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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Corporation admits in court they "BRIBED U.S. VICE-PRESIDENT, JOSEPH BIDEN"

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  1. They want to keep on going with this Statement of George HW Bush On
    [ Fraudulent loans, same but worse crimes ]
    Section 911 one of the bill requires the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to establish guidelines for housing Credit Agencies to implement Section 102 the Department of Housing and Urban Development free form Act of 1989 ( 42 Usc 3545 (d)). That provision requires this secretary to certify that HUD assistance to housing project is not more than necessary to provide affordable housing, after taking other federal and state assistance into account and to adjust the amount of Hud assistance to compensate for changes in assistance amount from other sources. To avoid the Constitutional difficulties that would arise if section 911 were understood to vest in housing Credit Agencies the exercise of significant Authority Under federal law, I interpret section 911 to permit the secretary to formulate guidelines under which he will retain the ultimate authority to make the determinations required by Section 102(d). [ I mean UCc 8-102(14), to take all people Hjr192 gold credits and give them all to corporations, Myself, and my foreign masters, in monetary form, to plunder poeple mountain Trusts.]

    George H. W. Bush
    The White House,
    October 29th, 1992.

    NOTE: H. R. 5334, includes many of my administration's regulatory relief proposals for depository institutions. Approved October 29th, was assigned Public Law number 102 - 550. This statement was released by the office of the press secretary on October 29th.

    Citation: George Bush: "Statement on signing the scamming Housing and Community Development Act of 1992" October 28th, 1992. On Lie by your heart Peters and John T Woodley, the American presidency project. HTTP:// www.
    Do you see people this is the highest speed Wall Street Great Fraud on Humanity ever seen, remember when it started ? You remember in the past, the Great Wall Street Fraud at slow speed from 1927 to 1935. That old chaos was so depressive at that time that people felt so bad on it as Great Depression running high at that's time.


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