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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gathering up the real gun debate

Here are all the articles on my blog having to do with the gun grabbers in chronological order from oldest to newest.
This is coming to a head nation wide and right here in Montana, and I don't see the sheriffs and county commissioners, let alone the state officials, doing anything to stop it. They are just setting there and letting it happen.  So have they already broken their oath? You Decide!
1. They can't purport to "pass a law" that will effect your rights under God and the US Constitution.
2. No process will change the 2nd Amendment except the Constitutional Amendment Process
3. The gun grabbers know they can't get the 2nd Amendment repealed so are trying unlawful means like "executive orders" to get around that process, and trying to make you think it's "law" for you to follow. IT'S NOT.
4. The outlaw congress might cave and help the gun grabbers, OUTSIDE THE LAW, with no force and effect. See why below.
5. The real supreme law is the US Constitution, in full force and effect. See the Mack/Printz decision of the Supreme Court
6. Therefore you will still have the God given right to self defense with any firearm you have regardless of configuration.
7. Their so called "laws" are null from their inception according to supreme court decisions.
8. Their so called "laws" are null and void in God's eyes. They are NON Law.
9. The 2nd amendment was about stopping tyrannical government, not hunting.
10. The American people know most of this, and are not getting ready to go hunting, at least for 4 legged critters.
11. Gun sales are higher than at any time in the history of this nation. Nobody has any stock left, and the prices are totally out of control. There is almost no ammo left, and all of this with the manufacturers in 24/7 full production.
Here are the links to prove all of this.  Please comment below these articles, and send this email out to your entire list of contacts over and over until you are getting it back from them every day by the hundreds.

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