to all here on this blog.

  4. farting banana mythomaniac,
    Show the family genealogy from St. Germain.
    St. Germain's origin is not yet clear.

    1. Here's a concept, go do the research yourself! BTW, By your fruits you are known ;)

    2. Write clearly. Idiot.
      Are you an idolater ?

    3. Now Now, its not nice to call people names, but rumor has it your fairly good at that....By your fruits you are KNOWN ;)

    4. Are you an idolater ?

  5. The functions of our dejure government cannot come "roaring back to life" on any level with the current splintered allegiances and ignorance of the Common Law that exist in our Assemblies.

    Some still hold allegiances or delve deeply into the laws of the municipal or territorial, while others hold allegiances to their churches who are all in bed with the defacto Great Reset. If you doubt where your church stands, just find out if they have a 501(c)(3) tax status -- they ought to know that God's things do NOT belong to Ceasar.

    We must get it through everyone's head that you cannot serve two masters!!! Leave Rome behind and tell the Pope to stuff it -- he is not our authority. Stop trying to learn all the state-of-state statutues, codes, rules of procedure, legislation, blah-blah, blah. I came here expecting to be liberated from all of that slavery nonsense, but instead I find more of the same.

    The fraudulent old patterns are so deeply entrenched in most people that they seem to be trying to simply mimic it, instead of leaving it behind and creating a government based on the principles of Freedom. Many of them act like worse tyrants than the defacto.

    There needs to be a massive re-education effort at the level of the Assemblies if our dejure government can ever come alive and spring back to full health.

    If you hold any other allegiance that is more precious to you, like your whore-ship and devotion to the pagan criminal Pope, than rebuilding the functions of this government, then please do us all a favor and LEAVE. We desire peace, freedom FROM fraud, truth and security, that requires no other allegiance except to the living Creator God.

    The Catholic Church, nor any other church or religion has any place here! Freedom FROM all religion must be our foundation, as we abide by the superior Laws and principles of the one and only true Creator God, who will soon abolish all man-made religion, because he is a jealous God who will not tolerate Babylonian competition from false gods, like the Pope and his agents, like Charles.

    1. I can work with your premise. Thank you.

    2. well some one knows the same as me on these issues, and yes the creator is very jealous! he will act in his revenge on evil people that didn't repent from there ways of wrong doing.

  6. Yes Anna...l'm there with you now. Your house was just 3x older than mine, but the elements could care less about that when they decide to move into your natural wood structures and man-made shingles when they hit their 30 year expiration date just to find out that the wooden plywood base they're nailed to underneath them has already been expired years ago sending every rainstorm your way like a magnet catching water inside
    before it destroys your entire house of oakwood flooring that
    once it starts raining inside is impossible to stop. Not to mention the waterfalls running down my picture window endowed front door. Yes, it looks like a waterfall and leaks both sides into the house. l bail 20 to 30 gallons per hour of rain just to keep it from flooding inside even though they're getting rained on with fineshowers over 1/4 of this house. l now sleep in the kitchen bcuz it's the driest place and has no mold growing in it YET but still killing my baby vegetable plants inside bcuz the outside possum eat them til they get a good size on them and this is my 2nd replacement of them which the spring garden failed due to mold and this is now deemed a summer garden which l hate due to the more moths and pests not to mention harvesting in the heat. Can't tell you how many times l had to call on ALL ANGELS and my guardian to hold this house up thru some of the most torrential rain storms that occur every 2 or 3 days with no rest in sight. Seems like they're using weather warfare but don't tell nobody bcuz people that talk like that are labeled mental. But you really do know the truth. So now l wait on the Lord to open the accounts when he's ready. Surely he said he won't try us more than we can bear. l'm there already.
    Thank you Anna for being one of those angels.

    1. That was in response to Anonymous 2:33PM
      FRIEND ME and we'll talk.

  7. To:
    See The Sociopath Next Door
    Paperback – March 14, 2006

    1. Sounds like someone pissed in your Wheaties or your banter & bullshit isn't working, Eh?. Switch channels Pal, the age of Illusion and deception is over, so is your patriarchal enslavement nonsense.

  8. Our original 1776 gov I think is a good start on a way people can have little goverment, local mostly and should not be just tossed out. I still know for myself I am a man, respect and love my family and try and practice my countrys basic laws, harm no one and harm no ones property. Yet some will throw out the family governing structure since so many families seem to be having trouble and the government would just as soon replace the family structure and perhaps like China outlaw friendship. LIke a church thats gone bad, is it Gods fault? What of someone shooting someone, is it the guns fault? People get off track, dont pay attention, fail to read and wonder why, then blame something like a government system as though it is at fault

  9. Truly appreciate your lovely writings Anna, evoking the old and new winkers. Sewing seeds for a brighter, lighter future and landing them on the fertile ground that is our mind.🌾