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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Old Guard Never Got It and Likely Never Will

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many "patriots" out there who have spent their entire lives under a set of completely incorrect assumptions -- which is why, apart from plain thuggishness on the part of their adversaries,
it's so hard to get anywhere. 

Edwin Viera, a brilliant lawyer, unable to gain traction against the corruption of his own profession, Devvy Kidd, who has no idea how many different kinds of Judges and Justices there are in this system calling me a "fake Judge" because I am not a Bar Attorney, and Ron Vrooman thinking that he is leading Oregon home when he never arrived himself, and so it goes, on and on and on. 

Having established that yes, there is a problem, nobody stands still long enough to look at the Big Picture to determine the scope of the problem, the age of the problem, or the complexity of the problem.  They all just take off on a tangent and start whumping at each other and everything else. 

One of the chief problems is that most of these gurus think that we, the American people, stand under the Constitutions.  And we don't. 
We stand under The Declaration of Independence.  

Another problem is that they don't realize where they are in terms of their personal records and political status, so they never bother to correct anything.  All they do is wade in and slug, slug, slug ---while remaining in a political capacity that makes them sitting ducks. 

See Stewart Rhodes, Tim Turner, the Colorado Nine and a host of others including all the January 6 Defendants. 

A third major problem is that Patriot Gurus habitually identify the wrong problems and waste time trying to solve things that don't actually need to be solved.  Case in point, Devvy Kidd griping about the Bad Courts dismissing cases and demanding that parties have standing with regard to an issue before they can prosecute claims and take other actions. 

As smart as this woman seems, does it make sense that someone who has no dog in the fight should complain about things they have no actual interest in?  Should I be able to gripe about and sue for damages related to someone else's property?  Hello?
That's what the "standing" requirement is all about.  

Maybe if she'd listen long enough Devvy would learn that she doesn't own DEVVY KIDD, and that's why she has no standing to complain about harm done to DEVVY KIDD. And no reason to defend DEVVY KIDD, either.  

John Daresh and the National Liberty Alliance are the same way. Beautiful wonderful work on Common Law, magnificent writs, endless effort.  No clue.  Won't listen. 

Rod Class, love him to death, addicted to Federal Code, doesn't know that the Municipal Government is a separate and foreign plenary oligarchy. Clif High got that right, but apparently doesn't know about the Territorial Government and thinks the Municipal Government is generally under Federal Code --- which it's not.  

I'm not blaming them.  I am not insulting their skills or their hearts or their intelligence.  I'm just observing that until we form a common basis of reliable knowledge -- a reliable Mind Map of the history and law and jurisdictions and treaties and contracts involved as well as knowing the identities of the parties --  everyone is just chasing around like rats in a maze, bumping into each other and adding to the confusion.  

A fourth Big Obstacle is that many of the Old Guard expend all their time and energy learning Federal Code and trying to use Federal Code--- and average Americans don't stand under Federal Code.  It's foreign private corporate law that has nothing whatsoever to do with Joe Average.  Please stop. 

It's very impressive that you can recite chapter and verse, but what does that matter, if it doesn't apply to you?  The only reason to learn Federal Code is to be able to put it under Federal official's noses to prove to them what they are supposed to do, and usually aren't doing. 

A fifth problem with our Patriot community is that our people constantly address the wrong courts.  They address in-State Courts about Federal issues and Federal Courts about in-State issues and often bungle up with the County Courts as well.  The bottom line is that all these courts are foreign with respect to average Americans and shouldn't be addressing Joe Average at all.    

A sixth problem is that our people constantly offer to contact with these foreign agencies and courts --- unknowingly.  

Did you know, for example, that you grant their courts jurisdiction simply by walking through the door?  You'd better be prepared to plainly say that you are not there to contract with them and are not crossing the bar to engage them,  if you wish to retain jurisdictional claims. 

And that leads into the seventh problem --- not knowing what jurisdiction these courts are operating in. There are only three jurisdictions that these courts represent--- private Administrative Law of the corporations, Maritime Law (Contract Law), and Admiralty Law, but patriots persist in trying to practice other kinds of law in these courts without success -- then wonder why? 

Well, what happens if you try to play golf on a checkerboard?  

All this results in an insurmountable communication SNAFU.

None of us know what we don't know, but we need to listen until we do know what we do know. 

Oftentimes when the Old Guard is faced with new or different information, they dig in.  They plant their feet like Army mules.  They go on and on under wrong assumptions. They get nowhere and then they blame whoever tried to help them.  Me, for example. 

It has been twenty years of this, and more. 

That's why I am doing the Granna Bites series on YouTube to physically bring people through the maze of names and history. When I am through everyone will have the common knowledge base needed to sort through things for themselves. 


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  1. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of fellowmen, who generally don't know much,...and seemingly care even less. Must confess ignorance of all but dim outline of the carefully laid plot, but these posts and some research gain some headway. Best wishes for New Year and, if a real heroine exists, and she does, Von Reitz certainly fills the bill. Aloha

    1. Hi Anna's team - I am purchasing six nesting boxes with lids!

      This is going to be more fun than when I had made a solar system built of "paper mache" pasted around balloons, back in grammar school.

      I will claim this is project as made in "Grandma School."

      What a way to connect with peoples, who went "eyes glazed over" when I had attempted to (with out props) explain this 160 year "shell game" which I now think of as "six shell Monte Carlo" - "Under which shell is YOUR jurisdiction?" ...shuffling shuffling - "Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!"

      (can I keep the cash when they lose?)

      Thanks!! Love you all!

    2. . . . and remember that "Benny Hill" skit? Benny's (dark ) humor(?) reveals how the foreign power brokers took the power - After Benny [raised on his fathers crime methods] shoots his father, the dying father explains proudly " . . .that's my boy [like the father] that's how I too made my money by 'cuttin out the middle man'


    3. on lookee!! :):):)
      "anna" claims the "Declaration of Independence"?! :):):)
      it doesnt look like "she" is conducting herself according to it though.
      because if she:
      1. goes to the Papcy for Its Fictional "Sovereign Letters Patent" to get HisSovereign Fiction's permission to live on land created by God or
      2. Has meetings with Galactic Councils or
      3. "takes people to the woodshed" who dont obey her or
      4. makes decisions on her own or
      5. makes claims about Her Royal Blood or
      6. creates a different flag than the Flag Act 1777 or
      7. says the Federal Officers are Employees of the American people who did not ratify "The Constitution" she claims those Employees are bound to follow!!!
      then, she doesnt even know what it means.

      there are so many holes in "annas" stories there's not much left of them.

    4. as for Americans having to "Correct your Status" for unlaw-full summonses into Foreign Courts??:
      why arent you "Giving The Foreign Court Officers Hell" "anna" for that?
      why arent you organizing your Assemblies to contact the lead men in those Foreign Jurisdictions and then YOU "Lead the Charge" to work out a solution that has a good chance of working in all the States? whats the holdup?
      and why oh why are you STILL blaming the victims?
      the American peoples National Status is the landstate they were naturalborn upon and you know it is regardless of if Private Member Association Members decided to secretively Paper Genocide their neighbors who were dweling next to them in peace.
      why arent you contacting the Chief Clerks and Chief Magi of those Foreign Courts?
      why arent you using the Influence of your Assemblies to contact the BAR Attorneys who are STILL Probating living American babies lives and "e-states" as if they were born dead?

    5. Amen janmarie. After 6 mos holding "court" my court and never crossing bar and giving name first and middle only and asking ad nauseum in fed. district court one spent 1o mos in the graybar and 3 yr probabation.
      Yes I know someone will say but you didn't do this or should have done that F@@k all that! The fookers shanghaied me of the streets with a swat team of marshals. Each and everyone of them will answer to their maker...which I believe to be the antichrist and his minions. So the rest of us on this mud-ball must muddle through looking through a dark glass. I have been studying longer than most,40 years at least, and know the most if not all gurus and the psychological ploys. It is a spiritual battle people and one only wins by the Spirit. So good on you janmarie. Btw I like your style of all "lower" case for name. Their puters can't recognize that. ee cummings was maybe ahead of his time.
      May the the Lord bless and keep those who seekHim and the rest be cursed.

    6. a512pm,
      universal spiritual law is that:
      1. Foreign Judgments made against American men and women are ALL Void Judgments because every man created in the image of God has right to be judged by his own people, according to the laws of the land of the Society that he is naturalborn into.
      [proofs/Refs.: The "Jews" took jesuis to their nation's Occupier, the Romans, and wanted these Foreign Rulers to judge jesuis. both Pilate and Herod refused. they told the "Jews":
      'he belongs to your Society, not ours, *you* judge your own.'
      and the "Jews" judged jesuis themselves and told the Romans "CRUCIFY HIM", so the Roman Occupiers carried out the judgment the Jews made on a man from their own Society and put him to death as the Jews had so-ordered.]
      this ancient event shows that even ancient law is according to:
      a man standing on land he is made from can only, law-fully, be judged by the people from his own Society.

      when Foreign-ers invade a land and occupy it, that does not give them right to make religious, "civil", military, commercial, "Constitutional", Legal, or other "Private" laws over the occupied people/land; nor to make the Occupied people the property/ subjects/ citizens/ slaves or religious converts of the Occupier.
      the most any Occupier can do is require the people to pay a "Tribute" for the Occupation of the land. [refs.: mark 12:17; luke 20:25 --(render unto Caesar what is Caesar's....): which was only a Tribute: mark 12:14.]

      HERES THE POINT! :):):)
      especially since these people claim to be Acting under "Divine Right of the Kings" that they believe they find in the 1611 Holy Bible:
      these people have broken universal spiritual law.
      they have made up all kinds of excuses, but their "Processes" are Defective so nothing they can do can lift the spiritual and earthly burdens off of themselves that they create, and place upon their OWN shoulders.
      even they HAVE to acknowledge these universal laws, and here is one proof that that is true, even here on earth, now:
      in all Courts except for the common laws courts for man who is naturalborn on that land:
      it seems highly likely to me that its soon going to be shown that EVERY ONE OF THE JUDGMENTS COMING FROM THEIR FOREIGN COURTS UPON AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN is a "Void Judgment":
      since the "Subject Matter" they took (un-law-full) jurisdiction over is American man/land or woman/land.
      they are in soo much trubbble.
      Ref.: jesuis: luke 11:52.... "Woe unto you lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered."
      ... let it be soon.

    7. then also, i want to add this about challenging subject matter jurisdiction:
      I DO NOT KNOW LEGAL AND THERE IS NO LAW THAT REQUIRES THAT I DO. But want to add that there is other info floating around that claims that: SubjMatterJuris can only be challenged if you are in their Legal Jibberish: "In Propria Persona" ...basically, it seems that means you arent using any attorney.
      their crap is all nonsense to me anyway because we do not belong in THEIR FOREIGN COURTS to begin with any more than God requires that we have to live under the rule of some man they believe is their King or Religious Leader.
      so the entire mess theyve created, no matter what Name they slap on things at the moment, the bottom line is that if a God-created man didnt harm someone, he owes no man anything but to treat him right-ly and
      2. if a man takes what God gifted another man with, hes a thief and a liar and needs to stand trial in open Court of Record under authority of the common law on that land and be judged by the people for what he did to their neighbor without reason.
      theyre the ones to judge the thief and liar, knowing that if they did it to their neighbor.
      the whole thing theyve done is completely sickening.

    8. that is: if the thief and liar did it to their neighbor, whats to stop him/her from doing it to them?

  2. As much as I truly appreciate "Grandma", this article, and essentially most every other article I think it needs to be said that although it's important to identify what kind of "thinking" is missing the mark it's possible equally important to identify the thinking (of others) that is truly hitting the Bulls Eye! I would be so delighted to see credit given here to the pioneer/s who have brought forward their understanding of the Four American Organic Laws!

    1. Please, Chef-doctor, identify those "pioneers/s" to whom you "would be so delighted to see credit given"?

      Like, maybe, for instance those who placed their "names" upon the "unanimous Declaration of Independence?"

      I am not certain I understand your "it goes without saying" or "it is clearly understood" inquiry, regarding to whom such research-able names belong?

      To what/whom are you referring???

  3. Please correct me if I am wrong. The Tenth Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. I realize this is the Constitution and not the Declaration of Independence but it is front and center to the proposal. I believe this amendment spells out the fact that we have three sovereigns in our American government and the sovereign that is most important to we the people is the soil jurisdiction or our county governments. The question is why are we not giving this jurisdiction it due diligence?

    1. baldwin,
      im not trying to answer your immediate question, but these may be puzzle pieces you could use later on:
      1. all Sovereigns are man-created Fictions.
      2. man-created Fictions called Sovereigns, exist only:
      a.) on paper AND
      b.) from agree-ment
      3. No man-created Fiction can over-stand/ stand over any man: that is: man is created in the image of his creator God, who is the only true sovereign and nothing created by man can stand over anything created by God.
      4. That includes land: because man are (made of) land, so no Fiction can overstand land.
      5. There is no land and soil, only dry/ earth. Ref.: Gen. 1:9b with 10a.
      6. There is no air and water, only the waters, divided above and below: and God made a firmament and put it between the divided waters. Ref.: Gen. 1:6, 7.

    2. Thank you janmarie. Do 1 and 3 contradict? I was thinking more along the lines of Revelation 18 1-5. I believe our unincorporated counties need to be organized as that is our base for American Common Law. Corporations like Babylon have been our ruin.

    3. 1 and 3 contradict?: i think you mean:
      1. *all Sovereigns are man made* ...
      3. ... *God, who is the only true sovereign*.... ?
      i see your point. how about:
      1. all *earthly* Sovereigns are...
      3. *the only true sovereign one is God, who sits on his throne in heaven*?

      rev. 18:1-5, i take it that you are referring to three s/Sovereigns in a more spiritual sense?: Babylon, my (Gods) people, and God. ?
      verse 6 is astounding.

    4. also baldwin,
      Counties are actually Political Subdivisions of the Incorporated State/s. they do not belong to the American people, but are just more Fictions /Titles constructed by the Brit/Vatic/ Banking / Legal Society groups.
      Ref.: Eric Schmidt, Missouri AttyGen; and Mo. Gov. Parsons:
      published: Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft, July 25, 2021:
      "According to a release, House Bill 271 says political subdivisions may only issue public health orders that directly or indirectly restrict access to businesses, churches, schools, or other places of assembly for 30 calendar days in a 180 day period when the governor has declared a state of emergency."
      JoeH. goes on to report about Mo. Gov. Parsons saying vakks passports/ mask mandates by publicly-funded entities will probably be overturned due to lack of transparency by local politicians. [paraphrased].
      so there is the Missouri Inc. AG referring to those who issue public health orders directly or indirectly as Political Subdivisions, under authority of the Governor, Inc., [a State, Inc. Politician], who round- aboutly refers to the local politicians as publicly-funded entities.

      Before the so-called Civil War, many Free and Independent States do not appear to have set up Counties. Counties as well as Town-SHIPS appear to be mere Political Subdivisions of the Brit/ Vatic/ Bank/Legal Society system, unlaw-fully overlaid upon our own law-full Government after the Unlaw-full Coup of our law-fully instituted Government they like to mis-Name The Civil "War".

    5. Thanks for taking the time for an in depth answer. I believe coming out of Babylon entails leaving the incorporated entity behind and taking on a sovereign role. As Amendment X seems to suggest three sovereigns my speculation is that the Jural Assemblies are county based and sovereign with jury nullification at their disposal. Every attempt has been made to minimize the counties role since day one. I believe we have witnessed the tail wagging the dog for quite some time. I can not find a State with soil jurisdiction not occupied by a county. Article IV Section 4 calls for a republican form of government which I believe is county based. The Suffolk Resolve is an example of our county base.

    6. baldwin,
      my whole comment back to you just literally just got wiped off the screen as i was getting ready to post it.
      the important part was i was telling you about the ancient Hebrew System of Government known as The Law of Tens, that i think you might be interested in.
      its where when a question of national interest comes up, the question is sent to groups of 10 families who live next to each other and they decide the question among themselves, select one of their family heads, and that family head takes the group decision and meets with the family heads of 10 other family groups. then it just goes on like that, by 10's, until finally, the Elders announce the decision to the nation.
      i LOVE the concept of this System. everyones voice counts equally concerning what affects them.
      i believe God inspired this System and also believe that our State referendums could very easily be run this way, especially when the States are just getting back up and running, after having the Brit/Vat/Bank/ Legal System's boot removed from our face, neck, kidneys, groin, and kneecaps.
      all ballots would be on paper, by carbon-style duplicates, so the elector would keep their original and send the exact carbon duplicate on with the family head to be used to verify the votes to the successive groups.
      then those carbon duplicates would be archived with the State or even the Town/County, so that if any question arose, it would be easy to check; and also, the elector would always have their own original ballot in their own records.
      this is so simple. so fair. so easy to implement. so easy to verify.
      except for the always present bullies and extortioners, i find it to be a flawless System.

    7.'s the "vinda vipers" the "vinda vipers" are hereeeeee.

    8. annoy u us 159,
      is that how you announce your presence?

    9. woman:janmarie writes:

      "... my whole comment back to you just literally just got wiped off the screen as i was getting ready to post it..."

      the "vinda viper" must have gotten her?

    10. its that old child hood story for when camped outside the tent around the fire - its the story of the "vinda viper" who finally arrives and declares "I'm here ta vipe ya vindows."

  4. Amazingly clear and practical knowledge as always. Thank you!