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Sunday, March 27, 2022

We MUST Speak

 By Anna Von Reitz

People contact me, concerned when I talk about "this other stuff" --- a world that they are not aware of.  Well, I came to teach you many things you are not aware of.  It's not just American History that you need to know.  So in answer to concerned friends: 

Yes, love and hate are two distinct forms of energy, completely separate. 538 MHz resonates in all octaves as love.  741 MHz resonates as hate. 

As part of the artificially engineered development of the reptilian super-soldiers they were “tweaked” to need 741 energy and blood and Adrenalin/Adrenochrome. They are hard-wired this way from birth and it is not natural and it is not their fault.  It is the result of ancient wrongs that have still not been corrected. 

We have the means now to correct this and return them back to their natural biological pattern.  We also have alternative food sources that don’t involve terror and bloodletting for people or animals. 

They don’t WANT to hear my voice, but they can’t help it.  They are drawn like moths to flame, negative to positive.  In the past few weeks I have cranked up the ante so they are now witnessing the loss of their Martian allies who are being removed from the planet and relocated to a new home. 

Ultimately, the solution to the Draconian’s dilemma is similar.  Those who endured the Orion Captivity need to be healed and returned to their true nature and a new home. They can’t go back to Draco because their evolutionary pathway has diverged from what has happened in their home world — which is largely denuded and dead.  Nothing to go back to. 

We can’t blame them for being what they are, when we have literally made them what they are.  It would be like blaming a poodle for being a poodle, after breeding in poodle characteristics for 10,000 years.  This is why I say they should not be harmed despite the terrible things they have done.  Instead, they should be changed back to their true nature, relieved from their unnatural needs, and allowed to live in their own place and set free to make their own choices like everyone else. 

This is the carrot.  The stick — which they already know — is their wholesale destruction. 

If their ancient code remains, they will hear my Voice and do what I have told them to do.  Shatan, who has taken refuge with the Pope, and his son “Lucifer” will be turned over to the Sirians without a fight. 

Otherwise, there will be a war between the Draconians and the Sirian Seraphs and the Draconians will lose. This is because the Sirians are very advanced and much, much stronger, but even though their defeat is sure, that doesn’t mean that the Dracos wouldn’t fight and die simply for the sake of doing so.

I am hoping to avoid that outcome, because the damage would be severe and because a total destruction of the remaining Dracos would be unjust. They were the victims of the Rebel Seraphim as much as anyone else. 

They were misled by their own genetics to listen to these False Priests.  Now they have heard a True Voice again.  It’s anyone’s guess what they will choose, who they will believe, and what they will do. 

The Sirians have been waiting here politely since 2012, collecting up the remaining Seraphs on this planet, both the rebels and those that simply want to go home. I am on duty here for another thirteen years, which is the time frame left for everyone to get their act together and choose either life or death. 

I don’t like discussing this kind of stuff in public for obvious reasons, but people have to become aware and learn to deal with the complexity of the Air Jurisdiction, too. 

It has its own history, its own populace, its own traditions and its own problems— and in order to be fully alive and fully competent as adults, Mankind must learn to deal with this realm of existence, too.  

How are we to help Mankind make that leap if we never talk about this in public?  If we leave “relations” in the Air Jurisdiction in the hands of a few old men — well, you can already see what has happened. 

So we have to talk about it and make progress as the Germans say—-Mach Schnell!!!  People have to become aware and savvy about all components of their nature and existence. They have to understand the aftermath of The War in Heaven that they are living through. 

They have to know that there is a man living in and being sheltered by the Church right now, who is literally the incarnation of Satan on Earth—- a fellow you can talk to, just as you talk to me.   He was “cast down” to Earth and I came here on purpose, but we are both seraphim robed in flesh. 

Many such have walked among the Children of Men— both those who protect and those who prey upon, those who serve the True God, and those who serve other ends. 

There is still a choice to be made and Mankind has been left ill-equipped to make it.  

So we must speak and we must teach while there is still time. 


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  1. so, you can do all this -- fix every problem in the universe even from antiquity, but you cant get the peoples' "accounts" opened?

    1. "There is still a choice to be made and Mankind has been left ill-equipped to make it."

      hey! hold on a minute there now sistersuzie! :):)
      what happened to:
      my god shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by christ jesus.
      i have not seen the righteous forsaken
      in all things you are more than conquerors
      the wicked one touches him not
      i shall not want
      and god is able to make all grace abound to you
      seated together with him in heavenly places
      and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

      hope and faith, trust and courage, helmet shield breastplate buckle girdle boots
      and "sword". ephesians 6

    2. Enough of the "religious" hogwash, already. Open your eyes to the higher Spiritual truth than what the man-made religions have indoctrinated you with.

    3. EVERYBODY: take note: that i was just asking a series of questions!

      "anonymous" earned the DUNCE CAP once again!

      maybe anon should have the comments read outloud for them?:):)

    4. That Babble you keep quoting. If you could see what was really there on the pages of "scripture" (think about that word for a sec) you would see that it is complete allegory. zero percent historical. Astrotheology would be the topic you might be looking for.

    5. william d:
      people are already mentally-cleared enough now to see when someone (imo: ex: you) is not actually responding to a commenters (ex: my) *words* but are using perfectly verifiable comments made in good faith to try to "spin" or "frame-up" a commenters good faith comments differently than what those words plainly mean.

      its not working.

    6. william d:

      and as for your Astrotheology blablah, yehyeh summa ya'll r gitt'n ready ta BAPTIZE the ALIENS!!!??:(:) yehyehblabla... that are imo only some of the CHIMERAS/mistakes created in labs run by EVILEVIL people.

      so yehyeh, i know all about the Vatucans supposed: ProjectLucifer Gregorian telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona, at a "stargate"!! yehyeh blabla.

      hey, listen if you will!...
      and it is so.


    7. All I see you asking is where is my money. You are fixed on one thing. If you believed any of what you quote then gold, money, bank accounts would not be your priority. Just because God says you shall not want does not mean he is going to grant you riches of gold.
      Are you hungry, thirsty, are you clothed, etc. These are the basics of thy shall not want.

  2. “As part of the artificially engineered development of the reptilian super-soldiers they were “tweaked” to need 741 energy and blood and Adrenalin/Adrenochrome.”
    1. As you who are claiming angelic Seraphim status, would in all likelihood have known this from the beginning, and have allowed this to continue for so long is inexcusable.

    “We can’t blame them for being what they are, when we have literally made them what they are.”
    2. Who is this we that “have literally made them what they are”? Are you saying that you are also part of the Elohim. If so, you, and your ilk have done a unreal bang up job in your creative prowess.

    “Shatan, who has taken refuge with the Pope, and his son “Lucifer” will be turned over to the Sirians without a fight”
    3.How apropos that these two have been literally hiding out inside building that looks just like the head of a snake. Soon to put into the protective custody of the “Sirians or would that be the Syrians, and of course they wouldn’t put up a fight as they are winking at each other.

    “I don’t like discussing this kind of stuff in public for obvious reasons, but people have to become aware and learn to deal with the complexity of the Air Jurisdiction, too”
    3.Hmm, this sounds vaguely familiar. Where is it that I heard this scenario before? Hold on hold on it’s coming to me… Wait a second … Now I remember. We here have a serious border crisis, along with homeless, and inflation going through the roof, while the economy is tanking, and people are going hungry, others are dying because they “Trusted The Science”, and yet our Fake Government has/is continuing to send billions, and trillions to “WHO” knows where.

    “They have to know that there is a man living in and being sheltered by the Church right now, who is literally the incarnation of Satan on Earth—- a fellow you can talk to, just as you talk to me.   He was “cast down” to Earth and I came here on purpose, but we are both seraphim robed in flesh.” 
    4.This last line takes the prize, wow— are we talking about two distinct entities or one with two personalities.

    5.Well now it’s time to hear me Anna get your head out of the clouds, focus back on the ones that have been with you all your life, and especially for the past ten years that got you to see where “Their” proprietary foundation stone was hidden, and finish it. Then go fly around in the Air to your hearts desire. Heck do a couple of lop d loos, and fly flip flops all over. Mix it up and make your own signature Seraphim air calling card for all of Us on the ground will know who it is up in the air over our heads, But until what has been initially started on this great land, and soil right here, and now; you are officially grounded little Seraphim.

    1. Anna is speaking truth so get over yourself and start actually thinking and deeply contemplating how we got here and in this mess. Ask God fornyour enlightenment. He listens.

    2. becca,
      you seem to be genuinely interested in other peoples welfare. iow, you seem like a very nice woman to me:
      i asked my creator and have through the process of life received the answer that:

      we got here because our creator made this home for us.

      were in this mess because some men and women are liar, thieves and meer derrers and have no conscience, morals, ethics, or principles.

      do you disagree?

  3. Anna, most people do not Know what "Knowing" is. Imagine all that Anna has said, take it into the gut and SEE for Yourself through you own BEING and TRUTH is yours for the taking. I am in the Air a lot of the time and you can meet any of these beings that Anna Speaks of as we are the ,most advanced computors EVER made but your doubt needs to balance with the Spirit of Confidence. Can YOU do it before commenting. Anna you are WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE and Me LOVES you WHOLLY.

  4. Assholos! You have returned from Moronica! We're all saved! The great Assholos has arrived! Knower of all things and keeper of the flame of eternal consciousness. Oh, please Assholos, tell us of your wondrous travels and infinite knowledge of all things!

  5. Did you bring the rest of the Dorito Crumb research team?

  6. I think Anna meant 528 Hz and 741 Hz...

    1. imo there is always)/ almost always a "fatal" flaw in "annas" writings.

      there is a technique called a "joker" that is put into writings used to cancel out what the writer SEEMS to be writing.

      you can check it out for yourself:
      i used one search; def: joker; merriam-webster, definition of joker:
      3 a (1) (2) b and c
      explains it.
      basically it is a word, words, phrase, or a clause that are slipped into a writing to negate what the author wrote.

      its used to carry out deceit..??
      i havent asked.

  7. Clearly you are a form of retarded evolution here... Light is something to aspire to within your being...

  8. I am aware of these demonic entities and Other World Beings OWB's. No need to explain that here. But.. Anna is right about all of this we are fighing a war that has gone on for millennia 250 million years and it is now ending. Creator cannot abide by the depth of evil and destruction anymore and earth us getting a little"intervention" and that intervention is us from other realms dimensions and time lines. Its all a bit quantum physicsy but it is true. I too "came here on purpose", and am designing this last "save the earth and humanity",stunt as we speak. Its about awakening for me and sonthats what im doing. We can all awaken ourselves and others as consciousness is the only path here. So let her speak will you she knows...and I for one have the deepest and profound respect for Anna she has shown in all she has said and done for decades that she cares about every one of us and that my friends is "Love In Action", the path of Chist as God's beloved Son.

    1. I agree.
      what is time, but a separation of eternity.
      We All play a part in bringing forth the Kingdom of Heaven too this earth.
      All the kingdoms of this world/men have had a chance. They failed why?
      Our Father won't allow flesh to bring His Glory to this earth. it will take the overcomers in their glorified body's at the first resurrection.

    2. I believe Anna. I feel my connection to the Seraphs. I seem to be out of touch with my galactic origins. Maybe I was a draconian. I certainly ran on adrenaline when I worked a corporate job. Left that in the 2008 crash. I have been waiting/searching for the new. The reconstruction as Anna puts it. Many of us have been kept in the dark. I am strong and ready. We are One. I also work for the one true God. I am filled with God's power. I have no fear. It is time for all truths to be seen and heard. Thank you Anna and all who are standing up at this time as the Voices of God's Truth. Sending all who are standing up angelic energies and the strength of God's hand. We must and will triumph. Together we stand. Blessings to all.

  9. For those of you who are mocking Anna.
    Have you read The book of Enoch?
    There are not just 66 books for the Bible there are 777. Listen to your book 2 Corinthians 2:15 study to show yourself!

    1. we actually need neither 66 nor 777 books, the law of our creator is written on our heart/spirit.


    2. That is true for those that have been truly born-again. what about the unlearned? many words have not been translated correctly.
      it takes a true heart to search it out for the unlearned.

  10. Your Honor? Objection! Here say!

    I respect Anna and many others ALTHOUGH, please, all you “know it alls,” if you can’t back it up with “Prima Facie” evidence, don’t just kick mud up for those down stream or the resolved will move on quickly having consumed just more muddy waters! Confucius? A plate heaping full of sugar with poop spread around the rim of the plate is delegated to mere poopy sugar. Confucius? Stop tainting the evidence you offer with questioned credibilities . . . make your case counselors or just keep “passing” out drunk in “the BAR.”

    When your all done playing governments or pretending to be “official”, place an injunction on everything Bill Gates and his foundation pals, the DOD, NATO or even Pharma etc. Get something done to prove your credibility or your just an independent journalist selling, opinions, a flag and status change? Shouldn’t that be rebutting the presumption in fact? What is status in a contract implied or expressed but an obligor?

  11. imo we dont have to ASPIRE to light! light and life are/are nearly the same. just our be-ing connected to our creator is light.
    ref:... in him is life and his life is the light of man. john 1:4.
    ref: ...if thy whole body therefore be full of light...luke 11:36.
    related: matt 6:23, luke 11:34, more.
    what about those?

  12. Hi Anna when you are talking about how you have thirteen years left are you referring to the year 2012 mentioned previously in the same paragraph or did you mean thirteen years from when you wrote this article thanks.

    1. 13 years from now... until 2035.

  13. This de-legitimizes your ability to reach people who are questioning the truth

  14. Questions. And, these are very reasonable questions. Where are you getting this information? And, why should we believe it? You have told us over and over to not just believe things that we are told to believe, especially about this nation's history, and about our current government. In the Scriptures, we are told that many will come in the last days claiming to be Christs (Anoited Ones). Today, as a sampling, we have Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Romana Didulo, and Kim Goguen. Now, it seems very clear, that you are claiming to be a "Christ", a Seraph, a Savior. Why should we believe these things you are telling us? What proof is there? How does this fit with Scripture, even the Book of Enoch? Please explain. In the eyes and minds of many, the whole of your credibility is on the line.

  15. One of two scenarios (I am sure there are many more) that I will propose are happening here;
    A man or woman wants to start a cult following, as the/she sits in the entrance of this cave looking at the stoney crags, and crevices on the walls of the cave his/her mind begins to make out shapes that resembles things that look familiar in the whirled outside. So he/she picks up a rock off the floor of the cave, and starts scraping the crevices, and crags to make these rudimentary shapes that were left by nature become more pronounced. In the process of scraping he/she gets a cut on their hand, and the blood stains the rock. It just so happens that the blood stain happened to be smeared on the right place to enhance the crags’ definition that in turn creates a wow moment for this newly aspiring sculpturer / artist. Seeing this, he/she starts to cut themselves in order to be able to paint more instead of sculpting which was found to be more labor intensive, and more time consuming to produce the finished piece of artwork. In the interim a few swifts along with some bats who have been living their long before this artist ever showed up proceed to deficate all over the mural/ relief.Seeing this, the artist immediately tries to wipe it off but only seems to mix it together making a mess, and causing this new substance to soak into all the rock’s pores, and crevices. Still having the urge to remove this newly mixed substance from off the his/her artwork, this novice artist decides to try and burn it off with a torch that is soaked in pig’s fat. Just to realize that the smoke from the torch blackens the wall with soot. Not to be undone this artist decides to save the blood from it’s next hunt, and red washes the whole wall down, and begins afresh. As this relief , mural nears completion for the second time this artist makes sure that the swifts, and bats that previously inhabited this cave were killed, any others that had the misfortune to enter the cave were as well or future attempts to do so by these little creatures were thwarted.He/she puts up a hide at the entrance, locates where the main estuary is, and kills every swift, and bat down to the last one. Now this artist by now new this cave like the back of his/her hand, and found out that it possessed many unusual traits that were unique to it alone that astonished this artist at first but after a short time was realized as a resource that made his/her difficult life less taxing. There happened to be a stream that ran off to one side through this cave that emptied into a deep pool where all the fish from the stream would end up being sequestered, and could be harvested by the artist upon demand, there was another part of this cave that had a tunnel that went over to an adjacent opening that stayed frozen in which was utilized as a fridge/freezer. Another tunnel was located that led into the previously habitat of the massive bat sanctuary that was full of guano. This artist having previous encounters with this stinky stuff found out after inadvertently removing this off his/her artwork and throwing it outside the cave entrance that all the plant life grew ten times taller, and faster than any where else. In his/ her spelunking also came across Many other under ground cathedrals each having resources that were unique to each respectively. One was full of crystals(Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies…), another was loaded with metal(Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin…) the last one was the deepest it had this black sticky stinky stuff that seemed to help keep his/her fire burning longer. Finding all this the artist became elated knowing that anything it would ever need was their for the taking. Years went buy, and this artist found that there were other essentials that it needed that others possessed ie Fresh air, Sunshine, Farm land…but what was it going to do to acquire these things without having to part with anything that it had. It began drawing up a bunch of pictures on rocks, and told everybody how much more valuable they were than what they already had. And every one believed it.

    1. 2.The other scenario is that an organization is started up with the primary intention to be destroyed, along with everyone involved, and to be made an example of whirled wide. While all the on, and out lookers merely make a few statements then put their heads back down, and get back in groove that they have been all their life. Solidifying most everyone’s long held beliefs, and understanding that there was never anything that anyone can ever do about it.

    2. Neither of the above look good although both have a “ring” of truth about them. Maybe if one decides to stay within The Lord God’s Law neither scenario could ever manifest itself.
      Just saying.
      The Lord God’s Law is not an older code, nor any code, and it doesn’t cost a thing nor is it burdensome. Only to those that are outlawers.

  16. Anna, your timing is perfect!
    it's going to take many son's out of darkness!!!

  17. A son is male and female.
    Our Father is a whole nother other.

  18. “Bellerian” Tried to research “dioveht fodees” This is what came up instead
    “Showing results for diocese goddess
    No results found for dioveht fodees”
    These were the first three links provided on that page
    Diocese - Wikipedia
    Veritas - Wikipedia
    Catholic school in India given 15 days to erect statue to Hindu goddess | Crux; 
So I took a second glance at “dioveht fodees” and noticed it was seed of the void written backwards. This came(game) up;
Void Seed (Thaumcraft 6) - Official Feed The Beast Wiki

    By utilizing such a simple cypher in front of all, and not elaborating, or clarifying, and making such vague comments causes me to wonder what your intentions are for helping others rise above the evil agendas that began to run amok and have exponentially gotten so large as to consume basically most of the whirled’s population. Jimi Hendrix says it best in the song All along the watch Tower (1968);

  19. For those that don’t want to listen to Jimi here’s the Lyrics;
    “There must be some kind of way outta here
    Said the joker to the thief
    There's too much confusion
    I can't get no relief
    Business men, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None will level on the line
    Nobody offered his word ? (No one any of his word?)
    Hey, hey
    No reason to get excited
    The thief, he kindly spoke
    There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But, uh, but you and I, we've been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us stop talkin' falsely now
    The hour's getting late, hey
    All along the watchtower ? (All alone on the watchtower?)
    Princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went
    Barefoot servants, too
    Well, uh, outside in the cold distance
    A wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching
    And the wind began to howl, hey
    All along the watchtower
    All along the watchtower” 

  20. Anna, were not Animals supplied by God, the Creator, as our food and transportation.
    Shaitan, Satan and lucifer are one and the same words for the devil, Iblis. Iblis is the jinn who became the great shaitaan aided by other jinn, minor shayateen.
    Talk of other planets and aliens only detracts from and discredits your body of work.